Nikken Review: Can You Really Make Money?

You are welcome to my Nikken Review.

I am sure you are here to discover how to make money with Nikken.
But, is Nikken a legit or scam?

It is vital to research any business before you venture into it. This was how I discovered how to transform my skills and hobbies into full-time income blogging.

Please know that this is an independent review of Nikken. I am in no way associated with Nikken. Therefore, expect an unbiased review from me.


Nikken at a Glance

Name: Nikken
Price: $9 Billion Per year
Owners: Isamu Masuda
Overall Rank: 20%
Recommended: No


What is Nikken?

Nikken is all about making money while at the same time promoting wellness and physical fitness.

This is a Japanese company that was started by Isamu Masuda in 1975 with the aim of providing innovative products and income opportunities to share the message of home wellness and live a life in balance.

The company uses the logo: Discover, Share it and Live it.

Whereby Discover means to know about Nikken, Live it; experiencing the active wellness lifestyle by using their products, and share it; earning more income through introducing more people to Nikken products.

Their headquarters is in California U.S.A. Read more about Nikken on Wikipedia.


Features of Nikken Products

Their products include nutrition, rest and relaxation, water and personal care.

Personal care services entail organic skins care products that not only give a natural cleansing feel but also gives a youthful look.

These natural products are designed to deter premature aging of your skin through the selective inclusion of a balanced PH, Plenty of natural minerals, marine and botanical organics.

Also, Nikken has hair care products that nourish, cleanses, and conditions your scalp thus stimulating perfect hair growth.

The rest and relaxation services encompass massage services, magnetic energy and ceramic reflective fibers that enable you to move with ease, feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

Nikken water undergoes multiple stage filtration that utilizes natural materials and is devoid of any chemicals. Minerals that essential to the body are incorporated too.

This Pi water is therefore environmentally saved, energy-efficient and more preferable compared to commercially bottled water that is expensive.


Do I Recommend Nikken?

I can recommend Nikken to anyone who resides in the US, Europe, and Latin America and cares about their health, fitness, and wellness.

Also, there is a lot of money in the wellness and health industry. But the problem is that it is an MLM program!


Benefits of the Nikken Products to Members

They're easy to comprehend and compensation and action plans give you the possibility of building a better future.

Nikken nutrition products have their ingredients carefully selected and mixed to enhance the body’s vital systems.

Since the products are organic and objectively formulated, they are able to support specific biological processes such as gastrointestinal, immunity and skeletal.

These ingredients are, therefore, a perfect dietary gap filler.

Further Nikken products have patent innovations and proprietary that enables you to have a sound sleep that is essential for better performance.


Is Nikken Product Restricted to Some Country?

Although Nikken services are not restricted to certain regions of the globe, most of the services are localized around the U.S, European countries and Latin America.


What does Nikken Promote/Sell?

Nikken promotes human health, wellness, fitness and building of financial capacity among its members.  The company does this by providing a means to the 5-pillars of health.

These pillars are a healthy mind, a healthy body, a healthy society, healthy finances, and a healthy family.


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Cost And Price to Join Nikken

To join Nikken, one has to be a citizen or a resident of the U.S, European countries, and Latin America. Potential members should not have any criminal record.

There is no age, race, gender, vocational, ethnicity, educational or background restrictions to become a member. Anyone can join and become successful.


Is Nikken A Good Money Making Venture?

Without a doubt, this is a money-making an online venture that anyone who is jobless, focused, determined and willing to shape their future can give a try.

Since members work as a team, you have the opportunity to determine how much you earn; by introducing hundreds of thousands of members to the use of Nikken products.


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What is Good About Nikken?

There are countless advantages to becoming a Nikken member. They include:

  1. An opportunity to grow into an international business.
  2. There are no monetary risks or responsibilities that come with other traditional businesses.
  3. Earning while learning and keeping fit.


My Issues with Nikken?

Despite the benefits that a member can accrue after becoming a member, a few shortfalls exist. They include:

  1. Some of the Nikken Products are downright suspicious.
  2. A traditional and formal working environment.
  3. Lack of a clear compensation; compensation is tied to company performance.
  4. This is also an MLM Program, Networking program is NOT the best way to make money online

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Who is Nikken For?

Nikken targets people of any race, background, gender, professional background who are ready to work as either part-time or full-time members while living in the U.S, Canada, Europe, and South America.

So if you are good at teamwork, loyal, ready to abide by the company terms and conditions of service, and eager to build a successful business, this is the venture for you.


How To Make Money With Nikken

To make money with Nikken, the initial step in to get an invite from a member.

You don’t need any prior experience to work with this company.

Once you join, the person who introduced you will train you to use the business model; Network Marketing.

You will thereafter be ready to start your business at a smaller fraction of the cost of starting a traditional enterprise.

You are free to decide on how to run your business; either part-time or full time. Nikken has support systems and other collaterals that will help you build your business.

You can earn more by Purchasing and selling Nikken products and well as introducing more members.

To introduce new members, you use the ABC method. Once you introduce a new consultant you earn a commission as well as from their sales.

As a consultant, you are the sole determinant of your income. Your success will be determined by your efforts. The commissions are determined by the consultant tier.

Senior consultant earns 5%, executive 10%, Bronze level 15% while the silver level commission is at 20%.

Basic recruitment per tier is 100 people per month and earning the level of 500 points in sales for each level.


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Are Their Alternatives to Nikken?

There are many other ways of making money online such as online marketing, freelancing, and venturing the bitcoin industry.

However, each venture has its challenges.

But the best way to make money online is by building your personal business online, a business that is independent of your family or neighbor.

The online business that you don't need to beg people to sign under you like MLM program.

You have so many options to start an online business. You can learn from the best in the industry, and that is the Wealthy Affiliate program.


Public Opinion/ Complaint of Nikken

There are mixed reactions regarding making money online through Nikken.

Some of the former members complain about rigidity in the mode of operation, lack of clear compensation and integrity in direct selling practice, stability and the future of the company.

There are also those members who complement products such as magnetic energy, nutritional supplements, and hair care services.


Is Nikken Worth It?

Nikken is not a Scam, But it is a Multi-Level Marketing Program.

All my days online, I have come to the conclusion that all Multi-Level Marketing program is a scam.

However, no venture is devoid of risks and benefits.

If you have a wide network, you’re influential, have good marketing skills and ability to recruit new members at ease, try Nikken for a side income.

nikken products scam


6 thoughts on “Nikken Review: Can You Really Make Money?”

  1. Hello there, The good news is that Nikken is a legit MLM business opportunity. If you have the right recruiting skills and you work hard enough, you can make money from this business.The very sad truth is that many people has failed in this aspect…i have worked with them for a very long time and i an speck from experience.

    • Thanks for reading my Nikken Review. It is all about how to take advantage of Nikken and start making money.

      Please knows that Nikken is an MLM. Many are still making money with Nikken. 



  2. Wow, Nikken really does a lot of business if they are doing $9 billion a year! That would seem to indicate a lot of doing something right. However, even with that large number, it’s worth noting that they still are not recommended. I agree that MLMs are not worth the trouble of getting into. The existence of suspect products is a huge red flag. 

    Thanks for sharing this and so many other great examples of why Nikken is not recommended.

    • Thanks for reading my Nikken Review.

      It is all about how to make money with Nikken.

      Thanks for your time and for this comment. 



  3. Health and wellness is one of the key trends of our time and any program that has to do with health and wellness is surely set for success.

    The Nikken affiliate program is certainly positioned for great heights if they would consider having the world wide coverage, as I can pick that Africa for example is not covered.

    With any affiliate program as long as there is a defined system in place and its being used effectively, success is guaranteed. I wouldn’t mind recommending Nikken products to my network as they are in one of the powerful domains- i.e. Health and wellness.

    Thank you for a fair and detailed review of the Nikken affiliate program. I have gained some new insights into the program. Hope they have plans to cover the International markets in continents they are not yet operating in.

    • Thanks a lot Attlee,

      I hope and pray that the management of Nikken will expand to other region for ease of reach by other nations. 

      Thank you. 


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