Can You Really Make Money With Mary Kay Cosmetics?


What is Mary Kay About, Exactly?

The world of cosmetics and beauty care is awash with a variety of products and services that help enhance the physical appearance of a person. Many of these products are delivered by established multi-corporations that are often part of a conglomerate.

Mary Kay is one of such great companies that is dedicated to beautifying the lives of women across the world, You will learn what is Mary Kay is all about in this article and how you can make money with these great products.

There are, however, few independent companies that manage to excel by adhering to the core values of marketing, and most importantly, conceiving a cosmetic product that is both unique and effective.

Mary Kay is definitely among the leading independent cosmetic companies that utilize an unconventional approach to their marketing and advertising strategy. The company isn’t just a manufacturer of cosmetic products; it is a brand that delivers full beauty services directly to its customer base.

Founded in 1963 by the iconic cosmetic entrepreneur, Mary Kay Ash, the company started its modest operations in a clustered manufacturing facility and no functioning personnel.

It has, however, evolved into a cosmetic juggernaut with a 500sqft store in Dallas, Texas and several processing plants in China.

The strategy used by Mary Kay to facilitate sales incorporates innovative measures like the traditional person to person (or direct) marketing, networking, and multi-level marketing as well as retail sales executed on its website.

Mary Kay isn’t just a product and service company that supplies the needs of its numerous customers, it is a financial empowerment body that helps liberate women from the shackles of dependency.

While most cosmetic companies only seek to increase the number of their customer base, Mary Kay seeks to increase both the number of clienteles patronizing its product and that of independent partners who are earning substantial income by collaborating with the cosmetic giant.

Even with the amazing success enjoyed by the company, it has chosen to remain loyal to a strategy it has employed since inception…a strategy that transforms regular consumers into money-making entrepreneurs.


Do I Recommend Mary Kay?

There are not many cosmetic products on the market one can vouch for but Mary Kay definitely ranks as one of the best in the industry.

If what you seek is quality low-end body cream, lotion, or moisturizer that will cater to the needs of your skin and your purse, then I definitely recommend that you give this impressive brand a try.

Making Money with Mary Kay

There are not many consumer products that give customers the opportunity to enjoy the value of the product and also earn a lucrative amount while doing so. Mary Kay, however, uses a marketing model that effectively provides this condition for interested customers that wish to partner with the company.

The company applies a unique methodology that transforms its products’ consumers into the distribution channels. With the aid of this technique, it has created over hundreds of thousands of sales chains responsible for the impressive growth that the company is witnessing.

It is very easy for anyone to become a Mary Kay representative and the perks attached to it far outweigh any downside that may be involved.

The opportunity doesn’t only provide stable employment condition for the prospective partner; it also guarantees steady returns that are certain to improve the individual’s life.

Being a sales representative for Mary Kay gives you the privilege of being associated with a trustworthy brand that is highly renowned, and this ensures that you do not have to stress yourself with trying to excessively market the product.

The name of the brand is well-known and revered across the globe, and it helps reduce the burden of marketing on the retailer.

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List of Mary Kay Products

When the company was formed in 1963, there were only 5 products being manufactured even though its founder, Mary Kay Ash, had a blueprint for many more cosmetic products.

After several decades of hard work, her dream of creating a vast catalog of life-changing products has finally been achieved with over 100 products bearing the label of the huge brand.

The catalog of Mary Kay is about a wide range of body creams, moisturizers, perfumes, eyeliners, lotions, hand sanitizers, sunblocks, and body washes.

Price of Mary Kay Products

Becoming a representative of Mary Kay isn’t only a walk in the park but it is also affordable too. You do not have to worry about exorbitant charges that are common with acquiring the distributorship rights of other cosmetic companies.

With a start-up kit that cost only $100, you do not need to financially strain yourself to become a partner of the company.

Perks of Partnering with Mary Kay

mary kay cosmetics catalogYou immediately become a distributor of a brand that is renowned and respected as a trustworthy solution to body care issues.

You are guaranteed to make money as long as you possess functioning marketing channel.

It is affordable. Other pluses include the following:

  1.  Mary Kay is definitely not a scam
  2. Consultants earn satisfactory commission
  3. The company has a lot of great cosmetics products
  4. Company has been around for a long time and is well-known in the industry
  5. Very easy to become a consultant, just get recruited by a certified Mary Kay consultant and pay the entry fees of $100 and subsequent compulsory three months payment of $200.

Drawbacks of Partnering With Mary Kay

The monthly compulsory renewal fee of $200 you must cough out every three months to avoid termination is too high for what you may earn

There are lots of competitions coming out with the same type of products.

The products seem to be overpriced compared to the value to be derived from the usage

The so-called “ home party business model” is no more relevant to today digital age business model that works.

The real money making in Mary Kay is in recruiting, this is called Multi-Level Marketing, many people don’t like to lure friends and family members to their business.

How to Become Mary Kay Cosmetics Consultant

Mostly, as a Mary Kay salesperson, you will earn from $20,000 yearly for Sales Associate to over $120,000 annually for a Technical Consultant.

To become a Mary Kay Consultant follow the steps below:

  • Visit Mary Kay website
  • Click on the Sell Mary Kay menu
  • You will be given an opportunity to contact and locate a qualified Mary Kay Consultant in your area.
  • You can also call Mary Kay customer number 800-627-9529.
  • You will ask some unique questions to verify your profile such as your name, address etc.


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My Overall Take on Mary Kay

The business of selling Mary Kay products is ideal for stay-at-home mums or ladies that are in between jobs. It requires complete commitment and some marketing guile in order to be profitable. It is, however, a feasible source of income that can improve your standard of living.

Profit from sales is guaranteed since you’re purchasing the product at a discount rate that is usually half the retail price. This enables you to be flexible in pricing when creating a marketing plan.

Mary Kay is a well-known producer of top-grade cosmetic products that applies direct sales techniques to market its products.

While others veer toward more elaborate digital mechanisms, Mary Kay continues to utilize those responsible for its magnificent success…it is customers.


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What do you think about Mary Kay Cosmetics products? Do you agree with any of my opinions? Kindly drop your thought and opinion in my comment area. I will happily get back to you.


Mary Kay at a Glance

Name: Mary Kay

Price: $100 for a start-up kit

Owners: Mary Kay Ash and Richard Rogers

Overall Rating: 72%

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