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USANA Health Sciences Review: Can You Really Make Money? 

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You are welcome to my USANA Health Sciences review. Can you make money with USANA Associates MLM jobs as a distributor? Is USANA safe, legit, or a scam pyramid scheme?

It is good you are researching how to make money with USANA Health Sciences; this was how I discovered how to turn my passion and skills to making money online as a blogger. 


Please know that I am not affiliated with USANA Health Sciences, therefore expect a neutral USANA review from me. 

Please keep reading. . . 

Estimated reading time: 21 minutes

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USANA Health Sciences at a Glance

Product Name: USANA Health Sciences
Industry: MLM of Nutritional products
Year Founded: 1992
Headquarters: West Valley City, Utah
Founder: Dr. Myron Wentz
Products: Nutritional Supplements (Weight Management, Energy and Personal Care)
Price: Business Development System costs $29.95
Rating: 35%
Recommended: No

USANA Products Vs Other Products

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides Powder (Pasture-Raised) With Over 122,540 Ratings


Omega-3 Fish Oil from Wild Alaska Pollock (Non-GMO & Gluten) With Over 20,576 Ratings.


Qunol Mega Ubiquinol Coq10 100mg (Pack of 2) With Over 13,097 Ratings

is usana legit

Usana Essentials (4 Week Supply of 112 tablets each) With Over 269 Ratings


Usanimals Essentials for Kids (56 Tablets) With Over 170 Ratings.  


Glucosamine Chondroitin Turmeric MSM Boswellia – Joint Support Supplement for Relief 180 Tablets – Arazo Nutrition. With Over 21,775 Ratings. 


Summary of USANA Health Sciences Review

USANA Health Sciences is an MLM company that has claimed so many awards of excellence since its inception of the company in 1992.

USANA nutritional supplements and personal care products are the best in the world now. 

But, are the distributors making money? Is the MLM run model of USANA Health Sciences working for the distributors? The right answer is NO. 

Even more, the company is in operation in more than 20 countries around the world, with the view to expanding even further; this made USANA Health Sciences an excellent business opportunity for the distributors. 

As a distributor of USANA Health Sciences, you can make money in two ways that are typical of MLM companies:

Earn commissions from several product sales, and Build a team that will later increase your income potential. 

But, it is public knowledge that over 90% of Multi-Level Marketing companies have a terrible reputation in making 80% of the distributor money. They mostly reward the early investor to the company or call them the top 3%. 

If you are just joining any MLM company, you will be earning pennies and working for the people at the top of the scheme. 

What do you think of my USANA Health Science reviews?

Can you make money with USANA Associates MLM jobs as a distributor? Is USANA safe, legit, or a scam pyramid scheme?

Why USANA Associates Are Not Making Money

  • 87% of USANA Associates will not earn a commission on their sales to recover the initial cost of their purchase. 
  • While 67% of all the Associates will make no commission at all. Check out USANA on Wikipedia.

72.2% of USANA commissions are earned by the 2.31% (Associate at the top of the scheme); the Associate at the top-of-the-pyramid certainly earns the most. 

This is one primary reason why it will be difficult for the newbies to start making money with USANA.

When you join any MLM, you are expected not only to sell the product but are also required to recruit new Associates as your downlines. 

Both yourself and your downline will be working for the people at the top of the pyramid. You must know that you are a downline to someone too. 

According to Wikipedia. Dr. Murray H. Smith, an expert witness, is all the Pyramid scheme cases brought by the New Zealand Government Statistician for Commerce Commission in the past ten years sighted in 2008 that very few USANA Associates and distributors will be wealthy.

I am confident that very few meant the few people at the top of the pyramid scheme.

It was also observed that most USANA associate could not recover their cost price. 

This is why I think you may not be able to make money with USANA as an Associate. 

What do you think? 

Other reasons why Associates are not making money include:

Unlike most MLMs, USANA demands an intentional attitude and deep abilities to navigate in the tight space of the sales of USANA products.

The low start-up costs involved in working as an associate with USANA make the margin for errors even slimmer. 

If the sponsor is too careless with this decision, then there will be losses. 

Many can’t handle the rejection and run out of billing. 

The system favors people that pour all their attention into the development of their associate profile and business centers.

Working from home or part-time is possible, but doesn’t pay as much. 

After approaching all family members and the people on your contact list, there will be a need for adding more people, which gets a bit harder since the compensation plan can be harder to explain.

Can you make money with USANA Associates MLM jobs? What do you think of my USANA Health Science distributor reviews?

Is USANA MLM safe, legit, or a pyramid scheme scam?

What is USANA?

Instituted in 1992 by Dr. Myron Wentz, a renowned scientist for his work in microbiology and immunology; USANA is a Multi-level marketing company that deals in the production and sales of supplements for nutritional, energy, health, and other unique circumstances.

The difference between USANA and every other MLM company dealing with the sales of supplements is the scientific and realistic approach and methodology taken with the creation of USANA’s products.

The production facilities are based centrally at the famous West Valley City factory in Utah; from which the nutritional, energy, and personal care products and supplements make their way to 20 global markets.

USANA is also big on charity; notably through their partnership with the WTA tour as well as many other sports organizations as they donate $1 from their proceeds to a charitable organization for every point scored.

Countries of Operation of USANA Health Sciences Inc

So, what countries is USANA in? 

USANA has Associates and Preferred Customers in the following regions and locations: 

Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Mexico, Malaysia, the Philippines, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Thailand, The United States, Canada, Australia, France, Belgium, Colombia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Indonesia, Germany, Spain, Romania, and Italy. 

Access the full locations where USANA distributors can be found here.

USANA Products Line

More than 50 different nutritional/dietary supplements and skincare products roll off the USANA production line, all of which have received positive reviews for their effectiveness and overall quality.

A simple search on Amazon for USANA products will prove that statement.

Of the numerous products, though, the CellSentials pack enjoys the most acclaim, mainly because it contains supplemental rations of Vita-Antioxidant and Core Minerals that can last for 28 days.

Vita Antioxidants are a group of essential antioxidants and vitamins that work to galvanize the ability of the cells to defend and regenerate.

At the same time, Core mineral is a broad spectrum of mineral supplements that encourages metabolic activity as well as collagen synthesis and brain function.

There are also diet and energy products like meal replacements, protein shakes, and drinks as well as personal care like shampoos, cleanses, as well as other beauty and skincare products.

The Breakdown of the USANA Products Lines

This is an innovation of the skincare formula of USANA. It offers a complete skin care regimen that will benefit different skin types.

It has several medical benefits, according to USANA.

These are supplements and vitamins that provide nutrition for the different age groups. Starting from children of over one year of age.

These are targeted supplements that are designed to meet and solve specific health challenges. It explains specific individual nutritional and health problems.

These products targeted and support digestive health, cardiovascular health, skeletal/structural health.
The above supplement is supposed to be used with USANA Essentials products.

These supplements include:
  • Low-glycemic meal replacement shakes
  • Snack bars
  • Complete proteins
  • Complex carbohydrates
  • Beneficial fats

Each of the above supplements is of different tasting and convenient formats.

They are meant to be combined with different Essentials and Optimizers that will make up a complete and healthy diet.

These are products that provide macro nutrition, such as:

  • Low-glycemic meal replacement shakes
  • Complex carbohydrates
  • Complete proteins
  • Beneficial fats
  • Snack bars

These are different tools and resources that are designed to help Associates and distributors market the USANA products effectively.

How the USANA Compensation Plan Work

USANA is an MLM company that sells and promotes its products via their Non-Employee Distributors called “Associates” also via eCommerce online.

Associates (Distributors) will receive a commission on every sale they initiated directly and those done by every distributor they recruited.  

The USANA compensation plan has points for every sale. When and if the end gets to a certain pre-determined number, the Associate will get paid.

If, as an Associate, your location did not get to the payment threshold, it will be accumulated and moved for the subsequent week.

USANA Health Sciences requires that every Associate hit a minimum of 100 volume of points ($110–$130) monthly to be eligible to receive compensation. 

If at the end of the four weeks you could not meet the minimum points as a distributor, you will not get paid, and you will lose the accumulated points. 

Can you make money with USANA Associates MLM jobs as a distributor? Is USANA legit, safe, or a scam pyramid scheme?

What do you think of my USANA Health Science reviews?

==>You can download the USANA Compensation Plan PDF Format Here.

USANA Binary Compensation Plan 

To say that USANA’s compensation plan is one of the most complicated plans among all MLMs out there is not much of an exaggeration. 

USANA’s compensation plan is dependent on a credit system known as personal volume (PV).

USANA Associates MLM jobs as a distributor

The PV accumulated from the customer sales would have to reach the 200 thresholds before a ‘business center’ can be opened to begin earning.

The business centers are noted with ‘BCx,’ where x is the number of the business center. Thus, BC1 is the designation of the first business center, BC2 is the second, and so on.

can you make money with USANA Health Sciences Inc

The smartest move to make as an associate of USANA is to hit the ground running and open as many business centers as you can.

To do this, you must gather 400 points of sales volume personally within the first six Fridays you join the USANA platform.

is USANA legit, safe, or a scam pyramid scheme

These three business centers will give you a wider farm you can pool profits from, and the sales volume you get will be channeled into the three business centers.

Take Note, though, that the choice of your personal sponsored plays a huge role in your development as an associate.

To get the best sales volumes from these business centers, take stock of the strengths of each leg, never forgetting that each placement cannot be undone.

If you find one leg lagging in productivity, then you want to divert more attention to that leg.

Also, be sure to take your time with placement, you can treat your three business centers like you had one business center; except you have a line of people that are going to be personally sponsored by you. 

Build on your inside legs, and construct with your primary position as a base while monitoring the balance between both the right and left legs.

As for sponsoring itself, the best angle is to initiate the targets as an opportunity to buy quality products while gaining money at the same time.

From them, you can enrich your chances of getting the meat of the compensation plan as it depends on the number of business centers you have too.

Can you make money with USANA Associates MLM jobs? What do you think of my USANA Health Science reviews?

Is USANA MLM legit, safe, or a scam and pyramid scheme?

How to Join USANA MLM Jobs? 

There are two ways to get involved with the USANA opportunity: USANA can be joined as a preferred customer that receives a 10% discount and $100 saved from your first order.

Doing so requires no registration fee, and you can get even more discounts, up to 20% discount, if you choose the Auto-order option. 

On the other hand, USANA associates sign up by making a little payment for the opportunity. In return, you get $100 more sayings on your shipping than preferred customers.

After that, selling the products and recruiting legs into your business centers define what your earnings will be at the end of the month. 

How Much Does It Cost to Join USANA MLM Jobs?

To join USANA as a member, or ‘Associate’ as it’s preferably called in the USANA circle, there is no need to buy a product. However, you still have to get a starter kit (Business Development System) that costs $29.95.

Who Is USANA Health Sciences Inc Jobs for?

It’s great to have the passion for making money, but being a USANA associate pays Health advocates that understand the quality of the products more and can push it quickly, than other people.

It works out for such people even more if they are experienced network marketers too. 

How to Make Money with USANA MLM Jobs

There are six significant channels for earning money with USANA; they are:

As an associate with USANA, you can set a retail price that suits your market.

The binary structure of USANA entitles the associates to a weekly stipend that can be up to 20% of the sales volume, depending on the volume of sales of their group network.

You get and accumulate volume both from the left and right legs of your binary distribution plan.

The percentage used in calculating your due commissions, as in most MLMs, is applied on your weaker leg to get the weekly commission.

If the group sales volume exceeds 5,000 points, then it is carried over to the next week, and so on.

This means that associates of USANA get a sense of stability as far as income is concerned within that distribution network.

Associates that toil till they climb to levels like a Gold director or higher are reward with a percentage of sales volume effective across the company and made for everybody that ranks up at the same time that you do.

The percentage of the sales volume you’re entitled to be decided by the number of business centers under you and the production method you’re utilizing.

The Top 40 earners in the USANA circle are allocated 1% of the sales volume generated by the entire company for every quarter.

The pacesetter program was initiated so you can get bonuses from the people that you have personally sponsored.

The rank you have depends on how much the people you sponsor can get in the first eight weeks since they join and how many of such personally sponsored people you have. 

When the people you sponsored reach the Platinum Pacesetter rank, you get a partial match of their commission volume to the tune of a factor of 0.15.

The exact weight of this percentage remitted to you depends on your rank too.

USANA also has some surprises meant to reward associates for their loyalty and achievements.

What do you think of my USANA Associates MLM jobs reviews?

Can you make money with USANA MLM and compensation plan? Is USANA MLM legit, safe, or a scam and pyramid scheme?

How Much Can You Make with USANA MLM Jobs?

Per the recent Income Disclosure Statement of USANA, new associates that have built a customer base, and make consistent sales, earn to the tune of $23,225 every year.

The bulk of this money comes from sales, but the rest comes from the commissions that reward the active associates.

The commissions come from a 20% cut from the group sales volume gathered, which other Multi-level marketers would be envious of since it’s not usually more than 10% in other MLMs.

There’s a little 10% commission from personal sales to look forward to.

Are USANA Associates Distributors Making Money?

USANA made the business news a few years ago; for an unprecedented feat where 200 associates hit the million mark in earnings, of those 200 associates; 115 associates are Million Dollar Earners in the lifetime plan.

If that isn’t convincing enough, then how about the fact that the recently published Income Disclosure Statement for USANA declares an average annual income of $91,800 for longstanding, full-time associates. 

Compared to other MLM companies that usually hide their income statements because it is generally around the $1,000 mark. 

This company is giant indeed, and the associates are earning well, even though these stats only apply to distributors that have reached and crossed the Gold Director rank.

USANA Support and Customer Service 

They arrange a host of training sessions and seminars to help Associates reach their potential as distributors.

This is in addition to the learning resources and tools from the Business Development System subscribed to at the beginning of an association with USANA.

USANA also creates a team with your up lines and downlines that will improve together with you, which will function alongside the positively commended support services to ease sales under the USANA umbrella. 

You can contact customer service and support in every region and country here.

Below are also phone contacts for USANA Associates and Distributor Services and support in different languages:

  • English: 1-801-954-7200
  • Spanish: 1-801-954-7373
  • French: 1-801-954-7272
  • Chinese: 1-801-954-7878
  • Japanese: 1-801-954-7773
  • Korean: 1-801-954-7231
  • Fax: 1-801-954-7300

What is Good About USANA MLM Jobs? 

USANA’s products for cellular nutrition, revitalization, and care are groundbreaking and effective.

The team of scientists shows their expertise in the field of supplements with a range of products that have statistical and experimental data and proof to show their genuineness.

In a study undertaken by NutriSearch, the “Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements,”

This glory for USANA can easily translate to an easier edge for the marketers and distributors.

Among the numerous supplements in the world, USANA enjoys a place as one of, if not the, most trusted nutritional products by the elites of Athletics.

Since athletics requires them to be watchful of what they consume.

Taking the right things can improve their performance and development.

The track record of USANA products has been endorsed by different famous athletes for its effectiveness.

Over 2,000 athletes confirming that USANA make the best products in the nutritional market 

Associates of USANA in business make their money off the sales of the products and commissions that come because of the binary structure. 

However, Associates don’t need inventories as traditional retailers do.

Issues with USANA MLM Jobs

It’s no news by now for most MLMs, but a company as massive as USANA must be less obvious about its thirst for revenue.

Having to buy products every month just to amass enough points to get commissions.

There’s something fundamentally wrong with losing money to gain money.

There are some lawsuits filed against USANA for different reasons ranging from being a ‘giant pyramid scheme,’ to ‘corporate forgery’ since the executives of USANA had made some exaggerations on their CVs.

These incidents have made the image USANA has become more of a shadow than it is.

Even if money must be paid to get paid, it only stands to reason that seeds of corn be planted to get cobs. Not in the case of USANA, though.

The costly investments used in acquiring the products, which is north of $100 for HealthPak, do not help the distributors earn much in their first years per reports. 

The same IDS that proclaims the high average annual incomes also show that more than half of the distributors earn less than $300 per year.

To USANA, only the few that work as Associates full-time deserve the annual revenue above $20,000.

Online Complaints About USANA Health Sciences Inc

One popular, but unique story against USANA came a year or two ago when a woman reported that she was forced by a doctor or ‘unethically introduced’ to USANA, after which the doctor refused to treat the woman anymore. 

Apart from that singular case, people only complain about how difficult it is to sell expensive USANA products, even though it is so effective.

USANA BBB Rating Reviews Is “A+”

The Better Business Bureau rating for USANA is A+. Thes rating is a measure of how fast the company treats customer issues and disputes logged on their website.

The BBB ratings are different from BBB accreditation.

The BBB accreditation is proof that a company has put things in place to take care of customer disputes and customer complaints.

The date of accreditation of USANA by BBB is the 18th of December 2011.

USANA Lawsuits 

for the reason of failing to announce some negative details about the acquisition of BabyCare Ltd. of China, and deceptive marketing statements, USANA faced a class-action lawsuit in 2017. 

Some distributors in California that are not okay with their proceeds from USANA join the competition for the right in class action lawsuits as stockholders via law firms

This led to a messy affair where eight different law firms faced off against USANA. The root cause?

Barry Minkow, an ex-convict who wanted to expedite his projected price drops for USANA products by writing a report to that end.

In response, USANA hit Barry Minkow with a Lawsuit.  You can read a series of USANA lawsuits on the Wikipedia website.

Is USANA a Pyramid Scheme?

USANA is safe, legit, and not a pyramid scheme scam.

USANA Health Sciences is an MLM company.

You can easily mistake USANA to be a product-based pyramid scheme because of the employment and the use of a binary system in the company compensation plan.

What is a Pyramid scheme then?

A pyramid scheme is a business structure and model that focuses on recruiting distributors and members through a promise of payment or services into the scheme.

What do you think of my USANA Health Science MLM reviews?

Can you make money with USANA Associate jobs? Is USANA safe, legit, or a scam and pyramid scheme?

Is USANA Legit Or a Scam? 

USANA is legit and not a scam. Also, know that USANA is not a pyramid scheme. 

There’s little reason to believe that an organization picked out by MLM Insider as the “Best Company” and by NetWork Marketing Today as the “#1 Distributor’s Choice” for ten consecutive years could be a scam.

USANA has a lot of respect in the market and has survived long enough not to be a scam.  Do you think USANA is a pyramid scheme?

How I Make Money Online. . .

I make money with this website selling other people’s stuff, i.e., “affiliate marketing.”

What is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is the process of making money every time you promote someone else products or services.

Any time you generate a sale, you will earn a commission (a percentage of that sales). You don’t get pay without a sale.

How can this apply to you? You can turn your hobbies and skills into becoming an affiliate marketer. It is all about solving problems for people.

what are good side hustles

Suppose you like Networking Marketing, and you start promoting different MLM products and services like USANA.

You write an article about USANA products. Someone searches online on how to become a USANA

Associate via Google. The person will land on your website.

You can then cross-sell USANA products on Amazon. When they click and buy USANA on Amazon, Amazon pays you your earnings.

This is how we make money online as a blogger. Learn more here.

Also, learn how to get trained on how to promote Network Marketing products.

It is a system you will put in place that will keep on generating sales and conversion for you even while you are sleeping. Read more here.

USANA Vs Wealthy Affiliate

Is USANA MLM Jobs Worth It?

What do you think of my USANA Health Sciences review? Can you make money with USANA?  Is USANA a pyramid scheme?

Do you think that the USANA Associates and distributors are making money?

In my opinion, USANA does not worth It. Most notably, if you are a newbie to the Associate job, you will be working for those at the top of the scheme while you will be earning pennies.

There is a better way of promoting and distributing networking marketing products and services in the 21st century. You do the job once, and you will earn for a long time.

Thanks for reading my USANA review.

Can you now make money with USANA? Or Is USANA a pyramid scheme?

You won’t need to pitch for any of your audience.

The system is an auto leads conversion process. Read more about it here.

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      Thursday 21 May 2020 (Pretenders)
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      All the upcoming concert will be at the same locations ==> USANA Amphitheatre, West Valley City, UT, US

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    Not only USANA, but rather every other program these days are subject to the pyramid scheme in one way or the other. But frankly it is quite painful when we look at it that way.. When we think about it, only the lucky few who got in, the first time have all the money and the rest of the ones who come at a later time are subjected to – to be frank – a slave of a life like work.

    I think that is why I like the blogging option rather than joining an organization. You get to be your own boss.Thank you for sharing the word!


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