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LegalShield Associate Jobs Review: Can You Really Make Money?

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You are welcome to my LegalShield Associate Jobs Review. Can you make money with LegalShield MLM? Is LegalShield legit or a scam pyramid scheme? 

I am confident that you are here because you want to know how to make money with LegalShield MLM.


It is good to research online programs; this was how I learned how to transform my passion, hobbies, skills, and ideas into a full-time income.

Everyone has a right to a fair hearing. However, getting legal services to help you when you need a fair trial can be quite expensive.

However, imagine a world where you can prepay for any legal assistance you may need; that would be a lifesaver, right? And that is what LegalShield offers its users, prepaid legal services.

how to sell legalshield memberships

But is LegalShield MLM jobs worth the money?

Know that I am not affiliated with this company in any way, therefore expect unbiased reviews of LegalShield from me. 

Please read on. 

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LegalShield at a Glance

Name: LegalShield
Formerly Called: Sportsman’s Motor Club (1972–1976) & Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. (1976–2011)
Industry: MLM and Legal services
Year Founded: 1972;
Founded By: Harland Stonecipher
Owner of LegalShield: MidOcean Partners
Headquarters: Ada, Oklahoma, U.S.
Areas Covered: USA & Canada
Products: MLM, Legal Services & Identity Theft Solutions Services
Price: Associate’s Fee ($99); Upsell $20.00/Mth for Legal Advantage & $249 for Associate’s Fee with free 1 Year Legal Advantage worth $240.
Rating: 25%
Recommended: No

Summary Review of LegalShield Associate Jobs

Legal Shield is a multi-level-marketing company (MLM) offering a unique service that encompasses legal services such as legal advice, document preparation, and trial defense at discounted rates.

LegalShield claimed to help you to avoid the costly hourly rates that are commonly charged by law firms.

You can, therefore, pay a monthly fixed monthly rate for your legal representation and any legal advice and other range of issues.

LegalShield offers small businesses and individuals the opportunity to prepay for legal services; there is also a reward system set up for people who are interested in becoming associates through the MLM programs.

My take is this, looking at the compensation plans and the income disclosure statement of 2018.

The LegalShield Associates are not making money. Over 76% of the Associate is making bearly above $500 annually.

Don’t forget the expense and the cost of the subscription? Do you think you want to become a LegalShield associate making less than $600 annually?

You will be shocked to discover that what is in the LegalShield Service Agreement coverage is not as comprehensive as you might have imagined as a client, most notably the exclusions list.

It is only people that are making money with it that gave a positive LegalShield review, it is no for me.

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What do you think of my LegalShield MLM jobs reviews? Is LegalShield MLM legit, or another scam and pyramid scheme? Is LegalShield worth it?

The Pre-Paid Legal Story of One Man

  • His Company
  • Its Missions to make available legal protection.
  • It is a Hardcover great book.

What is LegalShield?

what is legalshield

LegalShield (formerly Prepaid Legal) is an American corporation that sells legal service products through multi-level marketing in the United States and Canada.

Harland Stonecipher founded the company in 1972.

The company began as the Sportsman’s Motor Club and was incorporated as Prepaid Legal Services four years later.

In 2011, the company became a private company – LegalShield – and accrued $400 million in revenue annually.

The company, which is the first to provide prepaid legal services in the United States, makes use of a network of about 7,000 independent provider attorneys to develop and market its services.

Is LegalShield MLM worth the money?

Read more about LegalShield on Wikipedia here. 

LegalShield Products And Services

Below are various products and services offered by LegalShield. For a monthly membership fee, LegalShield provides legal assistance in the following:

  • Power of Attorney
  • Adoption Representation
  • Loan Document Assistance
  • Uncontested Divorce or Separation
  • Trial Defense Services
  • Living Will, & Power of Attorney
  • Uncontested Name Change
  • 15 Pages Contract Review
  • Emergency Assistance
  • Demand Letters & Phone Calls
  • Traffics and Ticket Assistance
  • Unlimited Consulting

Read more about LegalShield and their avoidable legal services and access here.

How Much Does It Cost to Join LegalShield Associate MLM Jobs?

These are various plans and costs to join and become a member of LegalShield. A regular customer has access to any of LegalShield’s three plans;

Personal Plans

  • The cost of Personal Plans is $19.95 per month

Identity Theft Plans

  • ID Plan – $14.95 per month
  • ID Premium – $29.95 per month

Small Business Plans

  • Customized Based on a business’, so pricing varies.

Is LegalShield MLM jobs worth this money and subscription?

How to Become a LegalShield MLM Associate

On the other hand, LegalShield offers an associate plan where you can earn with them by selling memberships to earn commissions.

These are two ways to join and become an Independent Associate of LegalShield.

The first option costs either $99 + an extra $20 monthly which comes with;

  • Associate Portal
  • Online Training
  • Weekly Newsletter
  •  Support Center
  •  Associate Perks
  • Help from Sponsor, Team and Local Leaders

The second option is to pay $249, which comes all the perks of the first option as well as 12 months of LegalShield Advantage valued at $240.

What do you think of my LegalShield MLM Jobs review? Is LegalShield worth the money?

Can you now make money with LegalShield Associate jobs?

Who is the LegalShield Associate Jobs for?

No one is immune from having a legal issue. Therefore LegalShield is meant for everyone. That also applies to the process of selling and making money with LegalShield.

So, becoming a LegalShield associate is for everyone interested. Though, you will have to be the right salesperson to get involved with any MLM product.

Therefore, LegalShield is suitable for anyone with excellent marketing skills looking to earn passive income.

The sign-up process is simple and straightforward. What do you think of my LegalShield associate jobs review?

Can you make money with the LegalShield associate jobs?

LegalShield is an MLM that involves a practical sales model.

As a LegalShield sales associate, you will have the flexibility to work at your own time of your choosing.

How to Make Money with LegalShield Associate MLM Jobs

The compensation plan is designed to be complicated, and associates barely make any money with their advanced system.

When you sell membership to a client, LegalShield pays you in advance for a year’s worth of that customer’s membership.

The downside is that if the customer decides to cancel, you have to refund most of that advance.

As an Associate, you can make up to $14.96 – $60 for each plan you sell successfully.

The only way to make good money with LegalShield is to keep selling the products and services.

LegalShield employs multi-level marketing models, the more of the membership you convert to become an independent associate, the more money you will make.

Are LegalShield distributors and associate making money? Is LegalShield MLM legit, or a scam pyramid scheme?

Legal Shield has a compensation plan that varies depending on total sales and referral sales.

There are six levels on LegalShield’s compensation plan, which signifies your earning potential:

Junior Associate

After five personal sales, a junior associate earns $50 per transaction.


An associate earns $75 per sale. This level can be attained by personally referring to a recruit and having three personal sales.

The associate level can also be reached by sponsoring two recruits who both have five sales in the first 30 days.

Senior Associate

A Senior Associate will have to organize a total of 30 organizational sales as well as refer three active junior associates.

A Senior Associate earns $100 per sale.


A Manager must have a total of 100 organizational sales in addition to personal sales.

S/he must also have three active associates to earn $125 per sale.


To be a Director, you must have 200 total sales and three active senior associates to earn $150 per sale.

Executive Director

An Executive Director will become one if, as a director, he makes 50 sales without getting 20 sales from anyone in his organization. An Executive Director earns $182.50 per sale.

Asides these standard commissions Associates with Legal Shield will get bonuses on total sales and total referral sales.

There is also a bonus commission if personal sales under any associate renew their legal policies each year.

Also, entry-level associates get paid $100 advance on every membership sale.

You can download the four-page PDF format LegalShield Compensation Plan here.

What do you think of my LegalShield MLM and Compensation reviews? Do you think you can make money with this LegalShield Associate Jobs and compensation plan?

How Much Can You Make with LegalShield MLM Associate Jobs?

I observed the 2018 Legalshield Income Disclosure Statement; the first thing I noticed was 1.6% of active members are Associates that made at least one sales in 2018.

The above figure implies that 98.4% of the remaining members are retail members that are not part of the Multi-Level Marketing scheme of LegalShield.

It also implies that it is difficult to attain and maintain Associate membership.

Another implication of the above figure is that the Associates are not making sales (only 1.6% of Associate made one sales minimum).

It could also imply that many Associates drop out to become retail because they could not make sales.

In MLM business and that includes LegalShield, if you don’t make sales, you won’t earn a commission.

The 2018 Legalshield Income Disclosure Statement shows that your earning is base on the number of years you have been with the company; they ought to have shown us the rank per earnings.

The LegalShield Income Disclosure Statement is not a comprehensive one; they just decide to show what they want us to see.

So, How much money can you make with LegalShield?

I also observed that Associates of two years and below that made at least one sale earned $504 in 2018.

Also, 76% of all LegalShield Associates made less than $1,000 in 2018 (Irrespective of the length of years with Legalshield).

It implies that only 24% of Legalshield Associates made $1,000 and above in 2018.

Looking at the income disclosure graph below, It is only the established founders and the people that started the MLM that made good money.

Some set of Associates at the topmost top made an average of $7,383 in 2018; it is noted that they have been with the company for 20 years plus.

So, how much money can you make with LegalShield?

I am considering the cost of the subscription to LegalShield and the average earnings of over 76% of the Independent Associate, which made less than $600 in 2018.

Can you make a living with less than $400 in a year? Is LegalShield worth selling?

In my opinion, it does not worth it. I prefer to be a blogger making a full-time income instead.

legalshield pyramid scheme

Source: LegalShield 2018 Income Disclosure

See the chat above, is LegalShield MLM jobs worth it as an associate and distributors? Is LegalShield MLM worth the money and the stress?

How Does LegalShield Associate Jobs Work

LegalShield is an online legal service provider that made available, affordable legal coverage for individuals and small businesses. It is simple and made for everyone.

So, how does LegalShield work for membership?

You make money with LegalShield by selling the legal plans to friends and family. The company employs a multi-level marketing sales model to sell its products and services.

So, how does it work?

The first step is to sign up; working with LegalShield will give you the opportunity and flexibility to work at your pace and time while selling to other people that also want to make extra cash.

Just like other MLM strategies, the same applies to sell LegalShield.

You have to be determined to make multiple sales monthly. If you determine to get to the top of the scheme, you can easily make it.

LegalShield works in the following steps:

Personal Sales

LegalShield sales start and end with you. How successful you will be as a LegalShield associate is a matter of how many sales you can drive.

Since you earn on every sale of LegalShield membership, the more you sell, the more you move up the LegalShield compensation plan, i.e., the more you sell, the more you earn a commission.

Building Your Team

The next thing that is required of you is to grow your membership into a robust team by organizing via conferences various networking forums and events.

This is where you have to add new associates.

Every membership sold will earn you a bonus. And the more associate you sign up, the more you are rewarded and recognized as a great manager.

Start Earning Residual Income

Earning on every one of your sales and that of your associates will end after a year.

You have to ensure you continue to follow up on those members and clients to ensure that they re-subscribe after the expiration term.

By ensuring that those members re-subscribe that will means more commission and earnings for you.

Going For Performance Club

LegalShield Performance Club will help you keep track of your progress and success as you accrue more members.

You earn points for every of your progress in the LegalShield compensation plan.

The points earned as a result of the recruitment of associates and members will also make you recognition, bonuses in cash, and many other incentives.

The above stages are how LegalShield downline work.

What Is LegalShield App?

LegalShield app provides easy access to LegalShield products and services via your smartphone and anywhere you are. 

But, is the LegalShield MLM App safe and secure?

The LegalShield app is available at Apple Store and Google Play stores for both the LegalShield app for iPhone, LegalShield app for Ipad, and LegalShield app for Android phones. 

The LegalShield app is to help LegalShield customers at the time of need, such as: 

  • For help in case of arrest
  • Injury, and detainment, and 
  • If you served with a warrant. 

LegalShield promised that you could call at any time and both day and night so that you can speak to an attorney that will help you resolve your issue on the go. 

As a client and LegalShield Associate, you can easily use the app to log into your profile and access the needed information. 

Client to log into to “” with their username and password

LegalShield Independent Associate to log into the app via “,” also using both their username and password.

legalshield app

Requirements to Use LegalShield App

A Wi-Fi or Data connection will be needed to use the app and access your information.

The IDShield features will only be available to members with IDShield/IDT plan

LegalShield products and services will only be available in the area and region where those products are authorized to sell them. 

How LegalShield App Works 

You can use the LegalShield App when you have the following issues:

If and when you need help to call your law firm

When you have a legal emergency (Tap the RED button for 24/7 assistance for covered legal issues)

When you are issued a speeding ticket (Tap the “Snap” to send the ticket to your law firm)

You can access any legal question via the app

You use the app to submit your questionnaire to request your law firm to prepare your will for you. 

How to Sell LegalShield MLM Jobs Memberships?

The question is, how do you sell LegalShield memberships o as to start making money?

With the LegalShield MLM model of making sales, if you don’t recruit and sell the company’ s products and services, you cant make money.

So, what are the steps to making LegalShield sales?

Following this process and procedure will earn you your quick LegalShield membership sales:

  • Identify where to Find LegalShield Customers

This is where you identify everyone you know that will be the right customer of LegalShield. You consider the following:

  1. List the names and people you know
  2. List names of small businesses in your location
  3. Consider Insurance agents and real estate
  4. Consider friends and family that can help you with referral
  • Go All Out Prospecting

You must adopt prospecting methods that work in your locality and region.

  1. Locate where and who to prospect
  2. How many presentations daily or weekly can you make?
  3. You must adopt a plan-based activity that works.
  • Engage Your Prospect
  1. You have to make a move by engaging your prospect either physically or virtually
  2. Ensure you send your presentation to people you can not participate directly
  3. Meet up people in the class, community center, offices, Group meetings.
  4. Follow up with your leads by dropping and collecting there contact emails and phone numbers.

This is how to sell LegalShield. What do you think of my LegalShield MLM jobs reviews? Can you sell and make money with LegalShield MLM jobs? Is LegalShield worth it?

LegalShield Phone Numbers and Mailing Addresses

One major challenge is to locate LegalShield membership phone numbers.

Legal Shield has an excellent arrangement to handle and take care of every issue of Member Services and Associate Services.

There is also a resource center that is always available and can provide you with definitions and explanations for complicated legal issues.

Below are LegalShield membership Phone Numbers and Mailing Addresses Contacts as it relates to Member and Associate Services

Member Services

  • Phone Number: (800) 654-7757
  • Email Address:

Sales Associate Services

  • Phone Number: (580) 436-7424
  • Email Address:

Broker/Insurance Agent Services

  • Phone Number: (855) 572-7653
  • Email Address: broker@legalshield.Com

Small Business Services

  • Phone Number: (800) 654-7757
  • Email Address:

Any inquiry by any member with a disability as regards useful communication Contacts in respect of Americans with Disabilities Act should contact:

Associate Services IRO Americans with Disabilities Act

  • 580-436-7424.
  • TTY: 580-272-0763,
  • Email:

Web Support

  • Phone Number: 1-800-699-9004

Office Hours

  • 7am – 7pm CST
  • Monday through Friday


  • Mailing Address
    One Pre-Paid Way
    Ada, OK 74820
    (580) 436-1234

What is Good About LegalShield Associate MLM Jobs?

  • No Inventory

This is because there is no physical merchandise involved; associates do not need to keep an inventory.

All dealings are with the company, and your only job is marketing.

LegalShield Associate Jobs Complaints

Complaints About LegalShield Signup Fee

It costs $99 + an extra $20 monthly or $249 annually to get started as an associate.

Complaints About LegalShield Low Earning Potential

An average associate makes about $60 on a good month and $720 in a whole year; when you balance up with the signup costs and other expenses, the earning fall short of being worth it.


In their compensation plan, it’s quite evident that associates are rewarded more for recruiting others.

Many LegalShield Online Complaints

There are complaints of LegalShield automatically charging customers credit cards even after canceling as well as trouble getting refunds.

Also, the company does not vouch for the quality of service you get from lawyers assigned to customers cases.

LegalShield Litigations and Complaints

LegalShield is always involved in one lawsuit or another.

This shouldn’t raise an eyebrow for a company that provides legal services, but it begs the question of how reliable they can be if the company that is supposed to fight your legal battles already has its hands full.

Pyramid Red Flag

The program does not make you sell products but rather recruit friends and family to use LegalShield’s services.

You earn for every month a client remains a customer of LegalShield. This makes the program seem like a pyramid scheme.

What do you think about many LegalShield MLM complaints? Is LegalShield worth it?

Public/Online Opinion About LegalShield?

One user claimed to have been a member of LegalShield for more than 19 years and claims that the company provides fair and transparent legal services.

However, another client of LegalShield wasn’t too pleased as his request to cancel the service was declined, leaving him paying for a service he didn’t need.

Another user laid a complaint with the Better Business Bureau claiming that he had been paying for the services of LegalShield for some time, and when he required their services, they couldn’t offer any help.

How to Cancel LegalShield MLM Membership

So, many people wanted to know how to cancel LegalShield. Cancellation or quitting the LegalShield process is a common complaint in many fora online.

It is straightforward and straightforward to do.

Your LegalShield membership can be canceled at any time just by forwarding your writing notification to the company.

Note: It is essential to observe your membership cancellation for instruction to cancel your membership as relate to your plan.

What do you think of my LegalShield Associate Jobs review? Can you make money with LegalShield Associate Jobs? Is LegalShield legit or another scam and a pyramid scheme?

To cancel your send a written letter to LegalShield, make sure your membership number and personal information are included.

Is LegalShield MLM and Membership worth the money for you?

LegalShield Address

Corporate Office LegalShield,
One Pre-Paid Way
PO Box 2217,
Ada, OK 74820

LegalShield e-Mail:
LegalShield Phone No: 800-654-7757

Note: make sure you send the mail and call the above phone number because your membership and payment will remain active until LegalShield receive your cancellation physical letter/ Email or Phone call.

The above steps are how to quit legal shield.

LegalShield BBB Reviews Ratings Is “A+”

LegalShield Reviews Better Business Bureau rating is “A+,” This rating is the highest possible rating you can ever get with BBB.

The LegalShield has been BBB accredited since 1995; that is a very long time. What are the implications of the LegalShield “A+” BBB rating?

make money with LegalShield Associate Jobs

The A+ accreditation of LegalShield signifies the trust and integrity of the company and an exceptional commitment to good consumer practice.

Another implication is that LegalShield has been treating and resolving its customer complaint as at when due. Every company has customer issues and complaints.

The primary issue and customer complaint with LegalShield are difficulties in the cancellation of memberships.

There are so many such complaints online and in many forums where LegalShield is being discussed.

The A+ rating implies that they have been tangling and resolving these many complaints as logging them to their customer service. And those complaints escalated to BBB are been treated timely.

As at the time of writing this LegalShield review, LegalShield has 185 total customer complaint for the past three years; out of which, 64 of those complaint has been closed in the last twelve months.

The “A+” Legal Shield reviews BBB rating also implies that LegalShield has met the BBB accreditation standards.

What do you think of my LegalShield Associate Jobs review? Is LegalShield Jobs legit or another pyramid scheme scam?

Can you make money with LegalShield MLM Associate Jobs?

Is LegalShield Legit or a Scam?

LegalShield is a legit and not a scam pyramid scheme company.

LegalShield is far from being a scam, and it’s got forty years to prove that.

Knowing that you can get help to access a layer from a leading law firm as relating to your business or personal case for a monthly fee is a great idea. It is indeed an excellent opportunity for a reasonable price.

However, I wouldn’t recommend their services or affiliate program because the money you’ll not make you a full-time income; it has very low-income potential.

In my personal opinion and all research, I have made LegalShield is a legitimate business and not a scam.

Please know that Legalshield is legit and not a pyramid scheme scam. What do you think of my LegalShield Associate Jobs review? Do you think I am wrong?

Is LegalShield a Pyramid Scheme?

LegalShield is legit, and not a scam pyramid scheme.

Legal Shield adopts a marketing model of multi-level marketing (MLM); when many people sight any MLM program, they quickly termed it a pyramid scheme.

So, what is a pyramid scheme? How does the pyramid scheme work?

A pyramid scheme is a scamming way of making money solely based on recruiting an un-ending number of investors. The first set of the investor will hire, and the people will recruit will have to recruit to make money and so on.

what are good side hustles

Usually, an MLM that is tag pyramid scheme does not have products or services; they just based their earnings on a sign on fee.

The scheme is referred to as “pyramid” because each recruitment increases the levels until it becomes unsustainable. A pyramid scheme is often illegal.

But, is LegalShield a pyramid scheme? There are no physical products involve in LegalShield. But, there is a real-life service that is required.

LegalShield rendered real-life services that solve members’ legal problems.

In LegalShield legit and not a scam and pyramid scheme? What do you think of my LegalShield Associate Jobs review?

Is LegalShield Jobs Worth It?

Thanks for reading my LegalShield review? Can you make money with LegalShield MLM Associate Jobs? Is LegalShield legit, a scam, or a pyramid scheme?

Do you think the LegalShield Associate Jobs worth it?

Is LegalShield legitimate or Scam? Or, do you think LegalShield is a pyramid scheme?

I am sure that with this article, you now know what LegalShield is.

Yes, LegalShield worth the money for the clients that are using their products and services. But as for LegalShield Associate, I will stare clear. You can not make money selling LegalShield.

Look at the explanation of their income and disclosure statement for 2018. The Associate can bearly make $500 a year! It does not worth it selling LegalShield services.

The LegalShield offers spectacular legal services for the subscribers but can not make you a full-time income as an associate. This is my opinion derived from there income and disclosure statement for 2018.

However, if you are looking for an alternative source of passive income, you may want to consider my Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is an internet affiliate marketing training that has proven to be a reliable and consistent source of passive income to me.

I have created a four-figure passive income egg nest every month from this Wealthy Affiliate.

Please click this link to learn more about Wealthy Affiliate.

Do you know anything about LegalShield? What do you think of my LegalShield review?

Is LegalShield legit, or another pyramid scheme scam? Can you make money with LegalShield Associate Jobs? Is LegalShield Associate Job worth it?

Let me know what you think about my review. Kindly drop your thoughts in the comment section below. I will love to hear what you think.

LegalShield Associate Jobs review

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20 thoughts on “LegalShield Associate Jobs Review: Can You Really Make Money?”

  1. I am glad that I came across your post. As we all know that nowadays one cannot be too careful. Wow, this MLM has so many upsets and it is so pricey to going them. 

    I am not a big fan of the MLM business structure. Most of them do not have the good product or service and also the pay out is way too complicated. From my experience the program is just only good for the owner or the top tier people.

    I am going to have to pass with legal shield.

  2. I have experience with LegalShield back in the day.  The company is legit.  It was very hard to recruit new members.  All I heard was “I don’t need a lawyer so why should I pay for one.”  I have also used the lawyers that go with LegalShield.  There answers were always vague and they all need to do further research.  Even on the basic questions.  Wasn’t worth the money I was paying each money.  A solid company, the idea behind LegalShield is solid but getting people on board is harder than you think.  The post was very well written.  Thank you.

    1. Thanks, Jon for reading my LegalShield Associate review.

      Yes, you are right that LegalShield is legitimate. The problem is that the independent associate is not making money. 

      Thanks for dropping your comments.



  3. Hi John, First let me just start by saying that indeed anyone can find themselves in need of legal assistance, and yes the legal representation is very expensive, so in that regard, I think perhaps having LegalShield plan is not such a bad idea.

    However, joining LegaShileld with intention of making money, is definitely not a good idea because based on the detailed information you have provided, its clear that even if you have been with the company for over 20 years, you are still not making money. $7,383 in 2018 after being with the company for over 20 years? wow,

    Can you imagine 24% of the associates making just over $1,000 in 2018? that is crazy. sounds to me like by joining this company in hopes of making money is not worth it at all and you will just be helping the big guys in the company make big money which I hate.

    To be honest with you John, I don’t like MLM companies very much one reason being that when I tried I failed really bad, and the next reason is that the MLM industry is very risky and it’s hard to find the legit companies and then if you find one, like LegalShield which it really sounds like a legit company, but then you don’t make money despite maybe working so hard trying to get people to sign up.

    Plus even when they sign up, your income is still not secure because if they cancel, you will have to pay back some of the money you were paid in advance when the customer signed up. sounds too shaky for me. I want a solid income so I can plan my life and my spending with no worries.

    Personally, I prefer Affiliate marketing, I am in charge of my business, and I don’t have to rely on other people’s ability to sell in order to grow my income.

    My own efforts determine how far my business will go.

    Thank you, John, for this article.


    1. Dear Rose, 

      Thanks for reading my LegalShield Review

      You are very right that the independent associates are not making money. It is not worth it working with LegalShield as an associate. They are very great with their services.


      Thank you.

  4. Thanks a lot for such an amazing review of LegalShield. It has really answered all the questions I had about LegalShield. I was trying to make some passive income. I found on the internet different websites with fake information and scams. You put here the perfect option for making money with this. You have put here some very helpful steps that can be useful for anyone who wants to create an online business. And I’ll try this method. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Dear Sabrinamou, 

      Thanks for reading my review on how to sell LegalShield.

      thanks for your commendation.

      Really appreciate.



  5. Is LegalShield for real? I mean, it seems as if MLMs are taking over every aspect of our lives, and all they are most of the time are just glorified pyramid schemes or scams.

    From what you’ve said here, basically anyone can become an associate. That’s just strange i would expect that anyone who is involved in any way with the sale of legal services would be required to have some sort of legal background. I know that the associates won’t be working as lawyers. But still, they are essentially promoting legal services.

    I just can’t believe kinds of things that people come up with these days to try to make money in the MLM industry. That’s why I prefer to stick to Wealthy Affiliate.

    Anyway, thank you for writing this LegalShield Review as i didn’t know about LegalShield before.

  6. Thanks for the many insights into this program. I had heard of it before but was not familiar with all the details. I appreciate your share on this.

    I didn’t realize Legal Shield was formerly Pre-Paid Legal as I used PPL many years ago.  You have gone into a lot of good detail here.

    I agree with the issues that you stated about Legal Shield. That is why I did not stay with PPL at the time. As far as a way to earn a good income I agree that Wealthy Affiliate is the way to go. All the Best.

  7. Hello John, thank you for sharing your helpful review of LegalShield. Well, I am majorly concerned with the MLM opportunity of LegalShield. Earning less than $600 annually as a LegalShield Associate sound so f**king ridiculous. If we subtract the fees we’d pay and our expenses, nothing will be left. This is a no no for me.

    1. Biiizy, 

      Thanks for reading my review of how to make money with LegalShield.

      Everybody is concerned with MLM. 

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