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Home » HOW TO MAKE MONEY » Is ClearVoice Surveys Legit or a Scam? Can You Really Make Money?

Is ClearVoice Surveys Legit or a Scam? Can You Really Make Money?

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Home » HOW TO MAKE MONEY » Is ClearVoice Surveys Legit or a Scam? Can You Really Make Money?

You are welcome to my ClearVoice Surveys reviews. Can you make money with ClearVoice Surveys? Is ClearVoice Surveys legit, safe, or another scam survey site? 

It is good you are here to discover if you can make money with Clear Voice Surveys Research. 


Investigating online programs is a way to discover legitimate online businesses and learn how to avoid many scams.  

Please expect a sincere and honest review of ClearVoice Surveys because I am not in any way affiliated with this survey site.

Do you like to win $1,000, $250, and or $100 with Clear Voice Surveys?

Please read on. 

Estimated reading time: 19 minutes

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Clear Voice Surveys at a Glance

Program Name: ClearVoice Surveys
Parent Company: Clear Voice Research, LLC
Headquarters: Denver, Colorado, USA
Industry: Market Research (Surveys)
Year Established: 2006
BBB Rating: A+
Founder: Not Known
Products: Online Surveys
Price: FREE
Rating: 25%
Recommended: No {Check Out My #1 Recommendation}

Summary of ClearVoice Surveys Reviews

ClearVoice Surveys is a market research and survey company where you can share your opinion on products and services for their client’s companies in exchange for a reward. 

Clear Voice Surveys panel has been in business since 2006. They work with hundreds of companies worldwide to collect and gather consumer feedback and information from consumers as relate to their clients.

Clear Voice Surveys is different from other survey platform such that there is no cash-out and reward point. 

You only have the option to cash out your earnings via Amazon gift card once your balance hit $5, or you cash out your earnings through Payoneer at a threshold earnings of $10.

There is no option for instant cash out with PayPal on ClearVoice Surveys like tenable on another survey site. 

ClearVoice Surveys is still a survey site with many complaints and issues.

But can you make money with ClearVoice Surveys? Is ClearVoice Surveys safe, legit, or another scam?

I am not a fan of the survey panel. 

Why is that? Because doing an online survey is a waste of your time and resource. 

Why will you be working doing tasks online just to earning pennies? 

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What do you think of my Clearvoice Surveys review? Do you believe Clearvoice Surveys is safe, legit, or another scam survey site?

Can you make money with Clearvoice Surveys?

clearvoice surveys reviews

What Is ClearVoice Surveys?

Clear Voice Surveys is run and managed by the Clear Voice Research, LLC, with Headquarters at 1675 Larimer St, Denver, Colorado 80202 USA. 

Clear Voice Research, LLC is managed by David Edwards, a research-based business consultant with 25 years of experience. 

He was the formal CEO and founder of Zanthus (a digital consumer research boutique).

Kristine Hawthorne assists David. Kristine is the formal manager heading product development, marketing, and operation of Kraft, General Mills, and Nestle.

The company has employees that total 86 with the latest revenue of $17 Million as of writing this review.

You can read more about the leadership of Clear Voice Research, LLC here. 

Clear Voice Research transacts business with research buyers across all over the world.

ClearVoice Surveys Vs. Clear Voice Research

ClearVoice Surveys is a survey website where all the research has been carried out. 

Also, ClearVoice Surveys bring together the consumers and panelists to analyze consumers’ pulse relating to the Clear Voice Research clients worldwide. 

Clear Voice Surveys platform is where panelist shares their respected opinion about products and services in exchange for rewards. 

The survey panel works with thousands of companies worldwide where they use the platform to access information related to consumers, products, and services. 

The ClearVoice Surveys team’s job matches your profile with the surveys available according to demographic information you provided during the signing up process. 

In short, Clear Voice Research is using their survey website to collect your information to serve the need of clients all over the world. 

The information provided will shape what those big brands produce because of the feedback obtained from various survey panelists.

What do you think about my ClearVoice Surveys reviews? Do you agree with me?

Can you make money with ClearVoice Surveys? 

Do you think it is a crime, legit, safe, or a scam for them to be collecting your information for their clients?

How to Join ClearVoice Surveys 

You can join ClearVoice Surveys with either your email address or via your social medial profile email “Facebook.”

Also, you will receive and confirm your email address as soon as you sign up. You can then go back to the survey site after confirmation. 

You will need to answer a lot of questions to know your demographic group and gather purpose. 

Questions such as your gender, address, age, marital status, region, best cars, number of children, number of vehicles, are you a house owner, etc.

The company will use these questions to match you with those relevant surveys to benefit their clients. 

Who Can Join ClearVoice Surveys

ClearVoice Surveys is open to people that live in United States, U.K., and Canada only. 

International members may also try their lucks (But I am not sure of that).

You must be of age 13 and above to get accepted. 

How Do ClearVoice Surveys Work?

Clear Voice Surveys is like a laboratory of Clear Voice Research, LLC, where all the testing and the implementation of the research work is carried out.

And the result will be sent to the various clients by Clear Voice Research, LLC in multiple countries around the world for a real-world implementation. 

Clear Voice Research, LLC is a market research survey company that helps its clients test the feasibility and viability of current and new products or services by direct communication to consumers and customers worldwide using survey research tools. 

They help their various clients and companies worldwide analyze their target markets to get feedback and opinions from multiple consumers in real-world and real-time. 

So, how does the ClearVoice Surveys works to put all these together? 

ClearVoice Surveys employs survey techniques and tools to gather information that better understands their client’s target market for the parent company. 

The clients Clear Voice Research, LLC, use the information gathered to design and develop better products that improve user experience.

What do ClearVoice Surveys do?

ClearVoice Surveys will match a survey with each user of the platform according to the user’s demographic information at the signup stage. 

Each survey roughly takes about 30 minutes to conclude.

The reward and payout for members range between $1 to $20. 

The reward amount varies and depends on many elements, but it can be time-intensive, and sometimes the reward is not worth the time. 

The majority of the survey and reward ranges between 15 to 45 minutes, and you earn a maximum of $1 if you are consistent.  

It is how Clear Voice Surveys works to affect the real world. 

What do you think of my ClearVoice Surveys reviews? Is ClearVoice Surveys worth it for members and panelists?

Can you make money with ClearVoice Surveys? Is ClearVoice Surveys real, legit, safe, or another survey scam? 

Do ClearVoice Surveys pay? 

Is ClearVoice Surveys Real and Legitimate Company

There are many complaints and questions about the legitimacy of ClearVoice Surveys online. 

I can confirm that ClearVoice Surveys is a safe, real, legitimate survey company and not a scam.

Why do I conclude that?

Below is the exact address of the ClearVoice Surveys research and the parent company (i.e., Clear Voice Research, LLC); and their address as indicated by BBB as presented for the BBB rating application. 

Below is the contact and location address of ClearVoice Surveys as presented inside the ClearVoice Surveys Privacy Policy at the bottom of the page.

  • Address:, LLC 205 North Detroit Street Suite 600 Denver, CO 80206
  • Email:

Compare the above information with the location address and contact of Clear Voice Research, LLC (the parent company) inside the BBB file as provided by the company when applying for Better Business Bureau rating is provided as: 

  • Location Address: 1675 Larimer St Ste 640 Denver, CO 80202-1665
  • Phone Number: (303) 534-3333 & (303) 895-356
  • Date BBB File Opened: 7/20/2008
  • Date Business Started According to BBB: 9/17/2006
  • Contact Person: Ms. Libby Perkins, The General Counsel, and H.R.

Address and location of Clear Voice Research, LLC on their website:

  • Address and location:, LLC, 205 North Detroit Street Suite 600 Denver, CO 80206
  • Phone Contact: 303.534.3333
  • Email Address:

They seem to be located in the same street but in different suits. 

What do you think of my findings and reviews of ClearVoice Surveys? 

The real question is this, can you make money with ClearVoice Surveys?

 Is ClearVoice Surveys safe, legit, real, or another scam survey site? What do you think? 

How to Make Money with ClearVoice Surveys?

Below are different ways to make money with ClearVoice Surveys: 

Take Online Surveys 

clearvoice surveys legit

You can make extra money doing an online survey with ClearVoice Surveys. It is the primary way of making money with the platform. 

They stated that you could make between $1 to $20 for a survey duration of 30 minutes. 

Please don’t expect to get such a survey on the platform. An average survey will earn you between $0.25 to $1 for a study of 30 minutes. 

Most time, you will be working for less than $1 for an hour on the platform. 

What do you think of ClearVoice Surveys reviews? Is it worth it for you? Can you make money with ClearVoice Surveys?

Play Sweepstakes

Clear Voice Research

You can also opt to play a single entry into a Sweepstakes that can pay you $1,000 in a cash prize. 

Your chance of earning and winning here is minimal. 

ClearVoice Surveys research use to runs three sweepstakes at a go (i.e., monthly, weekly, and daily a win of $1,000, $250, and or $100, respectively). You have to earn your entry by taking part in ClearVoice Surveys activities. 

Also, you have to follow the Clear Voice Surveys program and OFFICIAL RULES to win any of this money prize, and you are not eligible to participate if:

  • You are not a resident or located within the USA.
  • Also, you are not a legal resident in the 50 states or District of Columbia and Canada (excluding Guam, Virgin Islands, Quebec, Puerto Rico, and U.S. Virgin Islands.


You can also make money via the ClearVoice Surveys Polls. The Polls will take less than half a minute to complete.

Any member can create a poll, and you earn not for making or going through anyone other people started. 

Some other survey sites do pay for Poll creation, but ClearVoice Surveys Polls will not reward you for creating a Polls here. 


You have to sign up for you to participate in one. 

Your signup for an offer and trial on the ClearVoice Surveys research platform will cost a minimum of $1; more Users get paid $5 for such offers and trials. 

Ensure you cancel your subscription for the offer you join. You may get charged again because they have already stored your credit card details. 

Invite Friends

It is where and how I like to make money with any survey sites. You can make money via Clear Voice Surveys “Invite Friends.”

You will have your affiliate code on your profile page; copy and distribute it on your social media platform like Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.

Any referral you bring to the platform will earn you $0.5 when they conclude the first survey. 

You can only refer only ten of your friends to this platform. Though, referring your friends can earn you an entry to the sweepstakes, i.e., if you are eligible to participate. 

What do you think of my ClearVoice Survey reviews? Can you now make money with ClearVoice Surveys? 

Is ClearVoice Surveys safe, real, legit, or a scam survey site? Do ClearVoice Surveys pay?

What is the Worth of ClearVoice Surveys Points?

The Point system does not work with ClearVoice Surveys. Members earn dollars as they take surveys. 

You can quickly know your earnings. 

clearvoice surveys scam

How Much Can You Make with ClearVoice Surveys?

How much money can you make with ClearVoice Surveys? It is a common question.

The amount you will be making will depend on the volume of survey you have access to, which also rely on the demographic information you provided the platform during your signup process. 

Each survey will take an average of 30 minutes to complete, and you can make between $1 to $20 for every survey. 

But, earning over $1 per survey is uncommon, such that most surveys on this platform will pay you less than or equal to $1.

You may never make over $1 for your entire stay on this platform. That is just an online survey for you. 

There is a new survey every day, but it all depends on your demographic group. 

You may not get one for a whole week unless it is a suitable survey for your demographic group. 

What do you think of ClearVoice Surveys reviews? Can you make money with ClearVoice Surveys? 

Do you think this is for you? 

Is ClearVoice Surveys real, safe, legit, or a scam? Do ClearVoice Surveys survey pay? 

 Note: If you do not take the survey for 60 days, your account will be close. Therefore, do not leave funds in your balance account on this platform. 

How to Cash Out on ClearVoice Surveys

Don’t forget that you earn dollars and not points on the ClearVoice Surveys platform. 

It required a $10 minimum balance in your account to cash out your earnings. 

You can do instant cash out when you get to a threshold balance of $10 via Amazon gift cards.

Please know that you will only get the delivery of your earnings after the closure of the survey. It can take up to 2 or 6 weeks for any study to close. 

You should receive your earnings to your balance account with the survey platform. 

Cashing out via MasterCard prepaid card will take a week, and some international countries may only cash out via Master card prepaid card. 

Payments Offered

Other payment methods on ClearVoice Surveys website includes:

  • Amazon gift cards  
  • Restaurant gift cards  
  • Prepaid debit or credit cards  
  • Movie vouchers  
  • Sweepstakes entries

What I Like About ClearVoice Surveys

Below are few things that I consider to be great about ClearVoice Surveys:

High Big Sweep Prizes

The reward for any winner of Big Sweep Prizes is quite okay. You just have to be lucky to get qualify for the entry and to win. 

Though it has many rules and it is only for the USA and some parts of Canada. 

Please read the rules to avoid wasting your time. 

Faster Payment and Lower Threshold

The cash-out threshold is low enough at $10 (unlike many other survey sites). 

This site also has a faster payment. However, you have to wait until the survey’s closed before you see the price in your balance account with the survey site. 

After that, you can get your funds in the form of Amazon gift cards or payment to Payoneer master card. 

ClearVoice Surveys Complaints

Limited Cash-Out Method 

You have very few limited cash-out methods for ClearVoice Surveys. 

Not everybody loves to use Amazon gift card codes. This is one only cash-out option you have on this platform.

Working for hours and you’re the pennies and can only collect the money via Amazon gift card. It implies you must make a purchase instantly. 

Using your payout money for purchase on Amazon is one familiar ClearVoice Surveys research complaint online. 

Your Information Is at Stake

Another common complaint on the ClearVoice Surveys platform is the mass collection of members’ information. 

You have to supply a lot of your information to get a survey for your demographic type on the platform.

The worst is that you never know where your information will end up (though they promise never to trade your data without your consent). 

As soon as you joined, you have already consented to ClearVoice Surveys to give out your information without any recourse to them. 

You will Earn Pennies. 

You will no make massive money with ClearVoice Surveys; it applies to all online surveys. But it seems it is the worst for this platform. 

Making less than a dollar for an hour survey is a pure waste of time online. 

You could have writing an article that will pay you $50 on Fiverr with that time.

Lack of Information on the Platform

Lack of enough information on the Clear Voice Surveys platform is another issue and complaint on the forum.

It can be exceedingly difficult to work through and around the platform for you to learn how things work.

There are not writing articles and blog posts to support the utilization of the platform. 

Most of the ways to make money with ClearVoice Surveys are not explained on the platform.  

You have to do your digging before you get the needed information on the forum. 

The ClearVoice Surveys Poll Worth Nothing

You will earn nothing for creating Polls on the ClearVoice Surveys platform. It is another complaint online. 

Please don’t waste your time doing any Polls because you will earn nothing with your efforts. 

Limitation on the “Invite a friend” Program.

You can only invite just ten people to invite your friends and enemy to come and make money with ClearVoice Surveys.

Can you imagine that? Imagine writing an article on “How to Make Money with ClearVoice Surveys.” 

Posting that on your blog and expect to make money by just inviting ten members! And after your link is wasted. 

It is another major ClearVoice Surveys Complaints online.

Any member you invite with your link will also earn you $0.5 on their first survey. That is to say that you can only make $5 (ten invites); for your entire life working on the site.

Abruptly Dis-Engagement of Member During Survey

Disengagement of members while doing the survey is another huge ClearVoice Surveys research complaint online. 

You can be stopped while you are almost completing a survey after 30 minutes. In the end, you will have nothing to show for your survey.

Sudden User Account Closure

ClearVoice Surveys formal members have many of these complaints everywhere online. 

You can just get your account closed at any time, especially when you are about to get to the cash-out stage of $10.

It happens a lot to international users. 

They will collect your information and allow you to get to specific stages of almost cashing out your money, or some are at the stage of cashing out before they yanked you off the platform. 

All the above are complaints about ClearVoice Surveys. Are the complainers telling the truth? 

Is the ClearVoice Surveys real, legit, safe, or a scam, as some people claimed? 

Can you make money with the ClearVoice Surveys platform? What do you think of my ClearVoice Surveys reviews? 

ClearVoice Surveys BBB Reviews Rating is “A”

Clear Voice Research, LLC Better Business Bureau reviews rating is A+. However, BBB does not yet accredit the ClearVoice Surveys. 

What is the implication of the BBB reviews rating and nor accreditation of ClearVoice Surveys?

The BBB rating implies that Clear Voice Research, LLC, has put resources in place to ensure that various survey panelists’ disputes are resolved fast. 

The importance of BBB rating is to measure how the company resolves fast disputes and complaints.

While the non-accreditation Clear Voice Research, LLC means that the company has yet to continuously put a system and resources to tackle customer issues and complaints.

Does the BBB reviews rating of ClearVoice Surveys research imply that the survey site is safe, legit, and not a scam?

Do you still want to make money with ClearVoice Surveys despite the non-accreditation of the platform?

What do you think of my ClearVoice Surveys reviews?

Is ClearVoice Surveys Safe, Legit, or a Scam?

ClearVoice Surveys is safe, legit, and not a scam survey site. 

People are wary of survey sites because most do not like to pay by members’ rewards.

In most cases, it is after the completion of a survey that the system will prompt you that you are not qualified to take a study that you have completed with your data and information. 

But, you still need to read through the privacy policy and terms of use of ClearVoice Surveys research before you can be comfortable that your information is collected and not put into the wrong hands. 

Though ClearVoice Surveys is legit, safe, and not a scam, I will not recommend any person to join ClearVoice Surveys.

what are good side hustles

Why is that? It has nothing to do with this survey platform. 

But it has everything to do all online surveys in general. I did an article about why it is a waste of time to take the survey online.

Why will you be wasting your time and energy answering surveys that will only earn you pennies? 

You can channel at the same time to start an online business that you can call your own.

Affiliate marketing can earn you over $3,000 monthly if you learn from the best training platform like Wealthy Affiliate. 

What do you think of my ClearVoice Surveys reviews? Do you still think you can make money with ClearVoice Surveys? 

Is ClearVoice Surveys safe, legit, or a scam?

Is ClearVoice Surveys Worth It?

Thanks for reading my ClearVoice Surveys reviews. Can you now make money with ClearVoice Surveys? 

Is ClearVoice Surveys real, legit, safe, or another scam?

My take is this.

ClearVoice Surveys is real, legit, safe, and not a scam. 

Yes, you will also be able to make some money with ClearVoice Surveys. But it won’t take you anywhere.

You can only earn pennies with any online survey. It is a waste of time to take the survey online.

I suggest you start making real money by becoming an affiliate marketer. Partner with Amazon and start making money with Amazon Associate.

Start this training now; the first level of ten lessons is FREE to join. 

Do you any current or past members of ClearVoice Surveys? Are they making money? 

What about many complaints about ClearVoice Surveys? 

What do you think of my reviews of ClearVoice Surveys?

Do you think you can make money with ClearVoice Surveys?