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LifePoints Review: Can You Make Money with LifePoints Survey?

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You are welcome to my LifePoints review. Can you make money with LifePoints survey? Is LifePoints Legit safe, legit, or a scam?

It is good you are researching about LifePoints; this was how I discover how to transform my skills and idea into making a full-time income as a blogger.


After reviewing many online survey sites, the one thing is clear, businesses need data to function.

However, with many ‘get-paid-to’ platforms promising you cash for completing surveys, it is imperative to find out if they are real.

I will be providing an unbiased LifePoints review to help you decide if the LifePoints panel is the right one to stake your time.

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LifePoints Survey at a Glance

is lifepoints a scam

what is lifepoints

Product Name: Lifepoints
Founder: Ethan Foy
Price: FREE
Rating: 25%
Recommended: NO

Summary of LifePoints Review

LifePoints is a free service and well-established platform where users get rewarded with points after carrying out simple surveys.

You later use these points to get the reward you deserve.

However, LifePoints has low earnings, and sudden deactivation looms over its users. However, there is more to LifePoints.
I am not a fan of an online survey. It is indeed a waste of time.

Can you imagine making $2 or even less in an hour? Who does that? When you can earn real money helping your audience online.

See how to affect your world positively in the 21st century, making a full-time income online as an affiliate marketing.

Start this affiliate marketing certification training now. Level-1 with Ten Lessons is free to join. You won’t need a credit card to join.

Please continue reading to find out what I discovered about how to earn on LifePoints.

What do you think of my LifePoints review? Is LifePoints legit, safe, or a scam survey site?

Can you make money with LifePoints survey?

What is LifePoints?

So, what is the LifePoints panel?

LifePoints is an online community that allows users to review cash; it is a get-paid-to platform.

The user’s responsibility is to give their opinion about a brand; this, in turn, will help the brand make better decisions.

Lightspeed established LifePoints. Lightspeed is a worldwide Consumer research and data collection company.

The LifePoints survey was co-founded by Ethan Foy, a Canadian entrepreneur, in 2016.

LifePoints claims to be the largest paid survey site on the internet; it is the merger of two popular survey sites; MySurvey and Global Test Market.

All users need to do is; sign up and share their opinions about brands, and they will get compensation either through cash, Gift Cards, or donations to your favorite charity.

LifePoints is not rocket science; the surveys include data collection, testing of products, and participating in polls.

Participating in surveys is simple; you can either apply for available surveys or wait for LifePoints to send you an invite.

The amount you earn is determined by the number of minutes it takes you to complete the survey.

Averagely, it takes only ten minutes to complete a study. However, some surveys can last longer.

The website has a professional outlook, and a very comprehensive dashboard, this makes it very easy for new users to navigate the platform.

Just like other similar platforms, LifePoints mediates between independent users and brands, LifePoints help brands get natural feedback from users, and in turn, users earn for carrying out surveys.

The surveys carried out on the platform don’t need technical knowledge; users have to be themselves and answer questions related to their day to day activities.

It will take only minutes to complete. What makes LifePoints stand out from other platforms is the liberty users have to apply for as many jobs as possible.

What do you think of my review of LifePoints surveys? Is LifePoints surveys legit, safe, or scam survey sites?

Can you make money with LifePoints surveys site?

LightSpeed Vs. LifePoints

Lightspeed created LifePoints Panel. Lightspeed is a worldwide research analysis company that focuses on market research on consumer goods and services.

It relates the consumer opinion to various companies as regards the sales and manufacture of consumer products.

Lightspeed was created in 1946 as a public family opinion for companies and brands as related to consumer research and studies.

LifePoints deals with data collection as regards what consumers want in any product as services.

Such research influences the direction of the kind of products and services that they decide to venture into.

How Does LifePoints Work

LifePoints is a Get-Paid-To platform that allows users to carry out the simple task in exchange for point, after accumulating points; users can convert their points to cash and other rewards.

Once you sign up, you get ten points.

Users get invited to carry out surveys through email, if the user is satisfied and meets the requirement, it will take an average of ten minutes to complete, if the survey needs to be carried out urgently, the user gets extra compensation.

The incomplete survey gets few points as compensation for attempting the survey.

Life Points work like this:

  • A specific company want to know what consumer think about their products and services
  • They employed LightSpeed that design a survey through LifePoints and collect and analyze the collected data.
  • Such a survey is rolled out to the members that are suitable for that demography
    Only members that qualify and complete the survey will earn LifePoints
  • LifePoints members can redeem their LifePoints for PayPal credit, gift cards, or can donate.

This is how LifePoints work and makes money for LightSpeed. The big brand company will pay them for work done while they, in turn, pay the survey takers some peanuts.

Is LifePoints survey worth it? Can you make money with LifePoints surveys site? Is LifePoints legit, safe, or a scam?

What do you think of my LifePoints surveys site review?

How to Make Money with LifePoints

LifePoints offers users three ways to get paid; these include carrying out a survey, participating in daily challenge filling out your profile.

  • Carrying out Survey

Carrying out a survey is what the platform is all about; users get rewarded for each study that they carry.

Longer surveys pay more rewards.

  • Participating in Daily Challenge

Doing daily challenge is an amazing way to supplement your earnings.

Earnings from daily challenges seem small, but with consistency, you will end up earning tangible points.

  • Filling Out Your Profile

You will earn points automatically once you complete your profile, that’s not all; an updated profile gives you a better chance of winning surveys.

How to Join LifePoints Survey Site

Signing up is easy, first, visit LifePoints website, go to the top right corner and click on JOIN NOW you need an active email address and password that you can remember, after this stage, a confirmation mail would be sent to the address you provided.

Follow the link and fill in your personal information and answer specific questions like where you stay your average income, religion, ethnicity, and number of people living in your household.

Make sure you fill the right information because this is what will determine the surveys that will come your way.

Before you join this panel, it is essential to go through the LifePoints Panel Privacy Policy.

This will help you to know what you are getting into and mostly what and how your collected information and details may be used for.

How Much Can You Make with LifePoints

Just like other survey platforms, This panel cannot guarantee users’ financial independence.

For a ten-minute question or not, users get between 35 and 60 points, and surveys don’t come infrequently.

Converting from points to cash is not straight forward.

Two thousand two hundred points equal 40 dollars, and you’ll need at least 1,100 points to cash out using PayPal. What do you think about my LifePoints Review?

LifePoints Payment Method

After accumulating enough points, you can convert your points to cash using PayPal, Gift Cards, or donating your earnings to your favorite charity.

The rewards you get on LifePoints differ from one location to another.

However, the minimum number of points you can accumulate in your account before you can withdraw your reward is 5,500; this is about $5.

How Much are LifePoints Worth?

So, what are LifePoints, and how much do they worth?

The worth of LifePoints depends on how you redeem them. Roughly and irrespective of how you redeem your LifePoints.

LifePoints are worth between 8 and 9.5 cents each.

You have the option to redeem for a PayPal credit for like 8.5 cents per point. Averagely, you should be able to get a redeem of 550 LifePoints for like $5 gift cards.

It is essential to know that your LifePoints will expire after three years and if your account is not active within 12 months.

Learn more about the LifePoints Rewards Program Terms

Online Opinion of LifePoints

One user commends the survey for its questions. Another user was glad she could voice her opinion through the study.

On the other hand, there were complaints of sudden deactivation at points of withdrawal. One person even stated that the review was just a ploy to hatch users’ data.

What I Like About LifePoints

What makes LifePoints stand out is that it’s global.

There are no geographical boundaries; users from outside the United States and the UK can participate.

That’s not all; its website design is professional, catchy, and attractive. It is also very comprehensive and easy to navigate.

With LifePoints, you can make money in other ways, not just through surveys. You can also gain points from daily challenges and completing your profile.

My Issues with LifePoints

  • UnExpected Disqualifications

You can get disqualified at any point while taking the survey.

  • Delay in Converting Points to Cash

Also, converting points to cash is inconsistent, and you need a whopping 1100 points before you can cash out.

  • Limited Surveys

Finally, you have a limited number of surveys you can take; this limits your ability to earn as much as you want.

LifePoints Customer Service/ Support

This is another issue I have with LifePoints; the platform doesn’t have a customer service system set up, which is sad for a platform with such a reputation.

If you visit the website and click the help page, you’ll be taken to another page instead of a customer care attendant.

There are questions online if the LifePoint panel has a phone number. No, the LifePoint survey does not have a phone number listed to resolve customer complaints. 

But you can contact the parent company of LifePoint here:

Contact of LightSpeed

  • Address: 3 Mountain View Rd Fl 3 Warren, NJ 07059-6704
  • Phone Number: (908) 605-4500

This panel doesn’t have an established customer service support team, you may be able to reach them via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the LifePoints Help Center.

Can you now make money with LifePoints surveys site? Is LifePoints safe, legit, or a scam?

What do you think of my LifePoints review?

LifePoints Account Suspension and Cancellation

You will get your LifePoints account suspended if any one of the following happens to you:

  • If you did not participate after joining the Panel
  • You did not attend the taken survey within your first 30 days
  • If there is no further participation within 90 days of active members.

Read more about this in LifePoints Terms of Service

If you observed that your account was erroneously suspended or canceled, you could appeal within the first 60 days. Otherwise, you lose the possibility of recovering your account.

Survey Sites Like LifePoints

Below are survey sites like LifePoints:

Is LifePoints Legit, Safe, or a Scam?

The LifePoints is legit, safe, and not a scam.

It’s not easy to trust Get-Paid-To programs, these programs might seem real, but there’s always an underlying attempt to scam users.

What is not a scam is that you can only make extra cash with LifePoints.Panel and not a full-time income.

LifePoints Panel has built a strong reputation for decades, and millions of users have carried out a survey and got paid, with little or no complaints.

What do you think about my LifePoints Review? Can you make money with the LifePoints survey panel? Is LifePoints safe, legit, or a scam survey site?

How I Make a Living Online

I make a full-time income via Affiliate Marketing (i.e., Selling other people’s stuff).

Yes, you can make money with LifePoints. But you can only make extra cash and not a full-time income.

You can also start an online business with what you love doing. Suppose you like reading motivational books.

You can have a website and review various motivational books written by multiple authors.

Get them to review on your website and suggest the best one you like to your audience. You can even make money with LifePoints Review without taken a survey. 

As you suggest great books for your audience to purchase, the publisher will give you a commission when they buy the books.

This is how affiliate marketing works. You can learn how to start here; it is a certification training. Level-1, with ten lessons, is free to join. Learn more here.

what are good side hustles

Is LifePoints Worth It?

Thanks for reading my LifePoints review? Do you believe LifePoints is safe, legit, or another scam?

Can you make money with the LifePoints survey site?

In my opinion, the survey site is not worth your money or time. This is not the Panel problem, but all survey sites have the same issue.

In the long run, you may hate your self for wasting your precious time online taken surveys answering stupid questions.

You can not make real money taken survey with the LifePoints panel, but if you are looking for an easy way to earn extra cash, then it’s worth the try.

With little time and effort, you will be rewarded.

What do you think of my LifePoints review? Can you make money with LifePoints surveys pannel? Is LifePoints legit, safe, or a scam site?

Also, if you are looking to make an income from surveys, you may have to get involved in more than one survey.

I am sure you now know what this panel is all about.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this educational and helpful article about ‘Is LifePoints legit? Can you really make money?. This is my first time reading about Lifepoints or the review about it. I have read and tried to make extra income from survey through other survey channels and it was exhausting and it was time consuming for me. I did not enjoy doing it at all. But l came across your articles and l read it all l found it very helpful and educational as you have shared a detailed review of LifePoints and the fact that now l know what is LifePoint. I might try again and see if l can make an extra income using what l have learned from your article. I will share this post with my friends.Great Article.

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  3. Thanks a lot John,you have really done a great job on this review on life points, Over the years I used a lot of platforms like this and most of them were just scams or waste of time sites but life points is a very different one from the others, And u would advice every one to try them out..




    1. Thanks for reading my review about LifePoints Survey Panel.

      It is all about how to make money on LifePoints. 



  4. I am a big fan of your article and I love all your reviews. Sometimes I have to read extra on them but it is always well researched. I heard about life points from a former colleague and it did not interest me at all. It probably was due to the way he explained it. Your explanation is explicit but I would rather stay with WA where I get one of the best customer support 

    1. Dear Benny,

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      I got to know about LifePoints when a friend ask me the question ”  what is Lifepoint?’

      I then decide to do a detailed review of LifePoints. 

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  5. Thanks for the review of life points and lightspeed. I think without you I would have never known about either of these surveys. To be honest with you I’m not really a big fan of surveys. I think that you could probably make some money doing surveys but I don’t really have the time to go ahead and do them. Maybe there are some people out there who can make 100 bucks online by doing surveys and that’s their prerogative good. Your website is really well laid out you can tell that you have a lot of experience doing this.

    1. Dear Mike, 

      Thanks for reading my review about LifePoints.

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  6. Hey thanks for this review John like you I am a WA member and I am a huge fan of the support model we have available to us there.

    Of course, I am always looking to diversify my digital portfolio and articles like this really help when you are doing your due diligence around whether to invest, time resources or money in something that looks good in the marketing blurb.

    What is LifePoints? How are you so sure that Life Points is legit?

    Thanks for getting under the hood and giving us some good ins outs and recommendations


    Jim 🧐

    1. Thanks for reading my Life Points review.

      It is all about how to make money with Life Points.

      I am sure that Life Points is Legit because I can’t find any proof online that it is a scam. 

      All the review points to it that Life points are a legitimate survey site.

      Thanks again for the comments. Really appreciate. 


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