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Can You Really Make Money Writing Review on Yelp?

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Home » SOCIAL MEDIAL MARKETING » Can You Really Make Money Writing Review on Yelp?

You are welcome to my Yelp Review. Can you make money writing on Yelp? Is Yelp legit, safe, or a scam?

It is good you are here to make your findings on how to make money writing on Yelp. I discovered how to create a profitable online business through online research.


This article is a thorough and complete review of Yelp Review.

Please keep reading to know all about Yelp.

Estimated reading time: 9 minutes

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Yelp at a Glance

Name: Yelp
Type of Business: Public
Year Founded: October 2004; 14 years ago
Headquarters: 140 New Montgomery San Francisco, California, USA.
Founder(s): Jeremy Stoppelman (CEO), Russel Simmons
Industry: Local Search & Business Reviews
Products: Online advertising
Recommended: Yes
Rating: 20%

yelp company review

What is Yelp?

Yelp is a public placement company in the USA that has its headquarters in San Francisco, California.

Yelp was established in 2004 by Jeremy Stoppelman and Russel Simmons; both are formal employees of PayPal.

Yelp is a social networking website and crowdsourced for local business review.

This website has pages for different local businesses, where people can appraise and review each of the business entities in their locality.

Pages have a business for individuals such as schools, restaurants, saloons, etc.

If you are a user on Yelp, you can review each of the business entities and give your opinion and submit your review about such a company known to other users.

Yelp’s essence is supposed to help people with honest and authentic information and any local business’s performance.

You can know which of the business is rated A+ or negative.

But can you make money writing a review on Yelp? Can you write a review on Yelp?

How then can you make money with Yelp? Is Yelp legit, safe or a scam?

What do you think of my Yelp review?

Please read all about Yelp on Wikipedia here.

What Is the Purpose of Using Yelp

The objective of setting up Yelp is to allow the review of restaurants by a community of forum members?

Users will then have the opportunity to read different reviews to be able to decide on their choice of restaurant to go for.

But it is now focused on various local businesses across the world as regards your country or region. You can now review any local business for money as relating to your location and area.

How Yelp Derive The Company Name As “Yelp”

Stoppelman, originally the plan is to name the company “Yocal.”

But the domain name was not available. But another staff of the company David Calbraith came up with the name Yelp.

Mr. Stoppelman loved the name and decided to name the company Yelp to date.

Features of Yelp

All sorts of businesses like dentists, restaurants, salons, mechanics, etc., are added to their directory.

The users across the internet can review and share their experiences after using the services offered by these businesses.

Yelp also trains small businesses to deal with their reviews and hold events for their authentic and top-notch reviewers so as to give them exposure to different enterprises.

How Much Yelp Advertising Will Cost You

Yelp will charge local advertisers about $600 per every 1,000 impressions (CPM – Cost per thousand impressions).

That is huge and very costly; because most online ads are sold for less than 50 cents per 1,000 impressions.

This implies that Yelp is charging small businesses over a thousand times more than the standard online rate.

Is Yelp Free for Business Owners?

As soon as you claim your free Yelp for Business, you will need to start Yelp Ads to reach those customers that matter to your business.

It has recently been proven in a recent BCG study that average business owners that advertise with Yelp gained average annual earnings of over $23,000 from Yelp.

This is far distance earnings from business owners who only use free Yelp for business.

So, it is better to advertise on Yelp to increase your revenues. Read more about these findings here on Yelp.

Cost of Getting Listed on Yelp

It is actually free to get listed on Yelp. But for you to be feasible and really expose your business it is better you opt for the “Enhance Profile” so that your business profile can be enhanced.

The lowest entry level for enhancing your profile will cost you a minimum of $300 per month.

Benefits of Using Yelp

This helps the community at large to find the best for themselves as these reviews give insight into the quality of services provided.

The rating system helps to compare, contrast, and decide what suits the consumers.

Is There Any Restriction of Users on Yelp?

Yelp is available in 15 languages and in 219 cities of 30+ countries all over the world like Hong Cong, Italy, Japan, Argentina, Australia, etc.

But it is only available in specific regions and is not yet available in all the countries across the globe.

What Products Does Yelp Sell or Promote?

Yelp provides public reviewing and rating of local businesses, Food restaurant reservations, Food delivery.

Is Yelp A Good Money Making Venture?

Paid review writing can be a source of money. But Yelp won’t provide the reviewers with any money for posting reviews. The platform actually discourages such practices.

What is Good About Yelp

  • It can now be used home delivery of food from various places and to make restaurant reservations.
  • Yelp provides the user with a wide range of options available and let them decide for themselves.
  • It saves the time of users who want to find a place that offers good service.

Issues with Yelp

  • There are numerous paid negative reviews that have been posted on the sites to defame ventures.
  • Many of the reviews aren’t authentic
  • Yelp has been accused of manipulating the reviews they crowdsourced in preference to their advertisers.

Who is Yelp for?

80% of Yelp users are audiences who want to make a purchase and seek out the reviews and ratings about the options available in the market.

44% of users visit the site as they intend to review and talk about their experiences as customers.

Can You Make Money Reviewing On Yelp?

The whole concept of yelp does not support or encourage being paid for reviews. One can use a feature, elite reviewers.

With posting lots of original, creative, and outstanding reviews, one can be a part of yelp’s Elite Review circle.

It will still not pay you, but elite reviewers get a lot of perks, and they get to attend for free the business gatherings sponsored by Yelp so as to get exposure and know more businesses available.

However many people around have made this a source of income.

Many companies seek writers for positive reviewing as it may help them grow on a better rating.

This way of money-making is questionable on ethical grounds.

The paid reviews are not genuine and can mislead the viewers. It wastes the money and time of users who might have followed falsely reviewed businesses.

There are several vague ads online because the clear description of the job of writing fake reviews might get business owners in trouble.

The business companies might not directly come to you for offering the job of writing reviews, but many in-between companies provide services of review writing.

They hire freelancers to write a review for their customer companies.

This way you might get paid for writing reviews for businesses you might not have experience with because if you try to visit the place before reviewing, it might cost you more than you are going to earn from it.

Yet one needs to appear real and authentic in their writings, and one can use the internet and former reviews as the source giving them insights.

It might take a little bit of your effort and research ability.

There is also negative review writing sponsored by the opponent or rival companies, but that might prove to be risky and more unethical as it can potentially just ruin the chances of a good business to grow.

Is There Alternative To Yelp?


It encourages the business owners to ask for feedback or advice which is exactly what yelp does not do.


Which provides a better way to deliver feedback. It gives the ‘not so good’ reviews to the businesses to which they are addressed.

Check Place

This allows the reviewer to share the experience with the selected family and friends network thus increasing the chances for review to be genuine.

Public/Online Opinion of Yelp

Yelp has been suffering from discrepancies like many legal suits for being anecdotal in their information and review system, degenerating popularity graph and many small-scale businesses fell imprisoned of it.

Alternatives of Yelp are up for grabs as people are now preferring Yelp alternatives.

However, some of the experts still believe in the potential of Yelp. 

Is Yelp Legit or a Scam?

Yelp is legit, safe and not a scam.

But it may become one with time.

It is not a scam because it is not a must you join the paid option; you can as well remain a free user of Yelp.

I will not advise anyone to pay for using Yelp.

Why would you burn out your precious time reviewing products and services on another platform; while you can create your website FREE and at no cost and making money reviewing the same products and services making a full-time income online?

One of the things I notice is also Yelp for business. It is not working out well to helping people leveraging as relate to their business.

Many people are migrating to another medium because they believe that Yelp is not working for them.

One primary reason why you cannot really on many of these platforms for making money is that you can easily be revoked, and your account get ban or terminated when you go against their policy even by mistakes.

This is why you must learn how to build your platform that will be your property where you can sell and promote anything you care for.

In my opinion, Yelp is legit, safe and not a scam.

Conclusion: Can You Make Money Writing Review on Yelp?

What do you think of my Yelp Review? Do you think you can still get a paid writing review on Yelp? Can you make money with Yelp?

what are good side hustles

Or, Is Yelp safe, legit, or Scam?

Though the website is legitimate, and I recommend Yelp for users as it can be informative, can help people connect to the community out there, and can widen our options available on the basis of honest feedback.

My only worry about Yelp is that how much money will it make on Yelp? Yelp can make you enough money that you call a business online.

This is why I am recommending my No.1 Online Business, please check it out.

Are you making money writing a review on Yelp already?

What do you think of my Yelp Review? Is Yelp legit, safe or scam?

So what do you use Yelp for?  I will like to read your take on my comment area below.

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11 thoughts on “Can You Really Make Money Writing Review on Yelp?”

  1. Hello John,

    Thanks for this great information. I must say before now I didn’t know yelp existed all thanks to you.

    I was able to select the best restaurants in town using yelp and I honestly speaking their services was just great.

    Thanks once again

    1. Dear Krystal Raynor,

      Thanks fir visiting my website to ready my Yelp review. The article is all about I am glad you liked it.

      Basically, Yelp is not just to locate restaurants, though that may be the initial intent but is is out grown that now. Many people are making money a daily basis doing review on Yelp. Though, I can confirm to you that you will be making a peanut.

      Fir you to make huge money online you will need to learn the rudiment of how the online system works. Making money online is straight forward.

      You just have to continuously work at it and never give up. Making money offline is very rigorous and the same applies to making money online. It is even more demanding.

      Thanks fir visiting my page, I hope you you will visit again.



  2. Awesome review on Yelp, I have been using yelp for sometime now, i never thought of making money out of it.

    Would be a great idea for students who want to make extra cash. My dad will always say “There are always new ways to make money online” and its so true.

    1. Hi Jay,

      Thanks for reading my Yelp Review.

      The problem with making money with yelp is that the money you ar3 going to be making is a peanut! Working on Yelp making money will not make you rich.

      Reviewing products and services can be time consuming. Why don’t you channel that to having your own full time business online helping people.

      You will need a website you can call your own. Working on Yelp to me is a waste of time and energy. Until you have your own platform e.g. website helping people you can never make good money.

      Thanks for reading my article on how to make money with Yelp.



  3. Yelp is a great website for businesses to connect to consumers. Reviews are a great way for businesses to drive more people to their store. Therefore, reviews are critical on Yelp but paying for reviews is always frowned upon… so be careful.

  4. Dear John,

    What a great review of Yelp you just did. Yelp is pretty outstanding.

    They get heaps of traffic and are able to charge businesses tremendous amounts.

    I know of some people who have been able to make money by posting Yelp reviews.

    However, there are many ways to make better money such as advertising director for the businesses instead of posting good reviews for them.

    Great work John



    1. Dear Steve,

      Thanks for reading my Yelp ( Review. I hope you can now make money with Yelp?

      You are right there are many other ways to make money online. But the best ways I can easily recommend is via affiliate marketing.

      The good news is that you can learn the art of making money.

      Wealthy Affiliate training is one of the best ever online today. Please check it out. It will change your life.



  5. Dear John,

    I couldn’t just get paid and lie to people. I often go to Yelp when I want to get something and look at what people have to say.

    I can usually spot fake reviews and I hate them.

    You’ll only get into trouble if you do this.



    1. Dear Eliza,

      Thanks for visiting my webpage. And mostly for reading my Yelp ( Review and how to Get Paid To Write Reviews On Yelp.

      You are right, you can visit Yelp and learn about various kind of business online and off the line.

      Yelp is another great place to learn the art of making money with your business.

      Thank you.


  6. It doesn’t really sound that different from other review business (online or not). But to be honest, I think it’s a lot of trouble just to MAYBE get a couple of perks from restaurants.

    1. Hi George,

      Thanks for reading my Yelp ( Review.

      You may be wrong. It is easier to get any review you want to do on Yelp ( Just look keenly.



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