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Home » Building Online Stores » Is Jet Com Out of Business? Can You Still Make Money with Jet Com?

Is Jet Com Out of Business? Can You Still Make Money with Jet Com?

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Home » Building Online Stores » Is Jet Com Out of Business? Can You Still Make Money with Jet Com?

You are welcome to my review. But, Is Walmart closing Jet com? Is out of business? Can you still make money with

It is good you are here to make your findings of; researching online business was how I discovered this legitimate online business; that has helped me avoid many online scams.


Please know that I am in no way associated with or Walmart. Please expect an unbiased review of

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what is for

What is is an online shopping platform that enables its members to order goods online at various stores at relatively lower prices?

The question is, can you make money with

If yes, how is this possible? I will present to you a detailed review of and let you decide for yourself.

However, the website is still at its early stage, and some of its clients have aired different complaints about the inconveniences you may encounter when buying goods via the site.

However, has come up with various ways to help you save money from your online shopping; the benefits are enjoyed only by members who have to pay a membership fee., therefore, may have the potential to help many online buyers to save.
This is most beneficial to those who tend to order goods online frequently.

Do I Recommend is a new shopping site, which is cheaper than Amazon Prime?

However, since they are still new in the game, you may find it hard to determine whether they are offering better services or not.

Recent customers` reviews show that there are some issues with the site, which need to be addressed.

Fluctuations in the price, unavailability of ordered products, and slow services are among the issues, which have been raised.

Nonetheless, there are a lot of benefits you can reap from their services.

If your objective is to shop online and save, then you may find it essential to use for a fee of $50 per year.

Can You Make Money With

If you are oriented to increase your savings on the goods you purchase online, may help you do that seamlessly?

The company also offers two days free shipping and 2-5 days free shipping on goods equal to or greater than $ 35.

The more items you order, the increased the amount of savings you will make. Additionally, you will still spend less with or without making multiple purchases.

However, it is important to note that some items do not qualify for two days of free shipping if they come from a third party but it rarely happens.

What Products Does Promote or Sell?

You can order a wide variety of goods via especially common household goods such as electronics.

They are associated with different retailer stores, and you can always visit their website to check whether they are offering the product you are considering to purchase.

They promote all kinds of products that you can acquire from your nearest store excluding frozen foodstuff.

The Costs/Price

You may have heard that will charge you $ 50 per year to become a member.

However, CEO recently announced that the company would ditch the membership fee.

Now you just need to create a free member account to place an online order.

Is A Good Business Opportunity? is an e-commerce empire, which directly competes with since it was launched onto the retail scene. has a reputation for providing shoppers with exceptional shopping experience since it has earned the loyalty of many customers.

However, I see as an ideal business opportunity.

As a member, you can purchase a different variety of goods at 10% to 15% price lower than the lowest price you can find online.

Also, the company has dropped its initial membership fee, offers two days free shipping and 2-5 days free shipping for goods exceeding $ 35.

Their shopping style enables consumers to unlock new deals and discounts especially when they buy in multiples.

This may be the shopping experience that may be the key for you to increase your savings and it is worth a try.

What I Like About

  1. Offers free shipping
  2. They offer the lowest prices for every product you can order online.
  3. The company has significantly widened the online market.

Issues with

  1. Some customers have reported cases of fluctuating prices and extra charges.
  2. Failing to ship products to their customers as expected
  3. They are usually out of stocks for some products which are very important to customers.

Who is For? is designed for regular online shoppers who frequently place orders?

It is also an ideal venture for potential online buyers to put their first orders at the lowest price possible.

How to Make Money with

You can make money in three major ways on or through They are as explained below:

Making Purchase on

You make money through by reducing the amount of money you would have spent purchasing different products via other online platforms.

This will increase your savings especially if you frequently buy goods online.

Ordering a large variety of goods will have a positive correlation with the amount of savings that accrue in your bankroll. To make more money.

Keep ordering the essential goods you require and enjoy free shipping, low prices, and new deals. Other competing e-commerce websites are Miniinthebox and AliExpress

jet website reviews

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LinkShare is managing the affiliate program.

All you need do is to develop a website and start making money promoting products on your platform. This is one of the best ways to create a passive income.

Having a website will give you the opportunity to also be promoting other websites that you can earn from, we have so many other e-commerce websites you can promote and start making huge money online.

The first step to take is to decide what your niche market is and start solving a problem by engaging your audience.

These days you can even start making money online without any investment. All you need is the determination to succeed and you will make it online. We have so many legitimate ways to make money online, you just need to start somewhere.

You can also make money via your blog by start dropshipping with the Promoting targeted products and shipping directly from to your buyers.

Is Out of Business?

No, is still in business but not as an entity (i.e., is no longer a stand-alone business). has been folded into an e-commerce Walmart’s marketing unit.

Walmart’s marketing units and the digital investment arm are now shifted entirely to its website and away from the

Does Walmart Own

Yes, Walmart took over at a considerable price of $3.3 billion in 2016 to compete with Amazon.

It was covered in many news media (CNBC about on the 19th of May 2020 that Walmart will wind down

It announced that would be discontinued and get rid of the brand. Walmart claimed that this brand could, however, be used later in the future.

Is Legit, Safe, or a Scam? is safe, legit and not a scam.

Most reviews of are positive. The major complaint about has to do with customer service issues. does not have excellent customer service feedback.
Are Products Authentic?

Yes, all items sold on this site are authentic. The company has a clear policy against counterfeit and fake items from being display for sales on the platform.

Ant retailer with fake items will get their contract revoked.

What do you think of my review? Is legit, safe, or another scam eCommerce site?

How Does Works? is an online eCommerce store that offers various discounted pricing on varieties of products. This site makes money from annual subscription fees paid by its members.

Is Jet.Com Gone?

Is Walmart closing Jet com?

Yes, has currently been bundled into Walmart’s eCommerce platform. If you try to visit the platform, it will redirect you to the Walmart website.

The management of Walmart ( the owners of stated that the company might use it later in the future.

Why Walmart Is Closing Jet Com – Video

Is Worth It? 

What do you think of my Can you now know how to make money with Is Walmart closing

What is your stand or position on

Yes, you can as long as you are ready to work smartly. For me promoting as an affiliate is your best bet.

You can start promoting anything as long as you like or have a passion to do so. Mark my friend is making over $20,000 blogging about how to make money playing video games online.

what are good side hustles has challenged Amazon where people are used to ordering goods online.

Most of the customers` reviews that I have gone through reveal that still needs to enhance its services further to earn trust and loyalty from its customers.

However, the platform is always in its early age of development, and they are still improving the efficiency and effectiveness of their services.

Dropping the membership charges makes it an ideal saving opportunity that is worth trying if you love saving on your online purchases.

Are you making money with Jet ( What do you think of my Jet ( review?

What is your thought about Kindly drop your comment in my comment area below.

3 thoughts on “Is Jet Com Out of Business? Can You Still Make Money with Jet Com?”

  1. Dear John

    I personally have used and love them, however, they just haven’t reached that ‘same level’ as Amazon with offering the quick shipping or as many products.

    Although I do hope they do one day. As an affiliate, I find Amazons site more user-friendly and convenient than Jet’s and wish they would update that.

    Do you think they will ever ‘pass up’ Amazon as a big e-commerce site?



    1. Dear Ashly,

      Thanks a lot for visiting my website and for dropping your thought in respect of how to make money with

      Yes I agree with you that Amson has gone far and you can not compare and Amazon. The fact is that Jet.Com is also coming up and they also have an Affiliate programs that you can start making money from immediately.

      It is important to let you know tha5 you can only do very well with your own platform. You need your own website to make real money online. Social media platform can never take a place of your own website.

      Social media such as tweeter, Facebook, YouTube and others can not be a substitute for your own website. Do you know you can even get your access on those platform deleted or revoked. No matter what the number of your user is.

      Once again, that you for visiting my website.



  2. I purchased stock in them when Walmart acquired them. Hopefully, it turns over so I can see an ROI.

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