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Can You Make Money From Twitter Followers

use twitter beginnersFollowers are significant and essential to your business when you are followed in twitter, not only will your Tweets get seen by your followers, but they are also very likely to become your essential friends and customers in the long run?

I came into using Twitter without knowing how to go about it or where to start, a lot of people are interested in how to increase follower on Twitter to improve earnings online.

It is interesting to learn the process to grow your personal brand and grow your business using Twitter.

There is no geographical limitation on twitter when you know how to use Twitter very well; your tweet can quickly reach millions of your customers which increase your profitability with a proper conversion.

You can launch yourself, your brand and business to your world using Twitter correctly. A lot of people have been invited to participate in conferences, get more leads, features in books and ideal exchange through twitting.

People you have never met can just re-tweet your article and content if they liked it, getting you more exposure in the process.

In this article, I will state the step-by-step process of how to increase follower in Twitter, which will undoubtedly and hugely grow your audience. I am here to help you learn how to use Twitter beyond reaching your friends and family members.

You will learn how to make twitter reach thousands of people who may be interested in your ideal and what you are promoting online. When you increase your twitter followers, it will help improve traffic to your website free.

Twitter Following Limit And Best Practice

Twitter have put limits in place on the following actions; this is for the sake of consistency and reliability. The current twitter accounts limit restrictions are:

  • Following limits is 1,000 per day; this is an account limit only there are additional rules put in place by twitter
  • The following limit based on account: Once you are following 5,000 other users, your new following are limited by specific ratios. For instance, if you are following 1000 users already and you have 100 followers. You are subsequent attempt to initiate additional follow will be restricted.

Other Twitter Best Practice

  • You Can’t do more than 1,000 messages per day
  • You can’t twit more than 2,400 per day; this is also broken down into
  • You can’t change your email account detail more than four times per hour


12 Ways To Increase Twitter Followers

These are 12 proven ways and practice that will consistently earn you twitter follower, taking these steps will make you reach a vast targeted audience in no time.

These are not fake twitter followers buy real followers that you can monetize with time.  They are as follows:

Create Valuable And Rich Content

 When you create valuable and rich content that solve problems, people are bound to follow you immediately. Your content must be very rich in value addition, and then people will follow and share whatever you post and published.

Valuable content can never be a pushover for anyone. People will always love your content and share with as many people as possible.

Schedule Your Tweetuse twitter beginners

 You cant grow or increase your Twitter followers if you are not tweeting daily, scheduling your tweet will aid your daily tweet and will show to your followers that you are serious and business minded.

Scheduling tweets is a great way to ensure your tweets are reaching your audience around the world. This is the best way to use Twitter to reach your audience globally hugely.

Since I started scheduling my follower increase dramatically by more than 50%. Scheduling avoids your twitter stream from looking repetitive. It helps you tweet the same thing over and over again at a scheduled interval.

Scheduling help stream your tweet automatically at the stated time and interval. All you need to do is to schedule the exact time and state either is going to be daily, weekly or monthly that you want the tweet to be streamed or posted. It will be treated automatically after proper setting such that it will not look repetitive after posting.

Tweet Much More

This is simple, the more you offer and tweet tremendous and quality content to your followers, the more they re-tweet, and the more you get your content to more people globally. Ensure you schedule your and scatter your post to vary between hours.

Also ensure you re-tweet selected tweet from relevant people to your niche; this is key such that they can even reciprocate you gesture by re-tweeting your post.

Always Tweet The Same Article More Than Once

Your tweet is not static, i.e., it does not have a long time span of the timeline, it gets the stream and then gone within two to three minutes after posting. For you to reach and increase your twitter followers, you must learn always to vary your tweet and tweet them at some interval. Ensure that it does not look repetitive so that you will not bore your followers.

You will have to use different headlines and images while still maintaining the same link so that it can be unique. This is how you tweet the same content much time if a lot of people must see them. This is a number game.

Follow Highly Engaged People on Twitter

Many people are struggling using Twitter, and this is because you are still not doing the right thing or you are doing the right thing wrong. Pay considerable attention to people you are following. You must follow highly engaged people with a lot of followers on Twitter.

There are a lot of tools you can join that can help you engage and sort out great influencer in your niche; all you need is to start following these sets of people and also people that are supporting them. Also check often to ensure you unfollow people that are not following you back, and they are not that influencer people.

 Always Be Yourself on Twitter

Twitter is not just for business, most especially when you are using it for business you must still be yourself when tweeting. You don’t need to be like robot posting only on a business-related tweet. You should learn to miss up your tweet occasionally in another area of your interest.

You must learn to be human and always be yourself. This shows your followers that you are a healthy individual with feelings and you can also relate to the current event. You don’t need to write to all people, and your opinion counts. Tweeting without engagement with your followers will make your twitter account look ordinary and before you know people will be un-following you.

There is no issue adding humor and personality to your tweets, always tweet your observations and view, it is okay to be controversial on products you are promoting or on politics. This is what makes your followers know that you are human. All these are what make your followers stick around and re-tweet your tweets.

Comment And Re-tweet Relevant News or Content

 To reach a lot more people on twitter, you must associate your self with other people that are doing great on twitter. It is also essential to identify with excellent, quality and relevant content. Re-tweet those that you like and that are relevant to your subject area; this act will end up helping your followers that might have miss such tweet.

Whenever there is breaking news that you like, always be human by sharing those that you love and what you think many may want to know. These kinds of strategies are what increase followers hugely.

Engage Twitter Analytics To Analysis Your Tweet

Using Twitter Analytics will help you to know the number of re-tweets, link clicks, impressions and quantity of time your profile page is viewed.

The essence of analytics is to help you measure how you are doing and to know if your tweet is getting through to people around the world.

To have access to your Twitter Analytic, just click your profile pictures, and then you will sight the Tweeter Analytic.

Always Use Great Images While Tweeting

Visual content captures the attention of humans. We naturally like images; images attract second engagement of material or post without any pictures. To make your tweet stand out and make people re-tweet your post on twitter feed you must include more images in your tweets.

Not many take advantage of using different images to boost their content post through tweeter; when relevant photos are correctly used, it can increase the click-through by more than 200%. This is why images work so well in tweeter.

Free images are everywhere; you don’t have an excuse not to use one. Just Google free images for a website, this search will earn you a lot of free image websites where you can download relevant images that will make your tweet and content reach your global audience easily.

Tag Influencer People In Images on Twitter

One of the ways to reach more people is to tag people that are very important to you in tweeter most especially if you happen to mention them in your article; they should bother about you tagging them.

When they are tagged, they will see your tweet and in the process, if they liked it; it may be re-tweeted, and that will give you a lot of exposure. And these influencers can even share your post because you mention them in your article.

 Always Say THANK YOU . . .

Whenever you experience a re-tweet by any of your followers, always say thank you for sharing. This is one of the strategies that work so very well now. People just feel appreciated, and this simple process binds people together and builds better future relationships.

It won’t hunt just say thank you for every sharing and re-tweet, it will increase and encourage people to share and re-tweet more of your content, which will expand your reach always.

 Pin Your Best Tweet To Your Profile Page

 If you are not pining your tweet then you are missing out; a lot of people will always check out your profile page to see what you are offering. Your pinned tweet should be your best-tweeted article with tremendous and captivating headings.

You can use your pinned tweet to build your list dramatically and in the process getting your tweet and article to a global community of people you can never imagine.


Following every stated instruction in this article is how to increase follower on twitter. The better the volume of your followers on twitter the better your reach. The implication is that you can now reach more people globally than you expect and more people can read your quality articles.

What do you think about expanding your reach on Twitter? Do you have other ways apart from the one highlighted in this article? Please drop your take in my comment area; I can’t wait to read the twitter practice that is working for you.



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