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Home » Making Money Apps » AppNana Reviews: Is AppNana Really Worth Your Time and Effort?

AppNana Reviews: Is AppNana Really Worth Your Time and Effort?

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Home » Making Money Apps » AppNana Reviews: Is AppNana Really Worth Your Time and Effort?

You are welcome to my AppNana Reviews. Can you make money with AppNana? Is AppNana safe, legit, legal, or another scam? 

Are Appnana codes hack Apk work and real?


Yes, I am sure you here to make your findings of how to make money with App Nana.

It is through online research you will discover legitimate online business and also avoid many scams.

I can confirm that AppNana is legit, safe, real, legal, and not a scam. 

But you will see why I am not recommending it to you in this article. Even if the AppNana Hack Still Work, it is purely a waste of time.

Read on to see why.

Estimated reading time: 17 minutes

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is appnana legit, legal, and safe

App Nana at a Glance

Name: App Nana
Founders: Max Guan
Product Type: GPT “Get Paid To” Via Mobile
Price: Free
Overall Rating: 10%
Recommended: No {Check Out My #1 Recommended Online Business}

Summary of AppNana Reviews

App Nana is a mobile application (i.e., Android/IOS) that you must download to earn gift cards by doing tasks via the app. 

You make money with the App Nana by downloading other apps via App Nana and ensure you do some tasks through the downloaded to earn points. The App Nana points are known as Nana. 

The task you do to earn Nana that you can convert to gift cards includes: 

  • Downloading paid apps
  • Download game
  • Playing games, 
  • Clicking ads, or 
  • Watching videos

But how much can you make with AppNana? Is downloading AppNana legit, real, legal, safe, or another scam app. 

My take is this. 

Even if hacking AppNana still works (which I doubt), is it worth it?

Why AppNana is a Waste of Your Time

It will take you hours to download and play games with apps to earn Nana (points) before converting to gift cards. 

What is the worth of AppNana points conversion to a dollar? Does AppNana give you money? 

You will need to accumulate 45,000 AppNana points to get a reward of $2. Also, you will need over 160,000 AppNana points to get $10 worth of a reward.

If you dedicate 2 hours daily, you will accumulate 45,000 AppNana points for $10 in a month (i.e., 30 days). 

See the breakdown of the worth of AppNana points conversion to a dollar in my article’s body. 

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So, what do you think about my AppNana reviews? 

Does AppNana Hack Work and worth it for you? Can you make money with AppNana?

Is AppNana safe, legal, real, legit, or another scam “get paid to” site? 

Continue reading to know how AppNana works and how to make money with it. 

What is AppNana?

AppNana is a GPT (Get Paid To) mobile company that Mapiz, Inc established. The company is located in Delaware, USA. Mapiz Inc was established on 21 September 2009. 

The AppNana parent company was registered with an agency address: 251 Little Falls Drive, Wilmington, New Castle, DE, 19808. Learn more about App Nana on their LinkedIn Profile. 

Therefore, AppNana is legit, real, safe, legal, and not a scam website. 

Why is that?

You can trace back the owner of the company. 

Though AppNana is not on the BBB file, i.e., There is no AppNana BBB reviews rating for this app.

The founder and CEO of AppNana is Max Guan. They have the headquarters of the company in San Francisco Bay Area, USA. 

AppNana is a mobile application that helps you to make money by doing tasks within the app. 

At the same time, you earn App Nana points “Nana,” which can be converted into Amazon gift cards or cash directly to your PayPal account. 

The challenge with making money with App Nana is that you can only earn extra money. You will need over 160,000 AppNana points to get $10. 

It is a waste of time doing such a task online. 

What do you think? Does AppNana work for you? 

Is AppNana legit, legal, safe, real, or a scam website? A lot of users are used to the process of hacking the app.

Does AppNana Hack Work and real? What do you think of my AppNana reviews?

appnana hack apk

How Does AppNana Work?

The first step to making money with AppNana is downloading the app via Apple Store or Google Play.

Then you have to register with your email address and suggest your password.  

Then you can start accumulating Nana points by getting more apps downloaded via AppNana and for free. You will have to start doing those tasks with the app you download to earn AppNana points. 

You can play games, click ads, and watch videos to get more AppNana points on the platform.

Like you have to do the task, get to some levels to earn points, e.g., you have to play games to a level five to make Nana point. 

But what is the worth of AppNana’s point to a dollar, and how much money can you make? 

Does App Nana pay you money directly? 

So, AppNana will work for you if you know how to handle GPT “get pay to” website. You have to be seen doing tasks to get earning points on AppNana.

What do you think of my AppNana reviews so far? 

Do you still think it is safe, legit, legal, or a scam to be downloading the app? 

Can you hack your way to make money with AppNana? 

So, what do you need to do to gather enough App Nana points to earn big? 

How to Make Money with AppNana?

Please know that I am against every move and effort by many to hack AppNana to earn more points. Hacking AppNana does not worth it? Please take my word for it.

This is the part when I have to discuss how to make legitimate money with AppNana.

So, how do you get to gather massive Nana points and make money with App Nana? 

You will get points for:

  • You will earn 10,000 App Nana points for registering on the app. 
  • Daily logging will get you 400 Nana points.
  • You can earn between 1,000 points for downloading an app and using it for five minutes.
  • Sharing your affiliate links for inviting your friends will make you 2,500 Nana points.
  • Other ways to get Nana points to include:
  • Watching video 
  • Watching and clicking ads
  • Downloading games and playing to certain levels
  • Download and using apps.

The points you get for tasks vary; it is not sure that you are set to earn more points if you do something real. 

But how much are AppNana points for a dollar? Does AppNana pay you money directly? 

Is AppNana legit, honest, safe, legal, or another scam GPT app

What do you think of my AppNana reviews? Which other ways can you earn Nana points?

What Is the Worth of AppNana Points to a Dollar?

You must accumulate 45,000 Nanas (i.e., AppNana points) to cash out $2 via Amazon gift card or via PayPal. 

You know that It will take you 10 minutes to get a reward of 1,000 App Nana points for doing a task on the app. 

Can you imagine how long it will take you to accrue 45,000 AppNana points? That is over 400 hours of sitting down doing nothing!

So, how much does an AppNana points conversion to a dollar? If 2,000 Nana equals $0.12. You will need to accumulate over 16 000 AppNana points to get a reward of $1. (i.e., over 160,000 Nana to get $10). 

Does AppNana Hack even worth it? What will you get going through all the troubles? 

How to Get Paid on AppNana App?

What are different payment methods to cash out your rewards Nana points on the AppNana platform?

AppNana payment methods include:

  • Direct cash out via PayPal, 
  • Amazon gift cards, 
  • Google play store gift cards, and 
  • iTunes gift cards. 

Below are the cash-out limits and dollars conversion of Nana points as relating to each App Nana payment methods:

iTunes gift cards

You will need to accumulate the following App Nana points “Nana” to qualify to cash out with iTunes gift cards:

  • 90,000 Nanas = $5
  • 160,000 Nanas = $10
  • 210,000 Nanas = $15
  • 650,000 Nanas = $50

Google play store gift cards

Below are the cash-out limit and the threshold for cashing out Ap pNana points via Google play store gift card?

  • 160,000 Nanas = $10
  • 650,000 Nanas = $50

Amazon gift cards

Below are various cash out threshold to cash out App Nana points via Amazon gift cards:

  • 30,000 Nanas = $1
  • 45,000 Nanas = $2
  • 60,000 Nanas = $3
  • 90,000 Nanas = $55

You will take delivery of your Amazon gift cards via your email after 48 hours of placing your request. 


The cash-out threshold for using PayPal for direct cash out is 45,000 AppNana points that will earn you a reward of a dollar equivalent of $2.

Does AppNana worth it? What do you think of my App Nana reviews?

Is AppNana legal, legit, safe, real, or another scam app online?

With the various cash out like pennies, does AppNana hack work, real and worth the stress? 

Other Ways to Cash out AppNana Reward Points

Below are various other ways you can cash out your AppNana points. Your type of getting your reward different from country to country. 

  • Amazon Gift Cards (US, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain)
  • Bitcoin (Worldwide)
  • GTA Cash Cards (US & UK)
  • iTunes cards (US, UK & Canada)
  • League of Legends Game Cards (US & Canada)
  • PayPal Cash (Worldwide)
  • PSN Cards (US & UK)
  • Steam wallet cards (Worldwide) 
  • Xbox Live Gift Cards (US & UK)

How AppNana Make Money?

So, how does AppNana make money as a company? 

One of the objectives and strategies of owners of AppNana is to make money from various ad placement you see inside the app while watching and playing games. 

It applies to all GPT “get pay to” websites. 

The app and games’ developers will pay App Nana for clicking the ads, using the apps, playing and testing the games. 

App Nana will pay you a tiny fraction of the amount they earn from the various ads in the form of a reward. 

App Nana will also subscribe to various ad websites like AdSense, and they will get paid for every ad that they click within the app.

What do you think of my App Nana reviews? Is AppNana legit, safe, real, legal, or another scam app? 

Can you make money doing tasks with AppNana? 

Some people believe in manipulating AppNana, does AppNana hack work and worth it? 

Does AppNana Work? 

Can You Trust AppNana to pay you your money?

I can confirm that AppNana is real, legit, legal, safe, and not a scam GPT website. 

You can trust AppNana to pay you your money with any of your choice cash-out methods. 

The problem is that you will only earn pennies. 

It will take you hours of using your phone to download apps, playing games, and watching movies via the apps for you to earn points that can be converted to a gift card by AppNana. 

You will need 160,000 AppNana points to earn you $10. 

One user of AppNana stated that it takes him 2 hours daily for 30 days to make $10 on the platform.

You can see that it is a waste of time and energy trying to make money with App Nana.

You can channel your effort to building a real online business that can change your life for good. 

What do you think of my App Nana reviews? 

Do you think it is legal, legit, safe to download apps on the AppNana platform? 

Will you hack AppNana for more points to get paid pennies? 

What I Like About AppNana 

Multiple Cash-Out Option Is Available

There are many options to cash out your reward on the App Nana platform. 

The withdrawal options include PayPal, Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, and Xbox gift cards. 

It is the only plus I can think of about AppNana. What do you think of my App Nana reviews? 

Can you make money with AppNana? Is AppNana legal, legit, safe, real, or a scam? 

AppNana Complaints

The Earning is Worthless

Your earning potential with App Nana is meager. It is one common online complaint about AppNana. 

You will thank your God if you can make $10 a month for 160,000 AppNana points.  

You Are Wasting Away Your Life

Making money playing games and watching movies on downloaded apps is a waste of your precious time. 

You can achieve a lot with the wasted time you utilize on doing unnecessary tasks on the mobile app. 

AppNana BBB Reviews Rating Not on File

AppNana is not Better Business Bureau accredited nor rated. The implication is that the company does not care about the users of the platform. 

If you have disputes or payment issues with the App Nana, they can refuse to pay you, and there is no place you can channel your complaint to make them accountable.

AppNana, not BBB reviews nor rated, is a vast complaint online. 

Also, know that the parent company of AppNana is also not on BBB files. 

Hacking of AppNana For Nana Points

You can get these stories online that it is possible to hack App Nana to earn points.

Does AppNana Hack Work and real?

With the hacking process, Is AppNana legit, legal, safe, or a scam?

In my opinion, this is a crime. 

Think of it, how much money are you set to make after hacking the AppNana? 

You will always earn pennies even after you must hack the App Nana platform for points. 

What do you think? Can you make money with the hacking AppNana app? Is AppNana hacking worth it for you?

What do you think of my App Nana reviews? 

You Can Download Virus/Malware 

Another App Nana complaint is virus download that accompanies apps download within the App Nana platform. 

One way of making money is to download apps and movies to make money with AppNana.

You can download a virus into your devices and the app that you don’t know the source.

It is one reason why many people are saying that App Nana is not safe for your smartphones.

What do you think of my App Nana reviews and many complaints?

Is AppNana safe, legal, legit, real, or another scam app?

Do you think you can still make money with AppNana? 

You May Never Get Reimbursement of Your Nana Points

Another complaint about App Nana is that some platform users do not get their Nanas points credited after doing tasks. 

It can be frustrated not to get your points after you just spent hours doing stupid tasks.

The worst thing is that there is nowhere to lay your complaint. You can not open disputes and complaint files against App Nana on the BBB site because they are not on file. 

The only place to go is to look for App Nana handle on Quora and Reddit.

Is Appnana Codes Hack Apk Still Working? 

Can you get more Nanas with the Appnana codes hack Apk?

Is Appnana code hack Apk worth it? 

I read online about many claims by sites that they can hack the AppNana app for points. 

You can see the ads about the App Nana codes hack Apk on YouTube, Reddit, and the Quora platform. 

They claim you can earn unlimited Nanas points rewards without referral codes. 

Those sites promise to give you free Nana points and credit if you complete one or more of their offers.

Some sites promised to help you use the App Nana codes hack Apk to make Appnana work faster to yield Unlimited numbers of Nana Credits.

But are all the stories about the Appnana codes hack Apk BS or real? Are Appnana codes hack Apk legal and real? 

I can tell you that Appnana codes hack Apk is illegal, not safe, and a scam. You can be defrauded and lose your hard-earned Nana credit points. 

What do you think of my App Nana reviews? Can you make money with Appnana?

Are Appnana codes hack Apk legal, legit, safe, real, or another scam? 

Have you used the Appnana codes hack Apk before?

AppNana BBB Reviews Rating 

I am sorry to confirm to you that AppNana is not on Better Business Bureau file. 

What is the implication of that?

It implies that App Nana users are exposed not to get remedies in case of any disputes. 

BBB website is where you look out for companies and businesses that care for their users. 

They ensure that customer complaints and dispute resolution policies are in place in every company and organization that files with them. 

AppNana is not rated, nor is the company accredited. 

I also observed that the App Nana parent company, i.e., “Mapiz,” is also not on BBB files, nor is the company also accredited by Better Business Bureau. 

Does this make AppNana illegitimate, not safe, and a scam GPT site? 

My take is this.

AppNana is safe, legit, legal, and not a scam.  

But if you have issues and disputes with the company, you may not get any compensation, for there is no way to make the company accountable to its users and platform members. 

What do you think? 

Is AppNana safe, legit, legal, or another scam task-based website? 

Can you make money with AppNana GPT app? What do you think of my App Nana reviews? 

Appnana is safe, real, legal, legit, and not a scam. 

The problem is with App Nana is that you will not make money. You will only earn pennies. 

The highest you can make in a month is $10 if you work on the app for 2 hours daily.

Yes, $10!

It is wholly and purely a waste of time and energy. 

Does AppNana Hack Work and real? Is it even reasonable to hack an app so that you can earn points?

How much does the AppNana point to a dollar? Is AppNana worth it?

160,000 App Nana points will earn you $10. And it will take you oner 60 hours to achieve that. Can you imagine?

You can transform that time into making good money online. Can you even become a writer on Fiverr? And start making money selling your services. 

what are good side hustles

What do you think of my AppNana reviews? Can you make money with AppNana? 

Is AppNana Safe, Legit, Legal, or Another Scam and GPT site? 

Is AppNana Worth It 

Thanks for reading my AppNana reviews. Can you make money with AppNana?  

Is AppNana safe, legit, legal, or another scam? Does AppNana payout real money? 

Does AppNana Hack Work and real? Is AppNana worth the stress? 

My take is this about App Nana.

AppNana is legit, real, safe, legal, and not a scam. Yes, you will make money in the form of pennies! 

But I will not do it. App Nana does not worth it for me.

It is like wasting away your life, sitting down watching movies, and playing games on apps to earn Nana points that will add to pennies. 

Can you imagine making $10 for a whole month for over 60 hours or work on apps? 

Even hacking App Nana to earn more points is not worth it for me? 

We are in the 21st century, and this is the information age. You can do a lot with what you love doing best. 

Do you know if you start affiliate marketing, you can be making over $3,000 monthly after six months of work on your business?

Doing an online survey and using App Nana or any other apps that will pay you for doing tasks online is not worth it for me. 

What do you think of my AppNana reviews? Does AppNana Hack Work and real?

Is AppNana safe, legit, legal, or another scam? 

Can you make money with Is AppNana safe, legit, legal, or another scam?

appnana hack apk

Does AppNana Work – Video