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Rakuten Reward Points Review: Can You Really Make Money?

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You are welcome to my Rakuten Reward Points Review. Can you make money with Rakuten Reward Points? Is Rakuten safe, legit, or a scam?

I am sure you are here to know if you can get paid to shop online.


But how much money can you make with Rakuten Reward Points?

It is great you are doing your findings of Rakuten; this is how to avoid online scams and discover legitimate online business.

Please expect an unbiased Rakuten review.

Please read on.

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Summary Review of Rakuten

how to make money with rakuten

Product Name: Rakuten (Formally Ebates)
Industry: Cashback Website,
Founded: May 3, 1998
Founders: Alessandro Isolani & Paul Wasserman
Headquarters: San Mateo, California. The USA.
Area Covered: USA, Japan, Canada, Singapore, China,
Parent Company: Rakuten
Rating: 50%
Recommended: Yes

Summary Review of Rakuten

Yes, it is real. You can get paid for shopping online via Rakuten. Ebates formally ran Rakuten via the and Ebates App. 

But, how much can you make with Rakuten?

Rakuten has a partnership with thousands of online and inline stores that help shoppers save money on things they purchase daily, both online and offline. 

You will earn extra Cash with Rakuten, but that is it. Rakuten will not make you a full-time income. Yes, you can get discounts of over 25% and even sometimes 50% of what you buy. 

But, if making a full-time income is your objective, Rakuten cannot help you achieve that. 

With Rakuten, you will get rewards points for every of your purchase; therefore, you must go shopping first before you then get the reward in the form of discounts. 

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Can you make money with Rakuten Reward Points? Is Rakuten legit, safe, or a scam?

What Is Rakuten? 

Rakuten was formally called Ebates; it Is a reward, shopping, and cashback company headquartered in San Mateo (i.e., San Francisco Bay Area) of California in the USA.  

Rakuten was initially established as Ebates in1998 by Paul Wasserman and Alessandro Isolani; and was based in Menlo Park, CA. 

They were funded by Foundation Capital (a venture capital firm). The started operation on May 3, 1999, with over 25% cashback from over 40 online retailers across the USA. 

The Ebates was acquired by Rakuten, Inc. (a Japanese Multinational Company) for $1Billion. 

This brought about the change in name from Ebates to Rakuten in 2019.  

It is essential to know that the Rakuten started in Canada recently.

The company is still known as Ebates; they are currently in the market with the Great Canadian Rebates as competitors.  Read more about Rakuten on Wikipedia Here. 

Is Rakuten legit or scam

How does Rakuten Work

Rakuten has partnered with over 2,500 stores within the US and across the world.

When you purchase anything online via the Rakuten website, you will earn a certain percentage of CashCash back on every purchase.

That rebate will be paid to you via Check or PayPal directly. 

How did the Rakuten gets the money they are paying you?

Suppose you purchase Rakuten on Indigo, Nordstrom, or Hudson’s Bay.

Those websites will pay Rakuten a specific commission for sending you to their site to make a purchase. 

Instead of Rakuten keeping all the commission, they will pay you part of the commission in the form of CashCash Back, i.e., Rakuten shares commission earned with members to compensate them for their purchase. 

How to Save Money with Rakuten Reward Points?

The first step is to use your email address, Facebook, or Google to create your account with Rakuten.

People earn CashCash back often via online shopping, but you can earn via Rakuten through in-store shopping. 

The best way to maximize your earnings with Rakuten is to the first search for the products you are buying on, locate and identify the best Rakuten partner stores that offer the best deal.

Then click through Rakuten to the retailer website and process your purchase healthily. 

You can also use the Rakuten extension for both Firefox or Chrome. 

If you have any of the extension, when you are on the retailer website that offers a cashback, the extension will display a button you can use to purchase.

You can also use other tools, such as Wikibuy and Honey. 

You can quickly get alerted for a great deal even when you search for a product via Google; the extension will show the availability of any great deal. 

rakuten rewards

 How does Rakuten Make Money?

Rakuten gets paid commission any time you purchase in any of their over 2,500 partner stores. But Rakuten will not take all the money; they share the commission with you. 

You must find the various Rakuten stores where you like to purchase Your job is just to shop in any of those stores’ website.

As soon as you make any valid or eligible purchase, you will earn CashCash Back for all your efforts and get paid by check or via your PayPal payment quarterly.

You can make fresh money with Rakuten Reward Points via every of your purchase and earn back a discount on your expense. 

Rakuten has a good reputation in the reward payment industry; it has paid over $1 billion in CashCash Back since Ebates founded it in 1998. 

How to Use Rakuten

You start by shopping with Rakuten in any of the over 2,500 partners stores and earn Cash Back reward on every one of your orders

The payment is via Check or PayPal every three months.

Do I Recommend Rakuten?

Rakuten is a fantastic Cash Back Site? I am aware that most customers find it hard to believe in offers, which sounds too good.

This is attributed to the increasing incidents of scam connected to some online sites. However, that is not the case with Rakuten.

It is one of the legit cashback sites whose objective is to motivate their clients to continue making their purchases at some specific stores online.

I find it very interesting and highly appreciate the person who came up with that noble idea.

As a consumer, you will have to purchase a different product at some point. With Rakuten, you get some cashback from the money you spent making purchases (sometimes up to 40% of the money you paid).

That is such a great offer and an excellent opportunity to earn extra CashCash.

If you are a rational consumer; your objective is to increase utility from the purchases you make, you should not hesitate to enjoy such offers.

You may find it essential to visit Rakuten and reap the benefits they have tailored for people like you when making your online purchases next time.

As of 2020, Rakuten has disbursed over $1Billion in Cash Back rewards to over 12 million of its members in the US. 

This evidence that the company pays its subscribers; hence you can make extra money from your several purchases via Rakuten. Therefore, Rakuten is highly recommended.

How to Make Money with Rakuten Reward Points?

You only need to become a member of Rakuten and use it to make purchases whenever you are placing an online order for different goods.

When you find an offer and click “purchase now” option, Rakuten will then credit your account with the appropriate amount of CashCash.

When you refer another person to use Rakuten, you will earn Cashback on the first purchase that a person makes.

Rewards credit cards also enable you to increase your earnings and combine it with coupon codes, and cash backs enhance your savings.

How to Earn Cash Back with Rakuten Reward Points?

Below are different ways to use Rakuten for your CashCash Back:

Rakuten Mobile App

You can use the Rakuten Mobile App for every of your online purchase by visiting your app store to download the app unto your mobile devices.

You then click on the Rakuten link to activate your shopping trip.

As soon as you start, a window will open, and you will be directed to begin shopping.

Rakuten Cash Back Button

The Rakuten Cash Back Button is a unique tool that is automated to help online buyers find great deals, coupons, discounts, and CashCash back at over 2,500 Rakuten Partner stores without any need to visit the Rakuten website. 

To implement Rakuten Cash Back Button in your browser, you have to visit your browser extension store to download Rakuten Button. 

As at the time of writing this Rakuten review, there are only two Rakuten extensions available, and they are for Chrome and Firefox browsers.

With any of these extensions, you can automatically detect great deals when you are browsing or searching for any goods online. 

Rakuten Cash Back Visa Credit Card

The Rakuten Cash Back Visa Credit Card will give you more and help you earn unlimited Cash Back rewards with no annual fee. 

 Rakuten Cash Back Visa Credit Card is acceptable everywhere online.

Every qualifying online purchase with this card will earn you an extra 3% Cashback instead of the normal 1% Cash Back.

In-Store Cash Back 

The In-Store Cash Back will help you earn CashCash Back when you are shopping in person in any of Rakuten-selected partner stores.

With the In-Store Cash Back option, you can make and get pay for shopping in a brick and mortar store. 

You have to link your credit or debit card to your Rakuten account to get started and activate your In-Store Cash Back Offers. 

You must be aware of some exclusion and limitations when using this medium to earn CashCash Back.

Email Cash Back

You can activate Rakuten Shopping Trip via a link sent to your email by Rakuten. If and when you have a link sent to you. 

You will have a window that will open that indicates you have a Cash Back Sent to you.

You can also earn CashCash back and Get Paid to Shop Online via Rakuten if you shop via the Rakuten website platform.

You can activate this process by clicking Rakuten links, Rakuten Button, Store Links, or Banners.

When you act on any of the listed options above, a window will open to indicate a Shopping Trip has been activated for your purchase. 

Rakuten Refer a Friend

This is a process of referring to your friends and family members to use Rakuten.

Everyone that you invite will earn $10. You will get a cash bonus for every person you invite to Rakuten.  

The more people you refer, the more you make money with Rakuten Reward Points. What do you think of my Rakuten review? Can you make money with Rakuten reward points?

Is Rakuten legit, safe, or a scam?

Join Rakuten Influencer Program

 When you join Rakuten Influencer Program, and you get a reward and become a Rakuten ambassador. 

 You will enjoy some incentives such as a flat fee for your qualified referral, invite you to special events, and much more. Join the Rakuten Influencer Program here. 

Flat fee for every qualified referral invites to exclusive events, and more. Become an influencer

Other Apps that can earn you online income includes:

How to Get Paid for Rakuten Cash Back

The following is how to get your Cash Back Payment via Rakuten reward points.

 You must complete the account settings with your mailing address. This is required for accurate and timely payment for all types of Rakuten payment, i.e., Check and PayPal payment. 

Go to your Rakuten App and select “Choose How to Get Paid.” 

The Cash-Out limit is $5 for Rakuten. 

You will get paid when your earnings add up to the $5 before the Cash Back payment date, and if your CashCash Back gets approved by the store, you made your purchase. 

Rakuten will only pay every three months (quarterly).

Do you have a bad experience with Rakuten online store? Is Rakuten legit, safe, or a scam?

What Products Does Rakuten Promote or Sell?

Does Rakuten promote a range variety of goods that you may consider to purchase online?

All types of goods that you can buy from your nearest store can be obtained from the different retail outlets associated with Rakuten.

It is, therefore, more efficient and economical to place your order online via the website.

Costs and Price of Using Rakuten

There are no charges for becoming a member of Rakuten.

The only cost you will incur is the quoted price for the product you are buying, excluding taxes and shipping.

Is Rakuten Safe, Legit, or a Scam?

Rakuten is legit, safe, and not a scam.

Rakuten is an ideal business opportunity that enables you to earn from your expenses and from other individuals’ individuals’ purchases that you may refer to.

Different products are essential for meeting your needs and wants.

People will always purchase various commodities, and Rakuten lets you utilize that chance to get a portion of the profits made by their associated online stores.

What do you think about Rakuten reward points? Is Rakuten safe, legit, or a scam? Can you make money with Rakuten reward points?

What I like Rakuten 

  • There are no membership charges.
  • No limits on how much you can earn provided the purchases that are made exceed $5.
  • There is significant potential for you to increase your savings.

Rakuten Complaints

  • You have to complete the process when buying a product for you to get the Cashback.
  • You don’t get cash rewards for the purchases you make online without using the Rakuten website.
  • It entices you to spend a lot and earn a little from the cash backs.

Rakuten BBB Rating Review

The Rakuten Better Business Bureau rating review is “A.” The Rakuten BBB rating is a reflection of how fast they attend to customer issues and complaints. 

As at the time of this Rakuten review. BBB has a total of 386 Rakuten reviews complaints in the last three years. 

187 of these Rakuten reviews complaints were closed in the last 12 months. The breakdown of the complaint is, as stated below, according to various customer complaints. 

rakuten rewards mastercard
  1. Advertising/Sales = 58
  2. Billing/Collections = 46
  3. Delivery Issues = 19
  4. Guarantee/Warranty = 7
  5. Problem with Product/Service = 256

The BBB accredited Rakuten on September 21, 2016.

The BBB accreditation is different from BBB ratings such that BBB accreditation is a commitment by Rakuten to make efforts always to be resolving any consumer complaints.

Though Rakuten must have paid necessary fees for this accreditation, they must have made every provision to ensure they put customers and support in place to take care of consumer complaints at all times. 

What do you think of my Rakuten reward points review? Can you make money with Rakuten reward points? Is Rakuten legit, safe, or another scam online store?

How Fast Is Cash Back Get Credited?

It takes 48 hours to get the most Cash Back credited to your account. 

Some sites like car rental and Travel site stores cannot confirm your purchase until the elapse of the return period, after thirty days.

Note: Return period is when the Rakuten Shopping Trip is completed.

What is Rakuten Reward Points Double Cash Back?

The Double Cash Back is an offered-on purchase completed via Rakuten Properties.

Rakuten gets compensated for referring buyers to brands, retailers, merchants, and partners that participate in this program.

The Double Cash Back is an offer that is available only for twenty-four hours.

One store’s minimum is picking every day, and Cash Back is double for every purchase in those stores for 24 hours. 

Your purchase must originate from a link from or and must be between 12:00 AM and 11:59 PM PST on that day. 

So, how long are the CashCash Back double for a store? Cash Back is doubled within 24 hours in a particular store every day.

Is Rakuten legit, safe, or a scam? Can you make money with Rakuten reward points?

 Is Rakuten Reward Points Worth It?

What do you think of my Rakuten Reward Points review? Do you think you can make money with Rakuten Reward Points?

what are good side hustles

Is Rakuten safe, legit, or a scam?  Is Rakuten worth it? Yes, It worth every penny of your purchase. 

You can now save over 25% of your purchase expense online and offline when you use Rakuten App. 

I believe you can now use Rakuten to start making money.  

You can only make extra money using Rakuten Reward Points; since you will get a discount for your purchase. It implies that you can only purchase what you need.

You can not make a full-time income using Rakuten.  

People only knew Rakuten as an ideal opportunity that lets you save money if you are purchasing a product that you need.

Rakuten is only beneficial if you frequently order goods online or inline.

Do you want to make real money online? Then the Rakuten cannot make you enough money to take the place of your day jobs. But my #1 recommended online business will.

Please check that link out and take the full FREE training. You will thank me later for this.

Have you been using Rakuten formally referred to as Ebates App ( What do you think is wrong with my Rakuten Reward Points review? 

Is Rakuten legit, safe, or a scam?

Are you earning enough cashback shopping online using Rakuten? Kindly drop you thought in my comment area below.

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6 thoughts on “Rakuten Reward Points Review: Can You Really Make Money?”

  1. There are so many companies that have programs like Rakuten. I like the idea of getting something back from your purchases. Things are getting expensive. I have credit cards that give me 1.5% to 5% cash back, which is good. All I do is swipe and go. Rakuten and other companies like them can be a headache to deal with, given all the things you must do in order to get the rewards. I also feel that they are monitoring everything you buy and use those data for profits. But I get it that the savings can be beneficial if you buy large amount of stuffs continually. I’m undecided whether I should join a company like Rakuten or not.

    1. Yes, Rakuten can pay you back for every of your shopping. It is a complete review of Rakuten and how to make money with Rakuten. 

      A lot of people are even getting paid for shopping online via Rakuten daily. Know that Rakuten is legit and not a scam. 

      Thanks again for your comments 



  2. Excellent review here on Rakuten. I honestly never heard of it before. Like many offers online it sounds like quite a bit of work to make a little bit, on the other hand, it sounds like a legit way to give yourselves some cash. For myself, I have actually signed up last December with the platform you recommend here. I love the opportunities and to make an additional income through affiliate marketing. It may cost more work to put in and a longer wait before you start seeing some cash as with Rakuten, but I think in the long term it has a higher income opportunity.

    However, of course, you can do both as you can additionally save a fair amount in your purchases which I reckon is a great offer.

    Thanks a lot for this thorough review on Rakuten and your suggestions to make on income online, I appreciate if you are sharing this with us and I hope many people will benefit from your recommendations.

    kind regard Jude

    1. Thanks for reading my Rakuten Review. It is all about how to make money with Rakuten.

      You can get paid for shopping online via the Rakuten platform. 

      Thanks for dropping your comments. 



  3. I have used eBates and found it was okay compared to some other similar sites. I’m just curious, how does one make back so much money every month? I mean, do you have to do a LOT of shopping and a LOT of spending?

    1. Dear Ashley,

      Yes, I agree with you on Ebates. It is my favorite. The only challenge is that how much can you make seeking for reward while shopping online? This is why I am recommending my #1 Recommended Online Business. Check out that link, you can be earning over $10,000 monthly within two years.

      Thanks for visiting my website again.


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