Contentmart Review: A Perfect Platform For Every Writer?

Contentmart: Perfect Platform For Every Writer?

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To me, Contentmart is the perfect platform for every sound writer. Everybody has something in which they are good at.

Many people can have excellent writing skills, and it can be put to good use if they get a proper platform for it.

If you are searching for the best choice, then Contentmart is made for the writing skills in you.

Contentmart is not a writer alternatives. It is by far better than iWriter.

Contentmart connects you to the clients who need good content for their websites or their use. Customers can easily reach you; and you can fulfill their wish of good material and thus can analyze your strength and weaknesses.

Contentmart never lets down the writers working on it as they understand how important and hard it is to write according to the wishes of the others (clients).

They support the hard work of the writers and thus can ensure them a prideful writing experience.

You may think what else can Contentmart provide you. So here are the few:

1. The Right Amount Of Money For Your Hard Work

You work, you earn, no in-between.

The clients offer you some level of money for original writing, and if you like the topic or willing to write about it, then you sure are welcomed.

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The client publishes their order and will be visible to all the writers in Contentmart.

You can talk to the customer by sending a detailed proposal with your price, and if he likes it, he will hire you.

You need to write the content correctly and according to the requirements of the client, and if your writing is worthy enough, then you sure are to be paid.

Contentmart directly connects you to your customer and, thus, proper communication pays-off. In total, 82,617 clients have registered with Contentmart so far.

You need good experience and excellent writing skills to level up and earn higher.

You can earn a lot of writing online writing for a living freelancing.

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2. Increase Your Experience


Money is not something you can only get by working in Contentmart; experience is also an important aspect.

Many freelancers and bloggers are not just looking for money but also an enjoyable experience, which will not only enhance their writing quality but also, over time, will increase their earnings.

The more content you write reasonably, the more experience you gain, the more clients you get and finally earn decently.

Contentmart provides you a better stage for you to do all of these.

More experience will make the customers send you the desired content privately.

3. You Are Your Boss

Contentmart never forces the freelancers and bloggers to write without their wishes.

Contentmart is well aware of the fact that writers and artists perform more efficiently when they are into it.

The writers, bloggers, and freelancers can work whenever and wherever you want without any restrictions.

Many clients order daily, and if you are interested in the content, then you can work accordingly.

4. You Choose Your Work

Not every writer needs to excel in every topic or genre. It is possible that a particular item can be a turn on to an individual freelancer or blogger.

Every writer and freelancer can work according to their wishes and the topic you desire.

If you are not perfect in a travel blog or fashion blog, you can choose from many other options like a lifestyle blog or health blog if you are good at it.

Nobody can force work on you as you work on your will.

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5. You Will Never Get Bored

With so many registered clients, hundreds of articles to choose daily.

The 82,617 registered customers in Contentmart are sure to bring the writers variety in the topics, subjects, and contents.

Copywriting/ Web content, Articles and blog writing, Content for Brochures, Testimonials, SEO Content, Product description, Press release, Editing, and

Proofreading is the few kinds of items the freelancers and the bloggers can work upon and get paid.

6. Set Your Rates And Deadlines

Contentmart not only provides you hundreds of articles to choose from; but also after you are done selecting the material for you.

This can directly contact your client and discuss with him the further details and requirements.

It can set your own fixed rate and also can set your realistic deadlines.

You can work according to your wishes and put up with a time limit in which you can complete the article according to the needs of the client.

7. Communicate Better

Contentmart has a built-in chat messenger that allows the employers and the writers to communicate with each other without any hassle.

The freelancers and the bloggers who have joined Contentmart can easily talk with their clients about their doubts and any further revisions if required.

Nothing is in between the employers, and the information is fully secure.

8. Not Just English

This platform is not only for the English writers but also for the writers of different languages.

So if freelancers and bloggers who want to join the Contentmart are top-notch in Hindi literature and Kannada literature, then are sure to be welcomed after a content writing test.

If they are good enough, then they can look for their desired work in Contentmart.

Contentmart is such a website which not only strains upon English literature but also upon the other research in which the writers can excel.

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Is Contentmart a Platform for Writers?

What do you think of Contentmart? Do you believe Contentmart is a perfect platform for every writer? Contentmart connects the writers to all kinds of clients with different needs and requirements of content.

Freelancers, bloggers, and writers can join the Contentmart for their knowledge and experience. This is why Contentmart is a perfect platform for every writer and everyone.

We also have various other right platforms for writers where money can be made.  Article Writing Sites Similar to iWriter, are different platforms any writer can consider to do a lot of money writing for a living.

You can surely trust the Contentmart in its efficiency and quality. After you have registered as an editor of Contentmart, you can work and earn according to your desire. In short, you will soon become your boss.

You can sit at home with a cup of coffee and get your desired content to work on and start your job. Contentmart respects the work and the worth of the writers and never let them get offended in any way.

You can work with Contentmart as a client and writer without any tensions and problems and earn without any hassle so that you can live freely and happily.

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Do you have a better alternative?

Please share it with my readers and me. Do drop your comment below.

It is my take. If you want to make good money online Contentmart has a limitation, try out this business model instead. It is FREE to join.

24 thoughts on “Contentmart Review: A Perfect Platform For Every Writer?”

  1. Hi Jofa,

    Contentmart is something absolutely new to me. I had never heard of it before reading your blog.

    From the information you provide Contentmart sounds like a great place to start a first time experience of writing content for someone else to place on their website.

    I would certainly like to learn more about this program and whether or not I could make use of it in terms of paying a freelancer to write content for my website.

    I understood you to say that it’s possible to have contact with the service provider per means of built-in chat. I am correct in that understanding, or is it more for writers to converse with Contentmart assistants?

  2. Contentmart seems like a great option for those wanting to earn from practicing their skills as bloggers.

    I say if you love writing, then why not make money from it! 🙂

    There are certainly many benefits to using the Contentmart platform, and I especially like being in control of my own rates and deadlines because there’s nothing worse than being dictated to and put under pressure, just like what “JOBS” do lol.

    As a blogger myself, I’m always looking for ways to improve my blogging skills, so I’ll definitely look into the program.


  3. This is very interesting. I have never heard of Contentmart before and I am definitely going to do a little more research on it. I’ve been blogging for a couple months now and have been thinking about how I can get my name out there even more than just sharing my blog on social media and this seems like a really cool way to do so. Thanks for sharing, I will definitely be following up on this!

    • You are welcome. I have been using the site for a while now. I first choose writer randomly, I then identified some good hands and I have regular writers now and they are very good at it.



  4. Sounds interesting. Like that it is not only possible to offer to write content in English, as English is not my first language. How many other languages/which languages can you write in there?

    Also, what is the average I can expect to make per article? And I am assuming that Contentmart can also be used to hire writers as well for my own website?


    • Hi Mikael, 

      Thanks for visiting my website. Contentmart writer only write in English language. 

      If you are a writer you can be making over $300 daily, but you will have to be very aggressive and work very hard. 

      Contentmart is a great way to make money online. 



  5. I can tell right off the bat, that your website is well laid out and also very informative. Your reviews are great too. My question is this, how has this product or service helped you personally, and what it would be like it you did not have it. I have found this to be very convincing. It great that u have a good review for wealthy affiliate. I have been skeptical despite me already being a member of the site but your review has brought me one step closer to the feeling I can trust it more.

    • Hi David, 

      Thanks for visiting my website and thanks for the compliments. Contentment is very great and the have helped and it is a great alternatives to iwriter ( I always use all the time) ; but I moving towards contentmart now. They write with SEO in mind. It is like al the writers are trained to write articles that will rank. 



  6. Nice John I’m loving the sound of this content mart, i know one thing is for sure I’m starting to finger ache sometimes nowadays from ow much typing i do on a daily basis lol, and i know this will save me a lot of time moving forward, but at the same time i also like knowing that i am the person updating my website with my hands, that will probably lessen moving forward, but still writing is a very natural thing for me to do.

    But seriously thanks for sharing this with me, I’m always considering these type of content creation options more and more, great work!

    • Hi Marley Dawkins,

      Thank you for visiting my website. I hope you will be here again?



  7. Hi thanks for this thorough review. Contentmart looks like a great bit of software. I like the fact you can et paid for content writing and as you say there are others on the market this one looks like one of the best.

    Of all the ones you have tried is Contentmart the best one you would recommend?

    • Hi Harjit, 

      I use Contentmart always . I was using iwriter before i get to know about Contentmart. It is my best alternatives to iwriter. You can get amazon product description writers. i.e. writers that specialize in describing amazon products. 

      Why i love Contenmart mainly is that you can get article written as low as $5 with great amazing articles and they have been training how to insert keywords ready to be optimized for SEO.

      i hope i answer you question?



  8. Hello!

    Contentmart does seem like an appealing site! I have just begun working as a content writer and freelancer translator and will most definitely search for work there. It’s hard to find sites with an abundance of work and i hope i can make some money there. One question though: How does payments are processed? Can i get paid through Paypal?


    • The payment method offer at contentmart for writers is PayPal. For clients PayPal is also the major payment method, other mode of payment includes net banking, credit/ debit cards  they also accept electronic wallet for recharge of Contentmart wallet.

      The answer to your question is that you can get paid through PayPal. 

      Thanks for visiting my page, I hope to see you again.



  9. Lot of good information here. There are some really good writers out there that just want to write. No blogging or other mechanics with websites. I like that you say the rates between the client and writer are reasonable. Some sites really a really high supply of writers and thus, in a buyer’s market, the writing fees are low. Nice to know there are alternatives out there that respect the writers and their time.

    • Contentmart is one great website that every content marketer must employ to easy our busy schedule. Since i started using the website life has never been the same for me. 

      Thanks for visiting.


  10. This was very informative! I’m new to the business end of the online marketing arena, and while I had heard of other content-providing outlets for freelancers, I had never heard of Contentmart. Reading about this service, and how it can benefit both producers and the website-building consumers, I’m very interested to try it out. Thanks for a detailed and informative review!

    • thank you for visiting. Content art is not new in the business. We ave many alternatives to iwriter. Contentmart is one of my best alternative to iwriter. i don’t have problem using them. They have been great. 

      Thank you for visiting my website. 


  11. Hi Jofa thank for the information on Contentmart I never heard of this before but I’m looking into it now. I really like the idea of getting paid for your content because I love writing.

    You have explained everything here for me thank you for your help I will join and see for myself 🙂

  12. Hi Jofa,

    Thanks for the information.

    Although I was aware of some other places to write for a buck this sounds interesting. The idea of just having something with a deadline on my own time sounds great.

    Do you do this yourself? What has been your personal experience?

    Always interested in opportunity so thanks for writing the great article. It has been very encouraging.

    • Thank Robert for visiting my site.

      Yes. Contentmart write for me now. This site is my best alternatives to iWriter. They are better than the common content provider sites will have around.



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