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Is Your Freedom Mentor a Scam? Can You Really Make $1,000!!!

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Welcome to my review of Your Freedom Mentor. Can you make money with Freedom Mentor? Is Freedom Mentor legit or a scam?

You will discover if Your Freedom Mentor is a Scam or a legit program. There is too many scam online program out there parading themselves as the real deal.


I will objectively unveil the truth to these systems without being biased. Today, we will be checking out Your Freedom Mentor, and I’d like to disclose the fact behind this program

Is Your Freedom Mentor Legit or scam, let’s find out!

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Freedom Mentor at a Glance

how to make money with Freedom Mentor

Product Name: Freedom Mentor
Founder: Meaghan Harper
Price: $37-$67
Rating: 3%.
Recommended: No

Summary of Freedom Mentor Review

Your Freedom Mentor is a Multi-Level Marketing program that claims to have limited spot available for just 45 members who want to earn up to $1,074 every day.

This is a common tactic used by Ponzi/pyramid schemes to leave members in the dust while the admins earn as high as possible. I read this article on why all MLM is a scam. It is a must read!

This program sends numerous red signals beginning with the picture of the supposed creator whose picture was taken from Shutterstock down to the fact that nobody knows where it is being run from.

Let’s find out more about why Your Freedom Mentor may be a scam.

What is Your Freedom Mentors?

Your Freedom Mentor is allegedly the brainchild of Meaghan Harper. However, no one knows for sure if that’s the real name of the owner or merely a diversion.

Your Freedom Mentor should not be confused with Freedom Mentor created by real estate investor Phil Pustejovsky who describes himself as “the nation’s premier real estate mentor.”

While Freedom Mentor claims to help you rake in fast cash from real estate, Your Freedom Mentor is an affiliate marketing platform.

Your Freedom Mentor has no concrete product it sells. Its homepage is just filled with silly claims of income without showing you how to make the income.

Equally the sales video is not a new one as it has been used in two other scam programs before, Millionaire Biz Pro and 7 Figure Profit Code. All these evidence scream scam alert!!!

Cost and Price of Freedom Mentor

The program come at $37 for the initial fee; consider this fee as your buy-in fee into Your Freedom Mentor.

The initial cost is for the base level after which you will have to go through 21 steps. The programme is filled with expensive upsells that will be presented to you at every level.

You may end up buying every upsell they shove into your face; you must be watchful.

How Freedom Mentor Works

Your Freedom Mentor claims to be able to help you make $1000+ daily. So, when you sign up and purchase the programme, you are buying into an expensive sales funnel.

The programme is filled with a lot of copy and paste, and many upsells will be shoved into your face as business opportunities.

The programme bears a similarity to Seven Figure Profit code, and one of the business opportunities you will be presented with is MOBE (My Own Business Education).

However, it doesn’t function anymore since it was closed down.

After moving through all the upsells, you will have to go through 21 steps. You will be attached with a coach to get you through this stage.

The 21 steps are required to help you learn about the business model and then get you to purchase the expensive upsells the program runs.

So, how do you then make money from this programme?

Your Freedom Mentor had earlier presented you with MOBE which is a legitimate program that pays commissions; however, it has been shut down.

So to make money, you are supposed to resell the products. When you resell these products, you get paid a commission. It is a known fact that MOBE has been shut down, why then is Your Freedom Mentor still utilizing it.

Also, Your Freedom Mentor processes its payments through ClickBetter; this means you can quickly get a refund from ClickBetter.

However, a lot of scam websites use ClickBetter, so this doesn’t make Your Freedom Mentor a legitimate program.

Basically what the website has is lots of claims about how to make you money without you having to do anything.

The system is overhyped, so you have to purchase all its useless.

Is Freedom Mentor legit or a scam? Can you still make money with Freedom Mentor?

What do you think of my Freedom Mentor review?

Your Freedom Mentor Review | YouTube Video

Who Is Freedom Mentor Good For?

Your Freedom Mentor is a scam project and isn’t meant for anyone. It is a controversial programme filled with copy and pastes from other projects.

If you are seeking to make money from affiliate marketing, then this isn’t the programme to create the income you want.

It wouldn’t even make you the $1074 it promised as daily income.

What is Good About Freedom Mentor

There is nothing positive about this program.

But from my objective study and research about it, this programme is filled with scam alerts and not something I would recommend for anyone.

Issues with Freedom Mentor

Fake Owner: The picture the website uses to represent the owner was gotten from Shutterstock. Meghan Harper may not even be the name of the owner of Your Freedom Mentor.

Equally the site uses the Stock images of a different woman which is a clear indication that they do not want to attach their names, faces or even voice to the project.

  • ***Fake Testimonies***

Usually, the first thing you look out for when you want to buy a product is the testimonies of other people who have used the product before you.

However, in the case of Your Freedom Mentor, some freelancers from Fiverr were paid to act out the testimonial videos that can be found on the website.

This is a clear indication that the system is fake. Also, most of the testimonials they produced was a direct rip off from Millionaire Biz Pro another MLM system.

  • ***Unrealistic Income Claims***

Your Freedom Mentor has silly claims of making you money. For one the website claims that the system can draw traffic from Google, Facebook, Bing, and the likes.

But this is an unrealistic claim as you cannot attract traffic from these sites so quickly.

Also, YFM does not say how it aims to create traffic. Also, the home page gives an unrealistic income claim which the website’s disclaimer refuted.

The sales page is misleading by claiming that you can make $1074 daily while the disclaimer refutes the claims stating that there is no guarantee of making such an amount in a day.

Other programs that look like Freedom Mentor include:

 Support /Customer Service of Freedom Mentor

There is no way you can contact a support team to get a refund.

The only benefit of Your Freedom Mentor using ClickBetter is that you can get a refund.

Public and Online Opinions of Freedom Mentor?

While one user was glad that you could at least get a refund from the programme, another was furious at the fake testimonials and bogus claims.

Is Freedom Mentor Legit Or a Scam?

This programme has an element of scam all over it; there is no need to mince words about it.

The location of the product is being run from, or the owner is unknown.

This is a clear indication that if there is trouble, you will be left to yourself.

Five Real Estate Investor SCAMS | YouTube

Is Freedom Mentor Worth Your Time and Money? 

What do you think of my review of  Your Freedom Mentor? Do you thing Freedom Mentor is a scam or legitimate online program?

Too many scam programmes exist out there, and Your Freedom Mentor is one of them.

The website presents false claims, the disclaimer contradicts its, and if you are interested in making money, Your Freedom Mentor is not for you.

Au contraire, I have personally created a four-figure passive income every month from Wealth Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is an Internet Marketing Training that will enable you to learn not just how to make money alone but also equip you with the latest techniques of affiliate marketing. Sounds awesome right?

Do you know anyone that has enrolled and use Freedom Mentor to make money? Kindly drop your thoughts in the comments section below. I will love to hear what you think.

4 thoughts on “Is Your Freedom Mentor a Scam? Can You Really Make $1,000!!!”

  1. Their website at is a total sales pitch, made to scam and trap users into believing that they can actually earn $1,074 every day by learning the tricks of Real Estate business. Too bad people actually fall for these traps. Thanks for giving the heads up!

    1. Thanks for reading my Freedom Mentor Scam review.

      You are right, Freedom Mentor Scam will not make you money but right scam you.

      The program is targeting newbies that no nothin about how making money online works.

      Most of this crappy training are gotten online and you can get it online too without paying a dine.

      My friend, please stay away and check out my number 1 recommended way to make money on this site. You will be shock to discover are easy and simple you can succeed online.

      Thanks again for reading my review on Freedom Mentor scam.



  2. God, I hate these MLM networks. I fell for one once, within a year, all the solemn promises were forgotten and everything which would never change…changed.

    MLM is one of those examples where “If it sounds too good to be true, it isn’t true” is the most appropriate.

    I never heard of this one before, and from your review, I haven’t missed out on anything 😀

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