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Is the Six Figure Mentors Legit or a Scam? Can You Really Make Money?

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You are welcome to my Six Figure Mentors (SFM) review. Can you make money with Six Figure Mentors MLM jobs? Is Six Figure Mentors MLM jobs legit, or a scam pyramid scheme?

The above are common questions in my forum, and I am sure you are here also to know all about the Six Figure Mentors training program.


I promise to unravel the mysteries behind the Six Figure Mentors affiliate Program.

I can assure you that this is an independent review that will help you to make an educated and informed decision.

You will also discover if it is an essential and effective way to learn how to make money via affiliate marketing.

Please read on.

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The Six Figure Mentors at a Glance

Is the Six Figure Mentors a Scam


Product Name: The Six Figure Mentors
Product Type: High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing and MLM Training and Membership
Founder: Jay Kubassek & Stuart Ross in 2011
Price:Free, $97 Monthly – $20,000 And $2,500 Yearly.                  Rating: 38%
Recommended: No

Summary Review of Six-Figure Mentors

Six-Figure Mentors is an online training program that promised to help you build a profitable online business.

They promise to help you build a business that you can run from home.

But is the SFM training program worth it? Can you make money with Six Figure Mentors certification training?

Is Six Figure Mentors legit, MLM, or a scam pyramid scheme? 

My take is this.

The Six Figure Mentors are legit, MLM but not a scam pyramid scheme. 

Six-Figure Mentors are running a model I can call the MLM affiliate marketing business model.

The problem with that is, it is still an MLM. 

Why It Will Be Difficult to Make Money with Six Figure Mentors

Why is an MLM a problem? 

Mr. Jon M. Tailor, Ph.D., the President, Consumer Awareness Institute, and Advisor, did 20 years of investigation of over 600 MLM and direct sales companies in the USA and across the world. 

And he came to this conclusion about the MLM business model.

He stated that “99.7% of people that join MLM company will lose their money” He wrote a complete book titled “Multi-Level Marketing-Unmasked.” 

It is a FREE PDF book that will help you know the MLM and direct sales companies’ inner working. 

What is the implication of Mr. Jon M Taylor’s findings? How does it apply to you and Six Figure Mentors?

If 99.7% of people that join MLM will lose their money, it implies that 0.3% are the people that are making money.

You will have a change of heart after reading this book.

If you read the above book, you will get to know that the 0.3% are the MLM company owner ( in this case, “Six Figure Mentors”); special investors, and the people at the top of the compensation plan. 

Therefore, if you are a newbie trying to join Six Figure Mentors, you may lose your money in the long run because you will be working for the people at the top of the scheme. 

There are a lot of red flags in the SFM training program.

Some of the significant negatives are:

  • The training program is over the price.
  • Students of the Six Figure Mentors seem only to make some money promoting the SFM training program.
  • There are lots of hidden costs and upsells
  • It is an MLM embedded in affiliate marketing training.

My Recommendation

Do you want to make money with affiliate marketing? 

Affiliate marketing is when you promote products or services for a company or individual for a commission (this is what I do with this website). 

You can partner with hundreds of companies like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and even Six Figure Mentors to make money with them.

You don’t need to stay with one company and be marketing MLM program while chasing your family and friends on social media. 

With SEO affiliate program based, you will work once and make money for a long time. 

I am writing this article now; it will attract many to my platform even while sleeping. That is the power of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Do you want to learn how it works? 

You can start this affiliate marketing training now. Level-1 with ten lessons is FREE to join. There is no need for your credit card. Learn more here. 

What do you think of my Six Figure Mentors MLM jobs review? Can you make money with Six Figure Mentors MLM jobs? 

Is Six Figure Mentors legit, MLM, or a scam pyramid scheme? 

What is Six Figure Mentors?

The Six Figure Mentors are a high-ticket Affiliate Marketing and MLM Training and Membership company. They help in tutoring people on how to get earnings online.

Six-Figure Mentors (SFM) has several resources available on their platforms. These resources make setting up an online business faster and less stressful. Some of them include:

  • Marketing Banners
  • Affiliate Links & Sales Pages
  • Customizable Sales Funnels
  • The Customizable Link Generator
  • Customizable Tracking Generator
  • The Customizable Tracking Stats
  • All that is left is to follow the training, listen to the coach assigned to you, and build your website using any one of the tools.

This proposal sounds very attractive especially to people who are looking for an escape route from their regular jobs and looking for a way to make earnings online.

However, there are a lot of shortcomings in this system.

What do you think of my Six Figure Mentors (SFM) MLM jobs review? Can you make money with Six Figure Mentors (SFM) MLM jobs?

Is Six Figure Mentors (SFM) legit, an MLM, or a scam pyramid scheme?

What You Don’t Know About Six Figure Mentors (SFM)

Six-Figure Mentors (SFM) promised to teach you the process of making money online via affiliate marketing.

***But, What is Real Affiliate Marketing?***

This is commission-based marketing of other people’s products online.

As an affiliate marketer, you will be a salesperson online. You will have your website promoting products of companies and individuals.

If you successfully make any sales, you will earn a commission.

If you purchase an eBook of $100 and the commission is 50% you get $50 (this is how people are making money on Click Bank)

As an affiliate marketer, you need a website with traffics from a specific or targeted audience (particular niche); it is simple to create a site these days (create a FREE one under 30 seconds here).

If you have a website that is reviewing motivational books, your site should be promoting books that you reviewed for a commission or if your website is teaching people how to make money playing video games online. You should be earning commission promoting online video games and accessories.

For you to be a profitable affiliate marketer, you must have a targeted niche market (with a specific audience). It is best you choose a profitable niche that you have a passion so that you can become an authority easily in your chosen niche.

Your chosen niche should not be a broad one but a narrow one; so that you can start making money in a reasonable time; It will help you avoid competition with many big players already earning money.

There must be exiting players in your niche; if there is none, then it is not a good one.

***The Six Figure Mentors Affiliate Marketing***

But, Six Figure Mentors (SFM) duplicated and done for your affiliate marketing page will not have the above features and definitely, you will not make money.

Six-Figure Mentors will not teach you how to choose a profitable niche and target a particular audience that you have a passion for.

SFM system is only focused on selling products and instructing you to use their already made system to promote and sell the same product.

Six-Figure Mentors (SFM) duplicated landing pages will not make you money in today’s online business.

For you to make money as an affiliate marketer, you need your authority website that is focused on writing content that will help your audience and readers.

SFM has many problems with its business model which will be highlighted below.

How Six Figure Mentors Recruit Members

  • Most of their requirements done via ads. Most of the ads are usually on social media
  • Immediately you click on the add, they capture your email.
  • They send you a link for a 7-Day free video training on how to grow your business
  • They convince you to learn more by purchasing their basic membership at $29.95
  • You will be directed to contact your SFM personal system consultant also known as a business coach
  • You will have to keep on upgrading and getting upsells for you to know more.  Here’s a video of Stuart Ross explaining how the program works.

The Six Figure Mentors Cost

Membership Stages includes the following:

  1. Affiliate Access – Free
  2. Student Access – $29.95 + $25 / month (optional)
  3. Essential Membership – $297 + $97 / month
  4. Elite Membership – $2,500 / year + $97 / month.
Is the Six Figure Mentors Affiliate Program a Scam

It is essential to note that the Elite membership isn’t the end of the upsells on this platform. After the Elite Membership, you will be introduced to another program called Digital Experts Academy (DEA).

This academy is integrated with SFM. They tell you that to get more support; you will need to upgrade.

There are four Digital Experts Academy Membership levels:

  1. DEA Silver: $2,500
  2. Gold: $8,000
  3. Platinum: $11,000
  4. Black: $20,000

The Six Figure Mentor is not just full of upsells but of high-ticket one for that matter.

Below is a list of SFM several products with their prices.

 is the six figure mentors a scam or what

Source: SFM Income Disclaimer

Who Is The Six Figure Mentors For?

This product is suitable for people who want to gain some tremendous online marketing skills.

Also, people interested in using the automated system and duplicating success; Six Figure Mentors is all about selling and promoting Six Figure Mentors products.

However, you need to have a lot of money in sales if you want to learn anything.

It is not for you if you have a passion to start your own online business.

Do you think that Six Figure Mentor MLM jobs is for you? Can you make money with Six Figure Mentor MLM jobs?

Is Six Figure Mentor MLM jobs legit, or a scam pyramid scheme?

How to Make Money with The Six Figure Mentors

To make money with Six Figure Mentor, you have to tap into their Digital Experts Academy High Ticket Products.

The DEA platform has some high-value products, and if you are eligible, you can get commissions of $300-$2000 per sale.

Prices for the DEA products are as high as $3000-$20000.

Contrary to popular opinion getting the commission isn’t that easy and the commission for each membership product sold depends on the level of membership you are in, and you get either 5% or 10%.

Most of these products are just too expensive considering you can get them for free in the public domain on various search engines including Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Youtube.

Six-Figure Mentors Affiliate Program

You can also make money with the Six Figure Mentors Affiliate Program. 

The will involve inviting friends on social media to the SFM Six Figure Mentors platform to feel the training program. 

The Six Figure Mentors has everything included in the membership fees. 

Your referral will have access to over 10,000 certification courses and training that will help them make money with Six Figure Mentors.

The training is created and authored by the Six Figure Mentors and the house’s partners and professionals. 

The features of the Six Figure Mentors Affiliate Program include the following: 

  • Six-Figure Mentors Affiliate Program 
  • Sales funnel and affiliate links that have done for you
  • The automated campaigns for your remarketing your referrals
  • Custom tracking link generators
  • Dashboard for your sales reporting 

Six-Figure Mentors have a sales support system comprised of follow-up consultants who will review and follow up all your new referral for conversion. 

The SFM Six Figure Mentors offer a one on one support and live daily training for members. 

The Six Figure Mentors Affiliate Program is free to join. 

You don’t need to become a member before making money with the Six Figure Mentors Affiliate Program.

Also, you will be paid $20 on your introductory referral and $200 on your Essential sales. 

You will also be paid $20 every month for all your active membership subscriptions. 

Can you now make money with the Six Figure Mentors Affiliate Program? Is Six Figure Mentors MLM jobs legit, MLM, or a scam pyramid scheme? 

What do you think of my Six Figure Mentors Affiliate Program review? 

The Six Figure Mentors Support/Customer Service

They have a poor communication system which comprises FAQ that is mainly irrelevant.

Customers with questions will have to contact the personal coach assigned to them for clarification.

What is Good About The Six Figure Mentors

  • ***Great Promotional Tools***

Six-Figure Mentors (SFM) has a done for your affiliate marketing sales pages and links, great marketing banners in various sizes coupled with cutting edge web platforms that will help you promote SFM and earn a commission.

Note that their objective is to promote SFM for the commission. As soon as you join, you will have various tools that will help you promote SFM.

The objective of the owners, Stuart and Jay is to make you promote SFM and developing the same business model which includes selling SFM as a product.

They have great tools such as:

  • Sales Funnels
  • Link generator
  • Link trackers

It is important to note that this business model is faulty with many flaws.

You cannot create your solution-driven business online by duplicating another business. Is Six Figure Mentor MLM jobs legit or another MLM pyramid scheme scam?

  • ***You Can Learn Basic Affiliate Marketing Skills***

You will learn basic affiliate marketing knowledge with SFM. The training is great despite the many flaws as stated in this review.

The skill you will derive from the use of various tools can be applied to your own business online. Knowledge such as PPC- Pay Per Click on Google and Bing which you can also learn on the public domain on Google, Yahoo and YouTube at no cost.

  • ***Psychology of Making Money Online***

They will help you with the motivation you need that you can make money online. Anyone can, no matter where you are from both Asian, African, White, Black, Yellow, etc. The internet is made for all.

They will coach you on how to position your mindset for online success. If you can use that for your online business, you will be making money.

  • ***Affiliate Membership Is FREE***

If you have your website and you are a blogger, you can now promote and make money with SFM without paying. I learned that they make you pay for becoming an affiliate before now.

It is now free to promote their offers. Which is a good thing? The problem is can you promote a program with many flaws?

Can you make money with the Six Figure Mentor affiliate program? Is Six Figure Mentor an MLM, legit or a pyramid scheme?

Issues with The Six Figure Mentors (Many Red Flags)

  • ***Too Costly with Many Upsells***

The amount of money required and demanded by SFM is too much. They have a lot of unnecessary upsells. The upsells are up to $20,000.

With Internet opportunities, much information can be sourced online.

But with the SFM you will have to pay for many things such as application, enrollment fees, monthly and yearly fees to become a full member.

Can you imagine the DEA levels that are as costly as $20,000? Why would I start affiliate marketing if I have much money as a beginner or newbies?

You can not compare the resource and tools within the Wealthy Affiliate platform to what The Six Figure Mentor offers at the lowest possible fee ever.

Wealthy Affiliate Premium ($49 monthly), ($234 for Six Months), ($359.04 for a Year). Start FREE here. 

Do you prefer the Six Figure Mentor MLM jobs? Is Six Figure Mentor legit or a scam pyramid scheme?

  • ***Bad Business Structure and Model***

You are only a recruiter for SFM, well you may get paid, but that is not an online business. I did an article that all MLM – Multi-Level Marketing Is a Scam.

SFM relies on recruiting more people to join the business. This restricts the conversion in more ways than one.

You cannot build your own online business that is based on your passion or skills, though they claim you can but, there is no tools or structure in place to achieve that.

They only provided you with a resource and tools to promote SFM.

An instance is the choice of AWeber as an autoresponder for all members but no other type. This cannot make you a fulfill affiliate marketer.

  • ***SFM Platform Is Not an Interactive One***

The community in SFM is just a platform connecting members. There is almost no way to contact the founders of the platform.

Most of the communication is one-way, with information coming from the top to the members.

Any great affiliate Marketing platform should have a way to interact with the owners because you will need a lot of help.

You only have a personal consultant that can help you resolve your issue at SFM and you must be allocated a slot before an email can be sent to your consultant.

You can not build and sustain an online business in this way.

  • ***Free Membership Is Not FREE on SFM***

Every new member is required to use their credit card before he or she can sign on into SFM. Most people get debited after 30 days for $25 per month for the membership fee.

Usually, new members should be allowed to sign on FREE without a credit card that is If there is nothing fishing.

I am sure that Wealthy Affiliate will not require your credit card to sign up. You will also go through ten FREE courses in level 1.

If after that you like what you are learning you can now use your card or PayPal for the remaining learning.

This is why Wealthy Affiliate is the best affiliate marketing training in the world today.

  • ***The Affiliate Pages Are Duplicated***

The SFM affiliate marketing pages are duplicated for all SFM members. You can never get organic traffic to such tools and resources.

This is why they expect you to pay through your nose for PPC.

Google and other websites dislike duplicated content. Such content will never rank on page one of Google.

You will only depend on Pay Traffics such as Adwords and Solo Ads.

SFM will make you compete with other members while you are trying to promote the same SFM products online.

  • ***Quality of Training is Poor***

The training you get will depend on the access level you subscribe to.

You will learn nothing until you pay through their several access levels and membership.

No Training on the rudimentary of how to build your website, write quality content that will help your audience and help drive organic traffics.

You only get proper training if you pay $297 enrolment fees and $97 monthly.

  • ***You Have No Website of Your Own***

There is no website hosting included in SFM membership and nor will you have a website to start up this online business.

The high cost of the program will only earn you a done for your affiliate pages that are solely focused on promoting the Six Figure Mentors (SFM) program. You cannot build your own passion-driven business online business.

Is The Six Figure Mentors Legit Or a Scam?

The Six Figure Mentor is an MLM but legit and not a pyramid scheme scam.

The Six Figure Mentors are not actually what it seems to be. In my opinion, the Six Figure Mentors is an MLM program selling high priced training materials.

If it is a real training material, why not sell it to all members at the same price and let them put the training to use and be productive with?

There is no real proof that the training program is working and impactful.

To me, it seems like a scam product because they will waste your time and energy instead of you to learn and use the training to impact life.

The training is profoundly costly, and it is unlikely you will ever break even with The Six Figure Mentors.

What do you think of my Six Figure Mentor MLM jobs review? Can you make money with Six Figure Mentor affiliate program?

Screen Short of a Forum Discussing The Six Figure Mentors

is the six figure mentors scam

Is The Six Figures Mentors  a Pyramid Scheme

Six Figure Mentor is an MLM, but legit and not a pyramid scheme scam.

The Six Figures Mentors have written all over its features of Multi-Level Marketing elements and pyramid schemes.

Most review of The Six Figures Mentors online already classified the program to be a pyramid scheme. I am yet to see any non-member promoting the Six Figures Mentors online!

What is a pyramid scheme then?

A pyramid scheme is a business prototype or model that attracts members by promising them a lot of profits that are based on recruiting others to join the same program and not based on benefits.

They sometimes pretend to be selling products; they often use the product to hide the pyramid scheme. See the definition of a pyramid scheme by FTC here.

Therefore; The Six Figures Mentors is not a pyramid scheme scam because products and services are involved.

Below are various treasons why people are calling out Six Figure Mentor as a pyramid scheme scam:

  • A level of the Six Figures Mentors must be purchased before you can promote that level.
  • All of the Six Figures Mentors levels are sold only to members (Except for the trial membership & the discounted for students’ membership, you cannot make money with this level)
  • The Six Figures Mentors level is exceptionally overpriced.
  • You can only make money until you purchase the highest level products ranging from $97 monthly to $20,000 with an annual fee of $2,500.
  • You must purchase from your mentors that are also members; who also bought the program from other members.

What is your take? Is Six Figure Mentor MLM job legit or another pyramid scheme? What do you think of my Six Figure Mentor MLM review?

Is Six Figure Mentor MLM job legit or a pyramid scheme scam?

Online Opinion of The Six Figure Mentors

Some customers were glad about the course, they learned a lot from the course, but most also said that even though they gained a lot, they didn’t earn a dime.

what are good side hustles

Most of the members of Six Figure Mentor also complained about the constant upsells.

They were also not pleased about the high prices for upgrading to a new level.

We have many such programs online, in fact, I already reviewed over 500 of this kind. Find below:

Is Six Figures Mentors Worth It?

Thanks for reading my Six Figure Mentors MLM job review. Can you make money with Six Figure Mentors MLM jobs and the affiliate program?

Is Six Figure Mentors MLM legit or a pyramid scheme scam?

For starters Stuart and Jay, Co-founders of SFM are not new to the digital world.

Jay was the Co-founder of another scam company called “Carbon Copy Pro” or “Pro U” which is nowhere to be found online today.

Stuart and Jay are also presently running another company called Digital Experts Academy (DEA). SFM is connected with DEA and DEA memberships are a upsells of SFM.

This is not the first time Stuart and Jay are in control of this kind of company. This alone is a pointer to the fact that they cannot be trusted.

Also, the massive cost of upsells is something to be considered before starting.

The fact that only top members that are about 1-2% of total members benefit from the program is enough reason not to invest in the program.

However, instead of wasting your time and money purchasing upsells that would probably not yield as much cash as you’d like, let me introduce you to a product that I have used to gain financial freedom and stability.

I have also used this product to learn about the intricacies of internet marketing. Wealthy Affiliate will equip you with the latest and most updated techniques in affiliate marketing as well as help you create a four-figure passive income every month.

What do you think of my Six Figure Mentors MLM job review? Can you now make money with Six Figure Mentors MLM jobs?

Is Six Figure Mentors MLM jobs legit or a scam pyramid scheme?

Let me know what you think about my Six Figure Mentors review.

Kindly drop your thoughts in my comments section area. I will love to hear what you think.

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8 thoughts on “Is the Six Figure Mentors Legit or a Scam? Can You Really Make Money?”

  1. The Six Figure Mentors are not at all an affiliate marketing company. It is actually a source of charging huge subscription fee and in response giving subscribers a few useless lessons. I have come to conclusion that wherever any company works under pyramidal structure, it is an obvious fake setup. I really enjoyed your views. You are doing a great job.

    1. Dear Catherine,

      thanks for reading my article on the Six Figure Mentors. The program is an MLM one and not as an affiliate marketing company.

      Jay the owner is currently a co-owner of another scam online program called Carbon Copy Pro. These red flags are enough to send anyone parking.

      If you really want to make money online. You can learn from the best and that is Wealthy Affiliate. the training is a top notch one.


      John Ajiboye

  2. What baffles me is why will they offer to teach you affiliate marketing and want you to run affiliate for them? If they know you are a beginner why want you to still promote their program rather than concentrate on what they teach you?

    1. Dear Linda,

      Teaching you become an affiliate marketer and still make your affiliate for their program is not a crime. It is proof that they taught you so well that they can now give you the privilege to promote their program.

      The problem is when you see written all over the sales page scamming features; this is why this program is not recommended and not by what you are suggesting.



  3. Wow, this all looks extremely sketchy! Not a program I would invest in, for sure. I’m hugely not a fan of the MLM model, and especially not when they try to sell it as something else.

    Thanks so much for the heads’ up! I’ll definitely be steering clear of this program and anything these guys make in the future.

  4. Great article exposing us to some of the truth on the Six figure mentors program.
    No doubt many individuals have fallen victim on so many affiliate programs.
    The question is, how can one be sure of a genuine affiliate marketing program when he sees one because I have seen a lot with same structured and processes?

    1. Thanks for reading my Six figure mentors review.

      To answer your question. You will identify a genuine and legit affiliate marketing by researching online. Just Google it!

      The various review will expose if such a program is legit or otherwise.

      You can also notice the sales page; any hype statement; exaggerations and unnecessary promises that they will place you on auto click blah blah. . .

      Making Money online is a tough business and you have to be really serious and hardworking to be making money online. If you start an online business that will make you huge money. It should take over a year before you can start to see any earnings.



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