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Is Digital Experts Academy a Scam? Can You Still Make Money?

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You are welcome to my Digital Experts Academy review. Can you make money with Digital Experts Academy? Is Digital Experts Academy legit or a scam?

I am sure you are here to know if you can still make money with Digital Experts Academy.


Yes, you are doing the right thing. It is the best way to discover legitimate online business and avoid those many online scams.

Please know that I am not associated with Digital Experts Academy in anyways; therefore, expect an unbiased Digital Experts Academy review from me.

Please read on.

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Digital Experts Academy at a Glance

Digital Experts Academy

Product Name: Digital Experts Academy
Founder: Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek
Price: $2,500 up to $20,000
Rating: 37%
Recommended: No

What is Digital Experts Academy (DEA)?

DEA is a course designed to help individuals to build their online business and become fully self-employed. It was founded by Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek in 2012.

You’ll get step by step modules and a lot of mentorship opportunities which include:

24/7 community support where you can engage with like-minded people, get yourself a mentor to help you through the path to success.

One on one coaching sections from mentors, these are people that have gone far ahead of you and are successful.

He or she would guide you through using their real-world experience to help you avoid unnecessary mistakes or losses.

Q&A webinars, various training sessions on everything you hear about online marketing, SEO, social media, online advertising, branding, YouTube, Amazon, blogging, you name it.

You’ll also get Book recommendations and a lot more!

There are four programs you can join with this Digital Experts Academy:

  • DEA Silver
  • The DEA Gold
  • DEA Platinum
  • The DEA Black

How Much Does Digital Experts Academy Cost?

All you learn can be applied to your business or any other online business, but they’ll encourage you to make money directly from them by promoting the program and getting commissions from it since membership level is highly-priced.

But before that can happen, you must gain membership first, and it ’s pretty expensive.

  • DEA Silver – $2,500 (lowered from $3,000 previously seen)
  • The DEA Gold – $8,000
  • DEA Platinum – $11,000
  • The DEA Black – $20,000

If you’re part of DEA, you’ll have many other products you can buy and earn commissions from as well. So, there are many more expenses to the program.

Who Is The Digital Experts Academy For?

The Digital Experts Academy would be good for anyone who has reasonably good enough experience with online marketing, has enough money to pay for a membership, and is disciplined enough to follow through with online training programs

This is not recommended for a newbie, because the risk is quite high and if you’re not committed to it, you’ll end up wasting your money.

How to Make Money with Digital Experts Academy?

It is a bit tough to understand how the Digital Experts Academy works before one can apply it.

The information provided by the site is vague as relate to each member.

The business model of how to actual money is made is not precisely explained. If you visit the “How it Works” page, they tell the process of joining the DEA briefly.

Learning to use digital expert academy before the application could be a bit tedious.

This is because the information on what each membership offers and the business model that would allow you to make money is quite vague.

Apart from that, it doesn’t display the membership fees.

Visiting the “how it works page” would give you a brief explanation of how to join DEA.

The steps are:

  • Choose a DEA program which you feel is the right fit for you and apply;
  • Go through the modules and complete exercises that’ll help give you the right mindset to work with
  • Interact with the community to get support and insights;
  • Take the advanced step-by-step training courses on your chosen program.

The following are the membership options offered by DEA :

DEA Silver

This is the cheapest membership on the platform but before joining you need to become a member of the Six Figure Mentors before you can become a member of any of the DEA programs.

DEA silverises also was known as the ImportXpert. It is highly designed to help you build an e-commerce business through the importation of demanded products from China and selling it at a higher price.

Creating a website would be unnecessary as you would learn how to leverage on the Amazon FBA.

DEA Gold – $8,000

This is an Internet marketing program. You’ll learn how to:

  • Write captivating content that would catch the attention of potential customers and get them to take action
  • Create long-lasting and successful emailing lists,
  • Drive traffic from Google to Facebook, Instagram, and other social media pages
  • Understanding analytics and how to use the data to create a solid business plan
  • Improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to get high Google rankings leading to more traffic
  • And a whole lot more. It’s the complete package when it comes to online marketing.

DEA Platinum – $11,000

This program is all about personal branding. It is to help you build a trusted and own authentic brand that would help you stand out in the crowd.

  • The program includes:
  • Intensive 3-day workshop.
  • Access to a Brand Incubation Portal, which helps you organize your vision mission values purposes and more.
  • A biography published by a professional copywriter.
  • Three hours of one on one coaching.
  • Professional photos of yourself for your social media profiles and sites.

Personal branding is essential but spending as much as $11,000 on it doesn’t seem so wise.

DEA Black – $20,000

This membership dwells solely on building you into a true entrepreneur.

According to the sales page, you will learn how to monetize almost anything that interests you, and the sky would be your limit.

DEA Black is also for those who want to partner with DEA and SFM to become a consultant and create training programs

How Much Can You Make with Digital Experts Academy?

If you look at the positive impact that is owning an online business can have in your life, then I would say YES it’s worth it.

Looking at the positive impact online business can bring into your life, then I would say DEA is worth the price.

But considering the fact that this training material can be found in the public domain at a lower price and for free even, is another thing that would make you doubt it.

Nevertheless, I think the price is still okay because it’s relatively high due to the high ticket commissions that it offers to its affiliates.

You see, when you purchase these memberships, you have the right to promote it to other people and earn generous commissions.

When you become a member, you join their affiliate program to promote it to other people to earn generous commissions on it.

These programs usually offer a 50% commission. Imagine recruiting someone to pay the DEA Gold; you would make around $4000!

Digital Experts Academy Customer Service and Support

DEA has a robust online community that is ever ready to help you navigate your way through the program and assist you in your time of need.

There are also mentors and coaches that you can communicate with directly if you have issues.

What is Good About Digital Experts Academy

  1. The pressure to succeed: the pressure to succeed is very high because the amount put in is not something to joke around with. Spending over a thousand dollars is enough to get commit and make something out of this program.
  2. Active community and support: the community is with like-minded people that can help you and encourage you throughout the process of the program. Mentors have direct communication with you and are willing to guide you through each process step-by-step and help you avoid unnecessary mistakes.
  3. Quality training: the materials are up-to-date and have good quality. Added to this you would have workshops and webinars related to your program type and personal communications with real-life people that have been through this process with you.

Issues With Digital Experts Academy

It’s Expensive

Paying over two thousand dollars upfront is quite discouraging.

Especially for beginners, and you still have to become a member of the DEA program and purchase other materials before you can begin at this moment increasing the cost put in.

Online Opinions of this Digital Experts Academy

The following are links to other reviews of Digital Experts Academy:

Is Digital Experts Academy Legit Or Scam?

Digital Experts Academy is a legit program, and of good quality, the only issue is the high price. The problem with DEA is that it is too costly for the price.

Paying $2,500 with many up-sells up to $20,000 for an online digital marketing course is too costly. Though, Digital Experts Academy is legit and not a scam; but it is too costly.

you can not compare this course with Wealthy Affiliate in any way and wealthy Affiliate is less than $500 Yearly for all the Wealthy Affiliate premium benefits.

Is Digital Experts Academy a legit or scam? What do you think?

Is Digital Experts Academy Worth It?

Thanks for reading my Digital Experts Academy review. Can you make money with Digital Experts Academy? Is Digital Experts Academy legit or a scam?

This is an excellent training guide for those who are stable enough to pay for it and can commit to making the most of what it has to offer.

what are good side hustles

But Is Digital Experts Academy worth it?

The course is too costly. Can you imagine paying for an Affiliate Marketing course of $2,500 and even up to $20,000!

Comparing Digital Experts Academy with what Wealthy Affiliate offers. With a one time cost of $2,500, that will help you build your online business with Wealthy Affiliate for over five years.

What do you think of my Digital Experts Academy review? Can you make money with Digital Experts Academy? Is Digital Experts Academy a legit or scam?

What is your take? Please drop a line and comment for me.

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4 thoughts on “Is Digital Experts Academy a Scam? Can You Still Make Money?”

  1. Price ranging from anywhere between $2,500 up to $20,000 is way out of the league! Don’t know why would someone actually fall for it? There are so many more courses which you can access online now that will help you build a successful online business.

    1. Dear Shaw,

      Thanks for reading my review of Digital Expert Academy. And most especially for taken time to drop this comment.

      I agree with our that the cost of membership of joining and accessing the resource provided by Digital Expert Academy is at the extreme. Too costly!

      Even at Wealthy Affiliate, which is my #1 Recommendation for any online business, the price is not comparable and you can access the best of the best of training materials.

      This can not be said of this costly Digital Expert Academy.

      But my review is straight forward. Does the cost or price makes Digital Expert Academy a Scam?

      Is this the reason why many are classifying Digital Expert Academy scam?

      With what you have read do you think? Is Digital Expert Academy a scam?

      The owner of Digital Expert Academy is the same as the owner of Six Figure Mentor.

      You will observe the same trend that it is AL about using people to make money.

      The essence is to push you to buy into the program.

      Because in r WA l sense if you join the membership program you can not make money until you buy into different levels of digital expert academy.

      My point is it is not worth the stress and the price or cost to maintain this program.

      You can get most of this training free online via free resource such as Google, YouTube l, yahoo etc.

      Thanks for checking on my website again.


  2. Tiffany Stafford

    Digital Experts Academy sounds like a wonderful program for people who are already established, and want to take their company from local to regional- or regional to national. This review offers a detailed summary of the services and supports available, so long as you’re capable of absorbing the up-front cost. This is certainly not a program for beginners, but it sounds vastly helpful for people looking to grown their online businesses.

    1. Thanks for r WA ding my Digital Expert Academy review. I am glad you game to my site and mostly for dropping your comment.

      Thank you.



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