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Home » Multi-Level Marketing » AWOL Academy Review: Can You Really Make Money?

AWOL Academy Review: Can You Really Make Money?

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Home » Multi-Level Marketing » AWOL Academy Review: Can You Really Make Money?

You are welcome to my AWOL Academy review. Can you make money with AWOL Academy? Is AWOL Academy legit or a scam?

I am sure you want to know if you can make money with AWOL Academy and if it worth the high price tag of $15,884?


Yes, that is the total amount you will have to pay for all the courses at AWOL Academy!

Many of my forum members also want to know if they can make money with this training program.

AWOL Academy means “Another Way Of Life.”

So let’s find out if this product will give you Another Way of Life regarding making money or not. This will be a fun-filled and informative ride.

Let’s go!!!

Estimated reading time: 10 minutes

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AWOL Academy at a Glance

awol academy review

Product Name: AWOL Academy
Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Training Platform
Founder: Keala Kanae & Kameron George
Price: $99 – $9,997 (Costly Upsell)
Rating: 38%
Recommended: No.

Summary of AWOL Academy Review

This review will show you if AWOL Academy does live up to its claims that it can help you build a highly successful business.

Now, you must know about this product is that it was initially named Project AWOL.

The creators probably decided to rename the AWOL Academy program because Project AWOL got in a scuffle with Empower Network (a Multi-level Marketing scheme that caved in, and people lost lots of money) over compliance fraud.

But is AWOL Academy legit or a scam internet marketing training? Can you make money with AWOL Academy?
AWOL Academy is legit and not a scam. And you can make money with this training.

I will not recommend AWOL Academy to you because of the high cost and many up-sell in this program. It is just a waste of money.

You will get access to all you need to know in Internet marketing with Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate is better and cheaper in terms of everything.

AWOL Academy will cost you over $5,000 to get all the products and training. That will earn you years of members of Wealthy Affiliate.

With less than $500, you will get all the packages that will earn you over $3,000 monthly with Wealthy affiliate training.

You can quickly partner with Amazon with your website within days with Wealthy Affiliate training.

You can start Wealthy Affiliate training for FREE here.

The level-1 of ten lessons is FREE. Learn more here.

What do you think of my AWOL Academy review? Can you make money with AWOL Academy?

Is AWOL Academy legit or a scam?

What is AWOL Academy?

how to make money with AWOL Academy

AWOL Academy is the creation of Kameron George & Keala Kanae. The company is located in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Kanae who was once featured in Forbes describes himself as “the badass” of freelance digital marketing.

AWOL Academy, as its name implies, is a training program that teaches people about internet marketing, how to make money online, and achieves financial freedom.

It was created to help anyone interested in affiliate marketing, and it is not restricted to any region.

You can also learn more about AWOL Academy on LinkedIn.

Is there more to it? Let’s find out, shall we?

Cost of AWOL Academy?

One thing should be straightened out before we proceed. AWOL Academy is for the rich and not for poor people.

Know that in addition to the $99 (minimum) that you will pay to buy into this program, you will need a load of extra cash to get started.

There are six different levels or “academies” in the AWOL Academy.

Each module includes different stages and levels of training in various aspects of internet marketing.

These include the following:

Pro Academy – $99

This is for beginners.

You will go through the step-by-step process of creating a sales funnel that converts visitors to paying customers in a 5 module course.

And also the process of building and designing your very own automated sales funnel.

You will have a website, domain, and done-for-you leadpages and more

Inbox Academy – $297

This module focus to coach you on how to make maximum profits from your email list as well as empower you with “secret” strategies that pro email marketers use which enables you to get the maximum amount of sales from your current subscriber list.

Conversion Academy – $997

This has to do with how to convert your leads to customers; it is more advanced than the Pro Academy.

It teaches you how to use “hypnotic” language to entice people to buy. Most of the technique used by this product teaches you to get sales from somewhat of a psychological perspective.

Traffic Academy – $997

This is all about getting quality traffic to your website using “secret strategies” for generating quality leads for as little as $0.17.

You will also learn how to get “targeted traffic,” which converts much better to have your sales funnels overflowing with fresh, hot leads daily.

Masters Academy – $3,497

This academy looks at your business from a bigger and more strategic perspective as you have made it to the point where you are probably making decent money.

Masters Academy is all about maintaining your long-term wealth from online marketing.

This training will also teach you how the super-wealthy manages their money for long-term financial freedom, i.e., putting your money to work for you.

AWOL Elite – $9,997

This is the highest echelon of the AWOL Academy. It is reserved for the most serious-minded members and comes with personalized group coaching from an experienced marketer.

This is about staying on top of your games and the latest strategies on how to make money online.

You get all the inside information at this level and are probably making some pretty good money.

Worthy of mention, you will also get live support, which is something you won’t get at any other level.

In my opinion, all these training modules can combine into one, but they were intentionally separated into parts that make up the upsell.

This will make more money for the owners and the people promoting this program and not good for you.

Who Is AWOL Academy For?

AWOL Academy is an online marketing platform designed to help consumers triumph as affiliate marketers.

This program will be an attraction for affiliate marketers with spare cash to spare and the zeal to work hard to get to the top of the system.

How to Make Money with AWOL Academy

The AWOL Academy has various packages designed to fit the budget of their customers. But, how can you make money with AWOL Academy?

The first package, AWOL Pro Academy is valued at $99 and contains four modules and 25 videos.

The first module will teach its members the basics of affiliate marketing.

Members will learn how to set up a website and set a hosting account for their email account and website as well as my domain.

With these basics, you should be ready to begin your journey as an affiliate marketer.

From the next module, you should be ready to make some money as you will learn how to come up with your landing page and connect your autoresponder service to it.

By the time you begin to compile the email addresses of your visitors, you can send them emails of tutorials or promotions that will bring in some cash for you.

You will have to spend more to earn more on this system. At least to make money from this module you’d pay $80 each month.

The third module will teach you the basics of selecting affiliate products to promote your email list such as Clickbank, JVZoo, etc.

The affiliate product you choose is the next step to driving traffic through Solo ads which will be taught by Kameron George and Keala Kanae.

Since you’d be paying a blog owner to send your promotion through their email list, you should have a budget of the amount you’d be spending monthly.

And trust me Solo ads are quite expensive costing almost $500 for 1000 visitors.

The Fourth module will teach you tracking and optimizing your campaigns to make the most out of them.

While the AWOL Academy is quite vocal about the amount, you have to pay it says nothing specific about what you get to earn.

See more of these kinds of online training programs of similar features and characteristics.

AWOL Academy Customer Service and Support

The AWOL Academy has a support team ready to attend to you even if it is a money-back situation.

The support team can be contacted on

You can contact them via phone calls through the numbers on the website.

What is Good About AWOL Academy?

  • 14-days No Question Asked Money-Back Guarantee.

If you’re not satisfied with their course, you can get your money back 100% within the first 14 days.

  • It is BBB Accredited

This is a good sign. As of August 2017, AWOL Academy has a B rating with 16 complaints and 57 reviews.

  • Great Training on Every Module

This is good for beginners who have no idea what step to take in the world of internet marketing.

Issues with AWOL Academy?

  • Many Overpriced Upsells

The cost of all their programs together is more than 15 000 USD. No matter how in-depth their training is, it’s not worth 15,000 USD.

A lot of information about making money online and affiliate marketing can be found online for free.

  • Little autonomy

AWOL Academy is a structure such that, any beginner must go through the many upsells.

  • Focus on Paid Traffic

AWOL Academy is teaching focuses mainly on paid ads which translates to spending hundreds of dollars on advertising and getting traffic to your website.

Beginners stand to lose a lot of money on paid traffic at the start because it’ll take some time before they understand it.

  • No free trial

There is no free trial with this program. But you can get your money back within 14 working days if you don’t like what you paid for.

Is AWOL  Academy a Legit or a Scam?

AWOL  Academy is legit and not a scam.

But, it is NO for me.

Why is that?

Pricing is the number problem of this program. It’s unreasonable and ridiculously too costly.

Newbies are expected to pay $99 for the basic course which is quite outrageous.

I can assure you that you will get the same in terms of quality (even better) of training at a much lower price or even for free.

Except for the price, you cannot say that AWOL Academy is a scam, it teaches a lot about affiliate marketing to its members.

It’s just one of those products with loads of upsell and expensive membership. I saw one AWOL Academy review online that refer to this company as a scam.

What do you think of my AWOL  Academy review? Can you make money with AWOL  Academy?

Is AWOL  Academy legit or a scam?

Is AWOL Academy Worth It?

Thanks for reading my AWOL Academy review? Do you think you can still make money with AWOL Academy?

what are good side hustles

Is AWOL  Academy legit or a scam?

Is AWOL Academy Worth the Money?  Do you have this kind of money to pay for this training program?

While AWOL Academy sells excellent training resources that will help its members learn about affiliate marketing, its pricing is ridiculous.

While the product is owner centered as it generates a lot of income for them it isn’t too friendly to the pocket of the buyers.

So, if you are tired of products utilize these tactics to drill a hole in your pocket, you can turn around to a product I recommend, Wealthy Affiliate.

You can learn all you need to know about affiliate marketing with this product to make a great and steady passive income without having to break the bank. You can try it out here.

What do you think of my AWOL Academy review?

Can you make your money back after paying such a huge price for this training? Is AWOL  Academy

Kindly drop your thoughts and ideas in my comments area below. I will definitely get back to you.

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6 thoughts on “AWOL Academy Review: Can You Really Make Money?”

  1. This really does seem a bit steep for a training academy, but then again I guess I paid for a college degree without complaining, right? I appreciate the author’s honesty about feeling like the product itself is not worth the price. Is the training material similar to the Wealthy Affiliate program you seem to have faith in?

  2. $15,884 for Affiliate Marketing Training is a hell of a lot of money!

    Too sad, the training program will make more money for the people promoting it instead of the ones taking it.

    I think this AWOL Academy is a scam?

    Many online course membership sites are designed in a way to earn recurring income for the course creator rather than the one taking the course.

    1. Thanks for reading my AWOL Academy review?

      I wrote this article hoping to answer many questions such as:

      Is AWOL Academy legitimate?

      What is awol academy coupon codes? And where to find them?

      With what I have written in my review, putting into consideration many questions in many fora which I can sum like this “is awol academy legit or what”

      Awol Academy is legitimate but it is too expensive and you can earn money easily with alternative programs such as Wealthy Affiliate.

      The objective of this review is to help many people out there about how not to fall a victim to an expensive programs that will take your money while you can achieve the same objective of making money online in a money cheaper way that is well known and generally accepted in the online world.



  3. Hey Jofa,

    From what I see, it doesn’t sound that AWOL Academy is a scam to me to be honest, especially that it’s BBB accredited. However, I need to admit that it’s too expensive, it’s over for my budget, not to mention that it’s a focus mostly on paid Ads, it’s clear to me that this program for beginners who already have a big budget,

    Does “Wealthy Affiliate” come with an affordable price?

    1. Thanks for reading my AWOL Academy review. I really appreciate your comment and time you ve taken on this site.

      Wealthy Affiliate pricing is great for newbies. First month is $19, subsequent month is $49. You can pay a herds for half a year and a full year. It will reduce your monthly payment such that a y WA payment is just $29 monthly.



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