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Home » Multi-Level Marketing » Is iMarketsLive Legit Or a Scam? Is IML Really Worth It?

Is iMarketsLive Legit Or a Scam? Is IML Really Worth It?

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Home » Multi-Level Marketing » Is iMarketsLive Legit Or a Scam? Is IML Really Worth It?

You are welcome to my iMarketsLive of Christopher Terry Review. Is iMarketsLive legit or another pyramid scheme scam? Are the iMarketslive – IML TV, Harmonic Scanner IML, IML Web Analyzer, iMarketsLive Academy, and other tools worth it?

I am sure you are here because you want to know iMarketsLive (IML) legit or a scam pyramid scheme. 


It is good you are making your findings of Christopher Terry’s iMarketsLive – IML; it is an excellent way to avoid online scams and discover legitimate online business.

Please know that I am not a promoter of Christopher Terry and the company, i.e., iMarketslive (IML); therefore, expect an honest and unbiased review.

Please read on.

Estimated reading time: 27 minutes

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iMarketsLive Review at a Glance

christopher terry net worth

Product Name: iMarketsLive
Founder & CEO: Christopher Terry
IBO Kit:  $15 to Start + $15 Monthly
Business Type: Multi-Level Marketing – MLM
Platinum Membership: $225 (Upfront) & $164.95 Monthly
Rating: 30
Recommended: No

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What Is iMarketsLive? 

iMarketsLive facilitates financial trade software that works with an affiliate program.

Joining iMarketsLive can be a great decision for individuals desiring to learn and understand the international FOREX markets.

The network marketing platforms give one on one online interactive sessions whereby affiliate trader and customers learn how to trade by observing the CEO Christopher Terry doing the transaction.

You are given a chance to understand trends in the forex market from the programs like the Harmonic Scanner IML, training education and FX signals live.

With IML, earning is through trade and affiliate programs whereby one earns profit from members who register through their affiliate link.

Earning is up to 4th level with 30% earnings on the primary sponsored affiliate and then 10% on the other persons down the array.

Please read more about about iMarketsLive on Wikipedia.

What do you think of my iMarketslive by Christopher Terry review? Is iMarketslive legit or a pyramid scheme scam? Is the IML tv and IML Web Analyzer, and iMarketslive worth it?

Warnings From Financial Regulators Against iMarketsLive 

Several warnings have emerged from financial services and regulators of many countries towards the activities of International Markets Live LTD, i.e. iMarketsLive.

Many of these financial regulators warn their residents and population not to invest in iMarketsLive.

The list below is countries, regions, and list of financial regulators that have issued such warnings in the past. And it is still ongoing. . .

***France’s AMF Raised Alarm About IML***

The independent financial regulatory body in France i.e. AMF – Autorite Des Marches Financiers.

The Autorite Des Marches Financiers are responsible for making sure that the investments and savings of France’s general public are okay and safe at all times.

They ensure that investors are provided necessary information about the safety of the markets and they also supervised and regulated the financial market in France.

Their activities are coordinated with another financial regulator in France, and they also extend their corporations with their European and country of national counterparts.

The announcement press statement warning the resident and general public of France of IML was out on the 29th of December 2017.

With this, Is iMarketsLive legit or a scam pyramid scheme? Is iMarketslive worth it?

You can also contact the AMF Communication Director (Caroline Richard) – Official Phone Contact: +33 01 53 45 60 39 or +33 01 53 45 60 28

Source: AMF Press Release

***Belgium FSMA Warns Its Resident Against IML***

The Belgium government through its financial regulators i.e. Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA).

It issued its latest warning on the 25th of January 2018 to the resident and general public; about the commercial activities of the International Market Live LTD generally called iMarketsLive.

FSMA is a public institution appointed by law, and they carried out the independent regulatory task in the interest of the general public as assigned by Parliament.

The warning has to do with the unauthorized activities of IML in Belgium.

The authority sighted that the International Markets Live LTD has been soliciting FX and contracts that involved Binary Options, CFDs, OTC Forex and trading of forex online (Initially Banned in Belgium since 2016)

The FSMA claims that iMarketsLive has been targeting poorly educated younger individuals, they warn further that these residents are not aware of the risk involved in dealing with iMarketsLive.

Is iMarketslive legit or a scam and pyramid scheme? Are members using the IML tv and IML Web Analyzer?

Source: FSMA Press Release ==>FSMA Website and Finance Magnates.

***The British Virgin Islands FSC Warns About iMarketsLive***

British Virgin Islands issued a public statement on 9th May 2018 through the Financial Services Commission (FSC) to the general public of the activities of iMarketsLive that is claimed to be a subsidiary of International Market Live LTD.

FSC warn the public that the online investment and trading of forex offered by IML are illegal in the territory because iMarketsLive are not and they have never been License to involve in such business activities in the British Virgin Islands.

Residents are warned to exercise extreme caution in doing business with IML. Many iMarketslive by Christopher Terry review stated this problem with the company.

Source: Screenshot of Warning on FSC Website==> FSC Website

***The United Kingdom s’ FCA Warns The Public About iMarketsLive***

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) published a public warning notice as relate to IML on 21st May 2018. They sighted that the financial activities of iMarketsLive are without proper authorization. is an independent public institution in the United Kingdom.

They accountable and report to the UK Treasury that is wholly responsible for the UK ‘s Finacial system and also to the Parliament.

They indicated that IML is an unauthorized company and that the public should protect themselves against been scammed.

FCA sighted that they must authorize any company, firm, institutions, or individual that is promoting, selling or offering financial products and services in the United Kingdom.

FCA believes that all company that is practicing without their authorization such as “iMarketsLive” are practicing an investment scam.

Is iMarketslive legit or another scam pyramid scheme? Will IML tv and IML Web Analyzer work for you?

Is ImarketsLive – IML legit or scam pyramid scheme? Is iMarketslive worth your time?

Source: Screenshot FCA Warning  ==> FCA Website

***A Warning by the States of Jersey Police About IML***

On the 29th of June 2018. The State of Jersey Police posted a warning signal on their Facebook Page sighting their intention and considerations to launch a full-scale investigation into the activities and setup of the company called iMarketsLive.

The states of Jersey is located at Bay of St Malo, which is 22km from the coast of France and 137km south of the English coast.

Jersey is the most populated of the Channel Islands. The state capital is St Helier, and they speak English.

The police indicated that the iMarketsLive is an authorized business venture in the Island runs and operated by unknown individuals.

They warn that they are on the Island to recruit members of the resident public. They also noted that iMarketsLive focuses its efforts on younger adults of the populates.

The States of Jersey Police warn that the iMarketsLive scheme is likely to result in a financial loss to the general public.

Source: The State of Jersey Police Facebook Page 

***iMarketsLive Warning by Colombia Financial Regulator***

On the 10th October 2017 the Colombia regulatory body, i.e. the Superintendencia Financiera de Colombia warns the resident and general public about the iMarketsLive activities and scheme in Columbia.

Superintendencia Financiera de Colombia is like the SEC – Security and Exchange Commission in Colombia.

The Colombia financial regulator issued an investment warning on International Markets Live Limited on their “illegal financial activity.”

Is iMarketslive legit or another scam and a pyramid scheme? What do you think of this my review of Christopher Terry’s iMarketslive? Is IML tv and IML Web Analyzer helping members?

Source: Download The Original Press Release (You Will have to Translate It to the English Language)

***The Bahamas Warns Its Residents About iMarketsLive***

On the 2nd of August 2017, the Securities Commission of the Bahamas warns its general public of iMarketsLive effort soliciting the resident to join an MLM program called IML or iMarketslLive.

The Bahamas Security Commission instructed the general public that iMarketsLive and its agent or consultant did not apply to be registered or secure a license to operate financial activities in the Bahamas.

They concluded that IML arts, activities, and action in the Bahamas are a violation of financial regulatory acts of the country.

Bahamas’ residents that are worried to have done business with iMarketsLive ‘s agent and their consultants.

With all these warning, is iMarketsLive worth it?

They were encouraged to contact the manager at the Enforcement Department, Securities Commission with the following details:

Phone Number: 397 – 4100
Post Office Address: P .O. Box N-8347, Nassau, The Bahamas.
Email Address:

Source: Full Detail of The Press Release

***Spain Regulator CNMV Warns Against iMarketsLive***

National Securities Market Commission – CNMV also referred to in Spanish as Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores is the financial regulator of the security market in Spain.

It is an independent institution that reported directly to Spain ‘s Ministry of Economy. CNMV was founded in 1988 with the headquarters in Madrid, Spain.

On the 15th of January 2018, CNMV warns the Spanish general public about IML and its related entities.

They sighted that iMarketsLive is an unauthorized entity in Spain participating in the securities market by providing investment services.

CNMV stated that activities of iMarketsLive are not authorized in Spain because they are yet to meet specific requirements as required by supervisory bodies.

Such requirement includes proper registration and subjection of the company to the control of the regulatory institution in Spain.

They even encourage the resident to approach the court to seek compensation if at all any have suffered damages.

Is iMarketslive really worth it for you with all these irregularities?

Source: Full Press Release (Download)

***Netherlands‘s CBCS Warns Resident of  IML***

On the 6th of November 2018, the Central Bank of Curaçao and Sint (CBCS) formally called Bank of the Netherlands Antilles released a warning to the general public of the Netherlands about the activities of iMarketsLive and its related entity.

CBCS was established in 1828 (the Americas’ oldest Central Bank), and it is responsible for the administrations of the monetary policy of Curaçao and Sint Maarten.

The public is warned that trading in FOREX is with a lot of risks, they sighted that the CBCS is not supervising IML.

CBCS sighted that iMarketsLive program and operation in the country is similar to a pyramid scheme.

They stated that since the IML is not under the supervision of any regulator in the Netherlands that the investor is not protected and they may lose their money.

Is iMarketsLive legit or a scam and pyramid scheme? Is iMarketslive worth it?

What do you think of my Christopher Terry’s iMarketsLive review? Is IML tv and IML Web Analyzer fake and real forex tools?

Source: Netherlands Central Bank

Harmonic Scanner IML

This is an important aspect of the IML academy online, this is a tool that provides or detects financial markets’ geometric patterns of thousands of traders.

This scanner can provide an indicator on which financial forex market turning points will be called with over 88% accuracy.

Mostly, the harmonic scanner IML is used for scanning and searching for forex or financial market IML harmonic scanner patterns within a time frame.

It makes available data for entry points, targets, and risk points in financial and forex trading.

Harmonic Scanner IML Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

What is Harmonic Scanner IML?

The IML Harmonic Scanner is an essential tool that helps forex traders detect patterns. The patterns detected by IML Harmonic Scanner are using for forex trading.

There are six such IML Harmonic Scanner patterns. 

They are: 

  • Shark
  • Cipher
  • Gartley
  • Butterfly
  • Crab,
  • Bat

How much does an IML harmonic scanner cost?

The quality and well-trusted pattern scanner are between $18 to $20 monthly in 2020. 

Is the harmonic scanner for IML free?

The IML harmonic scanner is not free. Your subscription covers the cost of the harmonic scanner in IML. 

You can, however, get a harmonic scanner for free online at no cost. The quality of such software may not be according to the standard. 

Are IML harmonic patterns profitable?

It is a risky business. Sometimes, it works, and most time, it did not. 

Forex trading is a risky business, and you can lose all your money. 

How do you calculate IML harmonic patterns?

There are three standard ways to spot IML harmonic scanner price patterns.

They are:

You first locate a potential IML harmonic scanner price pattern.

You try to calculate the quality and potential in terms of profitability.

Decide to buy or sell with the aid of the signal. Do you think that iMarketsLive worth your money?

IML Academy

iMarketsLive provides the following academic services to its members.

Below are what these services are all about:

IML Academy Online

This is the training section of iMarketsLive where you will be taught everything about forex and cryptocurrency trading.

These training modules are made up of basic, intermediate, and advance forex trading; the platform is made up of over 100 text and videos that show step by step functional forex training modules.

The training is simple to follow, and you can quickly learn at your own time. The great things about the exercise are that it takes into consideration both Forex and cryptocurrency trading.

Daily Swing Trades

This is a weekly Forex and Cryptocurrency IML academy online.

It is facilitated by an expert traders Christopher Terry with over 25 years of experience.

He provides his top trade tricks and the current outlook of the financial market for his audience weekly, i.e. every Sunday.

Coin Academy

This is all about the cryptocurrency IML academy online and how you can profit online with a crypto coin. You have many video training on all you need to know about crypto coin trading.

You will find many pre-recorded step by step hands-on video training on crypto coin trading.

It is all about the information on the risk taken, trade ideas, and guidance from over five years of an expert on the crypto market educator.

Is iMarketsLive worth your time and money?

IML Web Analyzer/Crypto Analyzer – Optional Add-On ($21.95 Monthly)

The IML Web Analyzer (Crypto IML Web Analyzer or IML Web Analyzer software) is one of the several tools in the IML academy online that will help you analyzes and assess the cryptocurrency or forex market with its sophisticated algorithm.

To be able to analyze the trade and earn maximum profit with minimal risk.

You must take into consideration the history trades of the crypto coins or forex which includes the volume of trade and the price chart; irrespective of what the project does, the usefulness of the coin and the significance of the currency under focus.

The fundamental analysis of the cryptocurrency or the forex is taken into consideration first to know if it is undervalued or overpriced.

The IML academy online training will help you to know how to put this tool to work. The IML Web Analyzer will scan the markets for prospective forex and cryptocurrency within a time frame.

It works in real-time with live markets and produces a forex and cryptocurrency alert that is simple to assimilate and in an easy to implement format for trading.

In simple terms, the IML academy Web Analyzer focuses on entry and exit points 24 hours daily for possible crosses and pairs; and those signals are sent to you as an iMarketsLive trader.

Swipe Trades/Coin IML Academy Online

This is an App that will always send an alert message to prompt you to initiate a trade transaction as highlighted by the iMarketsLive expert.

You are to copy and paste the patterns that the trade expert has already gotten. There is no need for you to analyze the market. It is done for you by the expert with this app.

The app help you received trade ideas from the team of experienced traders or educators.

It is Swipe App for forex trading while you are to download Swipe Coin for cryptocurrency trading such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

You ‘ll get information risk points that include notes, guidance, and follow-up.

The app alert helps you to have a second hands opinion about the market which will avail you an excellent hands-on experience.

The cost of the two optional add on tools are as stated below:

  1. Trading (Swipe Trades)  – $21.95 monthly
  2. Swipe Coin ($49.95 monthly)

iMarketsLive – IML TV

This is an online TV for a different IML academy training on forex and cryptocurrency online trading; it covers both basic to advanced trading of different IML products and strategies.

This involves almost 1,000 hours of such live training and analysis monthly. It is in the form of webinars in eight major languages.

They claim that the facilitators are experts in the forex and cryptocurrency trading around the world.

The training allows you to ask questions via chat and in-depth questions and answer sessions.

The good thing about IML TV is that members can learn at any time of your choice.

The problem with IML TV is that you can still get the same content on YouTube and other public domain online.

So, Is iMarketsLive worth your time and money with the resource free on YouTube?

What Is Good About IML

  1.    Offers extensive guidance and access to library materials that can help you in the FOREX market.
  2.    The IBO package is cheap and affordable for everyone.
  3.    Earning is through the affiliate process thus you don’t need much time on the platform.

Issue With iMarketsLive 

***Warning of Residents By International Regulators Against iMarketsLive***

Many countries have banned and prohibited iMarketsLive from operating in their countries.

Countries such as Netherlands, Spain, Bahamas, Colombia, the States of Jersey, United Kingdom, British Virgin Islands, Belgium, and France have warned its residents and public against iMarketsLive.

The financial regulators of the listed countries have banned iMarketsLive because they have refused to go through the regulators in those countries.

If a company is legal and legitimate why won’t it follow the law and regulatory bodies? This is not the case for iMarketsLive.

From this article alone, ten financial regulators issue warnings that IML is a scam, and they specifically advise their resident not to get involved with the company.

What is usually the outcome of any person, company, or organization that refuses to follow the regulation of the country where they are residents?

This is what makes iMarketslive a suspected scam and pyramid scheme program of the century.

***iMarketsLive is Classified to Be a Ponzi Scheme***

From many shreds of evidence, I have shown you via this article; ten financial regulators warn their residents not to involve in IML because their sales structure is just like a Ponzi scheme.

Couple with their inability to go through the regulators to meet the requirements that will make it qualified as a legit forex trader.

But they can’t because the program is all about scams and pyramid scheme schemes to get your money in the long run.

What do you think of the iMarketsLive review? Is iMarketsLive legit or a scam and pyramid scheme? Is iMarketsLive worth it?

***Many Negative iMarketsLive Review Complaints***

I can confirm to you that there is no program or system that is 100% without an issue. But when problems and complaints are getting extreme then you should be wary about such institutions.

With so many complaint, is iMarketsLive a Scam or legit MLM forex company?

***IML Program Is Too Expensive***

From my Forex trading research so far. You don’t need to spend such amount to learn how to trade forex online.

With an upfront payment of $225 and a monthly $165 to have access to all the tools that iMarketslive will help you become a forex trader! It is exceptionally too costly.

You can get most of the necessary learning tools online via Google and YouTube videos that will show you step by step guides.

***IML Members Have no Proof of Earnings***

Most people chasing iMarketsLive has no proof of making real money. Many are even losing money regularly.

If a program is making its member money or creating values; people will always share testimonies and success stories, an example is Wealthy Affiliate Success stories.

***IML Forex Trading Is a Risky Business***

Forex trading is not a program to venture to if you are greedy and most especially you are a newbie; otherwise, you will lose all your money before you know it.

IML is not a place that will equip you with all you need to know about Forex trading.

They use a common forecasting tool that indicates entry and exit trading points for all members worldwide.

Forex trading is more than that. The IML approach is a lazy way of trading forex, and this is why you cannot make money learning forex trading in with such methods.

***More Upsells In IML – Broker Fees Not Included***

iMarkets do not mention it to anyone that you will need to shoulder the extra cost you need to hire a broker to make a trade.

You cannot trade in forex without a broker, though this is not mentioned on the iMarketsLive sales page.

You will only get to know this after purchasing this program, and this is an additional cost to you. With many upsells, is iMarketsLive legit and a pyramid scheme scam?

What can you use the IML tv, IML Web Analyzer, and the academy for? Is iMarketsLive really worth it?

IML ‘s Term & Condition Not in Your Favour

Before you sign up to become a member of iMarketsLive; you will be made to agree to the company ‘s Term and Conditions with the Policies & Procedures.

Over 30 pages of contractual documents bind members and distributors to many iMarketsLive provisions which include the following:

You’II Get Terminated

You can be terminated from the company at the discretion of iMarketsLive;

Inactive IML eWallet

If you’re as an Independent Affiliate, and you have not been able to log into your IML eWallet within 90 days; You will forfeit any funds in your eWallet account to iMarketsLive.

IML Promotional and Adds Materials

The only IML produced and approved affiliates must use the material; otherwise, you will be violating the contract.

iMarketsLive Lawsuit

Litigation about iMarketsLive is very scarce, which can be an indication of a good thing or could be because of the company binding arbitration clause.

iMarketsLive’s Vs. Copy Profit Success Global (CPSG) Lawsuit

Another iMarketsLive lawsuit is a defamation suit file by IML against Copy Profit Success Global mid-2018. 

Because of the inaction of iMarketsLive in respect of that case, the said case has been dismissed by the court. 

iMarketsLive named the following people as a defendant with CPSG in that iMarketsLive Suits:

  • Joel Santiago, 
  • Muhammad Zidan 
  • Joe Otis, 
  • Gregory Perdriel, 
  • Carlos Santiago, and 
  • Robbie Issa.

 It was believed that Muhammad Zidan decides to settle the case and remain the business partner to iMarketsLive. 

But, iMarketsLive decide to continue the lawsuits with only one person i.e., Gregory Perdriel.

But after failing to defend the suit, an entry of default proceeded against Gregory Perdriel on August 21st, 2018.  Court later dismissed the case on October 22nd. 

iMarketsLive Vs Wealth Generators (WG) – Lawsuit

Another famous iMarketsLive lawsuit is that of Wealth Generators (WG). This is a competitor of iMarketsLive. 

Wealth Generators sued IML in November 2017, accusing them that they stole confidential information of the intellectual property.

They alleged that iMarketslive implemented a stolen idea from the company i.e., the iMarketsLive Binary Options and their Live IML academy training. 

Both the owner of iMarketsLive i.e., Terry, IML CFO (De La Torre), Morton, and some top members of IML, were named as a defendant. 

Another famous iMarketsLive lawsuit is a case between iMarketsLive Chakra Capital Group. Chakra Capital Group was sued in February 2018 with a five-count of complaints alleging civil conspiracy and trade libel.

They alleged that Robert Halterman, who controls the Chakra Capital Group, posted derogatory comments about iMarketsLive with his website and his Facebook page. 

iMarketsLive is claiming damages over $1m. 

Source: iMarketsLive Lawsuit Docket  in PDF

***iMarketslive Lawsuit With CFTC {iMarketsLive Penalized  For Operating Illegally In US}***

The particular iMarketsLive lawsuit is regulatory related.

On 14th September 2018, The United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission – CFTC published a press released about iMarketsLive lawsuit on its website stating the following:

Screenshot {Court Order Instituting Proceedings and iMarketsLive Lawsuit as Respondent}

That it has investigated, charged, and penalized iMarketslive among other companies for operating illegally in the United States.

They slammed iMarketsLive for offering forex trading and binary options to the investor in the US.

The CFTC confirmed that iMarketsLive failed to register with the regulator of the country which makes its business offering illegal in the US and they were slammed to pay $150,000 and a penalty for this offense.

The regulatory body cautioned iMarketsLive on their product “FX Signals Live product”; that is made available to customers and helps them to automatically executed trades.

This forex trade tips via the IML FX signals and posted on IML’s website “” were copied and used by approximately 500 customers daily.

The CFTC asserted that the customers did not take any actions nor use their discretion to make the trade occur in their accounts. Such a type of systematic forex trading is against the regulation in the US.

Source: CFTC Website and iMarketsLive Suit Court Docket (PDF)

What do you think of the iMarketsLive lawsuits review? Do you think iMarketsLive is legit or another scam?

Is iMarketsLive worth it with many lawsuits?

About Christopher Terry Founder & CEO of IML

Christopher Terry is the founder, president of and CEO of IML – iMarketsLive.

He has been a full-time forex trader since the early ’90s, i.e., precisely 1993.

Many people want to know more about Christopher Terry; he is a famous person in the forex, future, equity market, and trading industry.

This section of the IML review is all about Christopher Terry, the forex trader guru of all time.

Mr. Christopher Terry has been an educator and forex trader full time since 1994. He is not only a trader but an educator in the field of how to make money with forex.

Christopher Terry established the iMarketsLive academy for this purpose using one of the best forex trading tools of all time, i.e., IML Harmonic Scanner.

Mr. Christopher Terry has also been speaking in various important derivative conferences worldwide, such as International Online Traders Expo, Traders Expo,, Traders Library, and many events and other private groups.

He has also written and named in many books’ articles and magazines.

Mr. Chris has assisted thousands of forex traders worldwide to attain their financial goals and attain financial independence via online education, mentoring, and live forex trading and coaching.

In a short while, Mr. Christopher Terry garnered huge followers by establishing iMarketsLife that has helped him travel widely to many regions and continents worldwide, such as the USA, Asia, and South America, the Czech Republic, Colombia, and Europe.

Chris is known to be a speaker of hope to many of his audience on creating financial independence, starting from where they are right now.

Christopher Terry Net Worth

The exact Christopher Terry Net Worth is not known and what you see online is only base on speculations.

What you should know is that Christopher Terry is the Founder & CEO of International Markets Live Inc. He is currently based out of New York. The USE.

Terry started the direct selling in 2013 with roughly over 60, 000 members.

So, what is Christopher Terry Net Worth?

Christopher Terry is an 8 figure forex traders and he has been trading and educating people about forex and equity markets since 1994.

He also makes money as a headline speaker and writers at a major conference and he has been sighted in several books and articles.

How much is Christopher Terry Net Worth?  It is estimated that Christopher Terry currently worth at least $2.54 million dollars as at first quarter of 2020.

According to, Mt. Terry owns over 25,000 units of Consumer Portfolio Services stock shares that are worth $73,984.

It is also stated that he makes $536,722 as of the Senior Vice of Consumer Portfolio Services.

What do you think of my review of iMarketsLive? Does this make iMarketsLive legit or a scam pyramid scheme?

Can IML tv, IML Web Analyzer IML academy help? Is iMarketsLive worth it?

iMarketsLive Review BBB Rating is ” F “

iMarketsLive has a BBB rating of ” F “that is one of the worst ratings that any company can get? 

Is iMarketsLive and Harmonic Scanner IML worth it

The iMarketsLive review BBB score was C before now; It has just been downgraded to D recently. 

It implies that something is wrong somewhere. What would you say If your child has a grade “D”?

Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a non-profit accrediting institution for companies, organizations, and businesses. It indicates and implies the following:

  • Are they responsible?
  • Do they have a reputation for delivering what they promised?
  • Can that company be trusted?
  • Do they qualify and meet the standard to operate in their industry?

You can verify the iMarketsLive BBB rating by going to the Better Business Bureau website.

But, is iMarketsLive legit or another scam pyramid scheme with the “D” BBB rating?

Are members making use of the IML tv and IML Web Analyzer? Is iMarketsLive worth it?

Is iMarketsLive a Pyramid Scheme

No, iMarketsLive Is legit and not a pyramid scheme scam.

Yes. It is the business model of direct sales that favored the owners and the people at the top of the scheme that is wrong.

Many people will term iMarketsLive to be a pyramid scheme because the company is using a multi marketing business model, and there are no physical products or services.

But iMarketsLive offered and delivered what the company promised i.e., Very solid forex trading training.

A pyramid scheme helps you make money based on the constant recruitment of investors.

The first set of investors recruit and the people they also recruit recruits, and on it goes the unending recruitment.

A pyramid scheme is illegal, but iMarketsLive is legal. The system is called a pyramid because each level must keep on recruiting.

iMarketsLive is not a pyramid scheme scam because a product is involved. Every active iMarketslive member must purchase a product.

The product involved tools, resources, and access to training in forex trading like IML tv, IML Web Analyzer, and IML academy. Is iMarketsLive worth it?

Do you agree with me that iMarketsLive is not a pyramid scheme scam?

Is iMarketsLive Legit or a Scam?

iMarketsLive is legit and not a pyramid scheme scam MLM company.

Not with standing, I will still avoid iMarketsLive by all means, and that is my advice for you.

Sighting all the evidence in this article; If iMarketsLive is legitimate why would they be avoiding doing things the right way?

Why would iMarketsLive refuse to go through the various regulatory bodies of many countries if it is not a scam? Theoretically iMarketsLive could earn you some money, but I still don’t get it!

A lot of volatility and maneuvering are involved in this Forex trading software-focused program.

IML is a platform for novice traders. Above all, it is a platform for people who care less about the trading Forex but entirely focused on converting members.

I once slammed that all MLM products are a scam until I discovered another MLM product that actually makes sense i.e. Recharge And Gets Paid.

There are many other great programs where you can work from home and engage in a legitimate online business that is within your control and decisions. Just like my #1 Recommended Work From Home.

So, Is iMarketsLive Legit or scam pyramid scheme scam MLM company? What do you think of my review of IML tv and IML Web Analyzer?

My answer to the questions is yes. iMarkestLive is legit MLM company.

But, it is a risky business and you can lose all your money.

What do you think of my iMarketsLive review? Is iMarketsLive really worth it?

Is iMarketsLive Worth It?

Thanks for reading my iMarketsLive review? Is iMarketsLive legit or a scam pyramid scheme? 

This is my take, Is iMarketsLive worth it?

IML is an MLM and forex training platform. What do you think about IML tv and IML Web Analyzer?

Also, trading forex is a risky business and you can lose all your money.

You must recruit people to get paid. Otherwise, you will pay the monthly charges for using the platform.

It is while a lot of people are skeptical, and they want to know if IML is a Legit Or a Scam pyramid scheme.

Are you an iMarketsLive member? Do you like trading forex?

I am sure you can now answer this question “Como Funciona IML”.

What do you think of my iMarketsLive review? Is iMarketsLive Legit or another scam pyramid scheme company?

Is IML tv and IML Web Analyzer matter and helping members?

What do you think of various iMarketsLive tools, such as:

  • Harmonic Scanner IML
  • iMarketsLive harmonic scanner
  • IML web analyzer
  • iMarketslive tv
  • IML tv

Do they worth it?

Kindly drop your thought in my comment area below. I will gladly get back to you in good time.

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Is iMarketsLive (IML) Legit, Scam, and Worth It?

65 thoughts on “Is iMarketsLive Legit Or a Scam? Is IML Really Worth It?”

  1. Hi John,

    Thanks for this eye opening article about iMarketsLive, there are so much false information out there that we get lost. I am glad you share this article with us, I will not trust iMarketsLive, specially when they refuse to accomplish with the law, this is a warning, they don’t offer any guarantee at all. I completely agree with you Affiliate Marketing is a better way of on-line business and you don’t have to risk to lose all your money in one day. 

    Best regards


  2. Hi,

    Thank you for sharing this amazing article about iMarketsLive explaining in detailed l was almost lost for a while reading your article l can say you are very good, society needs people like you. 

    ln, this world we leave in today there are so many scams and false information that make people lose their money or give up completely in trusting online platforms.

    But l am glad l came across Wealthy Affiliate and l am a very proud member of this online business, l have recommended Wealthy Affiliate to most of my friends some who were involved in online scams they still don’t believe WA is the way to go.

    With all you wrote, is iMarketsLive illegal? What do you think?

    Thank you for this great article

    Wishing you all the best!

    1. Dear Flona,

      Thanks for reading my article on how to make money with iMarketsLive.

      To answer your question. iMarketsLive is legal in any country where they are allowed to operate. If only they can do it right and get a permit for their operation in those countries where the regulator warns their citizens about the iMarketsLive operations. 

      The iMarketsLive just need to pass the regulator’s requirements and everything will be okay.

      Thanks again for reading my iMarketsLive review.


  3. This certainly sounds like a huge scam to me. Forex trading is such a complex field and is a highly regulated industry. Thankfully governments want to protect their people from money sharks and irregular financial dealings. iMarketsLive certainly sounds like a company that must be avoided at all cost. I’m shocked that they will even take funds from your eWallet. Thank you for highlighting this scam.

    1. iMarketsLive is not a scam, it is just that they have refused to take a permit from regulators of those countries.

      A lot of people are still making money with iMarketsLive. 

      Also, it happens that they have many negatives than positives.


  4. Thank you so much for your review on iMarkets Live. I have never heard of this company before. 

    From my personal experience, I have not yet seen a good MLM company yet. Not only that they only have the so so product or service their money making opportunity is hard. Only the top tier people and the owner usually make money. I used to belong to one called NPUSA. 

    Anyways, In terms of Forex, you need to know the situation of that country and follow up in order for you to invest successfully. There is money to be made but you do not need to be in their platform. There are many free phone apps that you can use to invest in Forex. 

    1. Dear Nuttanee,

      You are very right. My article is all about how iMarketsLive work and what iMarketsLive is all about.

      Thanks for reading my iMarketsLive review.



  5. Hi! BBB rating it with an F is like an alarm going off to me. I also don’t like MLMs because I have personally had bad experiences with these platforms. But I would like to learn the basics about how to trade in Forex.

    With all these thoughts going through my mind, I have decided to give IMarketsLive a pass. I’ll check out this affiliate marketing you mentioned at the end of this post.

    1. Hi Ann, 

      Thanks for reading my iMarketsLive reviews.

      My article is all about how to use iMarketsLive and mainly how to also join the iMarketsLive education platform.

      Thanks for reading my iMarketsLive  review.


  6. I must tell you I have considered using Imarketlive but I don’t know now because after so much scandals I don’t think anything good can come out from them again, but I think we could put them on a watch list and see how far they would go through.thanks anyway John I know this awesome article it would be of great help to the public.

    1. Ho, 

      I think that  iMarketsLive worth it. 

      It all depends on what you want to do with it.

      If you are in a country or region where they are allowed to operate. You will be fine.



  7. Hello John, Thank you for writing on iMarketslive. I learn a lot while reading your iMarketslive review. It is 100% scam. I find many scam review regarding iMarketslive. I found the best alternative(wealthy affiliate) on your site to make money online. I recently started my online business and find wealthy affiliate is the best platform to earn a good income. Thank you for helping me to find such useful platform.


  8. Hello. Thanks a lot for sharing with us such an amazing review about IMarketsLive and explanation given.

    We really need people like you who describe such platforms with such interest and honesty. In this virtual world there is so much false information that makes you waste money and time. But there are also platforms that help you earn money such as Wealthy Affiliate. I’m a member here and that was my best decision. I really recommend this platform for everyone who want to make online money.

    Thank you again for this article. Wish you a happy new year.

  9. Considering the warnings that has been sent regarding imarketslive, i think they are enough to tell of how dangerous and bad the product is, and also the part u hate most about some businesses which is MLM model, it is not profitable and very much not lucrative. This will serve as eye opener and warning to people concerning imarketslive.

    1. Dear King,

      Thanks for reading my iml markets live review. 

      Also thank you for taken the time to drop your comments. regards 


  10. Hello John!

    From the moment we see the word ”MLM” in the description of an offer, we instantly start to doubt about it and a NO is arising!

    Then that CFTC issue and the other problems in different countries… these are clear signs that we should not trust iMarketsLive. Not to mention the membership prices they request from their users.

    So I agree: iMarketsLive deserves a big NO, NO, NO!

    Thanks for sharing this article with us and best regards!


  11. Hello, I really want to appreciate your effort in putting together this website and writing this article. 

    I came across iMarketsLive sometime ago and trust me I ran away I already had the notion that it was not worth it. 

    Your review has shed more light on iMarketsLive I now understand how it works and many people still do although I would prefer wealthy affiliate. 

    I recently learned that iMarketsLive is going into crypto-currency mining. Is that through? Can you shed more night in that?


    1. Thanks for reading my iMarketsLive Pyramid Scheme review. 

      Also, thank you for your commendations. Really appreciate.

      Yes,  iMarketsLive decided to get out of a deal to be involved with the crypto Mining business. But they eventually pulled out. 

      The reasons the Christopher Terry, CEO gave was that the iMarketsLive should not involve in things that will dilute the business structure and strategies of the company. 

      He said that they decided to continue to run the model of business they are running online. 

      Thanks again for your visit.



  12. Hi there! Great article. The review is thorough and provided me with a great explanation on iMarkets. I like how you included lots of details, like a summary! 

    The visuals throughout also make it very easy to understand and follow. I will be sure to continue reading more of your articles!

     Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Rashaad, 

      I appreciate your commendation and for reading my review of iMarketsLive scam. 

      The unique thing about the iMarketsLive is that they just won’t submit the authority of nations, country and regions they are launching into.

      Suppose they decide to through the process of getting authorized to set up a business legally in those countries. I am sure they will not have such many problems. 

      The good news is that there is nothing you can do against the truth. You can not destroy the truth. No matter how much you distort the truth, it will still come out to be the truth. In this case, iMarketsLive is not a complete truth. 



  13. Unfortunately, there are so many scams out there nowadays that one doesn’t know what is real and not. This is why we need GOD! I will pray and ask him t tel me from now on. hehe. However, yessss… We all need this marketing help because we cannot do it on our own. Its like a marketing team helping all businesses; right? Even all competition! 

    1. Dear Linda, 

      Thanks for the complements. I appreciate your understanding and what we need to do as a marketers i.e. helping people make a decision about what they are purchasing. 

      Thanks for reading my review of how iMarketsLive works. a lot of forex audience does not know how! i.e. ” how imarketsLive works”

      Thanks an again for taken the time to drop your comments. 



    1. Dear David,

      Thanks for reading my review about iMarketsLive legality. One of the things that motivated me to write this review about iMarketsLive by Christopher Terry is the many questions I saw online. One of the striking questions is this ” Is iMarketsLive illegal?”.

      My research online reflects that this program is not good for anyone.

      The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) already wrote a press release citing that iMarketsLive and Wealth Generators are both operating illegally offering binary options and forex trading to retail investors in the USA without proper registration.

      This is against the Commodity Futures Trading Commission Act of 1974.

      You can also observe the same trend in all the countries and regions iMarketsLive launched out. They enter any country of their choice without following the regulation.

      Why would iMarketslive register with any regulatory body of any region or country?
      In my opinion, I think if they file for any registration they will not scale through the registration stage.
      Is there any country where iMarketsLive has registered and operating legally?

      But, to help answer your question. You just join iMarketsLive. It is easy to opt-out if you have not made any payment to them.

      Have you paid iMarketslive registration fee? The next question is, how will you get your money back from iMarketsLive?

      If any subscriber is not satisfied, you may ask for a refund within seven days of your purchase.

      But after seven days you will lose your money to iMarketsLive. Read more of iMarketsLive refund policy here.

      Thanks again for reading my iMarketsLive review.



  14. Have you lost $5k and above while trading on Binary Option? Have you tried getting your money out from your binary account and was unable to place a withdrawal?

    Have you found your self wading through excessively complicated terms which might seem impossible to meet, all because you traded with an unregulated broker?

    Do not panic, I have good news for you. I lost over $200k to an unregulated broker who stocked my trading capital and denied me access to my account.

    This is why I am recommending an affiliate marketing program that changed my life. Do check it out it changes mine too.

    I am now a blogger, making money online. It is not that simple to achieve but it is real and possible.

    What do you think? You just prove to the world from your article that imarketslive is not a legitimate forex trading company.

    I get asked the questions all the time ” is Imarketslive Legitimate?”;


    1. Dear Joeswhite,

      Thanks for reading my review about why iMarketsLive is not legitimate. I initially saw this caption on Reddit. you can even check Reddit.

      Look for ” is imarketslive a scam Reddit”

      People are making money with MarketsLive, have they defraud anyone I knew ” NO”. I will not, therefore, say that it is not legitimate. It is somehow legit, but you may never make money with imarketsLive. It is Multi-Level marketing too ( I hate MLM programs).

      While it is very difficult to start making money online; Trading forex is a very risky business and you can lose all your money.

      This is why I may declare ImarketsLive, not a legitimate business. ImarketsLive company is used to not going through the legitimate source while in any country.

      They dodge regulators from vetting them, therefore, most of the country they have settle, They did not have the permission to engage people they do business with.

      What do you think?



  15. iMarketsLive is not worth the time investment.

    The many bad reviews should be enough to let anyone know this is not a good option. It’s just a big waste of time and you won’t get much out of it.

    So, yes I do agree with you, John. I wouldn’t touch this with a ten-foot pole.

    1. Dear Ramon,

      You are right. But firstly, thanks for reading my review of iMarketsLive (IML).

      A lot of people in many online fora believe that iMarketsLive (IML) is a 21st-century pyramid scheme.

      All customers of iMarketsLive will not make any purchase; they will instead be paying the costly monthly membership fee.

      iMarketsLive is indeed illegal in many countries because the company has refused to go through the approval process.

      The good news, for now, is that many people are still running with iMarketsLive because of their heavy investments. Knowing that they are not making money.

      The decision is yours


  16. “Recommended: Hell NO!” – well, this says it all, doesn’t it? But I wonder how come 55000 members got it so wrong? Don’t these people know about those warnings from regulatory institutions? It’s very strange to say the least. Either people don’t do enough research before joining or they only care about making money.

    1. Thanks for reading my iMarketslive review.

      To be straight forward and snwer your question.

      When you start selling any MLM products and most especially after you have committed your resource.

      It is always difficult to opt out.

      But, the truth about the iMarketslive is that they will make you recruit to the end of life.

      Thanks again.


  17. Thank you for the great review on IML.
    However, i tried to sign up on Wealthy Affiliate but this the feedback i got after filling the registration details. – We’re sorry but we are not able to create your account at this time because your country is not supported.

    What can be done to rectify this?

    1. Thanks for reading my iMarketsLive review. I really appreciate your comment. Please read how this on how to sign on to WA.

      After reading that article, kindly answer the following questions in your reply. May be I can also help you sign on.
      Which country are you from? Are you ready to be a affiliate marketer? Can you go premium with the Wealthy Affiliate? Do revert. May be I can assist you to sign up to Wealthy Affiliate from here.


  18. It is scary that sites like this are out there and nothing is being done about it!

    YIKES! I was on the fence with signing up for them just a year or so ago and a friend talked me out of it.

    I was able to find legit work from home through telemarketing with a real person who runs a real office.

    I think that is your safest bet anymore.

    Never trust sites like iMarketslive! It is one thing if you are paying for lessons or training but if they simply are promising you LOADS of cash without any proof, they just want your money.

    1. Dear Kelly,

      Thanks for reading my review about iMarketsLive and why iMarketsLive might be a scam. What worries me is lack of respect for the regulatory bodies.

      iMarketsLive has been blacklisted by many financial regulators around the world just because when they get to any country they will not register nor ready to submit to be vetted before launching their products and services to the public.

      Do you know why iMarketsLive has always refused to submit to the Finacial regulators because they have nothing to offer? It is purely an
      MLM program. You can NEVER make money with iMarketsLive if you are not ready to recruit your friends, family members and relatives.

      The question is this, must you recruit people before you learn how to trade forex online? Forex trading tricks can always be learned FREE using Google and other search engines like Yahoo, Bing, etc.

      You don’t need to pay through your nose to start learning forex trading. What iMarketsLive do is to profit off retail forex traders.

      In my personal opinion, there is no value in joining iMarketsLive because iMarketsLive is just a rip-off.

      There, you are right. There are better ways to make money legitimately online making huge money while helping people..

      You must think twice before joining iMarketsLive otherwise you may regret your decision; iMarketsLive is definitely no for me.

      Thanks for reading my article on why you may never make money with iMarketsLive.

  19. Thank you so much! I will stay away from this one. I am always looking for something legit, but this one is a bit too much and doesn’t sound like it is perfect. I appreciate you doing the research.

    1. Dear mandi,
      Thank you for reading my article about iml reviews. I am glad you took your time to drop a comment. I hope you will visit again?

      Just before you go. . . Many people are running away from IML today because of their non-aceptability in many countries. You just need to Google “imarketslive lawsuit”; you will shock many results on search engines.

      Another reason why I personally don’t like IML(iMarketsLive) is the iml compensation plan 2019. It is really a slave driver. It has nothing to write home about. there is no peace for anyone that is doing this business.

      You must always look for people to convert. . . Do I Look for you to visit this site? no, you came because I am going to add value to you.

      This is how to make money online and not by chasing people everywhere selling multi-level Marketing products that is a Scam…

      What do you think? Check out my number 1 Online Business that will help you earn a full-time income online. Please check it out. You will thank me later.

      thanks again



  20. There seem to be a lot of problems with this. I wouldn’t join it because it’s too expensive, nothing is guaranteed and there are so many negative reviews of it. Just by reading their site I got a bad vibe and I trust my gut that says this is not good.

    1. Hi Nadia,

      Thanks for reading my Is iMarketsLive review. I am happy you agree with me. The main question people ask is that Is iMarketsLive a Scam? I will not declare it to be a scam outrightly. But why starting a business in another country knowing you are not ready to follow the rules.

      Forex training is a risky business; this is why it is regulated. Buy iMarketsLive does not want regulation; maybe this is why they are not ready to submit to the regulatory bodies of many countries.

      The truth is that many countries have also warned their people to run from this scheme. Any business that has to look for the next person to collect money from to remain a member is not good business. It is Call MLM!

      Do you want to make money online while adding value to people?

      Start your own business online. Check out my #1 Recommendation that will help you. It is an affiliate marketing training. Level 1 is FREe to join. You will be able to know if it is right for you or not.



  21. Well, if it is illegal in the US (where pretty much anything goes when it comes to financial investing), AND the Bahamas (seriously, the Bahama’s!!!) I am staying away from this.

    There are so many other platforms for trading. Is there any you would recommend?

    In recent time IML Compliant on BBB website is so much that made me confirm to what you are saying here about imarketslive fraud.

    List of the complaint by imarketslive members on BBB website is so huge that you will be scare of this company call IMarketsLive.

    They have refused to treat refunds of many of the members that request it. It is like IMarketsLive is bankrupt because they can not pay back the money they just collected within days to members that just stop their membership.

    Their refunds policy is no more in use.

    John Ajiboye, I agree with your in-depth research about markets live. You ought to have titled it this article iMarketsLive reviews 2019 (The iMarketsLive Scam).

    Many people are also searching for imarketslive customer service phone number. What I can get online about iMarketsLive support email and phone numbers are and Phone Number 917-565-9330

    Thanks a lot for educating people on a daily basis about many online programs that are ripping people of their money.



    1. Dear Jeroenla,

      I am just wondering why people are making the mistake of subscribing to iMarketsLive in the first place. is iMarketsLive worth it?

      The iMarketsLive compensation plan 2019 shows exactly why the members will not make money. It is just a waste of time and resource for me. You won’t believe that there are iMarketsLive lawsuits that keep distracting the management and is keeping them on balance.

      With so many information about iMarketsLive compensation plan, I can not imagine anyone still paying and inserting their credit card for ImarketsLive subscription scam.

      One Lawsuit initiated by ImarketsLives is:

      iMarketsLive filed a lawsuit against Copy Profit Success Global – CPSG on 22nd of June 2018.

      People named in this iMarketsLive lawsuit includes Muhammad Zidan, Joel Santiago, Joe Otis, Robbie Issa, Gregory Perdriel, and Carlos Santiago.

      iMarketsLive is accusing the promoter of defamation.

      Just google “iMarketsLive Lawsuit”; you will see a whole lot.

      The main point to note in this article is that iMarketsLive MAY NOT BE A SCAM, But their business structure and business itself is all about forex trading, and it will not make you money.

      Trading forex is a risky business. There are many question marks about tools is the resource they are using to help people decide on when and what to trade.

      One of their major tools is their iMarketsLive Hamonic Scanner. You have to read the iml harmonic scanner reviews to know what I am driving at.

      You can NOT depend on all that to make money in the 21st century.
      You can only make real money online for helping people. You just focus on solving one of the millions of the world problem and you will see people searching for you.

      People will search for you in Google, Yahoo, and bing through the solution you are bringing to the table.

      What do you think?

      Thanks for visiting my website.



  22. Another great and informative review! Thank you for being on top of these and sharing your information with us.

    Oh MY! The money that this company is wanting people to invest! I can’t believe how expensive this business adventure would be, but I’m glad that I don’t have to waste my time looking into this company.

    Thank you for the information and positive review on Wealthy Affiliate. I’m definitely going to look up that information!

    1. Dear Cindra,

      Thanks for reading my review of iMarketsLive. Despite the high subscription fee of this MLM scamming program. Many people are still paying for it ignorantly.

      If you search for Forum “iMarketsLive”; you will be amazed at how many people are regretting to go for this program in the first place. You may even see headlines such as iMarketsLive is a fraud, iMarketsLive Global scam, iMarketsLive scam, etc.

      My point is this you can not learn forex trading via iMarketsLive. Instead of learning, you will be made to be busy recruiting people to retain your subscription on a monthly basis.

      The recruitment is an unending one. Also, help me extend this information by sharing these articles to be that may be interested in joining iMarketsLive. It is no go area for me.

      Thanks again for taking the time to make comment about iMarketsLive and it is a scam.



  23. It has been charged and penalized for operating illegally in the U.S. What more incentive people need to avoid these MLM’s?
    Excellent in-depth review nontheless John. Keep up the great work.

    1. Hi Tim,

      Thanks for reading my ” why IML is a scam”. I am happy you drop a comment. Despite IML problem in many countries. iml still surface in other countries. they always find a way to enter a new country but they are not always ready to submit to the authority of the country they are launching to. iml surface. . .

      thanks again.



  24. There are many warnings from regulators (such as FSMA, Securities Commission of Bahamas, CNMV, Financial Superintendence of Colombia, Global Investors – just google the search terms). It is up to you whether you try to make money there despite the warnings.
    For more than half a year now, I have been practicing my earning skills through the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

    1. Dear Ruggeri,

      Thanks for reading my review about how to make money with iMarketsLive.

      I am happy you came to check on my web page. I decided to write this iMarketsLive review when I saw iMarketsLive in a forum. Many of them are out there. Just Google Forum “iMarketsLive”. You will be shocked.

      Thanks to any way.



  25. Dear John,

    With these loads of evidence displays and research on this article, can anyone of the iMarketsLive official reacts to all this?

    And why are people still patronizing them? If iMarketsLive is not okay, What then is okay?

    Even if it was a legitimate business, those monthly renewal fees are insane! Who is actually buying into this ridiculous Ponzi scheme?

    What a thorough review about iMarketsLive! Is this how you always do all your review? And why do you have so much interest in iMarketsLive Program? Do the iMarketsLive as an organization scam you or any of your relatives?

    Please reverts because I can wait to get your reactions.



    1. Dear Josh,

      Thanks for reading my iMarketsLive review. You ask so many questions and I will try to attend to all of them.

      I wish the iMarketsLive executive can read my review and react to those allegations (Are they really allegations? they are real and not alleged issues). The majority of the issues have to do with the disregards to the regulation of countries they are launching into.

      Mainly, iMarketsLive is into a financial sector that is well regulated with regulators put in place to ensure that the public is not taken advantage off and their funds are saved.

      Some countries regulators are even independence from the government so that they can perform their task.

      With the above in mind, the management of iMarketsLive ought to know how sensitive the sector is.

      Every government is out to protect their people and the general public from being Scam.
      But, from my various research online there is no such reaction to many of the regulators. Is like the iMarketsLive itself derive pleasures is not going through the financial regulators knowing that they will not be approved.

      Many people are still into iMarketsLive knowing the actual and real iMarketsLive is not straight forward with the law. because they are still making money and majorly because they are fully committed and they think that they can start all over again.

      If iMarketsLive is not okay for you with what you have read, then what is okay?

      This answer involves so much. You can make so much money online if you are ready to learn how to solve problems that are everywhere. The more problem you can solve the more money you will be able to make.

      Identifying and focusing on solving a targeted problem as related to a certain segment or niche or audience is what will make you rich online. How will that work?

      Have you used Google before? People search online daily to get their problem solved. When you search Google for anything and you get result listed on your handheld or computer. Who do you think provided that information for Google? They are people like you and me.

      The process of providing information for your audience as regards your niche and towards solving their problem. This is what makes people rich.

      I hope I indeed attempt to answer your questions?


  26. How is iMarketsLive still getting business after so many scandals?

    Its investors need to be made aware of this and get out!

    1. Dear Mari,

      You are welcome to iMarketsLive review. Thanks for visiting my website.

      The good news is this, the management of iMarketsLive are aware of the news and plaque of scam on iMarketsLive as a brand. They know what to do but they will not do it, I am certain of that now.

      iMarketsLive is all about how to make money with forex trading. Trading forex involve so many things that must be done but regulatory wise and personally that will make you secure.

      Reasons why iMarketsLive is not accepted by many regulators of countries is because of their neglect and determination not to be subjected to the vetting of the regulators of these countries.

      They can only succeed and work in a country like Nigeria and some other countries where the populate are use to neglecting the importance of regulators.

      Most financial regulators of countries has already warn their populations not to get involve in such forex trading because they know that their people can lose their money.

      But, you question is this why are people still patronizing iMarketsLives despite the plaque of scam written all over the program. People are desperate to make money. Many people in many countries don not have hope or alternatives. They are ready to dies with the one that they have discovered.

      Many people are also lazy to go extra miles to discovered how to affect their audience.

      Also, many are yet to discover to really make money most especially online. When you know how to discover how to really make money online you will be focus and be ready to impact your world positively.

      I hope I could attempt your question?

      Please also visit again.



  27. Hmm… I was considering giving iMrketsLive a go but now I’m not so sure.

    I have no affiliate marketing skills and as you said, this is not a program that holds your hands as much as I would need right now.


    1. Thanks fir reading my iMarketslive review. You should know that it is not recommended by me. Not just because this forex training is classify by me as a possible scam but you can also lose all your money.

      Forex trading is a very volitile business. It is meant for people with high appetite.

      You get to learn forex trading as a profession but not through this medium.

      Please avoid it by all means. Did you watch that video review on IMarketslive? That is good fir thought for all.



  28. I have not used iMarketsLive but have hear of it in several wealth related forums and groups, now I know exactly what is all about. Thanks for the thorough review. its really helpful

  29. Having an F rating by Better Business Bureau is a big turn off for potential Forex learners like myself. However, the fact that the CEO, Christopher does the trading while the students watch is a good and ideal way to learn trading. Would you actually advise I go for this even with the poor BBB rating?

    1. Thanks for reading my iMarketsLive ( Review. Working with iMarketsLive will be at your own risk because forext trading is full of risks; you can easily loose your money most especially if you are greedy!

      This is why I stick to Affiliate Marketing; earning commssion for reffering people and making sales.



  30. It sounds to me like iMarketsLive is good for affiliate marketers, but not so much if you’re wanting to learn about FOREX. This is a pretty comprehensive review and after going through it all, it makes sense to look elsewhere for information on FOREX, to me, at least.
    What would you recommend in place of iMarketsLive? Is there a better place to learn these things?

    1. Dear Genesis, 

      iMarketsLive is NOT a Scam but it is not a sure way of making money. It is just too risky and unpredictable, Dont forget people are still making money but it all depends on how risk averse you are. 

      Another problem is that you can not affiliate to iMarketsLive if you are not a full players.. You must be a complete iMarketsLive to be able to refer new members.

      My best forest trading platform that are better alternative to iMarket life are Alpari and AvaTrade. They will give you value for your money. They are both trading platform and forest education. You will be thought to make your own decision for yourself instead of depending on the expert to decide when to make sales or cash out in iMarketsLive. 

      Do you have any other question? Please revert. 



  31. Promoting MLM program in the form of online marketing, for me, is suspicious. Most people use aggressive and non-transparent method like not revealing how much you have to pay and what you are actually paying for – unlike a face-to-face MLM where most things are quite apparent. 

    I briefly heard about iMarketsLive in some forum before but this is the first time that I am reading a thorough review about it.  But I knew people making money about this product. Why  are they making money when it is may be a scam product? Forex trading is a risk business  though, but people are still engage into it. Why? 

    Great review though. With the two YouTube Video review of iMarketsLive on this page. I equipped with enough information not to get my hands burnt because of the likely-hood that iMarketsLive might be a scam product after-all  

    1. Dear Cathy, I can tell you that iMarketsLive itself is NOT a scam but the; but it is an MLM program. I once did an article why all MLM program or products are scam. Please read that article, you will be amazed. 

      Ok, why are some people making money with iMarkesLive. The way system was program to work is not that you wont make money. But the rate at which you will make money compare to the rate at which you will lose money is low. It has high rate of failure.  You have to be recruiting people to a products that only add value to the person runing it. 

      This is why Affiliate Marketing is better compare to iMarketsLive. In Affiliate marketing you are helping people solve problem with your articles. You are impacting knowledge and skills. And you don’t need to solicit for people to come and join. People will see the solution you have provided by the time they search online. Check out £1 recommended affiliate marketing training.

      Thanks for visiting my page. 



  32. Thanks for looking into and reviewing iMarketsLive! Just the fact that they have an ‘F’ from the BBB makes me want to turn around and get as far away from it as possible haha.

    For your alternatives (wealth affiliate, avatrade, and alpari) if a newbie were to pick just one to join which one would you recommend the most?

    1. Dear Jon, 

      Thanks for visiting my page. The scam flag in iMarketsLive is that it promised to  help me you money trading forex with little effort from your part. This is a strong signal that there is a challenge with the product. It is rear to make earnings online this day with little effort except it is a scam. 

      This is why some of my readers want to know if iMarketslive is legit of scam; thus iMarketslive review was as a result of some of my readers that wants to know in detail what iMarketsLive is all about. 

      To answer your question, which one of the following is better: Wealth affiliate, avatrade, and alpari. The best here is Wealthy Affiliate. It is just my best way of making money online.  Read here for more details.

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