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Is Le-Vel Thrive a Pyramid Scheme? Can You Really Make Money?

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You are welcome to my Le-Vel Thrive review. Can you make money with Le-vel MLM Jobs? Is Le-vel Thrive legit, a Scam, or a pyramid scheme?

You are certainly here because you want to know if you can make money with Le-vel Thrive MLM jobs. 


It is ok you are doing your research and findings of how to become a Le-vel Thrive promoter. 

Doing your online research will help you discover a legitimate program, and you will also learn to avoid Scams. 

Know that I am not a promoter and distributor of this company; therefore, I expect an unbiased review of Le-vel Thrive.

Please read on.

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Le-Vel Thrive MLM at a Glance

how to make money with Le-vel Thrive  MLM Jobs

Product Name: Le-Vel Thrive
Headquarters: Texas, USA
Industry: Health & Wellness Products/MLM
Founder: Jason Camper and Paul Gravette
Year Established: 2012
Services Provided: Dietary Supplements, Direct Sales
Price: Free + $100-$300
Rating: 20%
Recommended: No { Check Out My #1 Recommendation }

Summary of Le-Vel Thrive Review

Le-Vel is a Health & Wellness company that is into the production and marketing of weight management supplements. Le-Vel uses a direct sales business model in the distribution of its various accessories.

But can you make money with Le-Vel Thrive MLM jobs? Are the Le-Vel Thrive promoters making money? Is Le-Vel Thrive safe, legit, or another scam pyramid scheme?

Le-Vel Thrive is legit and not a pyramid scheme. But!

Here is my take.

Due to this company’s MLM business model, it will be difficult for you to make money as a Le-Vel Thrive MLM promoter.

Why is that?

Why It Is Difficult to Make Money with Le-Vel Thrive MLM

The 20 years of investigations of over 600 direct sales companies by Mr. Jon M.Taylor discovered that 99.7% of MLM members of any company would lose their money.  

He came up with a report called “Multi-level Marketing Unmasked.

His findings imply that the MLM business model is a structure to reward the scheme’s top members, the company’s owners, and the notable investors. 

They are 0.3% that makes money all the time.

You can always do your Le-Vel findings by looking for the company’s latest annual income disclosure statement. 

Most MLM companies that are fraudulent will hide theirs from the public domain. 

You cannot find the Le-Vel Income disclosure statement online because it will show clearly that only the owners, the top ranks MLM members, and notable investors are making money. 

Don’t waste your time with Le-Vel Thrive if you are joining this company. You will just be working for them; you will likely lose your money at the end of the day. 

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What do you think of my Le-Vel Thrive review? Is Le-Vel legit, Scam, or a pyramid scheme? Do you still think you can make money with Le-Vel Thrive MLM jobs? 

What Is Le-Vel?

Le-Vel is into the manufacturing and distribution of health and wellness products popularly refer to as dietary supplements.  

Le-Vel was established in 2012, and the company uses the MLM business model in the sales and distribution of its products with the aids of its many promoters. 

The founders Jason Camper and Paul Gravette, have significant experience and background in direct sales and the health and wellness industry. 

The founders have committed to coming up with a premium grade with higher nutrition to create well-formulated Thrive as the flagship products.

Thrive is an eight-week weight loss program designed to help clients lose weight, better the lean muscle mass, and support your immune system. 

Some of the Thrive ingredients include CoQ10, glucosamine, white willow extract, green coffee bean(an extract hydrolyzed collagen protein), and white willow extract.

Le-vel Product Lines

Le-vel has three main lines of products. They are:

  • Thrive Experience
  • The Thrive Pro Bars
  • Thrive, Plus Line,

The above range of Le-vel products are split and divided into the following:

Thrive PLUS

Thrive Plus is a balance capsule that is designed to support the intestinal and immune system in the process of you achieving a great weight management goal. 

It also assists you to absorb more nutrients and help you get most out of the food you eat at all time. These capsules usually come in packs of 60. 

Thrive FIT

It is a powdered mix that contained a branch chain amino acid formula – BCAA. These products claimed to be a perfect tool for pre-exercise. 

You will be required to drink the shakes before, during, and after the workout to get the nutrient, your body will need to burnout, which can help you build a healthy muscle. 

You can also take it alone. 


It is a post-exercise recovery formula that contains a blend of carbohydrates and protein. 

Thrive SKIN 

It is a three steps system that is called a peel, reduce, and restore. It is very rich in CBD oil. 

Another category of products includes:

  • DFT Duo 
  • Balance 
  • Black Label 
  • Move 
  • Activate 
  • Boost 
  • Form 
  • Rest 
  • Thrive K 
  • Pure 
  • Expand 
  • Cafe 
  • DUO

Le-vel Thrive Compensation Plan

The first step to join the Le-vel Compensation Plan is to enroll yourself to become a Le-vel Thrive promoter. 

What is the cost of Le-vel starter kits?

To become a Le-vel Thrive promoter, you will have to purchase a Starter Kit that ranges between $139 to $499. 

You must also subscribe to a minimum monthly auto-ship of $50 Le-vel Thrive products for you to be active as a Le-vel Thrive promoter and qualify to earn from their compensation plan. 

What are the annual membership costs for Le-vel Thrive promoters? The yearly membership cost is $59.95. 

It can be paid annually or monthly. 

If you decide for monthly membership payment, the cost is $9.95 per month. Your first order will earn you free shipping, which is over $25.  

Also, you will enjoy free shipping on subsequent orders from over $49 or more. 

You can make money as a LeVel Thrive promoter with the compensation plan in different ways, and according to your level and rank within the compensation plan. 

Below are various ranks and levels of the compensation plan for LeVel Thrive promoters to make money with LeVel Thrive.

  • Retail Sales 
  • Vanishing Auto-Ship 
  • Infinity Fast Start 
  • Also, Infinity Fast Start Match 
  • Infinity Fast Start Match Accelerator 
  • Go VIP Bonus 
  • iPad Mini Bonus 
  • Uni-Level Team Commissions – 
  • VIP Auto Bonus 
  • Lifestyle Getaways 

But, can you make money with LeVel Thrive MLM as a promoter? 

Are the LeVel Thrive promoters making money via this compensation plan, or is it a waste of time?

Please know that LeVel is legit and not a scam and pyramid scheme. 

But, LeVel Thrive promoters are not making money because of the MLM business models adopted. 

How do I Join Le-Vel Thrive MLM Jobs?

The first step to join LeVel Thrive and become a promoter is to visit the company website via this link.

It is free to join. You will get your link that leads to your LeVel Thrive customized website. 

Also, you can start sharing your links to friends and relatives and within your social media platform. 

You will earn a 20% commission of every one of your sales as a Le-Vel Thrive promoter. 

There is no purchase requirement to become maintain and remain an active Le-Vel Thrive promoter. 

But, for you to earn the most commission, you are expected to purchase or sold a product with over 100 PV every month. 

This is what makes you act as a promoter of Le-Vel Thrive.

Refer Two Customers For a Monthly FREE Autoship 

As a Le-Vel Thrive promoter, you introduce two customers with your link that later join the LeVel Thrive auto-ship program. 

You will receive free product every month, as long as they remain an autos hip subscribers. 

Who Can Join Le-Vel Thrive?

LeVel Thrive is not a worldwide opportunity. 

You qualify to join and become Le-Vel Thrive promoters only if you are from the following countries:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • New Zealand
  • United States

Le-Vel Thrive promoters are for people that love the idea of marketing MLM products. 

Please know that you may not make money because it required a lot of work, and the business model is a structure to favors the owners of the company, people at the top of the scheme, and the special investors. 

How to Make Money with Le-vel Thrive

So, how do you make money with Le-vel Thrive? 

To make money with Le-vel Thrive as a promoter, you have to join the compensation plan and be very active. 

You can only good commission if you have a minimum of two subscribers joining the monthly auto-ship program. 

It would help if you had either bought or sold Le-vel Thrive products that will give you a 100PV every month. 

How Much Can You Make with Le-vel Thrive?

You can have the idea of how much you can make with Le-vel Thrive from the current Le-vel Thrive promoter’s previous years’ record. 

You must look for the Income disclosure statement of any company before you join. 

That is the only way to know the likely amount you will make with such a company.

Most of the MLM companies will hide the public space’s income disclosure statement because their distributors are not making money. 

LeVel Thrive Income disclosure statement is nowhere to be found for the same reasons.

It has been discovered that the MLM business model-driven business is a package to reward very few people. 

Only 0.3% of the MLM members of any direct sales company will make money.

99.7% of MLM members of any company will lose their money. Twenty years of studies of over 600 direct sales companies have exposed this secret. 

Read the result of Mr. Jon M. Taylor’s research work in his book titled MLM Marketing-Unmasked.

Therefore, if you are joining Le-vel Thrive as a promoter, you will likely not make money. 

You will be made to work for the people at the top of the scheme, the owners, and the special investors. 

Please note that Le-vel Thrive is not a scam but a legitimate company. 

It is dues to the business model that rewards the very few that will not make you money. 

LeVel Thrive Support /Customer Service

Both LeVel Thrive customers and promoters can contact support and customer service when there an issue or any resolution request. 

You are not to mail physical products to the mailing address but, you can send the scan copy of the auto bonus documents to:

  • Email:
  • Fax: 866-523-6639

You can also contact support and customer service on any issue.

  • Email:
  • Phone: 888-557-0005

What is Good About Le-vel Thrive MLM Jobs?

LeVel Thrive Has Long History 

LeVel Thrive was created on the 24th of July 2012. 

You will be shocked to know that not many direct sales companies stay that long. 

Great Product Review

There are some claims online that LeVel Thrive products are effective. 

But that is a plus for this company, which implies that the product is working. 

My Issue with Le-Vel Thrive MLM Jobs

Expensive Product

There are many claims online that LeVel Thrive products are somehow expensive compare to competitors. 

Some members also will not comprise the cost for quality. I won’t mind going for expensive stuff if it has quality.

le-vel thrive promoter

Compliant of Un-Authorize Debit of Members

Some promoters of Le-Vel Thrive complain about the company’s unauthorized debit for the auto-ship, even when they have not requested any products.  

le-vel mlm jobs

Some Negative Review

There are some complaints that the Le-Vel Thrive product does not work for them; while many others have to attest to it, it works for them. 

Le-Vel Thrive Review BBB Rating Is “A+”

le-vel pyramid scheme

As at the time of writing this review, the Le-Vel Thrive BBB review rating is “A+.” 

The BBB rating is how fast the company treats its complaint and various customer service issues as a log on the Better Business Bureau.

BBB accredited Le-Vel Thrive on the 13th of September 2018.  

The BBB certification is a certification that shows Le-Vel Thrive has put structures to resolve customer complaints. 

Le-Vel Thrive must pay the certification fee, which is the company’s cost of inspection and compliance. 

Is Le-vel Thrive a Scam

No, Le-vel Thrive is not a scam, but a legit MLM company. 

Many people often mistake direct sales companies to be a scam and a pyramid scheme. 


It is because of the many complaints and the stigmas that follow MLM companies. 

Though, Le-vel Thrive is not a scam and Pyramid scheme. But, can you make money with Le-vel Thrive?

That is a million-dollar question. Many MLM members will lose their money because it has been established that MLM 99.7% of MLM members will lose their money with any direct sales company.

It is only 0.3% of MLM that makes money. 

These are people at the top of the scheme, the company owners, and the special investors. 

If you are joining Le-vel Thrive now, you will just be working for them; I am sorry. You may not make money. 

Is Le-Vel a Pyramid Scheme?

No. Le-vel Thrive is not a scam and pyramid scheme. 

What is a Pyramid scheme? 

A pyramid scheme is such a business model that focuses on recruiting members for business opportunities rather than products or services. 

Therefore, any MLM business opportunities that only recruit people without any products or services is a pyramid scheme.

But Is Le-Vel a pyramid scheme? No, because Le-Vel is all about weight loss products. 

Therefore, Le-Vel is legit, not a scam or a pyramid scheme in any way. 

Is Le-vel Thrive MLM Jobs Worth It?

Thanks for reading my Le-Vel Thrive review. Can you now make money with Le-Vel Thrive MLM Jobs? Is Le-Vel legit, Scam, or another pyramid scheme?

Do you think Le-Vel Thrive is safe for your use? 

Or is Le-Vel Thrive worth it?

LeVel Thrive is a direct selling company that offers health and wellness supplements in the weight loss categories. Please note that 

Le-Vel Thrive is a legitimate company and not a scam. 

But, this company may not make you rich as you expect. 

Why is that? 

Because of the direct sales business model employ for Le-Vel Thrive.

The MLM business model is structured to enrich the company’s owners, the special investors, and the people at the top of the scheme. 

It is why only 0.3% of people will make money in any direct sales company, including Le-Vel Thrive. 

You can read the 20 years of investigations of over 600 MLM companies across the world by MR. Jon M Taylor, in his book MLM Unmasked.

What do you think of my Le-Vel Thrive review? Can you make money with Le-Vel Thrive MLM jobs? Is Le-Vel safe, legit, or a scam pyramid scheme?

Do you know of any Le-Vel Thrive promoter making money? 

Kindly let me know what your thought is in the comment area below. I will love to read 

and have a feedback from you about my Le-Vel review. 

How to Make Money with Le-vel Thrive – Video

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  1. Thank you for sharing your review on Le-Vel Thrive. 

    I came across this platform the other day and was just wondering what is it all about and I am glad that I read your review today. 

    This is horrible! It seems that there are so many health and wellness companies in the MLM structure. 

    It is sad that the owners seem to only profit why the distributors barely make it, kinda like the Mary Kay documentary that I saw. 

    The starter kit is just expensive and while you try to distribute the product you may lose a friend or two along the way. This is definitely not an opportunity for me. 

    1. Thanks for reading my Le-Vel Thrive review.

      The article is all about how to make money with Le-Vel Thrive.

      thanks for the comment.

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  2. Hey John, thanks for sharing this valuable information. This is an eye opener for anyone who wants to join the Le-vel Thrive program.  I also believe that the Le-vel Thrive is not a scam or pyramid scheme, but what I’m concerned about is the chances of anyone getting money from it- which is low.

    1. Thanks for reading my Le-vel Thrive Review. 

      The article is all about how to make money with Le-vel Thrive MLM Jobs. 

      Please know that Le-vel Thrive is not a scam and pyramid scheme. But a legitimate MLM job that is into weight loss supplements. 

      Thanks for your time.



  3. Hello, Thank you for this review. I agree with you MLM companies are there to reward the owners and the persons at the top. For the most part, the people at the bottom make pittance at best unless they are really good at networking. In that case, they will no longer be at the bottom but the poor succer there will be making pennies while the top brass makes a killing.


    Candy Benn

    1. Thanks for reading my Le-vel Thrive Review. It is all bout how to make money with Le-vel Thrive MLM Jobs.

      I am happy you liked what I came up with. 



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