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Home » Multi-Level Marketing » Can You Really Make Money With iMarketsLive Compensation Plan?

Can You Really Make Money With iMarketsLive Compensation Plan?

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Home » Multi-Level Marketing » Can You Really Make Money With iMarketsLive Compensation Plan?

This article is about how to make money with the iMarketsLive compensation plan. But can you make money with IML?

One great way to know the truth about online programs and companies in the 21st century is to make your findings online. So, it is good you are doing that.


Please be rest assured that I am not affiliated with iMarketsLive (IML) in any way, therefore expect a sincere read on how to make money with iMarketsLive (IML).

Please read on.

Estimated reading time: 15 minutes

Summary How to Make Money with iMarketsLive – IML Compensation Plan

how to make money with iMarketsLive IML compensation plan

iMarketsLive was established in 2013 as a financial trading and education company that deals in software for forex and a great platform to teach any person how to make money with FOREX.

It helps to ensure that the trade decisions they make are viable in the FOREX and FUTURES markets with the aid of IML Harmonic Scanner.

Can you make money with an IML compensation plan?

You will be amazed and surprise by what you will learn about iMarketsLive (IML).  

Firstly, what is my take about IML?

But, are members making money with IML Harmonic Scanner? Is constant recruitment worth it?

Forex trading is a complex and most risk business ever. Less than 2% of people that venture into it make real money.

The problem with Multi-Level Marketing like iMarketsLive is when you already commit yourself by joining the program before realizing your mistake.

It is always difficult to back out, but how long will it take you to stop chasing people around to convert them to join you?

Why It Is Difficult to Make Money with IML Compensation Plan

The problem with iMarketsLive is the direct

sales business model, i.e., Multi-Level Marketing the company has employed for

sales and recruitment. 

Many people claim it qualifies them to be a pyramid scheme, but it is not a pyramid scheme.

But, it will be difficult for you to make money with iMarketsLive.

Why is that?

Mr. Jon M. Taylor (Ph.D. and President of Consumer Awareness Institute and Advisor) did over 20 years of investigation about over 600 MLM companies. 

He concluded that only 0.3% of members of any MLM company that is making money. i.e., around 99.7% of the member of any MLM company will lose their money.

You can read his report here titled Multi-Level Marketing Unmasked. If you read that book, you will change your mind about all MLM companies.

From years of writing articles about MLM companies, the above report is confirmed to be true for all MLM. 

Just ask for the income disclosure statement of any MLM company before you join.

You may not even get it in the public domain because they always hide the member’s earnings from the new entrance.

iMarketsLive Income Disclosure Statement

make money with IML - iMarketsLive compensation plan

Source: 2018 iMarketsLive Income Disclosure Statement

My Recommendation

Do you want to make money? Do you love forex trading?

Can you make money with forex trading without actually get yourself in forex trading and without parting with your money or investment in any?

That is how I make money with forex trading.

You can have your website discussing various forex-related companies, and you will recommend the good one to your audience.

This is call affiliate marketing, you can learn all questions and FAQs about it. You can get affiliated with forex trading companies.

They are massive, and it includes many cryptocurrencies company that is into Bitcoin and Crypto trading.

Any referral you get from those companies will be earning commission from their trades and the crypto they buy.

Can you make money with the iMarketsLive IML compensation plan?

How to Join iMarketsLive IML Compensation Plan?

You can join iMarketsLive as a customer or IBO. As Independent Business Owner [IBO], you only have to pay a $15 startup fee and a similar fee on a monthly membership basis.

The IBO IML membership is one of the cheapest to register, but the platinum package offers unreasonably higher prices that are absent in the world of the forex market.

IML is available to over 120 countries worldwide with more than 55000 members. It is open to all nations.

Can You Make Money with iMarketsLive IML Compensation Plan?

So, how can you make money with iMarketsLive? You make money with iMarketsLive in two ways:

  • Trading Forex

You make money with iMarketsLive via forex trading. This is after you must have learned and go through there from the trading academy.

They will train you and give you all the tools you needed to succeed as a forex trader. You have access to their iMarketsLive App that will provide you with access to FX signals and Live trade alerts for forex.

You can copy and paste the FX signals that indicate when to join the trade and when to cash out. It helps you to avoid losing your monies.

  • iMarketsLive MLM Opportunity

You can also make money with iMarketsLive through the company multi-level marketing business. And also from every person that you recruit and use the platform to trade forex.

You will make more money recruiting people that using the iMarketsLive platform for forex trade.

The above are two significant ways of making money with iMarketsLive.

But, can you make money doing all this with iMarketsLive? For you to know if you can make money or not, you look back at their income disclosure statement if the current distributors are making money or not.

My observation from iMarketslives 2018 annual income disclosure statement is:

iMarketsLives has a total Average Active IBOs of 26,557 members as of December 2018; the full active IBO Rank members are 20,107. Each of them made average earnings of $52 in 2018.

The Average Active IBOs for Chairman 50, Chairman 100, Chairman 250, and Chairman 500 are 8, 3, 1, and 1 respectively. Their average earnings in 2018 are:

  • Chairman 50 = $490,406
  •  100 = $1,379,267
  •  250 = $2,268,984 and
  •  500 = $5,095,309.

You can see from the iMarketsLive income disclosure statement above; you can make money in two ways, i.e. via forex trading and Multi-level marketing.

But will you make real money? No. I am sorry. The Compensation plan of any MLM company is twisted to favor the early joiners and the owners of the company.

If you are joining, you will only be working for the people at the top.

Do you think you can still make money with iMarketsLive – IML compensation plan?

Trading forex and running after people for MLM recruitment can not help you make money online in the 21st century.

iMarketsLive 2018 Income Disclosure Statement

iMarketsLive promised you a lot of great business opportunities.

How much money are iMarketsLive IBO members making as of 2018? i.e., how much are the existing IBO earnings?

iMarketsLive has been keeping its income disclosure statement secret for a while now so that you don’t know how members are losing money.

Before now, you cannot know precisely how much money the members are making annually without the annual income disclosure except what has been reported on the sales page and promotional material.

But the question is why a public company would be hiding its annual income disclosure from the public?

The good news is that they have released the 2018 annual income disclosure statement after many articles and criticism from many iMarketsLive reviewers like me.

make money with iMarketsLive (IML) compensation plan

Source: iMarketsLive 2018 Income Disclosure Statement PDF Format.

Review of IML Compensation Plan.

To be part of the IML compensation plan, you have two options:

***Join as an Independent Business Owner (IBO)***

The cost of becoming an IBO is $15, this will give you access to the IBO Kits and it a must to complete an IBO Agreement. This comes with a repeated monthly payment of $15.

Becoming an IBO gives you the opportunity to share the iMarketsLive products and services to your friends; relatives and other people you can engage (You cannot extend the sales directly to a family member)

It is not a must to purchase Platinum Package at this time, but you are encouraged to do so. If you are buoyant enough.

It is essential that you must become an IBO to be involved in the IML Compensation plan.

You can earn a platinum Package by personally generated 145 (PRSV)-Personal Retail Sales Volume.

***Join Platinum Package Directly***

Joining Platinum Package make you a Customer. The updated start-up cost to earn the Platinum Package is $225 with a monthly renewal fee of $164.95.

Platinum Package will help you to have access to all the iMarketsLive products which includes the following optional add-on packages:

  1. Web Analyzer and Swipe Trades  are each cost $21.95 Monthly Separately
  2. Swipe Coin ($49.95 Monthly)

Platinum Package can be accessed as a retail customer and as an Independent Business Owner.

***Refer Two Customers for a Free Access***

Once you have subscribed to Platinum Package; you have the opportunity to refer two retail customers.

Every two Platinum Package you get as a Platinum subscriber will earn you free access to the product the subsequent month.

The two referrals must be secured before next month’s subscription or billing month.

Your status as iMarketslive Platinum Package customer must be active as at the time you refer another two Platinum Package qualified customers.

Download the IML Compensation Plan 2019 pdf here.

iMarketsLive Products Line

The iMarketsLive trades on financial trading software as the basic product. The product encompasses the forex training and software and currently includes cryptocurrency trade.

The major products include:

  • Live Trading Room
  • Harmonic Scanner IML
  • Live FX Signals

Inclusive service among many others includes a crypto analyzer, a web analyzer, swipe coin, Harmonic Scanner IML, coin IML Academy, live training.

The four basic packages are FX signals, a Live training room that allows mingling with the CEO, an IML harmonic scanner that identifies and explains the pattern in forex trade, and training education.

There is no real assurance that iMarketsLive is a good business opportunity since most of the service except access to the webinar is free on other platforms.

Again we have no guarantee that Terry has in-depth knowledge of the FOREX market and trading that can pay back the considerable fee.

Is IML For Specific Country Or Region?

The product does not restrict any country from joining. It has its head offices in New York City.

Currently, iMarketsLive has over 55000 members from 120 countries. iMarkets live offers service to all countries in the world except the following countries:

  • Afghanistan           
  • Belarus
  • Burma
  • Chad
  • China
  • Cote d’Ivoire
  • Cuba
  • The Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • Equatorial Guinea
  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • Lebanon
  • Liberia
  • Montana, USA
  • North Korea
  • Rwanda
  • Sudan
  • Syria
  • Zimbabwe

How Does iMarketsLive (IML) Work?

One crucial question online is this ” does iMarketsLive work.”

Yes, IML works. But it rewards the people at the top of the scheme and increases Christopher Terry Net Worth. Which is what Mr. Jon M Taylor stated in his book ” The Multi-Level Marketing Unmasked

But, Making money on the iMarketsLive platform is not much easy but through an affiliate program.

There are two ways of joining the platform, including the Independent Business Owner (IBO) and customer programs.

With about 12 people down the line earning 40% from the first leg, you can win around $600 per month.

The IML Compensation plan on the platform is through the 3leg level. In this case, a personal referral lies in level one of the referral earnings where you earn a 30% commission.

From this level, we go to the next level, whereby you receive a 10% commission up to the fourth level. All personal referrals are the people who lie in your first level of IML Compensation plan.

The IML Compensation plan and earnings in the IML platform do not rely on the affiliate program alone but also offer other bonuses.

How to Make Money with iMarketsLiveIML Rank Bonus

Platinum bonus- you make $35 when someone you have referred to the platform upgrades their membership to premium. The bonus is payable every week. When a level 2 member upgrades, you earn $10.

Weekly residual income- the weekly private pay lies between $37.50 to $125000 per week though it is not sure to everyone.

For instance, platinum 100 earns $37.50 weekly, while platinum 600 earns $150 per week. The higher you go in rank, the more cash you make on the platform.

Chairman bonus- you earn the chairman bonus once you reach the chairman rank. In this case, you get 2% on the commission of each level downline.

The bonus might seem unrealistic, but IML compensation Plan is as in the table below.

Rank achievement bonus- the bonus is a reward for being over the business in an extended period and remaining committed to building your business with IML.

You earn the first half of the bonus for reaching the rank and maintaining it for three consecutive months.

With the platinum plus membership, you have the opportunity as a trader to make a tremendous amount of cash.

IMarkets live cash earning is through referrals generally, but the network marketing and bitcoin trade allow you to make further investment.

Can you make money with iMarketsLive – IML compensation plan?

==> You can download the iMarketsLive Success Manual PDF here.

IML Payment Method 

Commissions earned in the platform get transferred into your paylution account whereby you can move to the paylution debit card or your local bank?

Payments are generally made on a weekly basis.

How to Get iMarketsLive – IML Refund

iMarketsLive com have seven days of 100% money-back guaranteed for the iMarketsLive refunds. The iMarketsLive refund policy is except Bitcoin Payment.

Bitcoin payment is not covered in the iMarketsLive refund policy.

The seven days 100% money-back guarantee you will start from the day of which the purchase was made. The days will take the weekend into considerations.

It is also essential to know that iMarketsLive refund will only apply to the initial purchase of the Gold/Platinum package.

You will lose a chance to enjoy the iMarkestlive refund and the money-back guarantee after seven days.

All requests for iMarketsLive refund should be channeled via:

iMarketsLive Refund Contact

Email Address:
Phone Number: 917-565-9330

Note that your account will also be canceled and closed.

Do you think that members are making money with the IML compensation plan?

Alternative to iMarketsLive – IML

Do you want to make money, while you invest it? I mean huge money online! If your answer is yes.

Then you must be ready to help people. There are so many problems in the world, the more you help solve, the more money you can make.

People will pay you only if you have a solution to their problem.

Another question that I need your answer to is this, do you have any passion or hobbies? What is it that you can keep on doing forever?

What you don’t know is this. Millions of people online are searching daily online for what you know and that very thing you have a passion for.

So, how do you convert your hobbies or what you have a passion for into a thriving business online?

This where Wealthy Affiliate training will help you. It is a platform that will change your life and help turn your hobbies into online business.

No, you won’t have to promote Wealthy Affiliate; but WA will help teach you how to promote and make people know that thing you love doing dearly, and they will show you how to monetize your gift for money online.

Wealthy Affiliate is changing people’s lives daily, and I can bet that they will change yours too. But you must be ready to work very smartly.

The good news is that you don’t need money to start this education.

You will only need to sacrifice your email address to have access to your training materials. You can even make money with iMarketsLive with your website.

The level-1 of the ten lessons is FREE to join by anyone from any country or region.

The platform has thought over a 4.5million people how to make money doing what they like and working from home. What do you think of my iMarketsLive review?

Affiliate Marketing Vs. iMarketsLiveIML Forex Trading

Which one can you build a lasting business with?  iMarketsLive is all about forex trading. Affiliate Marketing is my best option for long term passive income.

These are my reasons:

what are good side hustles
  • You must be trading to make money with forex trading, and there is no hand-off in forex trading; otherwise, you will lose your investment.
  • Ability to monitor the trend to make money in forex. You work once and earn for a long time with Affiliate Marketing if you transition from your pay jobs well.
  • Forex trading is extremely risky due to the inflation movement, and you can lose all your money in one day. Affiliate Marketing is not.
  • Those forex forecasts worth nothing, if the market can be fore-casted, those guys could have taken over Amazon and Google by now; trading forex is like living in a dream world.
  • Going for forex will make you play against the big boys (I mean the banks with skills, knowledge, techniques, experience, and significant CAPITAL)
  • 99% will fail with trading forex while 80% fails with Affiliate Marketing.
  • 95% of forex traders will lose their initial investment within two years, and you don’t even need big money to become an Affiliate Marketer.
  • Forex Trading requires much more investments and capital to succeed, and you need little or no money with Affiliate Marketing.
  • You must have the ability to analyze the market while Affiliate Marketing deals with your ability to persuade people to buy from you.
  • Affiliate Marketing is a better business model while Forex Trading is like gambling, you don’t need Harmonic Scanner IML to make money.

Conclusion: How to Make Money with iMarketsLive – IML compensation plan. 

Thanks for going through my article on making money with the iMarketsLive (IML) compensation plan. 

Can you now make money with IML – iMarketsLive compensation plan?

What do you think?

iMarketsLive is about trading forex online. It is a very risky business, and you can lose all your money in a day.

The number of those making money trading forex is far less than those that are losing money.

It is why iMarketsLive is no for me. 

I am making money with this website through affiliate marketing. 

You can also try this FREE affiliate marketing training by Wealthy Affiliate. 

The level-1 with ten lessons is very free to start, and there is no need for your credit card. Please learn more here. 

What is your take on how to make money with the iMarketsLive IML compensation plan?

Do you think you can still make money with IML? You can also learn more about what people are saying about IML – iMarketsLive on Quora

Please let me have your take in the comment area. 

How to Make Money with iMarketsLive IML