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Recharge and Get Paid Nigeria Review: Is RAGP Legit?

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You are welcome to my Recharge And Get Paid review. I am sure you are here because you want to make money with Recharge And Get Paid (RAGP). But is RAGP legit or a scam?

Recharge And Get Paid is also referred to as RAGP Nigeria.


It is good you are doing your research about RAGP. It was researching an online program that helps me discovered an idea that is now making me a full-time income online today.  

This is a complete and thorough review of Recharge And Get Paid – RAGP. You will discover how to make money with Recharge And Get Paid.

Is recharge and get paid legit or scam? This recharge and get-paid review will inform you of all you need to know about Nigeria’s RAGP business and what you need to avoid getting scammed in the process.

I once wrote an article on why the Multi-Level Marketing program is a scam. But this program changed my perspective about MLM.

Please read on to see why.

You can use my comment area to ask questions. Also, see testimonies of people that have enjoyed my promo in the comment section.

Estimated reading time: 26 minutes

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RAGP at a Glance

is recharge and get paid legit

Head Office Add: Suite C16 $ C17,
Danziyal Plaza Central Business District
(Opp Nnpc Mega Filling Station) Abuja
(Same Building With Zenith Bank)

Who Is The founder of RAGP?

  • The owners and CEO of Recharge and Get Paid is Mr. Adelekan Oluwaseun Ojo

RAGP Phone Contact

  • +234 811 689 8208,0803 722 1858
  • +234 818 209 8378 – WhatsApp

Email of RAGP


Summary Review of  RAGP

Recharge And Get Paid was established on the 11th of August, 2015. RAGP headquarter is based in Abuja, the capital of Nigeria.

Is Recharge and Get Paid Legit or a scam? Please be rest assure that RAGP is legit and not a scam recharge card business in Nigeria.

When you register for Recharge And Get Paid with a one-time payment for your preferred package, you’d have an e-wallet account, with your unique username & password.

You will also get back 20% of what you registered with. In your Recharge And Get Paid eWallet account, you will be able to do the following transactions:

  • Transfer airtime and data
  • Pay for cable subscriptions
  • Nigeria electricity bill
  • Transfer and receive e-wallet funds
  • Withdraw e-wallet funds to your local bank
  • Upgrade to a higher package
  • Pay for new RAGP Registration
  • Monitor all your transactions

Also, the RAGP Registration fee for the packages only gives you access to become a beneficiary of the Recharge And Get Paid platform.

You still need to load your Recharge And Get Paid eWallet with which you can sell as airtime, data, pay for cable TV.

  • RAGP Registration Bonus

You will get back 20% of your Recharge And Get Paid registration fee immediately after registration, regardless of your package.

  • Virtual Top Up (VTU)

You will be paid a VTU bonus anytime you do the following on the platform regardless of your Recharge And Get Paid package either for yourself or for anyone for commercial purposes.

  • Recharge your phone (You earn 2% of the amount)
  • Buy data on the Recharge And Get Paid platform (You will receive 10% on every data loaded)
  • Pay for cable (You will be credited into your Recharge And Get Paid eWallet N40 for any cable payment made)
  • PHCN bill (Bill payment will earn you N40)

RAGP has a uni-level compensation plan which allows you to sponsor as many people as you can on your front line (first level).

This is no matrix system, no breakaway, and certainly no leg balancing!

You will gain points for every RAGP Registration and upgrade of your downline or team.

These Recharge And Get Paid points are known as Point Values (PV), and they accumulate to qualify you for more incentives, this incentive has other requirements before you are qualified for them.

This article is all about Recharge and Get Paid, and everything you need to know about this great company from Nigeria is on this page.

What do you think about my recharge and get paid legit review? Is recharge and get paid legit or scam?

What Is Recharge and Get Paid?

First thing first; What is Recharge And Get Paid about? 

Recharge And Get Paid is a Telecom solutions company that allows ordinary people to partner with telecom companies by obtaining a VTU (Virtual-Top-Up) license with a minimum of #5000-#100,000.

Most of the time you do the following: you recharge your phones, you load data, you subscribe to DSTV/GOTV/Cable, and you pay Utility such as PHCN

Recharge And Get Paid is into virtual top-up (VTU) of airtime, data, cable network subscription (GoTv, DSTv, Startimes), and bills payment like PHCN. Load easily just with the use of your smartphone.

They provide you platform to do the transactions and make money from every transaction you make. They are doing what the banks are doing but in the private sector.

This Recharge And Get Paid is using the power of networking to marketing telecom products, and they are giving opportunities to Nigeria to populate to make money in the process.

I can assure you that Recharge and Get Paid – RAGP is not a Ponzi scheme but uses an MLM that adds value to your Recharge And Get Paid eWallet. I usually don’t believe in the MLM program.

But, do you think recharge and get paid is legit or a scam? What do you think of my recharge and get-paid review?

How Does Recharge and Get Paid Works

  • Recharge and Get Paid will help you to start making money from loading credit on your phones for both calling and loading of data for Internet access. You will also earn from anybody you introduce to this business.
  • RAGP has a six-entry level (Basic, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, and Platinum); you can start from any of these Recharge and Get Paid packages.
  • Start with the Recharge And Get Paid Basic level that will cost you N5,000.  Upgrade later to any higher package when you see that it is working and you are making money.
  • Every of these entry levels has different benefits and incentives; you will see the details in this article.
  • You can only join this company by paying a one-off registration cost of between N5, 000 to N100, 000; it all depends on your choice of entry-level or package.
  • As soon as you become a member, you will have access to your password-protected profile where you will have VTU (Virtual Top Up) Recharge And Get Paid eWallet. You can then start selling any of your choice of airtime; the major ones in Nigeria are 9Mobile, Airtel, Glo, and MTN.
  • Use and send data (internet access) for any of the listed networks and also; you can make cable TV (GOTV, DSTV, StarTime) and Utility (PHCN) payment from your profile. You can load for friends, family, and your customers.
  • Earn a commission (directly credited to your wallet) for all transactions done on your profile page either for yourself, customers, friends, or family (See detail below).
  • You will also make money as you introduce people to the company. You will get paid an instant bonus of 20% of their sign-up fees, and you will earn forever from any transaction they do on the platform.
  • Not only will you earn money from all transactions done by people you refer to, but you will also be making money from anybody who refers to this business.
  • You will earn from the people you introduced and whoever they introduced both for the sign-up fee and as they recharge their phones; buy or sell data, make cable tv payment. Making money from any transaction they do to your 10th generation (10th level deep) is possible.
  • Enjoy several other leadership incentives as a member of Recharge And Get Paid ranging from reward gift or cash equivalent bonus of N500,000; N1,000,000; N2,000,000; and N3,000,000 (This is a team-building reward depend on your qualifications)
  • The Recharge And Get Paid platform will warehouse your funds (electronic wallets); you can transfer your money to your local bank accounts or another member for instant cash.
  • You will always be making money because people cannot stop calling nor stop using data for Internet access. Many also can’t finish loading their PHCN and Cable TV.
  • Nigerians spent over N5B daily loading recharge cards; this is an opportunity to claim your share.

==>Listen Or Download Audio Podcast Everything About Recharge And Get Paid And How It Works. Click to Play/Download.

How Recharge And Get Paid Works

If for instance, you registered through Basic Package  of Recharge And Get Paid (N5,000); As soon as you are registered, you will earn back 20% of N5,000 (i.e., N1,000) and 20 PV

If you refer Janet and Janet also sign up via the Recharge And Get Paid Basic Package of N5,000. Janet will be credited N1,000 to her Virtual wallet (20% bonus) and 20 PV; since you refer Janet, you will also earn 20% (N1,000) and 20PV.

If Janet invites Abdul and Abdul register through a Platinum package of N50,000. Abdul will instantly earn back 20% (N10,000) of that amount and 200 PV.

Since Janet refer to Abdul, she will also earn 20% (N10,000) and 200 PV

You did not know Abdul, but because you refer the person (Janet) that invites Abdul, you will earn 10% (5,000) plus 200 PV. It goes down the line.

But since you register with a  Recharge And Get Paid Basic package of N5,000 you only have access to earning 5 levels deep your downlines.

Do you think that recharge and get paid is legit or a scam? What do you think of my recharge and get paid review?

Benefits of Recharge and Get Paid

  • The company pay you back 20% of the registration fee
  • Your earning will be 20% on anyone you introduce to the business.
  •  2% anytime you buy airtime from this platform.
  • 10% anytime you buy data from this platform.
  • #40 anytime you pay for Cable TVs: GoTv, Dstv, etc
  • 0.35% anytime people buy and use airtime under your structure.
  • 10% indirect registration bonus.
  • 5% indirect registration bonus.
  • You will earn indirect bonuses up to 10th (generations) levels in your Team.

If you build your Recharge And Get Paid business very well, you’re expected to earn all these Incentives via accumulation of PV Point Value when people joined your Team:

  1. #100,000 monthly
  2. #500,000
  3. #2,000,000
  4. #3,000,000
  5. #4,000,000
  6. #6,000,000

At this point, you’re have created a system that will be paying you passive income for life.

And all this can be paid to your local Bank directly within #24hours. Do you think you can make money with recharge and get paid? What do you think of my recharge and get-paid review?

Is Recharge And Get Paid (RAGP) Legit or a Scam?

No, Recharge And Get Paid Is not a scam. Recharge And Get Paid is a Nigerian own telecom company with the headquarter based in Nigeria capital city Abuja.

The company is duly registered with Nigeria Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC NO: 1279919) and also license and registered by the Nigeria Communication Commission to carry out telecom-related businesses.

The authenticity of Recharge and Get Paid can be verified on the CAC website and as seen below.

make money with RAGP review

The RAGP platform is created to help the common man build wealth using sales of various telecom products. What do you think of my recharge and get-paid review? Is recharge and get paid legit or scam?

RAGP Registration Packages And Incentive Attached

*** RAGP Basic Package***

This is a one-time registration fee of N5, 000.

You will earn back 20% (N1, 000) of your registration fee. It will be credited to your Recharge And Get Paid eWallet. The basic package will make you money up to the 5th level deep of your downlines.

You will also earn an additional 20PV.

*** RAGP Bronze Package***

The bronze package is a one-time registration fee of N10,000.

You will get back 20% (N2,000) of this registration fee that will be credited to your wallet account. This will give you access to earn up to the 6th level deep of your downlines.

You will also earn 40PV.

*** RAGP Silver Package***

The silver package is a one-time registration fee of N20,000.

You are to get back 20% (N4, 000) of the registration fee that will be credited to your wallet account with the company. This package will help you earn 7 levels deep in your downlines. Do you think you can make money with recharge and get paid?

You will also instantly earn 80PV.

***RAGP Gold Package***

The gold package will cost you a one-time registration fee of N30,000

You will be getting back 20% (N6,000) of the registration fee. The amount will be credited to your wallet instantly as you register. The gold package will earn you commission 8th level deep of your downlines transaction on the platform.

You will also earn 120PV

***RAGP Diamond Package***

The diamond package will cost you an N40,000 one-time registration fee.

You will get 20% (N8,000) of the money credit to your wallet as soon as you complete the. Also, you will also get a commission from your referral down to your 9th level.

You also earn a 160PV instant bonus.

***RAGP Platinum Package***

The platinum package will cost you a one-time payment of the N50,000 registration fee.

The company will pay you back 20% (N10,000) of this registration fee, and you will earn a commission from the 10th level deep of your referral or downlines.

You will also earn a 200PV  instant bonus. It is from this package and above that can help you earn RAGP incentives.

*** RAGP Executive Platinum Package***

The executive platinum package will cost you N100, 000 one-time registration fee.

You will be making back 20% (N20,000) instant credited to your wallet. This package will help you earn a commission 10 levels deep from your downlines or referral.

The company will also credit you with 400PV. What do you think of my recharge and get-paid review? Can you make money with recharge and get paid?

Five Ways To Make Money With RAGP

*** RAGP Direct Referral Bonus***

Direct referral bonuses are bonuses that you get via your referal i.e. every referral that is a result of your effort.

This illustrates how to make money with recharge and get paid.

  • You will get 20% of N50, 000 = N10, 000 for every Platinum member you Sponsor personally.
  • N40, 000 = N8000 for every DIAMOND member you Sponsor personally.
  • N30, 000 = N6000 for every GOLD member you Sponsor personally.
  • N20, 000 = N4000 for every SILVER member you Sponsor personally.
  • N10,000 =N2000 for every BRONZE member you Sponsor personally.
  • N5, 000 =N1000 for every BASIC member you Sponsor, etc.

***RAGP Indirect Referral Bonus (10% — 1%)***

Indirect downlines are people referred by your direct downlines, down to the 10th level. Indirect bonuses are the bonus you earned through your downlines into the 10th level deep.

You will earn the bonus on the registration fee of all your downlines into the level 10 deep.

Suppose your referral decides to go for the Silver package on each level (which is an N20,000 registration fee).

Below is how much you can make:

  • 2nd level 10% of N20,000 = N2,000
  • 3rd level 5% of N20,000 = N1,000
  • 4th level 2.5% of N20,000 = N500
  • 5th level 1.25% of N20,000 = N250
  • From 6th level to 10th level (1% of N20,000 = N200)

*** Recharge And Get Paid Leadership Bonus (Point Value)***

Immediately you become a registered member of Recharge And Get Paid; you are credited with what is called Point Value. Point Value is used to measure the activities and performance of every Recharge And Get Paid (RAGP) member.

The Recharge And Get Paid PV is structured according to the registration packages you choose, and the packages subscribe to by your downlines to your 10th level deep.

It is a way of rewarding members for every referral effort you make and for building the great team of your network.

***Point Value Numbers of RAGP Packages***

  • Platinum Package will earn you 200PV both when you join RAGP as a member and when any of your downlines participate with the Platinum package
  • Diamond Package will also help you earn 160PV when you subscribe to RAGP and when any of your downlines join with the Diamond package.
  • Gold Package will earn you 120PV when you join RAGP, and your downlines joined with the Gold package
  • Silver Package will also help you earn 80PV as join and when any of your referral joins RAGB with Gold package
  • Bronze Package will deliver to you 40PV both as a subscriber when any of your downline join with Bronze Package
  • Basic Package will earn you 20PV as a RAGP subscriber and when your referral joins via Basic package
  • Note: Any Calendar month you earn a total of 10,000PV (point value) via your team-building effort. This company “Recharge And Get Paid” will reward you with N100,000.

The check will be issued to you and money transfer to your bank account as registered with the company.

***RAGP Point Value (PV) Award Set As Incentives***

These other various awards are tied to point value earn as you registered and referred more RAGP members to your downlines.

This is to energize members to go out and work hard for more referrals to the network.

It is important to know that it is only a Platinum Package that will make you qualified for any of the incentives including the N100,000 monthly payment. 

Every package below Platinum will not earn the incentives below. Below are different ways to make money with recharge and get paid with PV incentives:

1. N500,000 or Sponsor Vacation to Dubai

Whenever you accumulate 25,000 PV. This will be the total sum of PV earned from all your referral effort.

You can earn point value to your level ten deep.

2. N2, 000,000 Or Small Car Award

Accumulation of 60,000 PV from your referral will earn you N2,000,000 or a car worth the same amount.

3. House Funds of N3,000,000

Whenever you accumulated 100,000 PV. The company will reward you with these house funds worth N3,000,000.

Note: Accumulated Point Value PV is an aggregate of both your marketing and referral efforts and all your downlines to the tenth level deep.

The implication is that you will be earning PV from every member referred by your downlines down to the 10th level (The level you have access to depends on your registered package).

Do you still think recharge and get paid is legit or a scam? What do you think of my recharge and get-paid review?

RAGP Self Registration Process

Below is the step-by-step process of how to register and join Recharge and Get Paid by yourself. Just follow the step by steps below.

If you use my user ID Debby444, ensure you contact me as soon as you conclude the RAGP Registration via my comment section (I will be alerted instantly)

You can also contact me on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

I will credit back the 30% as soon as I see the money in my wallet account (Even if you don’t contact me, but please do so as to know that a RAGP Registration has been completed. )

  • The Following Detail Will Be Required For RAGP Registration

You will need the following detail to get started with Recharge And Get Paid:

  1. First Name:
  2. Last Name:
  3. Phone Number:
  4. Email:
  5. Username:
  6. Password:
  7. Bank Detail (Account Name, Account Number And Your Bank):
  8. Account Type (Savings Or Current):

Click here to start your RAGP registration to join. You will see the registration page as seen below:

Step: 1

  • RAGP Registration Form

You are to populate the below form with your details as in the form below.  You can use my referral Id ” DEBBY444 “.or contact me via my comment area.

Input all the relevant details as on the form above. Make sure you use your official details so that there will not be an issue when you win any RAGP award and they are now vetting your names and details.

Note: Purchase Pin Details is like your ATM Pin but it must be seven (7) digits. 

Important:  The system will require you to log in with your user name and password. Please go back to the company website and click to login

Stage 2:

  • RAGP Registration Package Selection

You are to select the package you have chosen and the mode of payment at this stage. You have the option to pay directly to the company account.

After selecting your plan e.g N5,000 (you can choose other plans above N5,000).

Select pay via  Paystack as indicated below.

Complete your bank details. It is important you state your full account name as submitted to the company, your username, phone number. That information will make it easier to trace your payment by the admin.

Click Pay Via PayStack button to Continue.

You have four payment options:

  • Payment through ATM Card. Input your card details.
  • Payment through the company bank account:
  • Paying through USSD Code:
  • Making Payment through Visa QR

How To Make Payment Into RAGP Bank Account

You can fund your wallet for the activation of new members or transactions by making a direct transfer or deposits to the company accounts.

***Recharge And Get Paid Bank Account Details***

Account Name: Recharge And Get Paid Nig. Ltd

  • Diamond Bank Account: 0068623787
  • United Bank for Africa (UBA): 1021753634
  • First Bank Of Nigeria PLC (FBN): 2033863900
  • Zenith Bank Account: 1014812771

How to Fund Your RAGP e-Wallet with Providus Bank Account

One major question people ask about the RAGP e-Wallet funding is, “How do I fund my wallet in recharge and get paid.”

Follow this step by step process to fund your RAGP e-Wallet account within 10 minutes.

The process will transfer the money to your account instantly in less than ten minutes without calling anyone.

Recharge and get paid just partnered with Providus Bank to make that possible.
Follow these steps:

NOTE: Your Providus Bank Account is created as soon as you created your RAGP account. Just locate it within your profile and pay. See how below:

  • Step:1 Login to your RAGP Account

  • Click Fund Wallet (See the screenshot below)

how to register on recharge and get paid
  • Pick Your Providus Bank Account Details (See The Screen Shot)


Your Providus Bank Account

  • BANK NAME: Providus Bank
  • ACCOUNT NAME: RAGpay-user-name
  • ACCOUNT NUMBER: 9922xxxxxx

What you see is your Providus Bank account detail. You can receive money from that account from any bank in Nigeria and anyone. Just use the account name ” RAGpay-user-name” and Account Number “9922xxxxxx.

Your money will enter your wallet account in less than ten minutes.

Is Recharge and Get Paid Legit

What do you think about my recharge and get paid review? Do you think that recharge and get paid is legit or scam? Can you now make money with recharge and get paid?

Recharge and Get paid e-Wallet Funding (Other Banks)

You can fund your account automatically if you use the following two banks:

It has to be transferred from UBA to UBA, or First Bank to First Bank, i.e. From your account in UBA to RAGB account in UBA and the same apply to FBN.

Account Name: Recharge and Get Paid Ltd

  • United Bank for Africa (UBA): 1021753634
  • First Bank of Nigeria PLC (FBN): 2033863900

Note: UBA is always faster and better for me.

More Instruction on Auto Wallet Funding

You can fund your wallet at any time of the week as you wish. This can be done multiple times within the day and week.

Ensure you include your user name and phone number in the narration while doing the transfer.

Sending a mail to to inform the company of your automatic wallet funding request can also speed up the funding.

Include the following in your email to the company:

  • Your name
  • User Name
  • Your Phone Number
  • Amount Deposited
  • RAGP Account Bank  ( UBA or FBN)

But Note:

RAGP will charge you with N70 on every deposit you make into their account with any of the banks.

You cannot request wallet funding of the same amount concurrently within 48 hours (The same amount of wallet funding requests can NOT follow each other within 48%).


If you request N5,000 now, you must not place the same amount of request until after 48 hours.

But you can request any other amount as long as it is not N5,000. It can even be N4,800 or N5,050.

Do you think you can make money with recharge and get paid? Is recharge and get paid legit or scam? What do you think of my recharge and get-paid review?

What To Do After Payment Into RAGP Bank Account?

After a successful payment into the company account, you are expected to contact the RAGP customer service center via the following contact and with your details.

***Your Information Required For Payment Verification You***

  • Your full name
  • Username
  • Name of the bank you paid through
  • Amount Paid
  • Date payment is made
  • Purpose of payment (Is It for Activation of New Account or Wallet Funding?)
  • Method of payment (Is It direct cash deposit, wire Transfer?)

Note: The above information is needed to locate your payment to activate a new referral or fund your wallet. Response time for the money to reflect is 24 hours.

Avoid using USSD, Quick Teller, and ATM payment because of a lack of proper narration. Tracing your payment will be difficult.

***Contact For Payment Notification***

  • Call & WhatsApp Phone: +234 8182098378/0803 722 1858; +234 811 689 8208
  • Send Email To

How to Withdraw From Recharge and Get Paid

All your money will be credited into your e-wallet account. You can use the RAGP platform to convert to cash in any of the following ways:

  • Transfer your money to your local bank account (directly to the account details with RAGP)
  • Move your money (in your wallet) to any of RAGP member for physical cash
  • You can use your money to pay for new registrations for your downlines while you get the cash

MY Issue with Recharge And Get Paid

Every organization has challenges, and no company is indeed perfect. The same applies to this company called Recharge And Get Paid.

These are what I dislike in Recharge And Get Paid:

  1. The sluggishness of the website is a drawback to the users; the company needs to upgrade to a decent server that can accommodate the volume of users. This needs to be done fast and quickly because it is a trust issue.
  2. The turn around time of activating users that paid directly to the company could be terrible sometimes; more needs to be done to improve this problem.
  3. The 24 hours payment of funds into a users bank account is not a reflection of the latest technology (There is no risk since the user’s bank account is already tied to every profile)
  4. You cannot load 9Mobile network data for now; while other networks can be charged. This should be worked on.
  5. The customer service of RAGP can be terrible sometimes. They rarely give feedback nor respond to a member’s issue. The feedback is not that good and this should be improved upon.
  6. Do many people still think that that recharge and get paid is a scam and not legit? But what do you think about my recharge and get paid review? Can you make money with recharge and get paid?

Recharge and Get Paid Scam to Avoid

Is Recharge and Get Paid a scam? No. RAGP is not a scam but a legitimate MLM company that has its headquarters based in Abuja, Nigeria. It has branches across the major city in Nigeria.

Why is it not a scam? It is not a scam because it was registered legitimately by the NCC – Nigeria Communication Commission. I display the company registration certificate in the body of this article.

The company itself can not scam you, but people and fake distributors can scam you. The following are different ways been scammed by the Recharge and Get Paid distributors:

  • Never give your money to anyone online via Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. If you do, they will block your account and will never give you back your money.
  • Never join Recharge and Get Paid through anyone you do not know very well. Ensure you know someone that knows your upline so that you will not end up in prison.
  • Never accept or allow anyone you DO NOT know very well to transfer money to your account for recharge and get paid registration. (It might be s stollen card or transaction that can end you up in the police net)
  • Never allow any RAGP member(s) that is not your downline to join your WhatsApp group (He or she may scam your members)
  • Never and Never register for someone that you never know very well it is dangerous
  • The above are several ways you may get scammed by Recharge and Get Paid distributor.
  • Never use any RAGP Apps except if the download on their website or advice by the company
  • Ensure you do the registration by yourself, you can pay to the company account (Visit their website or use the resource on this site to do your registrations).

Download Recharge and Get Paid App – Android & IOS (Warning)

There are various Recharge And Get Paid App mostly on play station for android devices.

It is important to note that these RAGP apps are not directly from the company.

What is the implication of that? The implication is that your data, information, and money may be stolen.

Many third parties developed the apps, they are not official Recharge and Get Paid App.

For now, there is no IOS of Recharge and Get Paid App faction.

It is better you still to your browser to avoid losing your money.

Most of the Recharge and Get Paid Apps are displayed inside the play station is being sold.

There is reliable information that, as soon as you buy recharge and get paid app, they will block your account and get away with your money.

Please know that recharge and get paid is legit and not a scam. What do you think of my review of recharge and get paid?

Recharge and Get Paid Nigeria – FAQs

How Real is Recharge And Get Paid?

Recharge and Get Paid Nigeria is real, legit, and not a scam. Recharge and Get Paid currently do not have Apps. 

what are good side hustles

Please don’t get defrauded by using third-party apps. 

Who is the CEO of RAGP – Recharge And Get Paid?

The real owner of Recharge and Get Paid Nigeria is Mr. Adelekan Oluwaseun Ojo is the Owners and CEO of Recharge and Get Paid Nigeria. 

And the company is now establishing in other African Countries. You can view his LinkedIn profile here.

When did Recharge and Get Paid Nigeria start?

Recharge and Get Paid Nigeria was established in 2015.

What is PV in RAGP?

The meaning of “PV” means POINT VALUE in recharge and get paid. 

When you register with RAGP, you will get credited with PV. The amount of RAGP PV depends on the amount you use for registration. You also get PV when any of your downlines get registered.

You get compensated and rewarded when you accumulate your PV to a certain amount. PV accumulation is how you make money with recharge and get paid.

Is RAGP Legit or a Scam?

What do you think of my Recharge and Get Paid Nigeria review? Is RAGP legit?

Or, do you think Recharge and Get Paid is a Scam? Can you really make money with it recharge and get paid?

I am sure you now know how to Recharge and Get Paid Nigeria works.

Are you set to start making money with Recharge and Get Paid Nigeria – RAGP?

Recharge and Get Paid Nigeria (RAGP) is a company that has employed multi-level marketing (MLM) for the sales and distribution of virtual recharge cards.

Yes, RAGP is legit and not a scam.

The structure and method this company has employed are really making huge money for many Nigerian.

Can you now make money with Recharge And Get Paid? What do you think of my recharge and get a paid review? Is Recharge and Get Paid Nigeria legit or a scam?

Kindly drop your thought in my comment area below because my audience will be glad to read from you.  I will revert to you ASAP.

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56 thoughts on “Recharge and Get Paid Nigeria Review: Is RAGP Legit?”

  1. Hi Mr. John, I want to register but don’t know what “Purchase Pin Details” it is asking for is.
    Thank you

    1. The pin is your private 7 digits random number. You need it for any of your transactions on Recharge and get paid. Hence, you will need to come up with seven-digit when you are doing your registration.

      Just think of any 7 digit number that you must not forget. It is like your ATM PIn, but this one is 7.

      I hope you are okay now?

      Thanks for reading my Recharge and Get Paid Reviews. You can make a minimum of N5k daily if you are serious about it and you know how to market it. Just start visiting where you can talk to lots of people in a cluster. People are making serious money with this thing.



  2. Well RAGP (recharge and get paid), my opinion as a registered member.
    For one thing is that it’s bloody slow and it begins to seem like a scam slowly too, why;
    I bought data 1k for a friend and voilà the data was supposed to expire that same day so she complained what’s the use of it expires on the same day. I said it’s not true, she checked the next day and it had expired. 1k wasted, and to add salt to injury, I got 5% bonus instead of 10% so tell me why it’s not a scam?
    If the way you’ll make the most meaningful profit doesn’t work and all you see everyday is people award with hundreds of thousands and millions for haven worked well. Na when person go reach there?

    1. Thanks for reading my Recharge and get Paid Review. I can assure you that RAGP is not a scam but legitimate Telecom business based in Nigeria.

      They have many problems (i agree on that); but their problem has nothing to do with your earnings. System problems and many network and server related. I can see that you are yet to consume the RAGP compensation plan and the people that are your uplines have done a poor job explaining how things work.

      If you have nondelivery recharge or any customer service related problem with the company. You can contact the RAGP helpline

      You can call, Whatsapp or do a mail to the support team. They will get back to you though it may take a while. Don’t forget you are not the only customer they have issue with.

      You can use the below email and phone numbers of RAGP to contact the support.

      +234 803 722 1858
      +234 8182098378
      Land Line
      +234 811 689 8208

      This one thing I am sure about RAGP. They are legitimate and not a Scam company. Please go through your compensation plan very well is like you are missing something.



    1. Hi Mariah,

      Thanks for checking on my page and for reading my RAGP review, I am glad you like it and it helped you.

      I already contacted you. I hope you will visit again. It is all about how to make money with Recharge and get paid in Nigeria



  3. Dear John,

    Sincerely, I was not expecting a 30% refund of my money. I just decide to do this thing for my elderly mummy in a NIGERIA.
    I follow your simple process to pay via my GTBank debit card to register and it works.

    The unbelievable thing is that you gave back my 30% to the wallet.

    Thank you for helping Nigerians

    Many will not believe what you are doing but it is a sacrifice in your own simple way.

    What a credible person and online platform you have here.

    I am also following you on your LinkedIn platform .

    Thank you again fir a great website that is helping Nigerians



    1. Dear Peter,

      Thank you for reading my RAGP review.

      The article is all about how to make money with RAGP from Nigeria. Many Nigeria doesn’t know that they can make moneu=y with their smartphone. They don’t know that they can earn while using and recharge their phones. It is a great product that has helped many to become a millionaire.

      Though, I am using the return of 30% of funds to build a team for long term earning. But, it is helping people to save their money while registering for RAGP. The step by step registering process works.

      I want to thank you too for having faith and trust to trust that I will return your 30%, most especially when the 30 that very huge (i.e. N30k).

      Thank you for also dropping your comments.



  4. Hello Mr. JOHN,
    Am excited that am now part of the Recharge and get paid platform,, is never a scam. One thing that baffles me is that I used Mr. John’s link and he gave me back 30% of what I signed up with apart from the company’s bonus. I want to use this medium to implore others to tap into these great opportunities of financial freedom.
    Thanks once again

    1. Dear Jessica,

      Thanks for reading my review about RAGP. And also for taking the opportunity of using my user ID for your registration. I am just using that to help people start something like a mini business.

      The good news is that RAGP is legit.

      I have been with the company now for over a year.

      Thanks for reading my RAGP review,



  5. Sir thanks for your quick response. But it seems you didn’t get my question. I’m not talking about the promo you displayed here, let me start this way: the routine is that when a member registers, 20% of the amount he/she registered with goes back to him/her. My question is simple sir. Since silver package is 20k but I only received 20% of 5k because I originally registered with 5k (basic). If I later upgrade to the one of 20k (silver package), will I still get back the 20% of the additional 15k? Similarly, if my downliner does a same upgrade, what happens to my own share of my downliner’s 20% of the addition?

    1. Dear Dozie,

      This is how RAGP works. If you register for basic of N5k, you will get N1k your 20%. You will get the 20% of any amount any time you upgrade. If your downlo=ine also upgrade at any time, you and your direct downline will get the same 20%. upgrade is like a new registration.

      Example: If A register with Basic N5k (He will get 20%)
      If he now upgrade to Silver which is Now N15k ( he will get N3k which is 20%); there person that refer him too will get the same amount.

      So, no matter the amount you paid for upgrade you will earn 20% and the person that introduce you will earn 20%.

      The same applies to the person that you introduced to RAGP. If the person you introduced has a bnasic and now upgrade to Silver of N15k; he will get N3k of the 20% and you will get the same amount for introducing the person.

      I hope it is clear now.



  6. Sir, from your write-ups, I learnt that someone can choose any package that suits him/her and then upgrade later. My question now is: if for instance I registered with say 5k and was given back the 20% which is 1k, if I later upgrade to 10k, what happens to my share of 20% of the newest development? The same question goes for the one of my downliner(s). Since the upgrade is no longer a new registration, will I still earn the same thing I was supposed to earn during the registration itself?

    1. Dear Dozie,

      The promo of recharge and get paid display on this website is mine and not for the company promo. If you sign up for the recharge and get paid through my link and user ID; I promised to give back my 20% no matter how much is your new registration. Any time you upgrade, this promo will not apply.

      But, if you upgrade between now and the expiration of my promo. I can give you back your 20% upgrade(this is for you now).

      I will not give back to your downline.

      thanks for reading my recharge and get paid reviews.



      I am glad you drop your comment

  7. I am interested in becoming a registered member of the recharge and get paid. I would like a response on how to register effectively

    1. Good day,
      Thanks for reading my RAGP review.

      I already sent a mail to you.

      Kindly revert and let me know if you see my mail or not.


    1. Dear Emmanuel,
      Thanks for reading my RAGP review.

      The article is all about how to make money with your phone in Nigeria.

      You can follow the process to register as written on this website. I will also do you a mail.

      You are expected to call me as soon as you receive my private email address.

      Thanks you again fir reading my review about what recharge and get pay is all about.

      Thank you.



  8. Hello mr John,
    I’m interested, but I really want to know, when I register with N5,000 Basic Plan does it allow me to refer up to 40 persons in that Basic plan? if yes how much do i make referring 40 persons And what’s the minimum amount I can withdraw?

    1. I just did you a mail. You can check your mail and call that number.

      You don’t have a limit of number of people you can recruit. And the amount you will earn depend on the amount your referral use to register. If you refer any one directly. You will make 20% of the amount they use to register instantly.

      You can withdrawal all your money to your account number in any bank in Nigeria.



  9. Hello mr John,
    I’m interested, but I really want to know, when I register with N5,000 Basic Plan does it allow me to refer up to 40 persons in that plan Basic? if yes how much do i make referring 40 persons And what’s the minimum amount as a member I can withdrawal?

    1. Dear Uche,
      Thanks for reading my Recharge and Get Paid review.

      You can refer any number of people directly under you. And any one under you can refer any number of people. You don’t have a limit to the number of persons you can refer or people under you can refer.

      Your N5k will limit you to level 5. That is if The first person under you is James, James has Peter under him, peter has Love under him, Love has Dorcas under her and lastly Dorcas has Jade under her.

      You will earn from the five level only. You can only go deeper if you upgrade your subscriptions.

      The good news is that there is no limit to the number of people any level can recruit and earn from.

      Please read my article again for more details.



  10. Dear John,

    Thanks for a complete review of Recharge and Get Paid.

    I indeed appreciate what a full review you did.

    I now know what RAGP is.

    Thank you again.


  11. Agbia David chiemerie

    I registered with your ref ID debby333 that was yesterday 11/1/20 I didn’t make any payment because I wanted to find out from my friend who I think knows about RAGP. So I only save my password and username then I login in today been 12/1/20 they brought the levels I decided to start with 5k. I paid with pay stack through my atm card d called d money, my bank debited me but they told me invalid email and I can’t even login after payment was successful. Pls sir help what should I do


    1. Thanks for registering and most especially for reading my review about Recharge and Get Paid. Note that, there is no evidence that you register via the referral ID debby333. That implies that your registration is not successful.

      I will contact you via your phone and email address.

      Can you confirm that this is the same phone number and email address you use to do the RAGP registration? Paying via pay Stack is not a good thing. You ought to have made the payment via your bank mobile app or directly via your bank

      People have fraudulently obtained people ‘s ATM cards and use RAGP as a conduit to siphon the stolen money away. It is not advisable to use Pay Stack for payment. You will need to prove your through identity before your profile can be approved, hence before you can have access to your account via recharge and get paid.

      I will contact you so as to have you send your details to me. That will include Your official ID card photocopy (National ID, Diver Licence, International Passport, etc) and your utility bill with other details.

      I will ensure your access is enabled as soon as you do that by forwarding your details to the RAGP office.



  12. Greetings! Please i made mistake on my email during RAGP registration which has stopped the 7 digit code not to be sent to my email as a result of wrong email address, please what will i do?

    1. Thanks for reading my Recharge and Get Paid Review.

      To correct your mistakes of sending an incorrect email address during the process of registration. You will need to contact the RAGP support. The RAGP support could be difficult to engage; they have a lot of issues and many customers to deal with hence making the TAT (their Turn Around Time) is very bad.

      These are steps to take to rectify your problems:

      The first solution I will be having for you is to create another email address just the exact mistake and ask for a reset.

      Why my best option is for you to contact the support via direct phone contact, be handy with all your details that will prove the authenticity ownership of the account.

      You can also contact via their Whatsapp and email address. If I were you, I will employ the email address, the email will help you to able to send all the necessary documentation that proves the ownership of the account.

      below are means to contact the support:
      Call Us +234 803 722 1858 | 234 811 689 8208 | 234 818 209 8378

      Email Adrtess:

      Working hours include Monday-Saturday, 9 am-6 pm;
      Sunday Closed

      You can also contact the head office at the following location in Abuja:

      Location and business address of the company Recharge and Get Paid is:

      Lagos address:
      Number 46, Arowojobe Street, OSHODI, Oshodi Isolo, Lagos, Nigeria, OSHODI, Oshodi Isolo, Lagos.

      I hope that will help you. Please come back to let me know if you resolve the problem.

      Thanks again for reading my write up about if Recharge and Get Paid is legitimate or not.



    1. Dear Okon,

      Thanks for reading my Recharge And Get Paid review.

      After the registration of N5,000. There are two major ways to start the Recharge And Get Paid business.

      The first one, which is the cheapest and the most profitable is to start telling people about RAGP. This is what will earn you the most. You will earn 20% of the value of the amount used to register by any of your referrals.

      The other way is to start buying and selling a recharge card for people. You can also help people load cable TV, PHCN, etc You will earn your commission for everyone of this sale.

      How do you register for RAGP? Just go to Recharge And Get Paid web site or click here. Also, locate the step of how to register on this website.

      You can register through anyone you know that has already registered and you can also do that on your own. If you are registering yourself you first fill your detail of=n the site and you must use a user ID of the person that refers you.

      If you don’t have anyone, you can use mine DEBBY333.

      Other questions people ask about recharge and get paid include:

      Is recharge and get paid legit?

      Yes, recharge and get paid is very legitimate and it is not a scam.

      What is RAGP?

      RAGP means Recharge and Get Paid. It is an MLM telecom business that empowers the Nigeria people to become a telecom business owner.

      The company is located and based in Abuja Nigeria.
      Recharge And Get Paid (RAGP) work with all the major telecommunication industry in Nigeria, which include the major one 9mobile, Airtel, Glo and MTN.

      RAGP is enriching the common people of Nigeria. When you register with the minimum amount which is N5,000. You will earn back 20% of your N5k or 20% of the amount you use to register.

      You will also be making income for life from every recharge card loaded through the platform by any one you refer or invited that join through you.

      You will also earn from people refer by the person you refer to the ten-generation deep. Read the body of my review to learn more.

      Do you have any other question?

      Thanks again for reading my review of recharge and get paid in nigeria.


  13. Thanks greatly for the analysis and the comprehensive up to date information you have provided on Recharge and Get Paid business opportunity. The Telecom business makes it good for anyone to earn residual income online. With just little investment one can build a great network of subscribers. This is what anyone should think of joining.

    1. Dear AYdot,
      Thanks for reading my article on how to make money with your phone in Nigeria.

      Telecom is where a lot of people are making money online in Nigeria now. If you go to Lagos, Abuja, PortHacort and major cities in Nigeria, people are making huge money with every credit they load on the smart phone.

      Making money with your smart phone is made possible with Recharge And Get Paid Nigeria Limited.

      And the truth is that RAGP is legit and not a Scam.

      Thanks for coming really a prevailed.



  14. I have been reading about recharge and get paid and after looking at all the ups and downs, I have decided not to let the mini downs I have observed weigh me down. I have made up my mind to join this amazing platform. What’s there to loose? Afterall I buy heavy datas from my bank daily and pay SMS alert fee upon SMS alert fee. Why not join RAGP and get a pay instead of due.
    I have immediately family who fortunately for me, do VTU just like me, encouraging them to join me wouldn’t be much trouble. A family member also sell recharge card in bulk. This business will be a cloud of glory decending upon her.
    There are time where student advertise this VTU data business. And it usually booms. Advertising mine, adding little benefits that will cost me little to nothing wouldn’t pain at all.
    I can also advertise to various groups am on on the social media that I am selling recharge cards, that’s an additional bonus right… Now all these is money and I havent even brushed the tip.
    Paying bill for cable, NEPA, and the likes is unavoidable. May don’t even realize they can pay with their phones and they travel down wherever just to pay a token of as small as #400 sometime. Most of these people are my neighbors, family and friend. What if they pay me topay their bills and I give them 20# back, am still getting #20 right. Make it 10# bonus even and I get #30, now people will rush like no man business.
    There are turns of people I’m free facebook business groups that are waiting for a kill opportunity like this. Just give them saccharin presentation of all there is to gain and they will rush. There’s nothing to loose. Even if you don’t join RAGP, you will still recharge daily and sadly get nothing as incentives.
    It is very easy to make your way to the top on RAGP.

    1. Dear Jamila,

      Thanks for your comment and for taking the time to read me Recharge And Get Paid (RAGP) review.

      I am certain that you are committed to driving your business when you become a member of RAGP.

      I hope you have joined my group on Facebook?

      You can also communicate to me via My RAGP WhatsApp Group

      Make sure you do. And let me know so that you can get your reward.

      Thanks again for taken time to drop your marketing plan to dominate the sales in RAGP.



  15. You mentioned the server speed is slow which can be very frustrating to users and their response rate is also low which can as well be frustrating too.

    Now, is there any improvement on some of these challenges as I hardly withstand those lapses in program like this

    1. Dear Ify,

      Thanks for visiting my site to read my Is Recharge And Get Paid (RAGP) review. I am happy you came.

      The thing will server involve regular upgrade. Even if their server is okay now (Which it is); it will need to be upgraded later because of the number of people that the company is admitting on a daily basis.

      But for now, be sure that the company is doing great and they seem to have passed the server stage now.

      Thanks again for taking the time to drop your comment.


      Debby (For John)

  16. I understand that each package offers a different PV and a certain extent to which you can earn downline.

    I want to know if there’s a limit to direct referral per package.

    For example, if I choose the 5k package, am I free to directly refer 100 people?



    1. Dear IY,

      Thanks for reading my Recharge And Get Paid (RAGP) review and for taken your time to drop a comment and question. I hope you will visit again?

      Ok to trash your question.

      There is NO limit to the number of downlines you can have. You can decide to for N5k initially and recruit a billion direct referrer. You can always upgrade your level at any time. To move to the next level you will just pay the shortfall of N5k (at the backend of RAGP it is simple to upgrade from one level to another).

      The only challenge is that when your downlines start to grow; Your N5k will only give you access to earn money five-level deep. If you add the remaining N5k to make up the next level of N10k, then you will be able to earn six levels deep.

      You can also NOT earn from PV(Point Value) until you upgrade to Platinum Package. It is only Platinum Package that will give you access to earn the following PV #100k monthly; #500k; #2m; #3m; #4m; and #6m.

      I hope you have an idea of my explanations. You are free to join my WhatsApp groups and you can also drop your questions here. I will get back to you ASAP.



  17. Hi John,

    Thanks for this informative piece. But apart from being an affiliate member, in what other ways can I earn from Recharge and Get Paid?

    Thank you.

    I am Seyi.


    1. Dear Seyi,

      Did you read through the article? If you do you see a particular section dedicated to different ways by which you can make money with RAGP.

      If you have any question feel free to get back to me via this comment area.



  18. Sir, I’d love to know if and how recharge and get paid makes its profit. Cos I have been expecting to see it in your writeup to no avail. You can reach me on
    And/or +234806064117

    1. Dear Gideon,

      Thanks for reading my article how to make money with Recharge And Get Paid. I never give it a thought before now to write on how RAGP make its profit.

      But it is simple. If you know the distributions of the earnings from level one down to the 10th level. Some earnings are left that is what the Recharge and get Paid gain.

      After your 20% earnings, your referral 20%, then will have the following percentages down lines 10%, 5%, then 2.5%, etc. it getbtona stage where members can not earn again. The remaining is for the company.

      Another major way the RAGP makes Profits is through all money that every members are depositing and keeping with the company.

      All those funds deposited in the company account are making earnings in float for the company. In fact this is the major way Recharge and Get Paid is making money.

      Do you have any question? I hope you are a member already? If you join through the User I’d on my profile I will return my 20% earning back to you.



      1. Hello John,

        Great review here.

        In your last post in the comments, you said you’ll return 20% earnings back. This is aside the initial 20% RAGP will credit you with I suppose.

        Look forward to your response


        1. Dear Ade,

          You are welcome to My Recharge And Get Paid (RAGP) Review.

          To answer your question, yes if you join through my referer ID ” DEBBY333″. I will refund you my own commission of 20%. while you will also earn a commission of 20% for joining.

          If you join with N5,000 Nigeria Currency. (RAGP is the only trusted MLM program based in Nigeria in my opinion).

          I will earn N1,000 as a commission for referring you while you will earn your 20% (N1,000) as your own commission for joining the program.

          You can join my whatsapp group as stated on this website. I will contact you ASAP.

          thanks for checking on me



      2. Ogunyemi Temitope

        Heard of RAGP few days into this year 2019,but me being me, I needed to be convinced, after checking many of the activities of the members…

        I have finally concluded that this is a great opportunity for one to have a passive income and I still want to believe this will not come back to bite us.

        As Nigerians we have a history of running a good system down. Thank you for this great review.



        1. Dear Temitope,

          Thanks for your comments and for visiting my website and most importantly for reading my article on how to make money with Reacharge And Get Pay.

          I appreciate you for the comments.



          The truth is this RAGP is NOT a scam but legitimate. I validated that in this article.

      3. I have tried programs like this but have honestly had no luck because most of the income comes from recruiting others to the business.

        Do you have an article on how to make recruiting people easier?



        1. Dear Lilly,

          I can assure you that RAGP is legitimate and it is not a scam. I have reviewed over 500 articles and I can state again that this one is legitimate.

          But, I don’t usually recommend multi Level marketing business but RAGP is a different MLM. The only business I recommend to you is affiliate marketing.

          And you can learn it via the best affiliate marketing training in the world. Try to check that links.



      4. Heard lots of stories about the Recharge and get paid program, this has laid all doubts about its legitimacy to rest. the problem with things like this is convincing people to join the network, I wish there is another way other than this.

      5. I’ve got a friend from Nigeria who said something about RAGP sometime ago while chatting with her though she talked about the non-responsiveness of the site. Could this be an ISP issue?

        1. Dear Maidlene,
          One major challenge of Recharge And Get Paid Nig LTD is the sluggishness of the website; which is as a result of load on their server. But in recent time they are working on it.

          I learned they were down and redirecting members to another domain name while they were upgrading into the new server.

          The good news is that RAGP is back and up running making Nigerian money on a daily basis. It is one program that I learned that can be trusted in Nigeria today.

          Thanks for your comment and for visiting my website.

          Really Appreciate.


      6. Obviously, this is what I think most Nigerians like. But then, the one-off registration fee might be hard for some people to fork out. On the other hand, if I’d get 20% of my registration fee back, why not deduct it initially so I can pay a lower fee to get started?

        1. Dear Mike Jay,

          The minimum one-off fees are not that costly. The N5,000 minimum will earn you back 10% (N1,000) as soon as you registered. Your referral will also earn 10%. In my opinion, the least one off fee is not that so costly for people.

          From several success stories as relating to RAGP. If you register with the minimum N5,000; you can easily get your money back within a day; you will just need to refer five new members as your downline.

          Mike, thanks for visiting my website. I hope you are clear.



      7. Overall, how do you feel about programs where you have to spend money to earn money? Is this ever worth it or how do you know what makes it worth it? Thank you

        1. Hi Jenna,

          Most online programs that are legitimate required you to spend money to make more online. I believe that there is no free launch anywhere.

          Any online program that is claiming to help you make money free without spending money or working for your money should be label scam products.

          Recharge And Get Paid is a Nigeria legitimate way to make money online. This is one program that required you just minimum amount of N5,000 once off payment to join.

          It is the only legitimate program I can claim in my opinion that is legitimate for now. And people are making money. The challenge is that it has an element of an multi level marketing.

          I use to classify all mlm programs to be a scan until I get to know about RAGP.

          Thanks for visiting my website, Inhope you will come again.



      8. I’m wondering that when you said it changed your perspective on MLM, are you specifically referring to it changing your mind in only this case, or did it change your mind on all MLM? If so, how are you thinking about it differently as MLM is often the go-to ‘get rich quick’ scheme presented to many people?

        1. Recharge And Get Paid is a Telecom company in Nigeria that employed MLM model to drive sales. The MLM model employed is 70% to the advantages of the subscribers. The way the model is structure and tied to benefiting members is just the best.

          This is one major reason why RAGP changed my perspective about multi-level marketing programs. the model does work if the well structured.

          The core objective of any company that will employ MLM model need to do is to eliminate scam from the product. Just like Recharge And Get Paid is doing with this program.

          If you are I Nigeria this is one program to join right now.



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