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Uvocorp Review: Can You Really Make Money with Uvocorp Jobs?

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 You are welcome to my Uvocorp Review. I am sure you are here to know if you can make money with Uvocorp jobs. But, Is Uvocorp legit or another scam?

Are they paying their writers and freelancers?


The future of work is changing, and more people are beginning to offer their services from home.

Uvocorp is one such channel allowing writers to provide their skills without being tied to any particular organization or work hours.

It is good you are here to find out the truth about Uvocorp; that is the only way to discover excellent and legitimate online programs that will make you money.

This Uvocorp review is devoid of any bias as I am in no way affiliated to the company.

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Uvocorp at a Glance

how to make money with Uvocorp

Product Name: Uvocorp
the founder is not known, but he goes by the Eugene
Price: Free to join
Rating: 30%
Recommended: No

Summary Review of Uvocorp Jobs

Uvocorp is an academic freelancing platform that allows people (both native and non-native English speakers) to make money through writing.

The platform gets a lot of requests that they outsource to their registered members.

Uvocorp covers topics like biology, computer science, mathematics, physics, chemistry, engineering, and more.
You have to be good to pass the test to start making money with Uvocorp as a writer.

But, can you make money with Uvocorp jobs? Is Uvocorp legit or another scam?
Yes, you can make money with Uvocorp jobs. But how much can you make writing for Uvocorp?

Average academic writers get paid between $5 to $15 per page of the academic writing jobs. It depends on the area of your chosen and your topic of study.

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What is Uvocorp?

how to get uvocorp links

Uvocorp goes beyond just hiring freelance English academic writers; they also welcome ELS speakers from nine different countries.

This means both native English speakers and non-native English language speakers are welcome to freelance on the platform.

The platform is global, so wherever you are in the world, you can work remotely both full-time and part-time depending on your schedule.

However, writers are complaining of too much pressure, which makes working part-time impossible.

The company has branches in Australia, Europe, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, New Zealand, Canada, Hong Kong, and India.

Uvocorp claims signing up are seamless. However, it will take six days or more.

All you need is to pass an easy test by providing an evaluation paper.

If you pass the test, you’ll be on probation for the first month, during this period; you will be under the tutelage of a designated mentor.

The mentor has to help you adapt to Uvocorp systems. You can read more about the Uvocorp on LinkedIn.

The reason for the mentorship program is that; it is one thing to be a writer, and it’s another to be an academic writer.

How Much Does Uvocorp Cost to Join?

The cost of getting an academic paper written on Uvocorp is not known, you’ll need to sign up to find out first.

However, if your job requires the service of a native speaker, you will be paying more.

In case you are looking to join Uvocorp as a freelance writer, it is free to join.

Who is Uvocorp Jobs For?

Uvocorp is for two categories of people.

The first category is for people who are willing to outsource their academic projects for a fair price while the second category is for writers who want to earn money freelancing.

Uvocorp seems like a legit company, but writing academic papers on behalf of someone else seems wrong, most countries consider it as a fraud.

However, if you are willing to give it a try, what are you waiting for?

How to Make Money with Uvocorp Jobs

According to Uvocorp, making money is easy, as long as you know how to write academic papers. It doesn’t matter if you are a native speaker or an ESL speaker.

Once you are committed, you will be smiling to the bank in no time. All you have to do is; visit and sign up, then complete the compulsory test.

As a native speaker, you stand a great chance because most requests place special demands for native speakers.

However, if English is your second language (ESL), you need to have a good knowledge of academic writing and specialize in one or more academic niche.

After that, you can now make money through writing. The truth is this, many do not know about this site, it is this Uvocorp review that made most of my forum member get to know about it.

How to Apply for the Uvocorp Jobs

First, you have to sign up for their platform.

Once you’ve signed up, expect a confirmation message, after you have verified the newly created account, you’ll undergo a simple confirmation test which includes;

  • CV verification
  • Picture verification
  • Photo ID
  • Mobile number verification
  • Sample /previous work verification.

If you pass the entire verification process, you will start work immediately.

On the other hand, if you fail the written section, you will have to wait for three months to try again.

The successful freelancers will have to undergo two months of compulsory mentorship with a mentor who is opened to answer any questions and guide you through the entire process.

How Much Money Can You Make With Uvocorp Jobs?

Uvocorp pays its freelancers per page. Native speakers earn $26, while ESL writers are paid about $5 to $15 per page.

The pay does not just come easily. Each project has a time frame, and failure to work within the allocated time frame means deduction from your total payment.

A mentor will rewrite any work not correctly written. This will inevitably result in a deduction in pay.

The deducted fund is used to compensate for the mentor’s effort. Other factors like plagiarism, illegal use of language, and grammatical errors, also lead to a deduction.

However, if your work is of topnotch quality, you’ll be given extra cash as a bonus.

Payment method is made easy; you can use PayPal, Debit Mastercard, Skrill, Payoneer, and wire transfer.

However, withdrawal can only be made between the 1st and 5th and 15th to 20th of each month. Is Uvocorp legit or a scam? Can you make money with Uvocorp jobs?

 Support /Customer Service on Uvocorp Platform

It’s easy to get information and communicate with customer service.

For information, you can visit the Uvocorp blog to get up to date information about things that are happening on the platform, news, and trends.

Or you can contact the customer service desk directly:

Mobile phone: 44 808 168 06 92 or 1 866 719 7923,
Days and Time: Monday 00:00 – Saturday noon (GMT).

You can also reach Uvocorp customer service via their social media platforms:

  • Facebook page,
  • Twitter, or
  • LinkedIn.

List of Countries Covered By Uvocorp

Uvocorp will accept applications from writers from the following countries and regions:

  • Australia,
  • New Zealand,
  • Europe,
  • Canada,
  • Nigeria,
  • Hong Kong,
  • Pakistan,
  • India,
  • Philippines,

Uvocorp is close to you, so reaching out wouldn’t be a problem.

What’s Good About Uvocorp Jobs?

  • The pay is fair, with a bonus for prolific writers.
  • Numerous payment methods.
  • Uvocorp provides research materials.

Issues With Uvocorp Jobs

  • There is too much workload on writers.
  • There are irregularities in the mentorship program.
  • Earning is not specified, as there are high and low seasons.

Public and Online Opinion About Uvocorp Jobs

There’s a lot of negative feedback towards Uvocorp, most of them from frustrated new writers.

All complaints are geared towards the fact that the mentorship program is a failure.

There’s a lot of ripping off done by the so-called mentors.

Rather than just correct minor errors, mentors rewrite the entire paper to deduct from the pay of novice writers.

There are also complaints about mentors deliberately laying traps for novice writers.

They do this by not properly educating them about the rules and regulations, hoping they make mistakes they can be fined.

How to Pass the Uvocorp Jobs Test

Do you want to know the Uvocorp registration tricks and how to pass the Uvocorp test? 

Just follow these step by step process:

  • Click on the confirmation link received from Uvocorp.
  • Complete the resume (CV) form
  • Upload your photo showing you holding your identification card (this is for your ID proof)
  • Do your phone verification.
  • You will get a topic for your Uvocorp test.
  • Your Uvocorp sample written test will be reviewed and scored.
  • As soon as your Uvocorp test is approved, you can start your Uvocorp jobs immediately. 

Please know that the Uvocorp test editor will review your Uvocorp test sample submitted according to the set writing standard, rule, and regulations. 

Uvocorp test review editor can reject an application that did not meet the Uvocorp job requirements on behalf of the company.

You will receive an email from the Uvocorp test committee. 

This decision cannot be queried, discussed, or changed. You can reapply for the Uvocorp Test after three months of the last registration failure. 

Can You Buy Uvocorp Account? 

No, you can not purchase another user‘s account on the Uvocorp platform. It is against the policy and term of use. 

 If you are discovered to have bought a Uvocorp account, your membership will be canceled, payment suspended, and account deleted. 

Buying Uvocorp Account will be a scam and fraudulent.

What is an Average Payment on the Uvocorp Platform?

The amount you get paid is determined by the number of pages, academic level, and the deadline for submitting the work. 

The amount ranges between $5 to $15 for every ESL writer, while all ENL writers get paid $26.

What Are the Payment Methods on the Uvocorp Platform? 

Uvocorp pays its writers via the following methods:

  • Skrill, 
  • Wire Transfer, and 
  • Payoneer Debit MasterCards

What Is the Uvocorp Registration Time?

I am sure you like to know how long the Uvocorp registration takes. 

The Uvocorp registration process will take between four to six working days.

Is Uvocorp Legit Or a Scam?

No, Uvocorp is legit and not a scam.

It is a legitimate company, and it offers a platform where freelance writers can provide their skills and get paid.

However, despite being a great platform, you have to understand how it works before you venture into it.

ESL writers would have to work with a mentor who may be beneficial to the writer or unethical in approach.

So, the mentor you get will determine the kind of experience you will have with Uvocorp

what are good side hustles

Is Uvocorp worth It?

Thanks for reading my Uvocorp review.  Can you now make money with Uvocorp Jobs??

Is Uvocorp legit or another scam?

There are other freelance platforms where writers can quickly determine how much they want to be paid without a system slapping a fixed price on their pay.

Uvocorp, on the other hand, has utilized a middle man system, whereby writers have to interact with a mentor instead of the client.

The company seems to provide a lot of possibilities for writers as you get the chance to learn from your errors and grow.

However, they look for every opportunity to deduct your money for minor mistakes.

Are you a member of the UvoCorp freelance site? What is your reaction to my Uvocorp review? Can you make money with UvoCorp jobs? Is UvoCorp legit or a scam? What is your take?

Have you used UvoCorp before? What was your experience? Kindly share it with us in my comment section below.

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16 thoughts on “Uvocorp Review: Can You Really Make Money with Uvocorp Jobs?”

  1. Thank you for this review of the freelance writing company Uvocorp. As a person that has done freelance writing as well as writing for my own website and blog, I am always looking for new freelance writing opportunities. However many of the freelance writing sites I have encountered do not pay enough or are very difficult to write for. I make most of my freelance writing money by writing content for other small websites.

    It seems from your Uvocorp review that they too have some of the same complaints I have with other writing sites. Even though I do not consider myself as a novice writer, I doubt I would write for them based on the negatives you outlined here. I wonder, why they don’t accept freelancers from the United States? You would think if they are looking for English speaking writers the U.S. would be accepted.

  2. Hello John,

    Thank for finding Uvocorp and creating a review.

    I am in learning phase. So, I will Join Uvocorp for developing some extra skill needed as a writer. I start writing article a month ago. Now my writing skills are improving. I am searching a good platform to work as a writer. I found your post. It is very useful for me.

    Uvocorp is a real site. I think. I will update when I will start my work in Uvocorp.

    Thank you


  3. As a person with an interest in learning how to make money online, your post on Uvocorp as a freelancing platform that allows writers to make money caught my attention. I was interested to know how it works and how it rewards. The first thing I have liked about it is that it accommodates no-native English speakers.
    My partner and I will give it a try and hopefully it works out for us.
    Thank you for sharing this review John, it has been of great help.

  4. Hi, John,

    Thanks for giving the reviews about “Uvocorp”.The article gives real information about the program. Even my cousin recommended me to join this Uvocorp program and i see your reviews about the websites it gives clear information about the overall site and then only i realized the truth of the Uvocorp shortcut. And thanks for giving valuable information about the websites.


  5. I would’ve really appreciated if I could know how much I would e earning right from the start. This is not the case with uvocorp and that’s not a good thing at all. I like the way you have explained how it works though. I must tell you that it’s a very good thing. Thank you for giving this awesome information.

  6. I am pleased its not a scam site and truly its process of getting involved may not be as good as i think because anyone can easily fake an online certificate, and also its availability in various countries makes it very good and wider chances is given if it was a good enough. In aspect of having a mentor i still don’t get the usefulness of the mentor .

  7. education is a must in our world and we learn everyday either science like chemistry or biology or physics, or even non-science related. i think uvocorp is indeed a good source for getting extra income at your free time and i am already registering. but then the earning not been specified is an issue. can we write to support on that?

  8. Hello There! I am so glad I have read your article, as it confirms what I have been thinking for a while about the type of company you describe. As you say, time changes and the way we work also changes, but it is scandalous to underpay freelancers and to make the admin overwhelming for them. Thank you.

  9. Thank you for your review on uvocorp. I am always skeptical to join any program that the owner is unknown, it always mean that he/she has something to hide. I like the concept though that we can make money through writing and it is free to join. Uvocorp seems like a ghost writer type of platform for busy people. I wish Thai is listed with Unocorp, I am a native speaker and want to earn extra cash. However, I think I am going to wait and see if they will expand or not.

    1. Thanks for reading my Uvocorp review and for taken the time for dropping your comments.

      Really appreciate. 



  10. Hello John,thanks for your unbiased review about UVOCORP it would be of great help to the public as it’s on of the necessary thing the public need that is a nice way to make some cash without much stress no too much hustle and bustle but I still think more study should be given so that we wouldn’t end up wasting precious time as they say time is money

  11. What’s the deal with “mentors” in this program? I’ve also heard about them doing all sorts of shady things – that’s how I found you site actually. It smells rotten to me and I wouldn’t touch this program. Mentors should be there to help not to do bad things to beginners.

  12. This actually sounds like a fantastic opportunity for freelance writers with a solid academic background. However, the questionable relationship between the writers and mentors is a little bit concerning. I do a bit of freelance writing myself, and I’d be interested in hearing even more about other companies that have a more straightfoward business structure. Once again, the detail of this article was really helpful.

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