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Prolific Survey Review: Can You Really Make Money with Prolific Survey?

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You are welcome to my Prolific Survey review. Can you make money with the prolific survey? Is prolific survey safe, legit, or a scam survey site?

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 It is not rare to hear about a lot of online money-making scams. Many of the survey sites want to get your information for free, and many others are scam survey websites.  

 So, one has to be very careful before you register onto a survey website. 

However, some sites are legit like Prolific Survey, which is built basically for academic research purposes. 

 Please read on to discover if you can make money with Prolific Surveys. 

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A Glance at Prolific

prolific survey login

Product Name: Prolific
Founders: Katia and Phelim – Katia
Price: FREE
Rating: 35%
Recommended: Yes

Summary Review of Prolific Survey

Prolific (originally called Prolific Academic), is a website where participants are paid for survey and research studies. 

 The members get rewards in points that can be converted

to Gift Cards, prepaid cards e.t.c, while the researchers get those that are

willing to participate in their research. 

The question is this, how much can you make taken working with Prolific Survey?

Prolific Survey will earn

you extra cash as a participant but will not make you a full-income online.

I once wrote an article on why you should not waste your time answering online Surveys.

An hour of Prolific will earn you a minimum of $6.5, and the cash out method is via PayPal. The problem with Prolific is that you may not get a Surveyor. You get the screen out because of your demography.

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What do you think of my prolific survey review? Are you ready to use the prolific survey login and start making money?

Is prolific survey legit, safe, or a scam survey site?

What is Prolific? 

Prolific is a platform that connects researchers and the participants. Prolific is well known for academic research work; in fact, it also called “Prolific academy.” 

Prolific is a market place that will help researchers find participant that is relevant to their research work. 

The company enables reliable, fast, and helps researchers to access quality data from diverse participants around the world.

The company aims to make quality and reliable data access to improve human knowledge. 

The researcher pays all participants they select for every research work. The participant will earn a reward for $6.5 for every work; if selected for such research. 

Who owns prolific?

Ekaterina Damer and Phelim Bradley are the owners of the prolific survey site.

They founded this platform in 2014 as doctoral students of the Sheffield and Oxford universities, respectively. You can learn how to create a study on Prolific here.

Have you try to access prolific survey login? Can you make money with prolific survey?

Is prolific survey legit, safe, or a scam? What do you think of my prolific survey review?

How Much Does It Cost to Join Prolific Survey?

It is free to register on the Prolific Survey platform.

But if you are a researcher, you will have to pay rewards to those who will fill your Survey and also pay an administrative fee. 

Who is Prolific for? 

The platform is available to 34 countries. They plan to go global at some point, so it will be better if you frequently check to see if your country has been added.

You have to be 18 or above to be eligible to join. 

To be able to join, you need to verify your email address and then your mobile number. 

A code will be sent to you to validate your phone number on their platform. 

NOTE: Always double check if a platform is legit before submitting your mobile and email address. Prolific Survey is safe, legit, and not a scam platform, so there is nothing to be scared of. 

You can also check out the PDF format of the Prolific Term of Use before you join.

How to Make Money with Prolific Survey

Prolific is a research survey platform that allows participants to earn extra cash when they sign up. 

As the platform is for researchers to get feedback from participants, that also means that the survey platform won’t have many surveys available as other websites. 

The surveys on Prolific are very engaging.

They are mostly for academic research, and you don’t have to be a degree holder to participate, basically that most answers are used for educational experiments. 

What a participant needs to do is to give an honest opinion on a survey like you will do in other survey sites. So no matter your academic background, you can sign up and get access. 

Since many of the surveys are about a specific topic, sometimes they need to be sure you have a particular demographic profile to be able to fill the Survey.

This varies from what you do, where you live, what you do for a living, to how many children you have, e.t.c. 

So your feedback will have an impact on the new study, which is great to be allowed to be involved in such a study.

But because the surveys are from researchers alone, it is difficult to get daily surveys, and maybe not even monthly surveys depending on your location.

When there is an available survey in your location, you will receive an email.

If you want to participate, you have to begin to fill them as quickly as possible, as some surveys get filled rapidly. 

How Much Can You Make with Prolific Survey? 

A prolific Survey is a great way to earn some extra income. But if your primary aim is to make a considerable amount of money on surveys, Prolific isn’t the platform for you. 

All surveys have unique and exciting features, which can make a huge difference in participants, and that should also be part of your motive if you want to take part in their Survey (Prolific).

New members need to know that prolific is a crowdsourcing platform, so it does not often offer surveys as other platforms. The truth is that on Prolific, you might not get one single Survey to fill in a month or more.

You might have to wait for a very long time to earn up to the limit of $28, which allows you to withdraw with a small fee.

You should join more than one platform so you can get more than one Survey and make money if that is your aim. 

How Does Prolific Survey Work?

As earlier mentioned, prolific is a crowdsourcing platform that gives researchers quick and easy access to participants for academic research purposes.

If you need people to participate in your research, you might consider Prolific. The platforms allow you to filter participants by sex, age, nationality, and language e.t.c. 

It is free to register on prolific. But if you are an academic researcher, you will have to pay rewards to the participants and an administrative fee to the platform.

The amount to pay is dependant on you, but the general advice from prolific admin to researchers is to reward at least $6.5 per hour. The higher the reward, the more the participants. 

Prolific Survey Payment Methods

You can only receive your reward in Paypal as a member and participant of the Prolific.

Before now, you can cash out via the cryptocurrency payout option. But Prolific removes the Cryptocurrency Payment option, i.e., USDC cryptocurrency(circle).

You can withdraw when you have earned $6.5 minimum. You don’t have to worry about paying a fee for your withdrawer; Prolific has waived it.

survey sites like prolific
  • When Do Participants Gets Paid for Prolific?

Upon completion of the surveys, the researcher is expected to reviewed and approved your submission before payment can be processed; the review and approval of your survey will take a couple of days.

Usually, after 22 days of submission, your survey will be automatically approved, and payment and reward will be processed into your account within the Prolific Survey i.e., your account balance panel.

  • When is the Prolific Survey Cash Out Days?

The Prolific Survey cash out days are every Tuesday and Friday (GMT), and participant Is expected to receive their payment the next Tuesday or Friday after the money out request has been placed.

Your cash out button will be active on your profile account panel when your reward gets to over £5 ($6.5) as your available balance.

  • Prolific Survey Instant Cashouts

There is an opportunity for you to get paid via the Prolific Survey instant cash-out option. It would help if you met the condition for the instant cash payment.

When you have cash out consistently via the same PayPal email address four times successfully, then you will get automatic payment instantly from your fifth payment.

  • Can You Get Paid Via US Dollars?

The Prolific is located in the United Kingdom and offers payment in British Pounds (£GBP).

The currency can only be converted after the payment to your PayPal account.

Prolific Survey Customer Service and Support

If you need to contact the support team of Prolific, you can do that from the contact form link on their platform.

Make sure you have gone through the FAQ before doing that. 

Prolific also has a Facebook page where you can contact them directly by commenting on their post or sending them a direct message. 

What is Good About Prolific? 

  • You get more academic surveys on Prolific. The panel has quite an amount of academic panels, and you can run as many as possible. 
  • PayPal payout options. You can get your rewards via PayPal, which is awesome. Also, you can get your cash from as low as $5. 
  • An easy way for researchers to get participants to fill their Survey.

Issues With Prolific Survey? 

  • Little Survey is available. Since it focuses mainly on academic surveys, they may not be enough to go round. 
  • Your Survey can be rejected by researchers even after you complete them, which can affect your Prolific score. 
  • They charge a little fee to payout.

 Online Opinions of this Prolific Survey

Most users are filled with nothing but praise for Prolific, and it’s payout methods.

While many users were pleased with the $5 payout, some were not happy about the fact that prolific collects your data and personal information.

The thought of having your data out there can be scary, and this caused a bit of worry amongst some users. 

Sites Like Prolific Survey

Below is a list of various other surveys websites like Prolific Survey:

Is Prolific Survey Safe, Legit, Or a Scam? 

Prolific Survey is safe, legit, and not a scam survey site.

The survey takers are research work participants. When you are lucky and get selected by a researcher, be sure that you will get your money.

Every researcher gets his or her account debited for such research work; therefore get your money is not a problem. 

The problem is that the researcher may get screened out of Prolific Survey if he or she thinks that your profile does not match what is needed for that research work. 

There is no limit for cash out; each participant and survey takers will earn $6.5 for every hour of the research questionnaire. You get paid via Paypal only. 

Is Prolific Survey Worth It?

What do you think of my Prolific Survey? Do you think you can make money with Prolific Survey?

Do you think Prolific Survey is safe, legit, or a scam? Ok, what is my take? Is Prolific Survey worth it?

Have you try to access the prolific survey login before now?

what are good side hustles

It is my personal opinion, no survey worth my time; because it is a waste of time, click here to see why.

The problem with Prolific Survey is the scarcity and inability to get surveys or research work. So many members are used to prolific survey login without getting jobs.

You may not be selected, or you may get screened out by the researcher if you do not meet the demographics of such research work. 

The  Prolific Survey will offer you a $6.5 per hour survey, but you may not get one in a month.

Why waiting and wasting away on a survey job that will pay you pennies? When you can easily set up your own business online.

Making money online is about solving problems in the 21st century. Start this affiliate marketing training; level-1 with ten lessons is free to join. Learn more here. 

Have you used prolific survey login before? What was your experience? What do you think of my prolific survey review?

Can you make money with prolific survey? Is prolific survey legit, safe, or a scam survey site?

Share what you think with us in the comment section below.

How to Create a Study On Prolific

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