Avon Cosmetics Review: Can You Really Make Good Money?

What is Avon About, Exactly?

You are welcome to my Avon Cosmetics Review. This article is all about how you can make money with Avon Cosmetics.  Avon is a direct selling company that sells a wide variety of products.

It is the second largest direct selling company and the fifth largest cosmetic brand in the world. It has over 6.4 million representatives working for it all over the globe serving a significant customer base.

The straightforward selling approach means that most of Avon’s products are cheaper than similar products by its competitors.

It is possible because the direct selling approach eliminates the middleman, thereby reducing costs.

What this means is that customers can avail good quality products at much lower prices. Something that Avon had always been known for around the world is premium products.

Avon also has a vast portfolio of products, and as a result, it has a very diverse customer base that is spread across the world.

The question is this, can you make money selling Evon products (Evon Cosmetics, Evon Perfume, and Evon Clothing & Toys) Online?

I will be showing you how this is possible and you will be watching two YouTube Video on how to achieve this in productive ways.


Avon Cosmetics At a Glance

Product Name: Avon Products
Website: www.avoncompany.com

Year Founded: 1886

Ratings: 55%

Products: Cosmetics, Perfume, Clothing & Toys

 Owners: Douglas R. Conant (Chairman), Sherlyn S. McCoy (CEO)


What is Avon Cosmetics About | YouTube


Do I Recommend Avon Cosmetics?

Yes, definitely! Avon is one of the oldest cosmetic chains in the world and also one of the most trusted ones.

Avon has managed to stay in business for a staggering 131 years. Not only has it stayed in business, but it has also led to turn out to be one of the market leaders.

What this means is that people all over the world trust Avon and its products. I do too!

I can say this confidently after having used a number of their products over an extended period. So, yes! I would recommend Avon to anyone who is interested in it.


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Can You Make Money with Avon Cosmetics?

Yes, of course! Avon is a globally recognized brand that already has a large existing customer base.

So, if you are looking to become a representative of Avon, you do not have to start from scratch. Most probably, people will already know about Avon and its products.

Thus, you will be able to sell the products to potential customers with very little convincing. Also, this means that the effort you put into selling a product of Avon is very less.

If you work hard enough, you will be able to achieve your sales target without any cumbersome work and will be able to earn a handsome profit quite easily.


What Products Does Avon Cosmetics Promote or Sell?

What cosmetic products does Avon not sell? Avon has an astonishingly broad portfolio of cosmetic products. Makeup, Skincare, Bath products, Children stuff, Perfumes, Toys and everything else you could imagine are all a part of Avon’s product list.

You can also find clothes, jewelry, kitchen utensils, home décor items, entertainment products, cooking and baking products, watches, etc. There is also a signature brand called Mark by Avon.

This brand name has its unique style and is very distinguished from the other products on offer by the company.

Avon also has an extensive collection of products for use by men. So, be it a man, woman or child, Avon has a product for everyone.

Other great companies like Avon Cosmetics include:

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As mentioned above, Avon is a direct selling company. It either uses representatives or its web portal to sell its products. Thus, there are no extra costs added to the product.

Prices of most of the products are much lesser than those of the competition while having much more quality.

Buying from Avon is like buying stuff for factory price. No other cosmetic company can offer such a lucrative proposition to the customers.

Is Avon Cosmetics a Good Business Opportunity?

If you are an honest, hardworking person, this is a great business opportunity. If you work with Avon, you are rewarded for the effort you put in.

It is because commissions and incentives are paid according to the sales you make. The higher the number of units you sell, the more money you get. But what makes this a great business opportunity is the convenience it offers.

There are no pressures on targets and objectives. You can work according to your own time. You can put in 8 hours a day or even 80 minutes a day; it all depends on your personal choice.

You are always the boss. Such flexibility means that you can also do this as a part-time job along with your primary responsibility.

A little extra income is always welcome, right?

What I like Avon Products For

1. Quality of the Products

This is something that you can see for yourself while using an Avon product.

You can see that there is a lot of thought and care put into the development of each of these products. They are of the highest quality possible.

2. Price

Good quality cosmetics cost a fortune these days.

Avon is probably the only exception, and such low prices make beauty products affordable to a lot of people.

3. Value for Money

Fine quality and meager amount mean that you are getting an excellent value for the money you spend.

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Issues with Avon Products

1.  Problems with Customer Service

This is not a big problem by any means. But a few customers have had trouble with the customer service or rather the lack of it.

2. No Physical Presence

Going to an actual cosmetic store is still an experience most people love, but Avon, unfortunately, does not have a lot of stores.

This has been an issue for a lot of customers.

3. Products Being out of Stock

Most of Avon’s products are top-rated, and thus, they often go out of stock which is an annoyance for customers.

How to Make Money with Avon Products?

You can make money in three ways. First, you can sign up as a representative and sell Avon’s products.

You are given a commission for each sale you make. This is a pretty straightforward way of earning money through Avon.

The second way to earn money is by acting as an agent to bring in people looking to turn into Avon representatives.

You are paid a commission for every new representative who joins because of you.

Lastly, you can make money selling Avon products online and this can be done in various ways. But my best way is for you to have a website of your own and start promoting Avon Products.

You can do this by direct selling the products on your website or via drop shipping Avon products via your website.

You can also sell Avon products online via various social media platform, most especially on Pinterest.

You can make huge money promoting any products of your choice on Pinterest.

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Is Avon Products Worth The Money?

What do you think of my Avon Cosmetics Review? Do you now know that is is possible you can start making money selling Avon products online?

Avon is a company whose motto has been to empower women all over the world.

The company has been built on a noble cause, and it is reflected in the way it functions.

It creates products that help women feel great in their skin and offers them at meager prices so that they are affordable to everyone.

Avon is a company whose products I would recommend to anyone without a second thought.

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