Forever Living ( Review: Can You Really Make Money?

You are welcome to my Forever Living ( Review.

I am sure you are here because you want to make money with Forever Living.

But do you think Forever Living can really make you good money?



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Forever Living at a Glance

Product Name: Forever Living.
Owners: Rex G. Maughan
Year Founded: 13th of May, 1978
Forever Living FAQ: Forever Living-FAQ
Forever Living Email:
Forever Living Telephone: 1-888-440-ALOE (2563)
Forever Living Contact Address: HOME OFFICE. 7501 E McCormick Pkwy; Scottsdale, AZ 85258. The USA.
Rating: 10%
Recommended: No


Summary Review of Forever Living ( 

Forever Living Products International (Also called FLPI) is a US-based Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company that manufactures, distribute and sells Aloe Vera-Based drink, Dietary Supplements, Health and Wellness products.

It is important to note that Forever Living products are based on Aloe Vera; which is a natural plant with excellent healing attribute.

Aloe Vera will help you reduce frequency and appearance of ache, help repair dead skin cells on your scalp, it also helps in conditioning and growth of your hair, prevent itching and help eradicate dandruff.

Forever Living Products is a favorite brand in many countries and regions, and they have expanded tremendously in recent years. It is like a lot of people are just okay with the product.

I observed that the marketers of Forever Living product seem to pay less emphasis on recruiting new members like every other MLM products I am aware of.

This Forever Living Review is to find out if their members are making good money with Forever Living.


What is Forever Living for?

But, first thing first. What is exactly is Forever Living Forever about? Forever Living is a company which promotes the use of natural products, it sells aloe-vera based drinks and bee-derived cosmetics worldwide.

It was founded in 1978 by Rex Maughan, in the 1990s the company acquired aloe vera in America expanding its operations within America and worldwide.

Apart from the company selling its products through traditional methods, it also sells products through affiliates, thus providing a source of income through its online affiliate program.


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Do I Recommend Forever Living?

Forever living internationally is one of the leading companies in the manufacture and sale of aloe vera-based drinks and bee-derived cosmetics.

I would recommend the site to any serious affiliate marketer since working with the company is profitable for affiliates.


What Does Forever Living Sell or Promote?

Forever Living is non-discriminatory and a universal company. Its target audience is the general population who would like to consume natural aloe-vera in their drinks as a way of tapping the benefits of aloe vera.

Another target group for the company is women who use cosmetics as a way of selling bee-based cosmetics which are good for all skin types.


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The Costs/Price of Forever Living

The prices of the goods sold by the company are reasonably priced to give value to the customer. Moreover, the prices of goods apply to all countries where the products are sold.


Is Forever Living Legit or Scam?

Forever Living is a good business opportunity and not a scam, first, it employs people who work directly with the business.

Additionally, the company sells its products through affiliates who market and sell products either through word of mouth or solely online.

The employers who are employed directly by the company are paid a good remuneration while those who decide to become affiliates are paid part of the profits generated by the sales made.


What Is Good About Forever Living?

  1. The site does not require one to use I.T experts since it is easy to navigate and use. Thus making conducting business with the company is easier for affiliate marketers.
  2. One is able to sell the company’s products worldwide through the affiliate program without actually handling the products since the company ships all the products to the destination of the buyers.
  3. The company provides a sustainable source of income for its marketers and affiliates thus it is a good extra source of income which elevates the living standards of its workers.



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What Are The Issues With Forever Living?

  1. The company has faced many lawsuits in the past which has hampered its growth into a world giant in natural care products.
  2. Even though the company claims to have reasonable rules and policies, sometimes marketers feel like they should have a say in the policies that concern the sales and how they relate to the consumers.
  3. The users have to operate with a website already set up by the company making it difficult for the marketer to introduce personal features which can help them make more sales.


Who Is Forever Living For?

Forever Living is a company whose target customers are those who are interested in using natural care products.

The company than sales the products directly through traditional methods or by affiliate programs.


Is Forever Living Product “Aloe Vera” Safe and Effective (Scientific Evidence)?

Forever Living claims that Aloe Vera will help you get better and nourishes your body health wise. They claim that Aloe Vera gel is right for your digestive system and help you digest your food very fast.

They also promised that it is an energy booster such that it will boost immune your system by lowering your blood sugar and cholesterol.

Aloe Vera has excellent health benefits but comes along with it are proven safety issues as confirmed by the Natural Medicine Journal 

Many People Are Asking The following questions as related to Aloe Vera:


Can I Get Cancer Via Aloe Vera Gel?

Aloe Vera Gel is generally ok and works effectively in taken care of skin conditions that such as burns.

But un-process Aloe Vera latex has chemicals that can cause you cancer and even processed Aloe latex can contain compounds and elements that can cause you cancer.

Also, read the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) Part of the United States National Library of Medicine (NLM) work.

Is Aloe Vera Safe?

Many that have employed Aloe Vera as a laxative/digestion reported diarrhea and discomfort.

Diarrhea is dangerous for your health if left untreated because of dehydration and imbalance of electrolyte.

Will Aloe Vera Juice Hurt Your Kidneys?

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH),  Aloe Latex is very hard on the kidneys and such can lead to kidney disease and subsequent death.

It is advanceable to contact your doctor before taking any Aloe Vera Juice



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Top Eight Forever Living Product In The World

Below is the list of top 8 Forever Living products across the world.

  • Bee Propolis
  • Aloe Vera Gel
  • Lite Ultra
  • Lean
  • Sonya Skin Care Kit
  • Aloe Scrub
  • Vital 5
  • Clean 9


How to Make Money with Forever Living Products


How To Make Money Online With Forever Living

  1. First, one needs to register for the affiliate program through the Forever Living site. Once they register they get affiliate membership.
  2. Then, once a member, one needs to conduct marketing and promotion of forever living products to potential customers.
  3. If a sale is made from the promotional efforts made by the affiliate the profits that spillover from the sale is paid to the affiliate.
  4. The more efforts one puts in promoting and selling the product, the more the money.


Forever Living Compensation Plan To Members?

Forever Living will provide you with a good opportunity to make money via products sales and through sponsoring new members into the MLM program (your team).

Forever Living required a lot of work. You need five to nine hours weekly to push your business around, and when you have moved to higher levels, you will need more than fifteen hours weekly for mentoring and organizing your teams.

You don’t get income or earnings from the sales of those members you sponsored just like the person that sponsored you will not get income from your purchase; instead, the company pays you directly for people you sponsored.

But you can make an over 40% per sale through the product lines. This is huge comparing that with other big MLM companies’ around the world.

Therefore, you earn both from the sale of products and the member you sponsored to your team.

Just like many other Multi-Level Marketing companies, Forever Living pays its members through cheques, especially in the United State of American and other parts of the world, where it is possible to pay through checks.

Another alternative method of payment is PayPal.

Forever Living Compensation Plan | YouTube


Is There An Alternative To Forever Living?

Alternatives to the company include American Honey, Belosa as well as other small natural care product companies.

The list below is other big companies that are employing a multi-level marketing structure in driving sales of their products and services.


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Public opinion of Forever Living

Forever Living has been through a lot of lawsuits in the past which damaged its reputation resulting in questions arising concerning the business’ activities.

At some point, the public thought it was one of the pyramid schemes but once it redeemed its image, it has been able to gain public trust once more.


My Final Opinion of Forever Living.

What do you think of my Forever Living ( Review? Do you think you can make consistent money with Forever Living (

In my opinion, forever living is a legitimate company which sells natural care products all over the world at a fair price.

Now, you can tap the goodness of the natural products while getting some cash being an affiliate?

what is about forever living

9 thoughts on “Forever Living ( Review: Can You Really Make Money?”

  1. I have really wondered about this one. I personally work with Young Living and like them, but this might be worth a try.

    Can any one make money selling forever living products? How successful are the forever living products.

    And lastly, is the forever living really legitimate.

    Please help with those questions. It will guide my judgement and decision Making as regarding joining the company.

    Thank you.

    Thanks for the advice and info!

    • Thanks for reading my Forver Living Review.

      Your question “Can you make money with forever Living?”

      You can make good money distributing for forever living products.

      And also make money referring people to become a distributor.

      You will have to be aggressive and be success driven as a distributor of forever living.

      Forever living products is quite legitimate. The company has been around for a while.

      The problem is that it is another multi level marketing business.

      I have problem MLM driven business. When distributors of the products are now paying emphasis on recruiting people than selling the product.

      This is how marketing will turn to pyramid scheme.

      On the various product line of Forever Living, the forever living product revolve round one major product I. E. Forever living Aloe Vera based drink. There many of its varieties. Such as the Bee derived cosmetics, supplements and Dietary etc

      I can confirmed to you that Forevr Living is not a scam, but legitimate products and company.

      What do you think? Can you make money with forever Living products? Do you still think that Foever Living is a scam?

      Do you know why I am not recommending it? Just because the company employs multi level marketing structure.

      Check out my No 1 Recommendation menu to see how I am making money online.



  2. Since this company has been established back in 1978, it makes sense to say that they are not a scam. I mean, how could they have lasted for 40 years? On another note, Aloe Vera might be good but only in moderation. If you overdo it, just like you said, you could be facing different, scary illnesses and diseases.

    • Dear Angela,

      Thanks for reading my Forever Living ( Review. Forever Living is a legitimate program that is making a lot of people money online. The challenge is the major features of this program is been abuse now.

      Forever Living should be used in moderation; I concur on your suggestion.



  3. This is an awesome review. Forever living will definitely be a very good way to make money selling good products and saving lives. I have not thought of using this program or any similar program; thanks to your review i now have a new idea to increase my income.

  4. Forever Living is in the business for last forty years now and they are trusted for selling quality products. I am a regular visitor of their website and always find quality products there. I recently bought Forever Active Pro-B from them and I reckon it is the best dietary supplement I ever bought. Good stuff!

  5. Dear John,

    How is Forever Living different from Multi-Level Marketing, or does it still have elements of this structure in its design?

    I have read lots of your other articles in which you warn against MLM and this seems to be close to it.

    I also observed your warning that Aloe Vera side effect may result in something dangerous. What will be your advice to people promoting a product that can kill people?



    • Dear Grace,

      Thank you for reading my Forever Living ( Review. Yes, forever living to promote its products with MLM(multi-marketing level structure). You are right I did an article on why all MLM online program is a scam.

      Yes, Aloe Vera has elements that can kill you if you are not careful with the usage. It is scientifically supported with a lot of work and research. This is why you ‘ll a lot fo warning when using Aloe Vera product.

      You have to read those research works with the included link in my article to see a lot of proof and fact. The question is this; how is that affect people that are making money from the sales of Forever Living products around the world.

      Knowing that what you are selling can kill people if proper care is not taken. How will you sleep well in the night knowing that what you sold during the day may kill the buyers in the long run of such usage?

      The decision is yours to make. Will you continue to be selling this product with caution or stop selling so as to save many lives?

      Do you have any other questions?

      Please revert. I will surely get back to you.




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