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Mojo Marketplace Review: Can You Make Money with Mojo Marketplace?

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What is Mojo Marketplace?

You are welcome to my MOJO Marketplace review. I am sure you like to know if you can make money with MOJO Marketplace? But first, what is MOJO Marketplace all about?

MOJO Marketplace was established in 2009 by J.R.J.R. Far (C.E.O.) and Brady Nord Co-Founder (now in charge of Bluehost).


Endurance International Group took over the company on 31st of December 2012, J.R.J.R. Far (C.E.O.) and Tim Robbins (C.O.O.) currently run it.

It is located in Salt Lake City with over 70 capable hands from various fields of endeavor.

Endurance International Group is a make up of Bluehost, iPage, Constant Contact, SiteBuilder, Hostgator and, and others.

The core objective of this company is to provide digital goods to its customers across the world.

Mojo Marketplace is an integration of the sister brands that are providing support to millions of its customers around the world.

Please know that I am not in no way an affiliate of this website, Please expect a neutral and unbiased Mojo Marketplace review.

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MOJO Marketplace Review

Are you happy with the money you are currently making from your business?

It visible; your answer would be no because there is nothing to lose in making extra money.

The site is the best place to invest your money; this is because they save time and help your company reach its peak.

One would think, how is that possible?

Think about one factor that is the essential thing that you look forward to while making a great sale; the first thing that will come to mind will be a “promotion.”

Everyone needs to promote his or her business to make high sales. This is how the site can help you.

It not just help you promote your business but also to keeps you updated with the market and helps you to know which place and tools are better to invest in.

What do you think of Mojo Marketplace review? Can you make money with Mojo Marketplace review? Learn all about what Market place is on Wikipedia.

 ==>Check Out Mojo Marketplace Here

How Does MOJO Marketplace Works

It is easy to move around because all it takes is a few clicks to get your work done.

It has the best installers and marketplace technology, which is trusted by the experts.

With one click, it helps both small and big businesses to get what they are looking for.

There is no registration fee to join, and you can browse the marketplace for available products without registration.

How To Create A MOJO Marketplace Account

Are you a buyer, seller, or an affiliate, you just need to log in and create your account.

As soon as you log in, all you need is to make the right choices on whatever you want to achieve for your businesses.

In case of any queries relating to your account or purchase questions, you can contact the support team through the support center.

You can even post your queries in the forum where you can directly contact the sellers.

If the seller does not respond 24hrs, then you can initiate a ticket to the support center.

How To Make Money with MOJO Marketplace Affiliate Program

  • Create an account on the website.
  • When you log in, you will see a section on the bottom left corner of the page “Affiliated Program.”
  • Just click the activate button to sign up for your Affiliate Account, and you will see a confirmation that your account is now set up to be an affiliate.
  • Once your account is active, you can click on “Statistics,” and that will show you your affiliate tracking code used to track all of your leads and sales.
  • Within your affiliate account, you can access to both daily and monthly reporting. You will also get all the tracking links to the information.

 ==>Check Out Mojo Marketplace Here

Your Gain As MOJO Marketplace Affiliate

The affiliate program is currently run by the marketplace directly.

They manage the affiliate program. But with the plan to upgrade as smoothing the affiliate process.

The was were once with Commission Junction Network, but the reason for disengagement is not known.

They have promised a better time for both the new and old affiliates. Below are what you stand to enjoy as an affiliate partner:

  • An Improved Payout

Both new and existing affiliates that move to Commission Junction Network (CJ.COM) will earn commission on both new and returning users.

All affiliates can now earn more commission promoting the new product W.P.W.P.

W.P.W.P. Live has become a great and popular product currently the most sold product. It has a lot of promises for affiliate marketers.

  • Great Reporting 

With the migration of the affiliate program to the new network i.e., Commission Junction Network. The reporting is now better, and you can structure and sort out what is working from what is not.

It will help you direct your effort to what is working.

You will have access to promotional coupons and affiliate links and much more

  • Opportunity To Increase Your Earnings 

Joining MOJO Marketplace will give you access to a lot of great products you can promote, which implies more earnings for you.

You now have unlimited products to make money from.


Products To Promote On MOJO Marketplace

Listed below are various products that you can start promoting on your website. Referring your audience to the MOJO Marketplace.

Major products at MOJO Marketplace that you can start helping right away includes:

  • Great Themes and Templates

At the MOJO marketplace, we have several themes and templates, which can make a website more professional and attractive.

Choosing the right Theme and template is very crucial and important for every business.

Various every niche requires a specific and unique theme and templates that go with it. When you make a wrong choice at the initial stage of your business set up it can spell doom for your progress.

You have an opportunity to propose the right Theme and template for your audience for their profitability and business breakthrough.

Choosing a theme can be confusing, most notably to freshers in this business.

At MOJO Marketplace, your audience and readers can make a more refined search on the kind of business template they are searching for or interested in.

Make sure that your audience stays engaged in your business.

  • MOJO Service: W.P.W.P. Live

This is a new product of MOJO; the name is W.P.W.P. Live or WordPress Live. This is now the most highlighted product in MOJO marketplace.

W.P.W.P. Live or WordPress Live is a service that is widely in demand by both bloggers and webmasters.

This service subscription provides WordPress support to every blogger or Webmaster that subscribed to such relief.

W.P.W.P. Live or WordPress Live render help to every subscriber to their various product as followed: themes, websites configuration, plugin setup, backup, and much more.

This support is via a live chat over the phone or other communication media.

W.P.W.P. Live provides customers with as much help as they required.

W.P.W.P. Live services help clients or WordPress users to resolve various issues on their websites for a fee. The site provides these professional services to clients as requested.

You can place such a request with just a click of your mouse. MOJO marketplace knows that not everyone who creates a WordPress website is a professional developer or designer.

  • Great Plugins And Extensions

This is software that is added to browsers with different functionality.

Plugin help browsers display additional capabilities that were not initially designed for.

Webmasters and bloggers perform various tasks and required different skills as relating to their niche.

They need plugins and extensions to execute such a job so that they can achieve their aim and objective with their Theme.

There are excellent value addition plugins and extensions with different capabilities at the MOJO marketplace. This is one rear marketplace to find those great plugins and themes.


MOJO Marketplace Frequent Ask Question – F.A.Q.

  • How can fraud be reported? 

You are to contact support if you suspect any sellers listing a product that is not theirs or if you have been spammed.

  • Can I purchase any product? 

We have a lot of premium products in the MOJO marketplace.

The product such as Theme, logo, graphics, hosting, and plugins are open source applications you can use on your site. You can contact support to assist when you need help.

  • How to get a product approved at the MOJO marketplace?

All newly introduced product must be verified by the review them to ensure that the product is credible and meet all the requirements.

  • What are the acceptable payment methods at the MOJO marketplace?

MOJO marketplace accepts PayPal and credit cards.

  • How to get support for any product bought?

There is a page dedicated to supporting at MOJO marketplace webpage.

You can also get an issue resolved by going to the specific page where the product is bought and drop your concern on the forums. You will be contacted immediately.

  •  How does the Refund Works?

Over 98% of item purchases in MOJO Marketplace are digital. The refunds are not common with digital products.

If an item could not deliver its function as stated by the seller, you are to report to support immediately.

It is your duty as the buyer to say what you bought and who the seller is. This information is key to helping the review team.

At MOJO Marketplace, goods purchased after 90 days are not permitted under the return policy.

Every service issue is not subjected to return policy or payback. MOJO Marketplace staff renders services, and if such services have been provided, payback is not entertained.

  • How do sellers get paid? 

Sellers get paid through PayPal. As a seller, you must place a request for cash out before your money out can be treated. The minimum cashout is $50, and this is only done on the 15th of every month.

All cashout requests must be placed before the end of the previous month.

  • Does the seller provide support for its products?

Each seller must provide support for every one of their products should, in case there is a challenge to support any buyers.

Is MOJO Marketplace Legit Or Scam?

Mojo Marketplace is not a Scam. But, can you make money with Mojo Marketplace? What do you think of my Mojo Marketplace revw?

When it comes to getting good profits from your businesses online, you can always depend on the MOJO marketplace, because they understand the need to get the best result for every penny you invest.

No matter the nature of businesses you are into, either big or small business. MOJO marketplace knows how to take care of your markets better than you know.

You can list your product in the MOJO marketplace to get the best results.

It is under “Endurance International Group,” which is famous for its web hosting brands.

MOJO Marketplace is the best place where you can buy several products at a single click.

Is Mojo Marketplace Worth It? 

What do you think of my Mojo Marketplace Reviews? With this review, can you say Mojo Marketplace is a scam?

Do you think you can start making money with Mojo Marketplace?

You can see that it is easy to start making money with MOJO Marketplace.

Many of the MOJO marketplace’s clients have experienced a lot of significant changes in their business and WordPress websites.

I encourage you to visit the MOJO marketplace to increase the pace of your business online. MOJO marketplace is indeed a game-changer.

They will advise and help you with the necessary tools you need to grow and turn your business into profitability.

Are you with Mojo Marketplace place? Are you making money with Mojo Marketplace already?

What is your take on the MOJO marketplace? Do you have any questions or feedback?

Kindly drop your thought in my comment area below.

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10 thoughts on “Mojo Marketplace Review: Can You Make Money with Mojo Marketplace?”

  1. Great post, I really love the flow of your writing.

    Before reading this post, I haven’t heard anything about the mojo marketplace, but it looks like an alternate stream of income but what makes mojo marketplace quite attractive…? whats the medium of payment?

    1. Dear Michelle,

      Thanks for reading my Mojo Marketplace Reviews: Can You Really Make Money? They accept normal payment. Both Paypal and Credit card are accepted.



  2. Hi John,
    First of all, nice website well informative and easy to navigate.
    About your post, well written, nothing to say, but MOJO isn’t like OBERLO for shopify ? Don’t blame me but i just been thinking about it while i was reading your post.
    Otherwise very good review and i guess seller get paid on paypal or on they personal credit card?

    1. Hi Raimana, 

      Thank you for the compliment. Yes sellers get paid on PayPal and several other payment methods.

      Thanks for coming by. 



  3. Thanks for this review on the MOJO marketplace. I’ve not heard about this product before. I can see that this is a viable way to add means of generating income.

    However, looking at it from a buyer perspective, what would attract potential customers to use the MOJO marketplace in the first place?

    As an avid WordPress user, I can see that MOJO marketplace offers pretty much the same deals as WordPress and most web hosting companies offer i.e. one click installs, add-ons with extra functionality.

    I look forward to your response.

    1. Yes, MOJO market place is offering most of what WordPress offered but in a better way. Mojo is well known with the MOJO Service I.e WP Live. With WP Live they will support you online real time when you need any thing like set up, upgrade and installations of any plugin. 

      Most especially they can help you optimize your website. If you have issues they can check and  your website to discover where you need improvement on.

      I hope you are okay with Why MOJO market place is better than WordPress. 


  4. Hi John

    Love your website, so well written and very motivating.

    I am especially more interested in Mojo Marketplace now as your written article really captured my attention. I’ve been looking for another stream of income other than WA and this has really spurred my interested in looking further into it.

    The website is very informative, well written and easy to navigate… congrats!


  5. Interesting write up. It makes me curious to check out Mojo Marketplace and see what it’s all about.
    I had never heard of it until I read this article. Thanks for the info and keep up the good work.

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