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25 thoughts on “Can You Really Make Money with Alliance in Motion Global?”

  1. Thank u for the review. I want to ask. I was recruited by a friend and i made payment for the products and my DTC account was created. I had to travel so i havent gotten the products yet. Can i request for a refund of my money or is it too late?

    • Dear Anna,

      Thanks for visiting my Alliance in Motion Global Review and how to make money with Alliance in Motion Global. To answer your question straight away, please know that I am not a member of Alliance in Motion Global. But, I can say this. Since you have made payment and your account created. Probably you have received your Alliance in Motion Global starter pack.

      I don’t think you can collect your money back; you have been compensated with what you paid for.

      Thanks for reading my Alliance in Motion Global review.



  2. What a great review on how to make money with Alliance in Motion Global.

    I love every of your write up. Great work.

    But, there mus be one MLM that you are know that is a bit close to legit. Which one is your choice? Also, is there a way to make money with wealthy Affiliate without being a full members?

    What is the best way to promote MLM products and get leads without chasing them?



    • Thanks for reading my article on how to make money with Alliance in Motion Global.

      The best approach to market MLM products is to have a website for the niche being addressed by that product or company. Then try as much as possible to create content that will really help your audience. This is the only way to get people to your page organically.

      With that approach, you can address people Globally as regard to your niche.

      Thanks again for reading my Alliance in Motion Global review.

      I am glad you came.


  3. I personally am not a fan of MLM pyramid schemes. 

    I hate selling my friends and family these scam outfits. I hate the term downlines. I have been involved in hard sales calls multiple times by friends who introduce me to their slavemasters who would spend hours trying to sell me there plans. 

    And for some, I did like the products they were selling but their focus was trying to get me to recruit new people to fatten their downlines. 

    They liked my gift of talking to people that was why they spent so much time trying to recruit me. But I always refused.

    Please what is DTC aim global. I see that a lot on when people are discussing AIM Global on the Quora platform.

    • Thanks for reading the AIM of global pueblo co review. This article is all about how to make money with AIM Global.

      You also ask for the meaning of DTC in AIM Global. 

      DTC means Distributor Tracking Center. 

      Distributor Tracking Center is the back office of all the AIM global distributors where you can monitor how productive you are doing in terms of making money with AIM Global. 

      You can monitor your product ordering, your downlines, the amount you have made. DTC is the dash board for all AIM global distributors. You will need to have user name and password to login into your Distributor Tracking Center.

      One major issue with  Distributor Tracking Center is that if you forget your login details as an AIM global distributors; you can not re-set your password from the Distributor Tracking Center. You have to contact the regional office in your home country.

      I beileve that this is a drawback all AIM global distributors. You should be able to reset any password on DTC platform using  password authenticator. 

      Thanks again for visiting my site and for your comment. 



  4. Since many of these MLM companies feature a pyramid like structure in order to cover this they sell over-priced health products through their selling network. 

    I have seen the same thing with countless companies trying to sell health products. 

    In all honesty having very good insight from one similar and very famous one I would say to anyone interested to stay far away from all these. 

    Only those on the top manage to make considerable money while those on the bottom are struggling to sell over-priced products that usually very few will buy. 

    And you need to have strong salesman abilities in order to expand your sales networks. Overall there are far better alternatives than this.

    • Thanks for reading my AIM global product review.

      The article is all about how to make money with AIM global. It is about how to help the AIM global distributor know that there is a better way of making money online than distributing MLM products. 

      Also, many MLM products are great. You can also promote MLM products in an ethical way that won’t make you disturb your neighbor, Family, and friends. 



  5. Thank you very much for this review of Alliance in Motion Global program. I am wondering if there are still people of working in these MLM schemas actually? 

    I thought that this type of business is already gone some years ago, but apparently not. 

    I agree completely with you, that begging family, friends or neighbors is definitely not worth it any earnings. 

    Plus providing no value and just trying to get new people to work with you, so you can climb the ladder is no real business opportunity. 

    WA is a 100% legit affiliate platform with a lot of incredible tools. Best luck with your online journey!

    • Dear Julius, 

      Thanks for reading my DTC AIM Global review. 

      It is all about how to make money with AIM Global.

      I hope you know that Wealthy Affiliate can be used to market MLM products? It is the best way to market any product in 21st century without chasing people.

      Thanks for reading my AIM Global reviews



  6. I just visited the AIM website at Allianceinmotion.com and given that the product price starts from $265 and has quite a few additional charges, this is not a good system at all. MLM systems have long stopped working and are considered scam schemes mostly. Who would fall for them?

    • Dear Rosiee,

      thanks for reading my Alliance in Motion Global review. I am happy you agree with my article. The question I was out to answer is to investigate if the Alliance in Motion Global distributors is making money or not.

      From my review of Alliance in Motion Global. It is clear to inform the world that they are indeed making money, but only the people at the top of the scheme. If you are a new commers you are very late to make money.

      You may just be used as a slave for the rest of your life. My worry is that I can never imagine why people are still joining. this is why the company concentrated in third world countries where people can easily be manipulated.

      And most countries allowed their people to be manipulated. Can you imagine joining an MLM program that will not allow you to market other MLM products?

      Thanks again for visiting my page again.



  7. This is the first time I’ve heard of AIM Global.

    But I like companies that sell products, not air. And if it’s also a quality product, then it’s a fairy tale.

    I am very close to this topic because I am a partner of a German company. And yes, initially I wanted to start a business, I had to attract as more people as I could and make a turnover for the company. More people in my structure=more income.

    But I didn’t succeed with the business, but I stayed in the company because I fell in love with their products. If somebody had brought the AIM Global product for free, I would have agreed, I like to try something new.

    And yes, without selling there is no additional income.

    And yes, I agree with the author John Ajiboye that products help them to cover the pyramid. It’s another kind of job.

    But thank you for the interesting stuff. I liked it!:)

    • Dear Nata,

      Thanks for reading my review about why AIMGlobal is a scam. I am also happy that you agree with me on what I wrote about the Alliance in Motion Global.

      It is a pity. Alliance in Motion Global is not that common in the United State. But will still have a couple of people that still chase Alliance in Motion Global from Canada, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.

      There is an Alliance In Motion USA @AIMGLOBAL.USA. It can be located in
      800 N 46th St Killeen, Texas 76543. Can you imagine that they don’t know that Alliance In Motion Global USA don’t know that this is a scam?

      Well, thanks for reading my article again.



  8. What a review you have done. I have been told a lot about the Allina e In Motion Global.

    But the truth is that no one ever told me about all the things you have reveal him your article.

    With many people joining and over thirteen years in business can you let me why I shouldn’t join.

    Also, what are those factors that is a signal that a program is okay. Or how can I have an online business that is deemed legit.


    • Dear Faith,

      Thanks for reading my AIMGlobal review. This MLM program has a lot of subscribers from ASIAN countries mostly from the Philippines (Filipino)

      What motivated me from writing such a detail review is to show people that they are chasing the shadow. I read reviews on Forum “Alliance in Motion Global”. You will be amazed to see how many people are losing money around the world to these kinds of MLM programs.

      You will also find many members from Africa mostly from South Africa, Kenya, and Nigeria.

      Thanks for taken your time to drop a really good comment.



  9. Never heard about Alliance in Motion Global up until today when someone said they were a member. They said is harder at first and you do need to recruit others to make real money but they’ve started making a decent living from this. I thought I would give it a go for a few months and see how I do.

    • Dear Damian,

      Thanks for reading my review on Alliance in Motion Global. I hope you will visit again?

      I will suggest you think of having your own business online? You can start the Wealthy Affiliate Training. It is free to start, while the premium will cost you $49 monthly with many juice and opportunities. You have access to have over 50 websites with hosting.



  10. This is just a way to make people buy product they don’t need thinking they are making profit as affiliates. At the end of the day you need to recruit and you also need them to buy product and recruit too. on the long run, its not about selling products its just about getting new members who will but the product and get new members too.

    • Dear Edwina,

      Thanks for reading my Alliance in Motion Global (allianceinmotion.com) Review. this is how MLM marketing works. The product itself has a great brand name and the marketing technology is the MLM model. That is just the negative aspect.

      But, I am sure it is working for them because they have been growing.



  11. Alliance in Motion Global offered thousands of affiliate marketing jobs worldwide. I know certain people who are still working for them but, I have to mention here that they are not happy with the profits they are making through it. Now, you have declared it unsuitable for freelance marketing professionals, I will give it up.

  12. I do would like very much to join the Alliance In Motion Global , and wishing to find where i can go to join and become part of this marvelous team for ever ,

    jack toara

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