Four Corners Alliance Group Review: Can You Really Make Money?


four corners alliance group complaints

 You are welcome to my Four Corners Alliance Group Review. Can you make money with Is Four Corners Alliance Group? Is 4 Corners Alliance Group legit or scam? 

Four Corners Alliance Group or FCAG is also known as 4Corners. 

It is important you are researching how to make money with Four Corners Alliance Group. 

Investigating any online program will make you discover a legitimate online application and avoid many scams. 

It is essential to know that I am in no way affiliate to this company, therefore expect an unbiased review of 4 Corners Alliance Group.

Please read on.  

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Four Corners Alliance Group at a Glance

Program Name: Four Corners Alliance Group
4 Corners Alliance Group FAQ: FCAGFAQ
Owner of the Company: David Harrison
Address: 5550 Painted Mirage Rd #320, Las Vegas, NV 89149, USA4Corners Alliance Group Phone: +1 775-376-7637
Recommended: No

Summary of Four Corners Alliance Group Review

Four Corners Alliance Group, also known as 4 Corners Alliance Group is an MLM company with head office in Las Vegas, USA. It is a company that teaches and educate people on how to manage their finance.

This company deals with educational books and promotions and sales.

If you join the 4 Corners Alliance Group, you will not need to market and sell anything. You will only need to start referring your friends and family to make money with Four Corners Alliance Group.

You make money with Four Corners Alliance Group via referrals.

Problem with MLM and Direct Sales

Is Four Corners Alliance Group legit? Yes, I am sure you like to know that. But then you will not make money. You will just be working for the people at the top of the MLM and the business owners.

Mr. Jon M Taylor did thorough research of top Multi-Level Marketing companies that took him years, and he concluded that it is only 0.3% of all members of any MLM company that will ever make money.

That implies that 99.7% of women and men who join any direct sales or MLM company will lose their money. He declared his findings in his book “The Multi-Level Marketing Unmasked.”

The above discovery is true. I have reviewed many MLM companies and observed that it is only the people at the top of the MLM that make the real money and the owners of the companies.

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What is the Four Corners Alliance Group?

The company was founded by David Harrison, a former distributor for the personal health and nutrition company, Herbalife, which to no surprise also runs the MLM model.

This company is a subsidiary of Cornerstone Alliance Group.

Headquartered in Las Vegas, this company practices a matrix variant of the MLM model that delivers quite a flexible compensation plan, which many may even call unrealistic.

A prominent feature of the company’s primary operation is the payment of monthly residual commissions to its active partners, which gives you an opportunity to at least recoup the money invested in the procured products.

The company offers 18 digital books and a monthly newsletter that is usually accompanied by extra payment.

With many of the books containing general information content that can be sourced elsewhere, it is no surprise that most individuals that participate in the MLM scheme solely do so for the lucrative incentive and the crucial commissions attached to meeting each level’s target.

The main benefit of partnering with 4 Corners Group is the opportunity it presents to earn between 80% and 100% commission if you’re able to successfully refer a sizeable number of new participants to the scheme.

An additional benefit of this MLM program is that you only have to pay the first time subscription fee as well as purchase the level 1 book, other expenses and investments incurred in the scheme are covered by the critical commissions you amass in the process.

4 Corners Alliance Group’s MLM scheme is accessible to anyone located anywhere in the world as long as there is an active internet presence. See what people are saying about 4 Corners Alliance Group on Quora.

Do I Recommend this 4 Corners Group?

MLM businesses come in different types and formats, and even though the primary goal of a typical MLM-operated company is to convert customers to personnel, its operation is always centered on a product or service.

For FCAG, the product is an array of motivational and investment books that are meant to educate a prospective entrepreneur.

If you’re familiar with the MLM model and wish to dabble in something different, then FCAG offers a legit opportunity that is affordable as well.

It is, however, not a recommendable option for serious-minded business enthusiasts looking for a reliable stream of income.


What Does 4 Corners Alliance Group Sell or Promote?

The principal product marketed by the company is an array of entrepreneurial books numbering about 18.

The company also offers a monthly educational newsletter though that comes at an additional cost.

The Costs/Price of Four Corners Alliance Group

The startup cost of the company’s MLM package is just $18.

This gives you ownership of the level 1 book but more importantly, opens the door for you to be a part of the company’s highly profitable matrix compensation system.

four corners alliance group complaints

Is Four Corners Alliance Group Legit Or Scam

FCAG is categorically a traditional MLM company whose core business is the recruitment of personnel rather than the sale of products.

Once you come to terms with this reality, you will be able to maximize the opportunity the program offers. Only if you see it as a conventional business will you struggle to make any money.

What is Good about Four Corners Group?

Its startup cost is quite affordable with subsequent payments and purchases covered by the commissions that you earn.

The milestones that need to be reached to access these commissions are attainable compared to other MLM schemes.

What are the Issues with Four Corners Alliance Group?

The value proposition of the various products available at FCAG is not on par with the competitors. This is one of the major complaints of many members of this MLM program.

At least MLM companies like Herbalife and Amway have decent products that are also useful to the purchasing partner.

Who is the 4 Corners Alliance Group for?

If you’re used to participating in a variety of network marketing schemes, then FCAG should be up your alley.

The networking skills that apply to those MLM initiatives are undoubtedly transferrable and can be used in this matrix model.

If you’re, however, looking for a business medium that involves the actual sale of a product, then this company isn’t for you.

How to Make Money with Four Corners Alliance Group?

Step 1

Register for the scheme with $8 and purchase the level 1 book for just $10

Step 2

Refer as many people as you can to the company and watch the number of referrals get multiplied with the product commission for the level.

Step 3

Repeat this process across subsequent levels and enjoy the increase in commissions.

Alternative to Four Corners Alliance Group?

Below are other big companies that practice the MLM ( Multi-Level Marketing) model in the promotion and sales of their products and services.

The companies include:

Online Opinion of Four Corners Alliance Group

FCAG certainly has its advocates and partners that are earning substantial sums on a consistent basis, and the consensus on the company is that it is legit.

But the flaws that are well described in this write-up are also repeatedly brought up by online users writing honest reviews of the company.

This is an MLM, if you are just joining the company, you will only be working for people at the top of the scheme and the owner of the company. But, is

Four Corners Alliance Group legit? Yes, the company is legitimate and not a scam. 

Is Four Corners Alliance Group Worth It?

What do you think of my Four Corners Alliance Group Review? Do you think you can now make money with Four Corners Alliance Group? Is Four Corners Alliance Group legit or scam? 

The legitimacy of this company can’t be disputed, and its model is one of the most profitable around to the early joiners and the owners of the company. As a new person to this MLM company, it will be difficult for you to make money. 

The absence of a valuable product, however, makes it easy for the company to be identified as what it indeed is, a network marketing scheme.

Thanks for reading my Four Corners Alliance Group review.  Can you now make money with Four Corners Alliance Group?  What do you think? Kindly drop your thought in my comment area below.

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10 thoughts on “Four Corners Alliance Group Review: Can You Really Make Money?”

  1. Hmm… MLM for ebooks doesn’t sound good. Do they come out with new material every month? Am I understanding this correctly? #confused

    • Thanks for reading my Four Corners Alliance group review.

      From my many experience, I can tell you that you may not be able to make good money with Four Corner Allinace Group.

      But, with what you read is the Four Corners Alliance Group a Scam?

      Thanks for taken your time to drop your thought and commnet


  2. Someone recently mentioned Four Corners and I wanted to know more because I’m not really sold on it. And from what you’ve said it seems this might work but it’s not for everyone and surely not for me. Not saying it doesn’t work at all, it just doesn’t seem to be the right choice for me. Thanks for the review, John!

    • Dear Maggie,

      Thanks for reading my Four Corners Alliance Group (FCAG) Review. I glad you like my write up.

      I will suggest you try this Wealthy Affiliate Training. The first level of the training is free to join. It will change your life.

      If you are serious, you will be making money while you are learning.



  3. This is a very helpful article. From my point of view, buying an ebook for $18 and trying ti make an affiliate out of that seems terrible, how will you sell such product when it might end up not even useful to the final consumer, or not worth the money?

    Well i will go for other options not this.


  4. What I apprehended from this article is that you are a bit reluctant to recommend Four Corners Alliance Group to affiliate marketers. If this is not the right choice for a less experienced person like me, please recommend some other option to make money online.

    • Dear Chelsea,

      You are welcome to my Four Corners Alliance Group (FCAG) Review. I am not a fan of MLM programs. Four Corners Alliance Group (FCAG) uses MLM structure for the sales and promotion of its products. The challenge is that it is only the people at the top that are top earners.

      But if you are an affiliate marketer, if you work hard enough and following the right Affiliate Marketing training, you can beat people into it and start earning more than them in no time.

      That is my reason for my reluctance.



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