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Four Percent Challenge Review: Can You Still Make Money?

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4 percent challenge

You are welcome to my Review of Four Percent Challenge by Vick Strizheus. Is Four Percent Challenge legit or a scam? Can you make money with the Four Percent Challenge?

Is Four Percent Challenge worth it?


I am sure you are here to find out if you can still make money with Four Percent Challenge, it is great you are doing your research. This was how I discovered how to transform my skills and ideas into a full-time income online.

Vick Strizheus’s 4% Group Challenge & System is not a scam, but a lot of affiliates are joining this program not because of how effective it is but purposely to promote and make money from it.

This makes it very rear and trying to find a genuine and unbiased review online.

This article is all about:

  • 4% Percent Challenge,
  • What to expect in the inside of a 4% group, and
  • How to evade difficulties and pitfalls you will face if you sign up for this program.

This is a complete and thorough overview of Four Percent Group that will get you all the answers you need.

I am not a member of Four Percent Group nor affiliated to it; therefore, expect an unbiased review of 4% Challenge.

Four Percent Group at a Glance

4 percent challenge

Product Name: Four Percent Group
Founder: Vick Strizheus
Price: $1 trial then $47/month + Many Hidden costs                                                  Rating: 25%
Recommended: No

Summary of Four Percent Challenge Review

Four Percent Challenge is a marketing funnel plus education platform that come with a lot of training (Vick Strizheus calls it “ step by step marketing domination and success training,” with daily private training session).

It is free to join, but you would have to pay for membership which will grant you access to the training the program offers as well as the ability to earn money through affiliate marketing.

You must also acquire some affiliate tools (marketing funnels) such as Tecademics, Click Funnels, Aweber, GetResponse, Name Cheap and many other funnels the owner claims it is created for you to help you earn multiple sources of income online.

You are expected to be promoting many of these products together with Four Percent Group products to earning affiliate commission.

In my opinion, the Four Percent Group business model and training is not the right way to learn and become an expert on how to make money with affiliate marketing.

A done for you funnels of Four Percent Group will always have a limitation in terms of Google updates, owners changing codes, or revoking your access from the system.

What do you think of my Four Percent Challenge review? Can you make money with Four Percent Challenge? Is Four Percent Challenge legit or another scam?

Jailing of Vick Strizheus (Owner of 4%) For A Scam.

what is four percent group review

It is also essential to take a critical look at the driver of any vehicle before you make a long trip with it!

It is worth to know that Vick Strizheus (real name was Vitaliy Strizheus) is not new in the making money online business industry.

He is a very famous and successful internet marketer. But he was once in grave trouble with the law!

Before creating Four Percent Group, he was found to be in trouble with the law in 2009 (The prosecutors refer to Vick as con-man).

He was sentenced to 90 days in Minnehaha County Jail; plus five years’ probation in respect of grand theft as an insurance man.

He was caught filling insurance application for ghost people that earned him a lot of money in commission as an insurance agent with Mutual of Omaha and Americo.

Vicks was made to pay all the money back.

It is good to note here that Vicks Strizheus is currently not facing any charges, though Four Percent Group is not accredited with Better Business Bureau. Read the full story here.

Strizheus also has a stint with Empower Network in 2012. The Empower Network was built under the Big Idea Mastermind (BIM); which was a substantial and biggest downline in Empower Network in 2014.

Vicks Strizheus narrated the full reasons why he left Empower Network in his public messages to his audience and Empower Network Members.

If you read that very well, it still has a lot do with violation of law and online scam that he is involved in.

With all, you have read above. What do you think of my review of the Four Percent Challenge?

Is Four Percent Challenge legit or a scam? Can you still make money with the Four Percent Challenge?

What Four Percent Challenge?

The program is comprised of a group of marketing experts with a focus on training members on how to earn from high ticket digital affiliate marketing.

The founder, Vick Strizheus based the system on seven steps to success and he teaches on how to achieve online success results in easy to follow videos.

We will be looking at these seven steps later.

In simple terms, the Four Percent Group is a program that teaches you how to use Multiple sources of income system to build a long-term sustainable passive income from the internet.

Vick Strizheus has been involved in the business since 2005 he had created similar companies such as Big Idea Mastermind, the Project Breakthrough, and the High Traffic Academy.

The product or program is open to anyone who is ready to work hard, from any part of the world.

How Much Does Four Percent Challenge Cost?

Everybody loves freebies but to get something great. You have to pay for it.

This is the system that Four Percent has applied. Joining the program is free, but you have to pay a membership fee of $1 trial then $47/month + upsells to get access to all the tools.

  • Also, you must pay to access the tools. The price list for the tools are as follows:
  • Clickfunnels – $97 (per month) and a 14 days trial
  • Get response – $15 per month
  • Clickmagick -$17 per month
  • E-stage (Optional)
  • Promotional partner – $19 per month (Optional)
  • Four Percent Membership – $49 per month
  • Internet Traffic Mastery – $997 (Optional).
  • Aweber – a minimum of $19 per month
  • Click Magick – a minimum $12 per month
  • Name Cheap – $0.91 per month or $10.87 per year

The program also has a three-membership tier for which members are required to sign up for.

  • Lite: The Lite membership costs $7 a month.
  • Pro: The Pro tier is priced at $49 per month.
  • Pro Elite: This tier is currently priced at $5,000 a year.

The program also requires that members purchase the promoted products in the program for the marketing funnel to yield profits for them.

It costs $175 per month to set up the sales funnel. Four Percent also has its main product the Tecademics, an internet marketing course.

This training course cost a whopping $12,000. Do you think Four Percent Challenge is a scam or legit?

Can you make money with Four Percent Challenge? What is your take of my Four Percent Challenge review?

Who Is The Four Percent Challenge For?

Four Percent currently has over 200,000 members and is a step by step training guide for anyone interested in Affiliate marketing and wants to make money online.

It is also for you if you want to focus on earning income from multiple sources instead of being dependent on one income stream.

It is good to know that I have reviewed many of this kind of online training program, find below:

How to Make Money with Four Percent Challenge?

When you sign up with the Four Percent Group, you are not buying a product but a marketing funnel through which you can promote a list of the recommended products.

Asides making money from affiliate marketing you can also make money through referrals.

You’ll get paid a bonus for every person who joins the system through you. You can earn a bonus from the following services.

  • Four Percent Group Challenge – You earn $19 per month
  • Clickfunnels – You can earn $38.80 per month
  • E- stage – You get $38 per month
  • Clickmagick – You earn $17 for the first month and 30 to 50% of the commission continuously.
  • Getresponse – A bonus of $5 to $50 per month.
  • Blue host – You get a one-time bonus of $50 to$60.
Four Percent is an affiliate program; you earn a commission for promoting other people’s products.

You need to attract traffic/visitors to the pages that have your affiliate links. When people click on these links and buy a product, the company rewards you with a commission.

The way Four Percent works is like having a landing page with an affiliate link and an opt-in form which will enable you to collect people’s emails.

After you set up the first step, you need to pay $97 per month to Click Funnels for the Sales funnel building service. This means that your visitors need to take a few steps before they can purchase the product.

Therefore after they enter their details from your referral link, they will become your referral.

This means that everything they buy within the Four Percent Group will earn you 50% commissions.

After creating the sales funnel, the next step is to drive traffic to the Sales Page. Next, you will have to utilize the Aweber autoresponder service for $19 per month.

With this service, you will be able to collect and store your emails from the clicks you get and send follow up emails to them automatically.

Click Funnels and Aweber will have to be connected to make this step work.

There are a series of videos from Vick Strizheus explaining the 7-steps of the program as well as explaining how the business works and how you can make money.

Is Four Percent Challenge legit or scam? Can you make money with Four Percent Challenge?

What do you this of this review of Four Percent Challenge?

Four Percent Challenge Support /Customer Service

Four Percent Group have good support in place.

It has a 24/7 support team that you can contact via

  • Also, Four Percent Group Email:
  • Four Percent Group Phone Contact:  1-888-699-4968.

You can contact the customer care services for issues ranging from account details to sending videos of testimonials.

Also, you can visit the head office at Sioux Falls if you have a complaint.

The support team offers a three-day refund policy on programs but not on subscription-based products.

What is Good About Four Percent Challenge.

Four Percent is a program packed with information and experience on affiliate marketing and provides tools to aid its users to succeed in the business.

  • Customers get 100% free weekly training webinars, motivational and inspirational talks from
  • Vick as well as webinar replays, so customers have a backlog of them.
  • You can join the group for free or pay for premium service.
  • No upsell, but you have to continue paying the monthly or annual fees of tools and funnels subscribed to initially.
  • Vick Strizheus is now involved with legitimate programs like Aweber; Click Funnel instead of his previous life of getting involved in Empower Networks.

Issues With Four Percent Challenge

Four Percent Group will not offer you free organic traffic as its landing page is not going to rank on Google.

  • For the entire Four Percent Group Marketing Funnel to work, you have to purchase all the tools promoted in the program. This is a typical example of hidden costs.
  • Vick Strizheus has a history of putting out scammy products. He had previously served some time in prison over the projects he had been engaged in. This might make it a little difficult to trust him.
  • No free trial, you must pay to start using this program (It is essential for every legitimate program to have a free trial to know how the program works before you begin to commit to paying)
  • Four Percent Group training module is a lot of information overloads

With all the above issue; Is Four Percent Challenge legit or another scam? Can you make money with Four Percent Challenge?

What do you think of my Four Percent Challenge review?

Public/Online Opinions of Four Percent Challenge

For some people, Four Percent is just too expensive for a product to help someone to make money.

They claim that the main product of the group, Tecademics is too expensive for $12,000. On the other hand, others argue that you have to spend money to earn money.

Another major issue is the lack of trust. People can’t trust Vick Strizheus because of his record of been jailed for a scam. Many people believe that a scammer will forever be a scammer.

Is Four Percent Challenge Legit or a Scam?

Technically, from this Four Percent Challenge Review, we see that the system cannot be categorized as a scam.

Four Percent Challenge is legit and not a scam. But, can you make money with Four Percent Challenge?

This is because it offers both free and premium services.

If you like it, you pay for it.

Also, it offers free motivational, inspirational talks and educational training on affiliate marketing and business. However, it is too expensive with a lot of upselling.

The Four Percent Group business model is not a good way of making you a better affiliate marketer.

Working with ready-made created funnels will not help you learn the art of making real money online.

Vick Strizheus has always involved himself in scam products; such as his 7 Figure Marketing School which was also reported as scam online.

7 Figure Marketing School was reported on Ripoff Report as a scam read full details here.

What do you think of my Four Percent Challenge review?

Is Four Percent Challenge worth It?

Thanks for reading my Four Percent Group Review by Vick Strizheus. Can you make money with Four Percent Challenge? Is Four Percent Challenge legit or a scam?

It’s not every day you ‘ll get to see a product that offers you commission and information on how to make your business grow at the same time.

The problem with Four Percent Group is that it is a system put together by Vick Strizheus that is focused on making you money by promoting affiliate tools and products. Where is the element of helping people online?

what are good side hustles

This is why you cannot enjoy an organic visit, i.e., free traffics. The online business that will make you a fortune today should be a focus on helping your identified audience or segment market.

This is why Wealthy Affiliate is better than the Four Percent Group.

WA will help you turn your hobbies, ideas, or your passion into a thriving online business that will be making you over $10,000 monthly within two years.

What do you like to do? Do you love to sleep, playing online video games, reading books, do you like artwork or are you into painting?

Wealthy Affiliate will help you turn this into an online business that will be a focus on improving people that are interested in your passion and your area of interest.

For instance, if you love reading books, Wealthy Affiliate will train you to build your website by yourself, and you can start reviewing both old and new books and be making a recommendation for people that are looking for those books while you earn a commission.

Are you with a 4% Group? What do you think of my Four Percent Group Review? Do you have any objection or complaint?

Do you think you can still make money with Four Percent Challenge? Is Four Percent Challenge legit or another scam?

Kindly drop your thought in my comment area below. I will speedily get back to you as soon as possible.

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20 thoughts on “Four Percent Challenge Review: Can You Still Make Money?”

  1. I am fed up with marketing funnels now. For training and improving knowledge about digital marketing, Four Percent Group is a good platform. But for making money, it is not at all worth trying stuff. With my personal experience, I suggest everyone to stay away from it. Unlike other companies, it doesn’t offer a trial and charges huge fees. This is not the right option for beginners.

    1. Dear Leo,

      thanks for reading my Four Percent Group By Vick Strizheus Review. I sure you have seen enough details that will help you make a good decision on this.



  2. A lot talk about the owner being a convicted fellow, There are different reasons people get jailed, and one of the common reason if for them to learn their lesson. What if Vick has? Well I can risk that much or even $50 to get new information

    1. Dear Stanley,

      Thanks for reading my Four Percent Group By Vick Strizheus Review.

      You are right Vick Strizheus the owner of this program, I am sure he has learned his lesson. The problem is this, it will always be a stigma forever in his life.

      I am certain of one thing Vick Strizheus is a very good man now, but I don’t still like his program because there are better one. Wealthy Affiliate is a better offering for me than Four Percent Group.

      Thanks for visiting my website again.



  3. I’m always wary of services that don’t offer a free trial. One dollar for a trial may not be a lot but that’s how they’re getting you on the hook. And you have to pay for the extra affiliate tools and products as well? That doesn’t seem right. It all adds up to quite a lot of money so you’ll be spending more than earning at least for the first couple of months. The fact that the owner was involved in scams in the past is a bit concerning as well. I find it really hard to believe that the Four Percent Group really has thousands of members as they claim. I’d rather go with an alternative.

    1. Dear Halyna,

      Thanks for reading my Four Percent Group By Vick Strizheus Review.

      Yes, you are right. It will be tough to do any business or join Four Oercent group knowing that the founder and creator of the program was once an offender.

      Many people believe that a scammer will always be a scammer.

      But then, many people are still making money with this same four percent Group.



  4. Oh dear. I’m glad I never bought into this! It definitely sounds like something I don’t want to get involved with. Paying for masterminds or other learning groups is about the only thing outside of actual business costs that I’m willing to pay for. When it comes to prebuilt funnels, I’m really wary!

    Thanks so much for this review!

  5. I do crave to be part of an affiliate marketing gig and judging from what 4% percent group offers, they are superb.
    The truth is that I won’t have anything to do with an affiliate program, whose founder was once convicted and prosecuted for activity relating to theft/scam.
    That’s my take.
    Now it seems wealthy affiliate is winning my heart with huge income when can earn confidently.

    1. Dear Parr,

      Thanks for reading my Four Percent Group By Vick Strizheus Review.

      No matter what decision you take on which affiliate marketing training to opt for.

      Your personal commitment and hard work are required. I hope you will visit my site again?



  6. Nice reviews, I love your sincerity.

    I have heard some stuffs about Vick Strizheus and the kinda products he has sold in the past.

    I don’t want to be part of what ever he has planed to do again.

    I believe so much i reputation

    I am Philip


    1. Dear Philip,

      Thanks for reading my Four Percent Group By Vick Strizheus Review. You are right that reputation counts and matters a lot in business. If you make a mistake that like to been jailed Or convicted it is a serious business.

      This is what is hurting this owner ogbFour Percent Group today. This mistake will four ever stand in his way.

      For intsnatce, I can not see any reason that can make me to subscribe to any product promoted by Vick, just because of his Past. As long as it involve money, yiu will always feel that it is a scam.

      One Ce a scammer will always a scammer.

      If there are program that Rae scam that implies that there are programs that are nit scams. Have you heard of Wealthy Affiliate? It is my number 1 Recommended way you can earn a full time income online.

      Please check it out on my website. The link are visible.



  7. This program seems like a great opportunity for people to make some money. However, I’m somewhat hesitant on the fact that the owner of this course has been jailed previously for a scam…Seems somewhat skeptical.

  8. It’s interesting that I searched for a review of this and ended up joining a totally different program (Wealthy Affiliate). I am much more inclined to believe that I could make $10.000 by working for 2 years. The clock is ticking and I can’t wait.

    1. Dear Roberto,

      Thanks for reading my Four Percent Group By Vick Strizheus Review. I just want to be sure do you know any one making money with Four Percent Group By Vick Strizheus?

      You may make money with Four Percent Group By Vick Strizheus. But you will make real money with Wealthy Affiliate.

      When you compare and contrast you will oberve there is a lot of difference.

      I hopy you will visit my page again?



  9. After reading this very informative review on four percent group it seems to me that it will cost me a lot of money before I can really make some money. All the hidden costs amount to this platform being to expensive for first time online workers.

    1. Dear Jeff,

      Thanks for reading my Four Percent Group By Vick Strizheus Review. There are lot of hidden cost with Four Percent Group and online communit seems not to trust the owner 100% though he is a changed man and very good at his job.

      The good news is that there are better option. Wealthy Affiliate is that best option for now. You will be shock to know how much you can earn. You will decide what your website and niche will be based on.

      And with Wealthy Affiliate; You success is in your hands.



  10. Hi John, do you know what kind of legal troubles did Stritzheus get into? I couldn’t find anything clear online, and I’m interested to know. Was it anything related to online businesses? Thanks for the information!

    1. Dear Tina,

      The scam Vick was jailed for is not an online scam but as an insurance agent. He was filling insurance application for ghost people. Earning commission he never work for.

      But he is a changed man now earning legitimate money online. The only problem is that when you have been to the wall of the prison, the stain will remain for ever.

      He is a good man but the damage is done already.



  11. It honesty don’t like having to pay membership fees when I’m trying to make money online. And even less when it doesn’t guarantee profit, like in this case.
    Very useful review, thank you!

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