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Is The Commission Machine a Scam Or Can You Ever Make $2,642.60/Day?

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You are welcome to the Commission Machine review. Can you make money with the Commission Machine? Is the Commission Machine legit or a scam?

Can this product ever make you $2,642.60 daily as promised by Michael Cheney, the owner? Or Is the Commission Machine a Scam after all?


Welcome to another honest product review by yours sincerely?

You’ve probably heard about how this product promised to reveal specific and unique information on how to make money with affiliate marketing in any niche.

Now, you probably doubt the credibility of that statement, and that is why you here.

I will provide all the needed details that will help you to make a knowledgeable decision about the Commission Machine.

Keep reading this product review to find out the real truth behind The Commissions Machine.

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The Commission Machine at a Glance

what is the commission machine a scam

Product Name: The Commission machine
Founder: Michael Cheney
Price: $47 plus many upsells
Rating: 5%
Recommended: No

Summary of the Commission Machine Review

The Commission Machine by Michael Cheney is training on video that teaches affiliate marketers how to come up with great Emails for the promotion and sales of affiliate products.

Michael Cheney (the creator of The Commission Machine) promised to help you make $2,642.60 daily if you purchase and pay for this training even if you don’t have an idea of how to make money online if you don’t have the money or have an Email list.

He reinstated that all you need to implement this training is to copy and apply and you will be making money on a daily basis!

One major problem with this course is that it is not going to teach you the rudimentary and basics of traffic generation and various tools needed to come up with a great landing page.

The truth is this; The Commission Machine training is not newbies friendly; it will be challenging to implement and make you money most especially if you are beginner and newbie.

I recommend affiliate marketing as your online business. You can start this affiliate marketing certification training here. It is FREE to join.

What do you think of the Commission Machine review? Can still make money with the Commission Machine? Is the Commission Machine legit or another scam program?

What is The Commission Machine?

is the commission machine scam

The Commissions machine is a course that teaches specific email marketing strategies entailing several techniques you can use to build your email list.

It shows you how to promote your products using email marketing campaigns.

These strategies are brought to you by Michael Cheney; longtime successful internet marketer and a super affiliate. He is also the co-founder of Copy Paste Commissions – another product that encompasses of ‘unique, one of a kind marketing strategies.’

Doesn’t sound so unique. That’s because it isn’t

The Commission Machine consists of recycled and familiar information just creatively repackaged and advertised to make it look unique.

Michael Cheney claims his methods are unique and unknown, but really, they’re just the same old marketing strategies we’re used to, and every other experienced affiliate out there knows.

The product was launched and relaunched over the years, from 2016 to 2018, and each time, Michael Cheney adds a little information to his product, but it’s mostly the same.

Does the Commission Machine Work?

In other words, will the principle and methods practice by Commission Machine training make you money? How does Commission Machine work?

The workability of this Commission Machine is not as simple as explained on the sales pages. But it can make you money if the practice in the right way.

The Commission Machine works in the following ways:

  • A landing page is created to capture your audience email address
  • You are expected to drive both organic and paid traffics to your landing pages
  • As soon as you collect enough email address from your audience, you are supposed to start sending follow up emails of your campaign to them
  • You can use your email list to promote other JVZoo products
  • You will earn an affiliate commission when any of your emails convert through your affiliate link.
  • The objective of the Commission Machine is to make you an Affiliate Marketer so that you can make a commission from the promotion of other people’s product by building an email list towards the development of JVZoo products.

However, the principle and methodology of Commission Machine will be profitable for anyone, but the product was promoted in a scummy way.

They exaggerated how much money you can make without telling their audience the truth that I have already mentioned in this article.

They also coach their affiliate marketers to promote this product and use the funnels in an inappropriate way such that; their auto subscriber tools are on autopilot.

They email there list several times daily, to the extent that it has turned into a nuisance.

How Much Does The Commission Machine Cost

The initial cost of The Commission Machine is $19.95, but it is now going for $47. But the sales funnels have many up-sells that can drive you crazy.

As soon as you subscribe to this training program for $47, you will start seeing various up-sells.

Before you get to the member area, you will be chased with many up-sells of various juicy offers so that you can spend more of your money.

The various up-sells are:

what is The Commission Machine about

***Upsell 1 — The Golden Ticket ***

The cost of this up-sell is $27 monthly and $197 one time payment and lifetime access to the Michael (the owner) regularly live webinar.

He uses the Webinar to show paid and premium members the practical step by step process he creates Affiliate Marketing campaigns and how he is making money from it.

The Commission Machine has another down sell of $17 for monthly access to the recorded Webinars and lifetime access to the recorded Webinar for a cost of $124.

If by any means you are a promoter of this program, I.e., if you an affiliate to The Commission Machine you will earn 50% commission.

*** Upsell 2 — Commissionology***

This up-sell will give you access to a seven done for you sales funnels; they refer to these seven funnels as the Commission Machines.

These funnels come with email swipes you can use for the promotion of this training program. As an Affiliate, you will also earn 50% commission.

Another related cost to this program includes the following:

  • #Click Magic

This is a software that helps you track your affiliate links, though there are other better tools you can use this program suggest Click Magic and it will cost you $12 Monthly or $66 Annually.

  • #GetResponse ( Autoresponder)

There are so many autoresponder services, but this is the recommended one.

Though GetResponse is one of the best in the pack, if you purchase this within this program, it will be upset at extras cost to you.

GetReponse autoresponder goes $15 monthly or $1,199 yearly; the number of your subscribers will determine the cost.

  • #Regular Cost for Paid Traffic

Commission Machine funnels work with traffics. The implication is that you are expected to be paying heavily for paid traffics for necessary conversions.

With the cost summed together, you are expected to be coughing out thousands of dollars monthly.

And you have to know your onions to make you traffic campaign effective to avoid wastage of funds and resources.

The Commission Machine is not newbies friendly because of the excessive cost. Most beginners don’t understand how to use paid traffics for their campaign effectively. This can result in loss of funds and wastes.

Most people especially the newbies can only work on low budgets. Coping with this many up-sells will be tough.

The Make-Up of The Commission Machine Training

The Commission Machine is made up of 7 modules of Video training; the training is a step by step on how to maximize the program for making money online.

Each of the modules is less than half an hours in duration; which is not detailed enough to help anyone understanding Affiliate marketing and funnel system.

There are so many things to learn to become a complete affiliate marketer that is not covered by this training.

The following are what constitute the training:

***Focus on JVZoo Affiliate Network***

Michael, the creator of The Commission Machine, focus the training solely on the promotion of JVZoo Affiliate Network products.

He explains step by step process of joining the JVZoo and how to pick products or program for promotion.

Many other affiliate networks can be incorporated into the usage of The Commission Machine funnels. I can understand why the focus is only on JVZoo.

***Traffics in making Sales***

This is how you get to Make Sales. The program teaches how you will position your offers and funnels that will attract sales.

Michael, the owner, shows illustration of how this is done in The Commission Machine.

***Bonus as Incentive to Attract Sales***

The training explains how to use bonuses in your offers to attract sales. Indeed rewards can be used on clients to ensure that they purchase your offering using your affiliate link.

Michael talks about how to your bonuses to make sure traffic directed to through your funnel convert by promising them an incentive if they purchase through your affiliate link.

Who Is The Commission Machine For?

My recommendation is that The Commission Machine is a good product for the so call affiliate marketer expert and this is not a good product for the newbie; this is because the product is more suitable for people the that have the tools and resource to implement this training.

It is more advised for affiliate marketers who want to increase their online commissions and sales, build up their already existing list and make more money through email marketing.

A complete beginner would find it very hard to build a website with this product.

Will  The Commission Machine Make You Money?

In my opinion, I believe if you follow this training to the core you will surely make money. But you will not make $2,600 daily as speculated in this training.

Posting your landing page all over Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn will not help you much in term of conversion. The conversion is limited on all these sites.

This is one reason, I do not recommend this program because it does not take into consideration you have a complete business online.

You will need your websites for this training program to be useful for you.

The negative impact of depending on these social media is that you can not rely on them.

They can revoke your access or get you banned from accessing your profile at any time. Most especially if you erroneously violated their term and conditions.

If you employed paid traffics, you would need a better strategy to make up your cost of adds.

The Commission Machine Training is not in-depth, so you may lose a lot of money involving yourself in Paid traffics.

Paid traffic is excellent only if you know what you are doing.

Because you lack skills involve in making a lot of margins via Paid traffics, you will lose your money focusing on paid traffics.

The best way to excel online is to have a business-ready platform (website) you can call your own.

You can claim two free websites here. . .

How to Make Money with The Commission Machine.

Through this product, Michael Cheney has introduced a new strategy that works He calls his concealed approach to the “R.A.P.I.D.” method.

“R” stands for Research, “A” stands for Angle, “P” and “I” stand for Provide Incentive, and “D” stands for Deploy.

You’re meant to do quality research on the best kind of product to sell or affiliate, have the right target traffic.

After doing this, you’re supposed to provide a sort of incentive or bonus that will keep your buyers hooked on what you’re selling.

Then when you’re done, you repeat this process all over again until you start seeing the result.

So yes, Michael Cheney’ claims to make you $2642.60 a day are entirely believable as long as you follow his methods religiously and subscribe to all the upsells he advertises you.

The Commission Machine Support /Customer Service

Uncommon to other Affiliate programs, this one is actually user interactive and customer friendly

There is both technical and personal support form Michael Cheney thus making it much better for users to feel at ease.

What is The Commission Machine

***The Training Is Great***

The step by step training is excellent. Despite my negativity, I conceived from the sales page and the method employed.

The training in the member area is excellent and very standard. The Michael Cheney (Product creator) is a very presenter.

He is confident and knows his onions because you can see that he knows what he is talking about.

***Michael Cheney Is a Real Person***

In many online programs I have reviewed, many of them employed fake presenter by using nicknames; to protect the real owners because the product is a scam.

In this case, Michael Cheney is real, and he is the owner of the Commission Machine. He knows to create other online training programs.

Michael Cheney is married with two children. His contact is stated below:

Michael Cheney Contact Information

Phone No: +1 347-809-5941
Facebook Messenger:
Email Address:
Facebook Page:

***The 30 Days Money Back Guarantee***

The 30 days return policy of JVZoo products is excellent and sincere unlike the Click bank trouble of getting your money back with their 60 days.

You rest assured that you can get your money back if after purchase you discovered that you don’t like the product; you will get your money back if requested before 30 days of buying the training program.

Also, the following are essential to note about The Commission Machine:

  1. Michael Cheney employed a great example from his campaigns to show how you can quickly implement his strategies.
  2. There is one on one video training and PowerPoint slide presentations of step by steps on how to repeat what has been taught.

At $47, I will say that The Commission Machine is okay. Please stay away from other upsells of this training program because it will end up in making you get more upsells.

Issues With The Commission Machine

Commission Machine has so many disadvantages, they include the following:

***Excessive and Over Hyped Sales Page***

The sales page of Commission Machine did a lot of exaggeration of how this program can make you money fast and with ease. Michael keeps telling his audience what they want to hear rather than what they need to understand.

Yes, this will increase conversion of The Commission Machine, but it will kick up the rate at which refund request is placed on these products. This is why it has a large refund rate.

It makes the program and making money online itself so easy and simple which it is not and the Michael the owners know this.

He these scammy ways of making sales which are common to many products that will not produce a result after purchase.

Michael never states how this program works before you can purchase it, he just said that he has a RAPID formula that will make you money quickly.

He employed a lot of this marketing psychology in the promotion of this program that he knows it is going to work on the beginners and newbies that work to make money online easily without working.

What do you think of my review of the Commission Machine? Is the Commission Machine legit or a scam?

Can you still make money with the Commission Machine?

is the commission machine a scam

***Claim That You Won’t Need a List***

There is this claim by Michael that even,  if you are a newbie without an e-mail list, that you will still make money with Commission Machine. But the program again concentrated on email marketing.

The owner teaches in this program on how to build an email list but at the surface. It is not a detailed training that can help any beginners learn the rudiment of creating an email list that can make you money.

The module 7 of the Commission Machine is how to make money without an email list.

The video training is less than 15 minutes of how to build a list with Facebook, and it is too basic and not detail enough to be useful for both newbies and even expert.

***Additional Hidden Cost***

Commission Machine will require you to invest in a third-party autoresponder and other needed tools that will help you come up with your landing page and funnel.

The program does not provide you with autoresponder because you have to pay for it. And they also have additional upsets.

***Training Cover Less of How to Generate Traffic***

One of the red flags of Commission Machine is that the training does not cover much on how to generate targeted traffics to your sales funnel.

Though, the creator (Michael) stated that you would need traffics for your sales funnel. But then how was not reported.

Most important is the free or organic traffic. This was not explained in this program. How do you set up a business without a technique on how to get buyers?

This is why the Commission Machine is a no-no for me.

***Commission Machine Will Not Build You Real Business***

Yes, you can make money by sending traffic to a sale funnel or a landing page. It is not going to be easy, and it will be so costly to run.

And, having a landing page and sales funnel is not like having your full online business that is driven by a complete website.

Your website is your asset and online property. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Quora, and YouTube can revoke and ban you from their site.

But your site is yours forever. And you can sell your online property (website) when you feel like.

But Commission Machine will not teach you how to build or nurture your website instead they will only take you through how to manage a sale funnel and landing pages, and the training is not detail.

Having your site is the most important thing when you are considering your online business.

The Commission Machine only taught how to find a product on JVZoo network and how to make sales with that product via using email promotion to make purchases through funnel and landing page, online business is more significant than this.

The following important area was not considered in this program:

  1. How to set up your website
  2. How to come up with a squeeze page and option form
  3. Also, how to properly use an autoresponder
  4. How to get both organic and paid traffics to your site or online business

***The Commission Machine Has High Refund Rate***

As at the time of writing this, Michael Cheney product has a refund rate of over 14%.

This is huge, and it is a pointer that this is a slum online program that will not help you make money.

The refund rate is too high compared to similar online make money product.

Yes, JVZoo refunds are significant and not as delayed as it is in Click Bank. JVZoo will refund your money, but if I were you I wouldn’t purchase this program at all!

***Commission Machine Email SPAMs – Wrong Outreach***

Michael, the owner of Commission Machine, teaches and encourages his students to send email outreaches to their list regularly.

In fact, they send daily emails.

The problem is this, by the time you continuously send the same messages to the same set of targeted customers.

It will become spam! This is a wrong approach to email outreach by all means.

The way to sell to your customers is to continue offering values and help to your audience and not to spam them with the same unwanted program like Commission Machine.

The result is that people will be deleting, opting out and dumping your email list. Do still think that The Commission Machine is legit or a scam?

Other negatives of The Commissions Machine includes: 

  • Recycled information
    You need to have an email list already to be able to use his email marketing strategies
    No downloadable pdf or documents for buyers
  • Poor webpage marketing; the website of the product is unconvincing, empty and sparse. I didn’t understand what The Commissions machine was about from there until I went online and did my research about the product.
  • The product is non-advisable for beginners because they’ll have a hard time understanding the methods Michael Cheney taught, as most of the strategies involve you having your own business started and running already.

Public and Online Opinions of The Commission Machine.

Over the years, with the launching as divergent relaunching of the product, many people have gotten to use it and knew it better; it’s pros, cons, usefulnesses, and disadvantages.

There are quite a few other reviews about this product, and the majority of them attest to the positivity of the content.

So as a matter of fact, The Commission Machine is not a legit or scam.

Is The Commission Machine Legit or a Scam?

The Commission Machine is legit and not a scam, but it is outdated and not relevant in 21st century.

After reviewing over 500 programs on how to make money online.

The Commission Machine sales page looks scamming, but it is not a scam, and it is a legitimate training program.

It teaches high-quality ways of navigating the online business.

The training gives you tactics on how to build an excellent Email list and Affiliate Marketing strategies that work.

You can also get your money back if after purchase; and you discover that it is not meant for you. It is only a scam if you can NOT get your money back.

Though, the process of getting your money back may be extended or prolonged.

Why I am not recommending the Commission Machine is that the training does not detail enough, and the basics are not put into considerations.

what are good side hustles

The training does not cover how to build your funnel and landing pages; you will only get funnels only if you purchase the upsells.

There is a lot of hype; misleading and exaggerations on the sales page of the Commission Machine; despite not covering how to build your own profitable online business with your website and a great choice of niche.

Michael (the creator) only narrated the strategies of how things work but not in practical ways and the method also highlighted also expensive to drive a profitable online business; this is why it is not ideal for beginners and newbies.

Have you read other review of the Commission Machine? What do you think of this?

Do you think that the Commission Machine is a scam or legit? Can you still make money with the Commission Machine?

What do you think of my review of The Commission Machine?

Is The Commission Machine Worth It

Thanks for reading the Commission Machines review. Do you still want to make money with the Commission Machine? Is The Commission Machine legit or a scam?

Can you make money with it? Do you think this program can earn you $2,642.60 daily?

Now, we have concluded on the sincerity and value of this product, and we have agreed that it is not a scam. But the question is whether or not The Commission Machine is appropriate for you.

If you are an experienced marketer with an email list already, then this could work for you.

But if you’re a beginner, then you would most likely fumble, trying to understand the product.

The Commission Machine may be a good product, but there are better, much better options including my particular recommendation; Wealthy Affiliate.

Thank you for taking the time out to read the Commission Machine review, and I hope you enjoyed it. Have you subscribed to the Commission Machine before?

Is the Commission Machine scam or legit? Will you make money with the Commission Machine? What is your take?

Kindly drop your thought in my comment area. I will revert and reply to your comment in no time.

The Commission Machine Review – Video

6 thoughts on “Is The Commission Machine a Scam Or Can You Ever Make $2,642.60/Day?”

  1. Most of the reviews on your website do not recommend the money-making service at all which you have reviewed.

    Do you have any programs that you actually recommend and can make you decent amount of money online?



    1. Dear Rosie,

      Thanks for your observations. If you indeed read my article you will observed that I am a promoter of Wealthy Affiliate online program.

      Wealthy Affilitae is the best affiliate marketing training in the world in my opinion. Please check it out.

      Thanks fir reading my commission Machine review and for visiting my site.

      Commission Machine will nit Make May newbie money because it focuses on the advance affiliate marketing. It will be a waste of money and energy for any newbie to venture into.

      Thanks again fir visiting

      I am john


  2. I’ve been an internet entrepreneur for years and have seen tons of products like this arise.

    I don’t think that this product is necessarily worth the buy due to the fact that most people don’t already have email lists made.

    That being said, if you do have an email list it might be significantly worth buying his premade emails.



    1. Dear Michael,

      Thanks for reading my Commission Machine review. You are very right that Commission Machine is not a good deal for any newbies.

      The email promotion can not help you make money as a newbie. Do you have any email list? What will you promote and to whom?

      Commission Machine seems to be okay fir experience affiliate marketers but it does even worth the money.

      The sales pagemany hypes.

      Thanks again for visiting my site.

      I am john

  3. We all wish there was a way for a quick purchase to make us big bucks, but that’s not how the real world works.

    The program author go exact to how much one can make, does that mean that he is sure of this program?

    If no, how then can I make real legit money online

    Thanks for the breakdown of this program!

    It’s close enough to a scam for me.

    1. Dear Josh,

      Thanks for reading my Commission Machine review. The first question I asked myself about this Commission Machine is this; Is Commission Machine a Scam?

      So to get rid of that notion, Commission Machine is not a Scam but a seemly scamming legitimate program. Let put it that way. It is not recommended by me for any one to purchase.

      The program only focus to rip off newbies. And expert that do not know their onions in the internet marketing world.

      To answer your questions. The program owner Michael Cheney went to state exact amount that the program will make you so as to lure you into buying the product.

      How does MR. Michael Cheney know that you can make $2,642 in a day? He is working on his audience psychologically.

      The question you will ask yourself is that if the product is made to really add value to its targeted audience why do you need to manipulate your audience to make a purchase?

      With that said , the Commission Machine is a no for me. Don’t even go their.

      So how can you make money online? It is important to know that it is simple and straight forward. You need to bring something to the table. You will need to be identified with something.

      What are you good at? Is there anything you know so well that it is now an hobby? You can use what you are good at doing best such as your hobbies to helping people online.

      An example is MR. Mathew. He love the craft of making shoes. He likes the idea of making his own shoes. Do you know what he did?

      MR. Mathew is from South Africa. He decide to start a blog about how to make shoes. He started making shoes targeting people that love to learn how to make shoes online using YiuTube.

      He has gather enough audience online that is earning him over $4,000 monthly teaching people how to make shoe via YouTube.

      This is how to make money online. You need to know something so well to be able to teach others about it. You can also learn something to teach.

      I am sure that there is something you are good at that you can transform to a thriving business online.

      I will recommend this Affiliate Marketing certification program.

      It is free to start. You will start paying after the second level.

      What do you think? Do you have any other question. Please drop your comment below.



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