Covert Commissions Review: Is It Legit Or Scam?


You are welcome to my Covert Commission Review.

I know you are curious to know if Covert Commission is a scam or legitimate program.

Considering the hype surrounding the product it is ok to be skeptical.

I will be giving an unbiased and in-depth review of this product.

You will find out if Covert Commissions does live up to its claims and can help you build a lucrative passive income at the end of this article.

However, is Covert Commission a legit software or just complete sham?

Let’s take a look!

what is covert commissions aboutCovert Commissions at a Glance

Product Name: Covert Commissions
Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Software
Founder: Cindy Donovan
Price: $24
Rating: 60%
Recommended: No


Covert Commissions Summary Review

Covert commissions is a “hands-free, done-for-you” (DFY) affiliate email marketing service that is designed to help you promote your various offers, that will help build your list and earn affiliate commissions.

What this means is that you are given the tools/systems to promote different affiliate products, without having to do the real hard work yourself.

For example, you do not need to create an opt-in page to build your list as you are provided with predesigned lead capture pages, complete with opt-in forms.

Essentially, all you need to do with this system is to drive traffic to the lead capture page and get people to sign up.

There is no need to do anything manually like the rest of the optimized funnel is automated.

However, considering the hype on the sales page of Covert Commissions we have to unravel this software.

Let's find out if this affiliate commissions on autopilot do precisely what it claims to do.


What Exactly Is Covert Commissions About?

Covert Commissions is a software that gives you 100% managed affiliate marketing system that can do every affiliate works for you through a ready-made sales funnel.

In simple terms, Covert Commissions provides affiliate email marketing service designed to help you promote offers, build your list and earn affiliate commissions.

Along with this software, the package contains:

  • Done for you (DFY) squeeze pages.
  • Bonus for each promotion that is made for you.
  • Promoting the highest Converting offerings.
  • Well written responsive emails for your audience
  • Affiliate links for each advertisement are sent to you monthly.

Covert Commissions helps its users build their email list and monetize the list through affiliate marketing.

You can watch Covert Commissions Demo video here to get a grasp of how the product functions.

The software is another brain-spawn created by Cindy Donovan, a well-known product creator, who has also launched a lot of valuable digital products such as InstaGenius, ChromeEngage, Commission Bullseye, WP Blazer and Rank Hijack among others.

NB: Covert Commissions has been around since 2015 as “IM Wealth Builders product” founded by Soren Joransen, John Merrick and Cindy Donovan.

Cindy Donovan re-launched the product in May 2018 the other partners left.

It has, however, experience a lot of upgrades and is a top-notch product on the JVZOO network.


How Much Does Covert Commissions Cost?

You pay the monthly inclusive price of $27.00 to gain access to any five customizable email marketing templates of your choice.

As well as training materials, weekly live webinars and WordPress hosting as the sales page claims.

However, there are Upsells and four on-time offers (OTOs).

  1.  OTO 1 (Covert Commissions Membership) – $27/Month or $197/Year
  2. OTO 2 (Mission Bundle) – $27-$47-$97
  3. OTO 3 (Email Suite Pro) – $9.97/month, $47/year or $97 One Time payment
  4. OTO 4 (Automated List Profits) – $27/month, $97/year and $197 One Time payment

Also, upgrading to the Pro Version costs $27.00 per month or $197.00 annually.

You’ll get an immediate ten extra credits and two additional credits per month if you upgrade to the monthly Pro version as well as numerous bonuses.

covert commissions bonus


Training Included in Covert Commissions

Covert Commissions is not just a done for you online program, some primary training is included on this package but only for the paid membership.

The training includes the following:

  • Work Through of Covert Commissions

This is a complete overview of everything that is included in Covert Commissions and how to have access to various features according to the upsells you paid for as a paid member.

It also states all the offers that you will get and what the Covert Commissions is made up of and how it will benefit you.

  • Promotion of Covert Commissions

This is a walkthrough on how to promote Covert Commissions. As a free member, you have an opportunity to promote this program, which is the only mission available for a free member.

But you have to promote this program via the system to earn a commission. On upgrading to a paid membership, you will have access to more credit to buy more mission for further promotion.

“Mission” implies various program and products you can promote using the funnels and landing pages provided my Covert Commissions.

But, you don’t need to upgrade or use Covert Commissions to promote most of the listed mission.

You can as well bypass and go directly to the Affiliate Networks to search any product you like to promote. It can be access free without extra ant payment.

You are only paying for the sale funnel and the landing pages offering on Covert Commissions because the product listed can be gotten from various Affiliate Networks.

  • Traffic Training

The traffic training involves listing and a short explanation of various traffic methods you can use to maximize this program.

Though the listed traffics methods are majorly paid traffics, and the video is concise and not detailed enough.

It will also be tough for any beginners or newbies to understand how to use paid traffics because of the substantial cost it involves.

Organic ways of driven traffic are not included in this training, which is a bad decision. The best traffic method is just an organic one.


How Does Covert Commissions Work?

Covert Commission is a replica of another product called IM Wealth Builders by Cindy Donovan, John Merrick, and Soren Jordansen.

I believe Cindy Donovan left that joint venture and did a re-launched of the program with now a new name called Covert Commission with better tools and training.

Covert Commission will work for you is a straightforward step. You must sign up to be granted access to the Covert Commission membership area. You can then decide on the funnels you like to promote.

It will cost you one credit to promote a funnel of your choice. You are to promote various offer using email, Social media and Paid traffic.

Your job is to choose your suggestion and start sending traffics to your squeeze page.

Both the hosting of the landing pages and email services are done for you. There is no extra payment required to use the services.

Summarily, you will receive your affiliate link, you will do the promotion, the software will take over and do the rest, and the commissions will go straight to your affiliate account?

Cindy also claims that all you have to do is send the traffic while her software puts your earnings on autopilot.

However, a quick Covert Commissions demo video walks you through the overall process of using the product complete with the hype to sign up by showing you screenshots of earnings.

review covert commissions

They are:

  • ***Buy Covert Commissions***

You will purchase the Covert Commissions for $24. But, with many hidden costs and upsells within the sales funnel.

  • ***Set Up Your Profile Page***

Firstly, set up your profile page on the platform.

Upload your picture, PayPal Address (For your earnings and payout); and your chosen autoresponder.

  • ***Apply for the Affiliate Networks Program***

Covert Commissions can only integrate with four affiliate networks including ClickBank, JVZoo, WarriorPlus, and PayKickStart.

These are the platforms where you will get affiliate products to promote. You will then secure your affiliate link in respect of each affiliate network.

  • ***Add Your Affiliate Links to the Platform***

You add your links from the above four affiliate networks.

By doing this, the system automatically helps you to insert your affiliate links into their pre-made email auto-responder and all other promotional resources inside Covert Commissions.

  • ***Insert Your Autoresponder Code***

On upgrading your account to a Pro membership, you will have instant access to include your autoresponder code.

You will have your leads and campaign included in any autoresponder of your chosen automatically.

List of autoresponder includes:

  • Aweber
  • RocketResponder
  • Getresponse


  • ***Buy Credits For Your Campaign***

Credits are tokens that will help you redeem the sales funnels including pre-built landing pages, auto-responder series, and other promotional tools.

There are over sixty default sales funnels for you to use. However, they're NOT free even if you've purchased Covert Commissions.

As a beginner, you are entitled to 5 credits. One credit can be used to redeem a funnel.

You must buy credit regularly as soon as you need them.

  • ***Choose a Mission (Your Sale Funnels)***

Mission mainly refers to many sales funnels in Covert Commissions.

One funnel represents one affiliate product. In other words, this step is choosing the product you want to promote.

  • ***Drive Traffic to Your Funnels***

This is the last level that will help you drive traffic to your landing page.

Then your job is done because the ready-made sales funnel will help you follow-up with your leads and help you Convert them into buyers.

Whenever someone purchases something through your link, you earn a commission.


Who is the Covert Commissions for?

Covert Commissions is for anyone entirely new to online affiliate marketing as well as experienced online marketers.

The product promises to show newbies how to get (free) JVZoo and Clickbank accounts if they need it.

Furthermore, it offers a pleasant walk through videos showing you free ways to send people links along with staff to help you if you get stuck.

Covert Commissions does not require you to have a website. They have ready-made landing pages, and all you do is drive traffic to those pages.

However, for those who own WordPress website, Covert Commissions has a WP plugin to help integrate affiliate promotions in your site.


What is Good About the Covert Commissions?

  • ***The content of The Sales Page Is Legitimate***

My job is to review making money online programs. I have reviewed over 500 of these kinds of articles! I can confirm to you that Covert Commissions is legit, and it is not a scam.

Though some part of the sales page seems hypes, they are real. No hiring of testimonials or Actors from Fiverr is noticed and no usage of stock images to fake membership that is successful with the product.

Cindy Donovan is a well-known Internet Marketer, and she is real, and you can even search her out on her Facebook page.

  • ***It Is FREE to Join***

Covert Commissions is free to join, and it is very cheap even if you have to join the membership. The free option is for a limited time though, but the good news is that you can still enter for free.

The implication is that you can run through the program while you are yet to make a monetary commitment. And you can start earning promoting Covert Commissions itself.

  • ***The Cost Is Great for Newbies***

The cost of Covert Commissions is reasonably okay and cheap for beginners. Though there are a lot of upsells that initial price is still okay for the newbies.

But I am not recommending the program for the expert and experienced affiliate marketers; you will see why down my review below.

Running affiliate marketing and building an email list can be very tasking and expensive, and this is needed to make a profitable and lasting online business.

You will need to deal with the following cost in a typical environment:

  • You will need a website of your own (Hosting + Domain name)
  • Autoresponder Service provider
  • You will need to either pay for your content or pay a copywriter

You may need to spend a minimum of $70 monthly to run a successful email outreach, but Covert Commissions provide this at a cheaper rate of $24 monthly payment

  • ***Money Back Guarantee Policy (30 days)***

After going premium and you think the program is not good enough for you can request for a refund of your money within the first 30 days.

The problem with asking for your money back is that it doesn’t work in many instances, and some affiliate network is so bad at completing this cycle.

It is advice able to think before you purchased. But you should get your money back; it may take a while though.

  • ***Done for You Lead and Capture Pages***

They provide capture and lead pages for you.

It is beginner friendly, and there is no need to spend your money and time creating pages. The program also provided an opt-in incentive

  • ***Training and Work Through Videos***

Covert Commissions also provide eight training videos for its members.

The training provided how the system work and how to drive traffics to your funnels and pages. There are some videos provided for Free membership.

  • ***You can Contact Cindy Donovan (The Owner)***

If you have any issue, you can easily contact the owner, and she will get back to you. You can do this via the social media platform.

It is an indication that they respond to issues and they are ready to engage members.

She might put a system in place to do this, but you will get a response that seems to be from her


Issues With Covert Commissions?

  • ***You Need Quality Traffic to Make Sale***

Yes, Covert Commission may be done for your system. But what is done for you are the sales funnels. They need quality traffic to convert to sales. Except you have good experience on how to generate quality traffic you won’t make sales.

This is why you need great training to command those affiliate commissions otherwise those done for you funnels will be useless.

  • ***Many Hype and Exaggerations***

Covert Commissions is legit, but the sales page is still made up of many hypes and lot so exaggeration of how the program can drive traffic faster than any tools you ever saw. This program is about getting traffic and converting them.

No Internet marketing program can be 100% done for you, and you can never get automated affiliate sales. Even the best affiliate marketing training in the world, i.e. Wealthy Affiliate cannot command mechanical affiliate sales.

  • ***Covert Commissions Tools Are Not Your Asset***

The best way to have your own profitable online business is to have your platform “Your Website.” You can now incorporate your tools and resources that will help you sustain your business.

All the tools stated in this program are not yours; and by the time Cindy shut down this program, she will move to create and be promoting another product where will you start from.

All the already put in place tools such as landing pages, funnels, email contents and autoresponders service providers set up for you are hosted on the owner’s server, and when the plug is removed, you will be left alone without any business.

Yes, you may be making money with this program, but it is not yours and what is not yours is not yours.

The owner actual provided a way out for you to build your list, but only if you are ready to go for an upgrade called Covert Commissions Pro (The cost is $27 Monthly/$197 Yearly or a one-time payment of $297).

Another upgrade provided for you to own your business is called Email Suite Pro (that cost $67 to $97).

  • ***You Learn Nothing (Knowledge Is Power)***

When a system like Covert Commission is built and done for you; it makes life easier and great for you. But you will learn nothing. If anything goes wrong, you have to call support or the owner instead of you to fix your thing.

This is the primary reason why you cannot rely on many online programs that systemize processes for you; you instead learn and put your system in place.

You can secure your future with affiliate marketing skills and knowledge that will be useful to you for years. I recommend Wealthy Affiliate. It is one of the best affiliate marketing training in the world that will teach you all you need to do.

It is work through step by step training, you will learn how to create your website; write or outsource your content and start building your email list. You can begin to free because credit card or PayPal is needed to sign in.

  • ***Poor Sales Funnel***

The objective of email marketing in any niche is to capture quality subscriber and not to fake or lure just anybody to the email list.

The quality of the Covert Commission is weak such that people are captured because they think they can easily make money online due to the fake and excited messages on the landing pages.

  • ***The Training Is Obsolete***

In any online business, it is about your audience and how to get them to purchase your product. This is why quality traffic is everything to your business.

The training provided is outdated and can be found and downloaded in the public domain, i.e. Google, Yahoo and via YouTube. Most of the strategies demonstrated in training can get your website banned by search engines.

Such as using Squidoo article directories to get your content rank faster in Google to get a great backlink to your website. Google updates of algorithm won’t let this work, and Squidoo is no longer existing.

I also noticed that there is no sign of ongoing training to improve and support affiliate marketer to continue to grow sales.

  • ***Sales Funnel Are Duplicated***

With the same sales page been share and used up by all paid members; this will lead to duplicated sales page all over the Internet which could lead to saturation!

Google hate duplicated content, and it will not make your content rank on any search engines, and you know the implication of that. Your content will not be seen by your audience.

You will now depend on other paid traffic source such as Facebook, Bing, and AdWords which will be costly and will require you to have good experience on how to do it correctly.

This is not a good one for the newbies that knowledge and skill set to make it work and you may lose all your money.


  • *** “There Are no Upsells, Extra Addons, etc…” Is False and Misleading ***

The claim by Cindy Donovan that there is no upsell is misleading and fake. There are so many upsells after the membership payment.

buy covert commissions

You will need to pay to be able to promote other products; despite its availability on another affiliate network. This will be a waste of time, money and resource to be paying for accessing other products you can get for FREE via Click Bank and JVZoo.

You also need to buy more credit to get more sales to funnel, one credit will cost you $9.97, while five credit will cost you $47.

It is only the one-time fees funnels that are free of upsells while other monthly and yearly recurring payment still stands.

  • ***No Community/Forum Interaction***

There is no platform available for Covert Commissions members to interact and share knowledge, skills, and tips to support and help each other.

Such community interaction could go along way to help and guide the newbies and beginners under challenging areas that they may not understand.


Covert Commissions WordPress Plugin

Covert Commissions WordPress plugin is for website owners that like to employ the ready-made funnels and landing pages on their websites for necessary conversions and collection of email subscribers.

Covert Commissions usually does not require any website to function. You can make money directly with it by directing and focusing traffics towards the funnels.

What will make that difference in your conversion of traffic to sales either with or without your website is the quality of traffic you are ready to direct to your landing pages and funnels or your site.

Covert Commissions WordPress Plugin Set-Up | YouTube Video

Covert Commissions Support /Customer service

Well, if you wish to contact, there is a contact us link on the website. I guess that should mean something.

The supports staff tries to respond to all support requests within 24-48 hours.


Is Covert Commissions a Scam?

Covert Commissions is not a scam but the legitimate online program.

The problem is that it is a done for you tools and system that claimed to help you convert traffics to affiliate commission.

Yes, the so call “Done For You “program have its benefits, but it cannot help you become a robust and complete affiliate marketer. This done for you program is hosted on the owner’s server, and those tools and resource are not yours.

The best online asset you can build for yourself is to have your website with all the needed tools and resources that will help you make money online consistently.


Best Alternative to Covert Commissions

My best alternative to Covert Commissions is Wealthy Affiliate. WA is an affiliate marketing training platform that offers a complete all in one package that will change your life.

You can start the first level of the training (ten courses) free without your credit card or PayPal. If you like the training, you can then go premium; otherwise, you opt out.

But I can assure you that you will continue the training. What do you think of working from home making over $10,000 monthly? This will happen to you if you go through the training and if you are ready to work very smart.

This training changed my life, and it will change yours.


Is Covert Commissions Worth Your Money? 

What do you think of my Covert Commissions Review? Do you think it is legit or another scam?

Although Covert Commissions is not a scam since it has legit sales funnels, training and resources within the product.

However, the training is outdated and the pre-made sales funnel is not for experienced marketers.

Also, this product will not generate you the kind of income you are looking for a system that promotes products through websites that most search engines wouldn't identify.

This means it may take a longer time to get clicks on the products you are promoting and eventually get commissions.

However, I have a program with which I have personally created four-figure passive income monthly.

The product, Wealthy Affiliate contains up to date Affiliate Marketing training that will teach you how to make money with your hobbies, passion or any ideas.

Let me know what you think about my Covert Commissions Review. Kindly do well to drop your thoughts and question in my comments section below.

I will love to hear what you think.

6 thoughts on “Covert Commissions Review: Is It Legit Or Scam?”

  1. Hi John,

    I was looking into purchasing this service to start my online marketing venture.

    However, essentially all this service provides is the blocks all built instead of you doing it yourself.

    I think I’m going to stay clear of this program and build the pages myself.


    I am Richard.

    • Dear Richard,

      Thanks for reading my Convert Commissions review.

      You are right fir making that choice. I will also do the same if I am in your position.

      Hands on is the ultimate. If you know how to fish by yourself your life will be a turn around one. It is nit good to depend on anyone to succeed in a career.

      This is just the only reason I decide to learn from Wealthy Affiliate and become an authority in my niche.

      wA will teach you on everything about how to become an expert blogger affecting your audience positively.

      Thanks for visiting again.



  2. Dear John,

    It sounds so good until it doesn’t, no?

    Most people won’t be able to get that quality traffic that is needed so this won’t work at all.

    You also don’t own the website plus you don’t learn much so I don’t really like it.



    • Dear Zack,

      Thanks for reading Covert Commission review. I really appreciate you fir taken time to drop your comment.

      I agree with you that the website is not yours even after you must have paid. There is nothing like having your own website.

      If the program is scarp online all your effort and email you have collected will go with it because you don’t have control of the list you are building.

      You are jus working for the owner of this program.

      This is one of my major reason why Covert Commission is not recommended by me.

      I hope you will check on my page again.



  3. Dear John,

    Is Convert Commissions easily available for every country?

    I’m asking because affiliate service providers like ClickBank are not available in every country, so signing up is a huge problem.



    • Dear Rosiee007,

      Thanks for reading my Covert Commission review. And most important thank you for taken time to drop your comment.

      Covert Commission is accessible from any country or region to purchase.

      The problem is the collection of your affiliate commission via click bank.

      You can employ Virtual Private Network to register on Click Bank if your country is not permitted yet.

      Also, you can use Payoneer to cash out your funds from Click Bank.

      Thanks again for visiting my page, I really appreciate.




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