3 thoughts on “Can You Still Make Money On Facebook?”

  1. Facebook is amazing for starting up a niche business for sure! You could even start a group around a certain interest, then use that as a base for selling a product. I tinkered around one day with running some ads and offering the product for free, just pay shipping and this did better than I had anticipated.

    • Thank for reading my article on how to make money with Facebook.

      You are right in some ways. The problem is that the Facebook algorithm has change and it is changing.

      Things are not static any more.

      In recent time Facebook are facing a lot of challenges that is influencing the company algorithm and the way you do business on Facebook.

      You can still. Make Money with Facebook ads but it is a lot of work and expense.

      For me, I will not depend on Facebook to make money online.

      You can get your lifely income distorted. There is nothing like owning or compare to owning your own website.

      Facebook can decide to expel you on their platform. With all your efforts and input on your Facebook page, you can be blocked and get your access restricted.

      Thanks again for reading my arckes



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