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Is Secret Millionaire Bot Legit or a Scam? Can You Really Make Money?

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Welcome to my Secret Millionaire Bot Review. I am sure you are here to be sure you can make money with Secret Millionaire Bot. But, Is Secret Millionaire Bot legit or a Scam?

Can you make $2,479 per day as a newbie?


This is the income Secret Millionaire Bot promises you. But can that be real?

It is excellent you are researching this program before you commit yourself.

This is how I discover how to convert my skills and passion into a full-time income online.

I will like to inform you that I am in no way affiliated with Secret Millionaire Bot and will be sharing a detailed analysis of the product from my interaction with it.

Keep scrolling to read more about Secret Millionaire Bot. Is it a scam out to rip you off, or is it legit?

Please read om.

Estimated reading time: 15 minutes

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Secret Millionaire Bot at a Glance

a secret millionaire bot review

Product Name: Secret Millionaire Bot
Founder: Charles Allen (Fictitious Name)
Product Type: Affiliate Marketing (Via Instagram)
Price: $37 ($17 down-sell)
Upsells: $147 down-sell to $97, $497
Rating: 2%
Recommended: No

Summary Review of Secret Millionaire Bot

Secret Million Bot is a Clickbank product created by Charles Allen.

The product claims that it can turn you into a millionaire within the shortest possible time by purchasing its automated system/software referred to as bot.

The objective of the product is to use the bot ( the software) to sell products and services on Instagram.

The problem is that the owner employs paid actors for the testimonial for the advertisement of this product and to make the unrealistic income came for this product.

You will not make the amount of money that they claim; otherwise, real people with real testimonials would have been used to share their experiences.

There are learning curves in making money online and via Instagram, so it is not as easy as this product is pitched in their ads.

The real product, however, is a mash-up of basic videos on affiliate marketing.

What do you think of my Secret Millionaire Bot review? Can you make money with Secret Millionaire Bot? Is Secret Millionaire Bot legit or another scam?

What is Secret Millionaire Bot?

How would you like to join the secret club of millionaires?

I know that all you see is green lights but since you have taken the time to check out a product before buying into it, let’s make sure you don’t crash into a wall.

Secret Millionaire Bot rambles on and on about an elite society of underground millionaires and pitches you the idea of being a part of this top echelon.

Hello there, I hope you don’t buy the idea that there is a secret software system that generates bucket loads of dollars overnight, right?

Secret Million Bot is a Clickbank – scam filled & overhyped – a product which, when bought gives you access to the secret club of millionaires.

They might as well claim to control the economy.

They claim that this software is fully automated and will start siphoning cash into your account within hours of setting up.

A Charles Allen created this program, but we can conclude that name is just as real as the bullocks they’re trying to sell you.

Secret Millionaire Bot Training – Breakdown

This program is all about using Instagram to drive traffics and make sales as an affiliate marketer.

Using Instagram to aid affiliate marketing is complicated, and getting results could be very tough and challenging to grow.

The Secret Millionaire Bot Training will take you through eight weeks of short videoes training of YouTube training.

Each week for each module of training.

***Module1: What Is Instagram***

This is the basic understanding and general overview of what Instagram is all about.

It is a nine minutes YouTube video training

***Module2: Starting on The Right Foot***

This training is about the strategies to employ to make sales on Instagram. It is eight minutes of video training.

***Module3: Building Your Instagram Brand***

This is about how to be known as an expert in your niche, i.e., how to become an authority in any niche via Instagram.

This is a three-minute video.

***Module4: Creating an Instagram Business Account***

This is the process of creating a business account with Instagram. This is less than two minutes of video training.

***Module5: Five Ways to Make Money on Instagram***

This is a particular module illustrates five ways to make money on Instagram. This is an eleven-minute Video.

***Module6: Becoming a Drop Shipper on Instagram***

This is how to use dropshipping to make money online via Instagram with the aid of Google forums.

This module has two Videos with eight minutes in total duration.

***Module7: Affiliate Marketing Case Study***

This is all about how to use the Bot to drive traffic from your Instagram account to your website to make a sale. The duration of this video training is eleven minutes.

***Module8: Growing Your Instagram Followers***

This is all about the strategies to grow your followers on Instagram. It is having two videos with a total of thirteen-minute duration.

***Module9: How to Use Sponsor Post on Instagram***

This is how to grow your Instagram and make sales with sponsor posts.

Note: each of these training is not well-done and ill-prepared.

They are very sub-standard training that can be seen and access free online via Google and YouTube.

How Much Does the Secret Millionaire Bot Cost?

Surprisingly, I never imagined it’d cost so little to buy into the good life marketed by this Charles Allen.

The product has so many embedded products as the backend that will be thrown at you. It also has several upsells.

The standard price is $37 but when you decide it is bullshit and decide to leave you are offered a down-sell for $17.

is the secret millionaire bot scam

Who is Secret Millionaire Bot for?

I can NOT and will NOT recommend this program to anyone.

But, who is this program for?

I can confirm to you that Secret Millionaire Bot is not for you if you plan to make money instantly, because it will not give you such a result as claimed.

Because you can access this education in a public domain in a more recent and better done with no manipulative strategies to earn from you.

I have reviewed over 400 programs on how to make money online; I can identify a scam when I see one. See some new review program

How to Make Money with Secret Millionaire Bot?

The product is basic training on how to earn money with affiliate marketing via Instagram.

It contains a lot of generic buzzwords that make it seem like you have found the perfect stream of passive income.

Don’t be discouraged; although affiliate marketing is profitable, every affiliate marketer knows that success does not happen overnight or with the push of some buttons or via some automated system.

It takes a lot of hard work and dedication, but you will not earn $2500 within days of starting this training. Making a fortune with affiliate marketing demands a legit investment of time and sacrifice.

How Does Secret Millionaire Bot Work?

Does Secret Millionaire Bot is all about how to make money online with affiliate marketing principles but via Instagram social media site.

The training started with what Instagram is all about and the basics of Instagram; up to how to use Instagram with your website to convert sales.

It focuses on how to use Instagram as a tool for making money online selling anything you want.

But it has a lot of upsells, the price of the product is starting from $37 with many upsell.

I noticed that up-sales is the way the creators of this product make their money.

Since I am already familiar with the affiliate marketing ecosystem, It can be tough to start making money online even with your website.

What you get is old training on making money with affiliate marketing instead of the so-called “secret money making software.”

The way the SMB model works, you cannot legitimately earn $1000 with it. Well, I searched for a compensation plan, and I couldn’t find one, and that is another red flag.

So what do you have to gain if you buy the training?

I can assure you that you will learn little because you can find better and robust training in the public domain, i.e., online, a mere pittance compared to your initial investment.

This is because the training provided is pretty basic and can be gotten for free on YouTube or some learning platform.

Support/Customer Service of Secret Millionaire Bot 

There is no product support on the SMB website. However, there is order support that leads to lo ClickBank.

This is a red signal already coupled with the fact that the site states its income and liability disclaimer clearly at the bottom of the page.


What is Good About Secret Millionaire Bot

In as much as I will like to say that there is nothing good about this product. I can sense the following attributes I like about Secret Millionaire Bot.

  • Great Instagram Strategies

You can earn good money via affiliate marketing online.

These marketing models work like hell. It is working today, and it will work in the future.

Promoting your business and website via Instagram is an even better strategy to generate traffics and sales.

  • 60 Days Guarantee to Get Your Money Back

Secret Millionaire Bot has a 60-day money-back guarantee o get your fund back if in any case, you don’t like what purchase on the Click Bank Website was.

Many Red Flags of Secret Millionaire Bot

This was the first red flag I saw. A simple image search revealed that the images used are stock pictures.

Most of the people employed for these false testimonials are from Fiverr.

You can easily recognize most of the actors and actresses from their previous roles of fake reviews they have been involved in online.

review  of the secret millionaire bot

The Secret Millionaire Bot on Instagram training is of low quality, and better Instagram training can be found in the public domain.

Just Google a search for “Affiliate Marketing Using Instagram.”

You will see a lot of better free training online than this fake, scamming and manipulative Secret Millionaire Bot. Read my article on how to make money using Instagram.

I know it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that a mere $17 investment cannot cut you out for a $2500 daily paycheck.

I have been working and making money online for a while now (Four years doing affiliate marketing)

It is a lot of work and persistence to be set up a thriving online business.

You cannot be making such an amount they claim with automated bot software as a claim.

When it is too good to true, then it is!

This is a scheme to work on the intelligence of the newbie to the online world and manipulated your emotions to get you to enroll in this product.

If you had software that makes people millionaires within days, would you give it up for a mere $37? That goes against the very spirit of capitalism.

secret millionaire bot

Downsell and Upsells

The initial price is $37, but if you try to close the page, you get a pop-up offering a 30% discount.

For $20 less, you can access the video training and be on your way to earning thousands daily.

There are also other upsells. Affiliate members are even promised $450 for every sale. This is a pointer that they are sure of getting the subscriber to take those upsells.

The upsells are leverages to cover the affiliate commission to be paid out. The bad news is that you will not be aware of this many upsell at the initial stage of your subscriptions.

They will ensure you are not having access to the so-called “full benefits” of this program.

Troublesome Refund

It is a public secret that getting a refund for a product sold via Clickbank is a long-drawn and gruesome process.

Clickbank only facilitates the sale, delivery, and promotion of products marketed on its platform.

Clickbank does not review nor endorse any of the products on their platforms.

The name used by the spokesman in the video – Charles Allen – is no doubt an alias. The name is as false as the product.

Their disclaimer page (at the bottom stated that they employed a pen name); the question is this if actual your program is real, why would you use a pen name and not your real name for a legitimate business?

This is a pointer that Secret Millionaire Bot is a scam and fake product.

A serious owner of any legitimate online program should use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram that proves his/her real existence online (for God’s sake, it is an online program).

But there is no such trace of Charles Allen online; in his social proof.

Definitely, this is a confirmation that Secret Millionaire Bot is a scam and Not a legitimate online make money online program.

Or do you still think you can make money with the Secret Millionaire Bot scam? What do you think of my Secret Millionaire Bot review?

Point 1

make money with secret millionaire bot scam

Secret Millionaire Bot displays many great brand names such as news outlets and respected companies.

This is to manipulate your emotions and to think that they are well known online.

It gives the impression that they have reviewed the Secret Millionaire Bot and that they are legitimate.

It is a false and manipulating way of getting you to buy the product. I am sure that these great brands have not given them this permission to use their name in such a scamming manner.

Point 2

 secret millionaire bot legit or scam

Down the sales page of Secret Millionaire Bot are social comments of fake and paid actors and actresses. You will observe that the page and people are the same if you refresh the page.

They claimed that it is live feeds from Facebook and Twitter; it is not. It is just those few individuals.

Try to go to Facebook and Twitter to search those names; you won’t see them because they are not exiting.

Point 3

secret millionaire bot is a scam

At the top end corner of the sales page is another Fake Scarcity claim. It is a warning sign that only a few copies remain.

This warning has been there forever. It is just a manipulation of your emotions to purchase this program. It works very well on newbies to the online world.

This one big reason why Secret Millionaire Bot is a scam and not a legit online program. My Secret Millionaire Bot review online also confirms this.

Point 4

 secret millionaire bot review

This is the biggest RED flag for me in this program.

Secret Millionaire Bot claimed to employ a fully automated bot to do everything for you.

Is this possible? It claimed you wouldn’t need to do anything on your part to start making money online.

This is not real; an automated system or bot is not sustainable in the long run.

My mentor Kyle of Wealthy Affiliate did a write-up while it is not workable, and you won’t get the result using automation to drive your Instagram growth.

Having a bot as a tool to help you is vital. But you need to learn the skills to know the rudiment of online marketing.

Tool and bot to do all the work for you will not work.

Is Secret Millionaire Bot Legit or a Scam?

Secret Millionaire Bot is a scam and NOT a legit online program.

Are there people making such kind of money using Instagram to promote their affiliate marketing business? The answer is yes.

The truth is that you have the capacity and the potential that make the kind of money after a long time because there is a learning curve involved in making money via Instagram.

Are Instagram and affiliate marketing training is not a scam.

However, Secret Millionaire Bot is an overpriced, over-hyped mash-up of basic Instagram and affiliate marketing training.

The takeaway in this program is that it is near impossible to make the earnings advertised in the testimonials – especially from an automated system or bot.

What do you think of my Secret Millionaire Bot review? Do you think Secret Millionaire Bot is legit or a scam?

Is Secret Millionaire Bot Worth It?

Thanks for reading my Secret Millionaire Bot review? Is Secret Millionaire Bot legit or a scam?

Can you now make money with Secret Millionaire Bot?

The first red signal I got from SMB was the fact that its website URL is not secure?

Also, the product provides training that can easily be found on YouTube.

Affiliate marketing is not as explained by SMB, I have been into affiliate marking for quite a while now, and I can tell you that SMB won’t help you make a thousand dollars in a day.

But, do you want to make money online? I mean making real money while helping people online via affiliate marketing.

Also. I would recommend Wealthy Affiliate. I have personally created a passive income every month from this wealthy affiliate.

If you like to make a four-figure income every month just like I do, you can click on my link here to learn more about Wealthy Affiliate is an internet marketing training program that equips you with the latest techniques of affiliate marketing.

Let me know what you think about my review. Is Secret Millionaire Bot a scam or legit? Can you make money with Secret Millionaire Bot?

I will appreciate it if you can reply to my comment area below.

I will love to hear what you think.

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12 thoughts on “Is Secret Millionaire Bot Legit or a Scam? Can You Really Make Money?”

  1. Dear John, 

    What “a secret millionaire bot review”. What a great review you did here. 

    I really want to first appreciate your effort in putting this great website together and writing this article. 

    Whenever I hear the name, secret millionaire, the first thing that comes to my mind is a scam. 

    My cousin is a victim of that platform and even when he tried to contact support, there was no response.

    thanks again for a great secret millionaire bot review. 


  2. Hiya John

    Thanks for your very revealing article about Secret Millionaire Bot. I have asked this question before but not really gotten an answer I could understand – what are upsells and down sells? 

    I gather it’s something sold to you but what? 

    There are so many of these scam artists out there but they can be very slick or just take advantage of newbies like myself who are just trying to learn how to make a living online. 

    Thank you for doing the research on this one so I can avoid another scam artist’s grasp, krs PurpleLioness 

    1. Dear PurpleLioness,

      Thanks for reading my review about how to make money with the secret millionaire bot.

      I did this research to determine if the secret millionaire bot is legitimate or not. 

      Thanks again.


  3. You can be pretty much guaranteed that anytime you read something that says you will become rich quickly is a scam.

    There is a very good reason why it will be a scam. If it was so great, why would they be trying to hype the program. Why not just use it themselves and make millions of dollars? 

    Some of these scammers even have the gall to say that they are really rich and just want to share their wealth-making idea with the world in order to help others out. What a bunch of crap! If that were true, they would give it to people for free and not charge anything.

    The answer is, you will never make tons of money in any get rich quick scheme. Short of robbing a bank, there is no easy way to get rich quick.

    1. Dear Ray, 

      Thanks for reading the secret millionaire bot review. 

      Yes, you are right. These scammers are using targeting newbies that know nothing about how to make money online. 

      Thanks again for reading my review of the secret millionaire bot.



  4. First of all, I want to say AWESOME because you have reviewed more than 400 programs! And seems like you have already participated in this SMB program. 

    Because from your review, I see you really understand the ins and outs of the SMB program.

    Apart from that, it’s true what you say that I almost gave $ 17 to Charles Allan (a person who doesn’t have a social proof as you say) for free. 

    Plus hidden costs after participating in the program.

    Once again, thank you very much, John, for the quality reviews you made!

    1. Hi Kylie, 

      Thanks for reading my secret millionaire bot scam review.

      I am glad you visit and even drop a comment for me.

      Thanks again.


  5. Thanks a lot for such an amazing review about Secret Millionaire bot and explanation are given

    I heard a lot about this robot. But all the articles I found on the internet was not well explained when I gave this article I clarified with everything I needed.

    Thanks again for this post. If you don’t mind, I will share this article on my social media account. Good luck!

    1. Dear Razvanllie,

      Thanks for your checking on my page and reading my secret millionaire bot scam review.



  6. Thanks for exposing this scam! It is absurd to believe that you can “make millions passively” without work. As a self-employed business woman, I can tell you right off the bat that you can have your own home-based business and make money at it, but the crazy income they claim is not realistic. Simply paying 17 bucks and hoping a bot will turn you into a millionaire is wishful thinking. Even if you have a great product, there are thousands of others with great products. A certain amount of time has to be spent every day on advertising, PR, social media posting, building a website, etc. The market changes every year, so a product that is “hot” now will be passe next year. And keep in mind, successful businessmen usually spend 12 hours a day on their business, and don’t become rich until many years later. A rule of thumb: if it sounds too good to be true, it is too good to be true!

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