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Christian Paul Watches Review: Is It A Legit Store Or A Scam?

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Christian Paul is a collection of fashionable watches designed for the class as well as function. At the heart of the brand is a sentimental story grounded in family and passion.

The store is 100% legit, and it is a great place to shop for yourself or a gift.


You will love their various collections with interchangeable straps that are perfect for any outfit and any occasion.

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Christian Paul at a Glance

Name: Christian Paul
Our Overall Rating: 67%

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What is Christian Paul?

Christian Paul is a brand of classy watches.

Timothy Vincent Caruana established it in Sydney, Australia. Timothy Caruana is the creator and designer of the Christian Paul brand.

The brand is named after his son and the C in Christian Paul logo is tilted to depict the time Christian Paul was born which was 11.25.

Since its inception in 2015, the Christian Paul brand has developed six collections; the Alpha V, Garry Fleming, Marble, Luxe, Capital, and Raw. To date, Christian Paul watches are sold in over 600 stores worldwide.

Customers love the minimalist design and the signature marble face which is fashionable and timeless without trying.

All the observations in the Christian Paul brand are unisex.

Christian Paul Prices

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Christian Paul’s watches collections have varying prices.

The Alpha V collection goes for between $269 and $289 per watch; the Garry Fleming collection ranges between $229 and $249, Marble goes for between $199 to $219 AUD, and so does the Raw collection.

The Capital collection sells for $219 AUD, and the Luxe collection goes for between $249 and $269.

Women’s watches range from $199 to $269 while men’s watches sell for between $199 to $269.

What are Christian Paul Payments & Methods?

You can pay for Christian Paul items using any of the major credit cards, PayPal, or by using Afterpay.
Christian Paul Return & Refund Policy

Christian Paul allows a 100-day return policy.

They are happy to replace the watch if you don’t like it. Make sure the watch is in brand new condition.

All the packaging, tags, and seals (front and back) should be intact.

Christian Paul offers free shipping on the replacement item as well.

You are, however, advised to use an insured courier to ship the returned item. Christian Paul will not replace items lost during transit

Christian Paul Shipping Guide

Also, Christian Paul does free shipping worldwide for all items above $199 which is the fixed price of any Christian Paul piece.

Any purchase of less than $199 within Australia will incur a $10.99 shipping fee.

Any international shipment of less than $199 will incur a $19.99 shipping fee.

Once you complete your order, you will receive an email with the tracking information.

Delivery within Australia takes 1-3 business days. International shipments take 2-7 business days.

Christian Paul uses the DHL courier service.

Christian Paul Customer Service

There are only stellar reviews about Christian Paul’s customer service. Customers have found their support

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to be swift and effective in dealing with their issues.

To contact Christian Paul customer service, use any of the following methods:

  • Call customer care on +61-2-4647-2571
  • Email for general inquiries and for shipping, returns, and warranty inquiries.
  • Send a postal mail to Sydney, NSW 2567, Australia
  • Fill an inquiry form in the “Contact Us” page at the Christian Paul site.

Christian Paul Rewards & Credit Program?

Christian Paul offers periodic coupons of $20 off specific purchases.

You can also crawl the internet for other unique discount codes and offers on Christian Paul pieces.

As for the credit program, Christian Paul employs Afterpay which is a system that allows the customer to pay for their items in installments.

The installments are deducted from the credit card on file every two weeks over a period of 6 weeks.

christian paul watches

What is Good About Christian Paul?

  1. The quality of the products is exquisite.
  2. You can pay in installments using Afterpay.
  3. Shipping is free worldwide for items over $199
  4. Customer reviews about the products, transportation, delivery, and customer service are all positive.

Issues with Christian Paul?

There are no negative reviews or comments online regarding Christian Paul products.

Public and Online Complaint, Christian Paul?

The Christian Paul brand is relatively new in the market.

Despite that, Christian Paul’s pieces have been very well received by customers.

All the reviews posted online to speak of stellar watches with beautiful packaging.

There is no talk of damaged products or mishandled clients.

The materials used to make the observations are of high quality and customers appreciate the 100-day return policy.

Overall, there are no complaints online or otherwise regarding Christian Paul watches.

Are There Alternatives to Christian Paul?

Various other Australian-based watch companies are similar to Christian Paul.

These include Uncle Jack, Melbourne Watch Company, Bunda, Bausele, ADINA, Rebelde, JDRT, Haigh & Hastings, Creux Automatic, Errol, and Aegir.

Other online stores I have written about includes:

Is It Safe to Purchase on Christian Paul?

Yes. Purchasing on Christian Paul is safe.

The site is well protected with regularly updated firewalls to keep your information safe.

Christian Paul does not disclose or sell their clients’ personal information to third parties.

How to Make Money with Christian Paul

Christian Paul does not offer affiliate marketing opportunities on their site.

However, interested parties can sign up to become Christian Paul affiliate marketers through the VigLink Affiliate Network company.

As an affiliate marketer, you will earn a 20% commission on all Christian Paul products purchased minus shipping and taxes.

Christian Paul does not do drop shipping.

what are good side hustles

What do you think of Christian Paul watches?

You now know that it is legit and it is not a scam website.

Kindly drop your comment or your thought below.

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11 thoughts on “Christian Paul Watches Review: Is It A Legit Store Or A Scam?”

    1. Thanks for reading my Christian Paul Watches Review.

      The good news is that Christian Paul Watches online store is NOT a scam site. It is a safe place to purchase great writs watches.

      To answer your question about how to change the battery of your Christian Paul Watches. You can get your to watch battery changed at any watch repair shops or mostly at any jewelry center.

      You can also see other common questions such as:

      How to set and change the date on your watch
      How to use your promotional code on Christain paul online store
      What the life of the battery of your watch?

      You can get all these questions and others answered via the Christian Paul Watches FAQ – Frequent Ask Question.

      Thanks again for reading my Christian Paul Watches Review and why it is a legitimate online store.

      Really appreciate.



  1. When I stumbled on the site and stared watching the video links they intrigued me to get a watch for my collection.
    I usually have to save to add to my collection as the ones I collect can be pretty expensive.
    However, after seeing the prices and reading about the different payment option and the installation payment I know I’m definitely getting one of these.
    They are just gorgeous, simple and sleek.

    1. Dear Top,

      Thanks forvread8ng my Christian Paul Watches Review.

      You are right that all Christian Paul Watches are great.

      I hope you will visit my page again?



  2. Dear John,

    This is quite for the lovers of article of ostentation as they are expensive.

    Christian Paul is indeed a name known for quality.

    But then, apart from the six major collections they sell, can one make a custom request?

    Thank you


    1. Dear Jackson,

      Thanks for reading my Christian Paul Watches Review. You can always place a request to customized your watches or a gift for any of friends and family.

      The confor is that all Christian Paul Watches are standardized Made.

      Thanks for visiting my site.



    1. Dear Jim,

      Thanks for visiting my page and reading my Christian Paul Watches Review. May I ask you a question? If it is not your responsibility to change your watch, then whose responsibility is that?

      You have to use the watch for three good months and how much did you purchase the said watch?

      If you can change your battery by yourself, you have the choice of returning the watch to Christian Paul Store directly. I am sure they should be able to do something with that.



  3. One fact that I think is very important is the fact that we can choose to pay in installments. This makes it very easy for us to make small payments at a time if ever the watch that we are looking for is over our budget.

    My husband loves watches and I know his likes; too expensive for his own good. Lol… So I know now that if I want to buy him a watch for his next birthday, I will be able to go to Christian Paul watches because they make it easy on payments.

    Thanks for introducing me to this great place!

  4. This is a great site and post. Your information about Christian watch is wild and written in a plan language so that dick and harry will understand it. Looking at the length of warranty it gives the impression that the christian watch is a durable watch with a high quality. I will now encourage anyone looking to get a quality watch to check on Christian watch website. Thanks for sharing this information

    1. Dear Matron Okoye,

      Thanks for the encouragement. I really appreciate. 

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