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Home » CRYPTOCURRENCY » Genesis Mining Reviews: Is It Legit, Safe, Profitable, and Worth It?

Genesis Mining Reviews: Is It Legit, Safe, Profitable, and Worth It?

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Home » CRYPTOCURRENCY » Genesis Mining Reviews: Is It Legit, Safe, Profitable, and Worth It?

You are welcome to my Genesis Mining review. Can you make money with Genesis Mining? Is Genesis Mining safe, legit, or a scam? Is Genesis Mining profitable and worth it?

It is important to always do the due diligence, this is how I discovered how to transform my skills into a full-time income online.


But, is Genesis Mining legitimate or scam?  Compare Genesis Mining Vs Hashing24, which is better?

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Coin investment is a big deal now, but is Genesis Mining profitable? Or, Is Genesis Mining legit?

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency mining or call it cloud mining is an ecosystem within the crypto community that is full of scam.

Estimated reading time: 12 minutes

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Is Genesis Mining Profitable

What is Genesis Mining?

One of the trusted names in the industry is Genesis Mining.

They are a cloud mining company that will let you mine every possible Cryptocurrency such as Zcash, Dash, Litecoin, Ethereum & Monero.

This article will answer any questions about Genesis Mining:

  • What is Genesis Mining all about? Who are they?
  • Where is the company based?
  • Is Genesis Mining Profitable?
  • Does Genesis Mining have a mining farm?
  • Is Genesis Mining legitimate?
  • Can you make money with Genesis Mining?

Genesis Mining is one of the oldest names that offer the best cloud mining services; It runs mining hardware and most transparent hosted hash power provider for Bitcoin and Altcoins.

In recent months, the value of Cryptocurrency increased so much that those creating the Cryptocurrency can’t keep up with it after the importance of this digital currency scaled up and trading over 4,160.00 USD today.

The price of the crypto-coin will fall and rise, but the good news is that the crypto coins are here to stay. And they will dictate the future of money.

Genesis mining was kick-started back in 2013 and came into limelight after leaving Hashing 24 and GM cloud mining companies behind by providing the most transparent infrastructure of business model with large-scale multi-algorithm cloud mining service.

The company has a mining farm that is located in a remote location in Iceland.

What do you think of my Genesis’s cloud mining review? Can you make money with Genesis’s cloud mining?

Is Genesis’s cloud mining legit, safe, profitable, or scam?

Let’s dig deeper into Genesis’s cloud mining business model to know how it operates and is it profitable for you to invest or not? Please learn more about how Marco Andreas Streng co-founded Genesis Group on Wikipedia.

How Does Genesis Cloud Mining Work?

The concept of cloud mining is easy to understand but hard to establish.

Genesis cloud mining operates on a fundamental principle of letting you lease Bitcoin mining hardware instead of spending thousands of dollars on complex hardware & software and let you keep the profit to yourself.

The company rents out the miners and lightens the stress of choosing a Bitcoin pool, software, hardware, and maintenance. In return, you are required to pay a certain buck for their service.

Your payment can mine six different currencies, but Bitcoin Mining is the most popular product on Genesis Mining.

How does bitcoin mining work with Genesis Mining?
It is straightforward to join and start making money with Genesis mining. As soon as

You pay for your contract. Then you can start getting your profits from mining.

Pool in the next 48 hours. After that, you will be getting your mining output

It all depends on the blockchain algorithm associated Genesis mining service agreement you go for as your option. You have the opportunity to allocate your hash power to your choice cryptocurrencies, “you will marked with AUTO,” mine native crypto, or you decide on a specific allocation.

Also, you will get a daily mining output after the first wait of 48 hours.

You now know the working of Genesis Mining. What do you plan to do with this knowledge?

What do you think of my Genesis Mining review? Is Genesis Mining legit, safe, profitable, or free and scam?

Can you make money and be profitable with this bitcoin mining pool business?

There are six different currencies that can be mined but Bitcoin Mining is the most popular product on Genesis Mining.

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Kick Start with Genesis Mining

After signing up at Genesis mining you will be able to choose how much hash power (MH/s) you want to buy.

With the website, you will be able to estimate the ROI (Return on Investments) & profit per year with the Hash power (MH/s) you are buying.

For example, with mining capacity or Hash power (MH/s) of 1.19TH/, you will be able to generate around 0.00035BTC after maintenance is eliminated which costs a new customer $170.

Though the ROI estimate is only accurate if the price of these currencies remains the same, it can double your profits if the price doubles and if the price drops, your profits drop too.

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How to Make Money with Genesis Mining

When you buy hash power from Genesis mining, you are actually buying ‘open-ended’; or never-ending lifetime contract that means contracts do not have a maturity date.

And will run until it stops being profitable or as long as the contract is profitable you will continue to mine and receive payouts.

Every contract is different and factors such as network difficulties; coin price, and hash rate change that make a contract profitable are constantly changing.

How much money can you make with Genesis’s cloud mining? Is Genesis’s cloud mining legit, safe, profitable, or a scam? What do you think of my Genesis’s cloud mining review so far?

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Coins to Mine With Genesis Mining

Genesis will let you mine any coins that you want but it is dependent on which contract you buy.

Let have a look at different contracts and different currencies you can buy with them.

  • X11 Contract

With the capacity of 1MH/s which costs you 13.6 BTC, you will be able to receive payouts of 0.37mBTC per day. You can mine Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Peercoin, start coin, and Namecoin.

  • SHA-256 Contract

With the mining capacity of 1TH/s which costs you 0.25 BTC, you will be able to receive payouts of 0.37mBTC per day. It will let you mine Darkcoin, Dash, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Zetacoin.

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Cost and Pricing of Genesis Mining Contract

There are three mining contracts that are quite suitable for beginners to large investors and called gold, platinum, and diamond contracts respectively.

All of them are lifetime Bitcoin mining contracts.

Gold contracts offer 100GH/s at $19 which is the most basic plan Genesis offers.

With the Platinum contract, you can have 2000GH/s at cost of $390, and with the diamond contract, you can have 10,000GH/s at $1600.

is Genesis’s cloud mining profitable and worth it for you? Will you make money with Genesis’s cloud mining?

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Genesis Mining Vs. Hashing24

Genesis Mining has been the oldest cloud mining company around and is one of the companies which have their data center public and in Iceland.

They have the latest hardware, and they have cooled efficiently and cheaply thanks to their optimal locations.

But what is Hashing24 all about:

Hashing24 Review: Great Earning and Fast Payment

One of the other genuine companies is Hashing 24, listed as a partner of Bitfury. There is no spot on the credibility of the company.

Trust is ensured by transparency and review of Hashing 24 has shown that its addresses and offices are listed publicly, and on its website, one can go down to Scotland and find their office.

They also offer to discuss the plan with clients who don’t have time to go through them on their site itself can discuss them with the representative whose numbers are provided on the site, and they can also be contacted by email.

Offering several plans and claiming 100% uptime, they claim to provide the best in class gains for potential investors.

Hashing24 Follows a Classified Approach

While Hashing 24 claims to be the best for gains, the data centers don’t work in their favor is the data centers,

The website has its data center with all the hardware and stuff in Iceland, i.e., it is public on the other hand; hashing 24 hasn’t disclosed the location of their data center.

Review of Genesis mining company disclosed that it charges a maintenance fee which is fixed at 0.00028 per GH/s per day which when compared to maintenance fee charged by
Hashing 24 is lower by 0.00005 per GH/s per day.

This does not mean that Genesis mining is more profitable.

Hashing24 offers lifetime plans, whereas the methods provided by this company are open-ended with a term of 2 years. Both of the cloud crypto mining companies offer daily payouts.

Trust in cloud crypto mining currency based companies is established with time, and as far as time is concerned this site is one of the earliest established companies.

Hasing24 began its operation in 2016, however, the Bitfury mining data center as claimed by the company to put credibility in Hashing24’s name.

One of the features offered by the Hashing24 is reinvestment, which allows you to buy extra hashing power with the bitcoins just mined, which is more profitable.

This site offers an extremely flexible allocation of hashing power, and the client can decide which coins to mine with their hash power; this feature proves to be useful for people mining several cryptocurrencies.

My Verdict – Hashing24 Vs Genesis Mining

What do you think? Which one is more profitable? Is it Genesis or Hashin24?

While Hashing 24 is certainly not the oldest and most reputed company, but it does offer a unique and intriguing approach.

The site offers transparent hash power providers, and they do have some shortcomings, but it is one of the most trusted hash power providers.

The battle is always Genesis Vs. Hashing24 until years to come when another company can compete well to beat these two Bitcoin mining pool.

The decision to choose which provider suits your needs is yours, so choose wisely. You should know that bitcoin mining is a top-proven strategy for making your money work for you.

So what is your thought? Do you have a better way of mining bitcoin?

I was hoping you could share with my audience so that we can both learn from you. You are also free to drop your idea and comment below.

Won’t you like to know which one I am going for between Genesis Mining and Hashin24?

My choice is always Hashing24; it has been the most profitable bitcoin mining pool for me. Also, is Genesis Mining legit?

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Do Genesis Mining worth the money? Kindly drop you are taught in my comment area and I will get back to you ASAP.

Is Genesis Mining legit, safe, or scam?

Please know that Genesis Mining is safe, legit, and not a scam. It is all about you putting your fund in the pool for a joint business. Genesis Mining is reputable and very legitimate. Please know that Genesis Mining is not free but also not a scam.

But is Genesis Mining profitable and worth it? I have done it business, I will not do it again, because I couldn’t make back my money then. It was a long time ago. 

Genesis Mining is all about mining bitcoin and other crypto coins. The rise and fall of bitcoin will affect your earning. It is why it is risky investing in any crypto business-related online. 

My recommendation is that if you are not ready to lose all your investment, do not go into the bitcoin pool mining business online. It is not that Genesis Mining is a scam, It is legit, reputable, and very safe, but you may not make back all your money with Genesis Mining. 

What do you think of my Genesis Mining review? Do you still want to make money with Genesis Mining? 

How does Genesis Mining Payout?

The payout method of Genesis Mining is via bitcoin. There are other options of crypto payment. But know that you are not getting paid via different ways than a crypto payment. 

You have to have up to $30 to $2,000 in your wallet to process your payment. Be sure that you will not be a charge for the electricity. 

Where is Genesis Mining located?

Genesis Mining has a company mining farm located in Iceland. They have one of the largest bitcoin mining farms in the world. 

Who owns Genesis Bitcoin?

The owner of Genesis Bitcoin Mining is Marco Andreas Streng. He is a German businessman and the chief executive officer of Genesis Mining. 

Is Genesis Mining Profitable and Worth It?

Thanks for reading my Genesis Mining review. Can you make money with Genesis Mining? Is Genesis Mining legit, safe, profitable, or free and scam?

So, what do you think about this site? What is your verdict about Genesis Mining Vs Hashing24?

Do you think it worth your money? Can you invest in mining Cryptocurrency Coin?

what are good side hustles

There has been a serious issue of whether Genesis Mining is legit or a scam but after getting users to review and research it’s quite clear that the company actually does run mining hardware and mine coins for you with 166% of ROI per year.

The site honestly provides every service it offers but it does not mean Genesis Mining is profitable.

You profit is always depends on the coins you buy and the contracts you choose.

Most of the reviews from different users are positive which we found as part of the research.

According to Alexa Rank, more than 20% of visits to this site come from a search engine, making the Genesis mining one of the best cloud mining companies.

What do you think of my Genesis Mining review? Can you now make money with Genesis Mining? Is Genesis Mining legit, safe, profitable, or free and scam?

Is Genesis Mining profitable and worth the money?

Moreover, there are also several cloud mining articles about the company that will help you judge for yourselves on their contract profitability and legitimacy.

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    1. Dear Arkonix,

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  2. Hello to everybody, thank you John for this great review. Indeed, this service doesn’t mean having profit, at the end is the same risk attached to the crypto, but it is a very clever business idea. This is something I woudn’t invest at all, but it is very important to stay updated with the world.

    1. Dear Joseph,

      Genesis mining will help you mine bitcoin and some specific Cryptocurrency. You just need to invest your money and go to sleep. If you are wondering if this is legit or not, Genesis Mining is very legit.

      The only negative is that it is nit an instant profit ventures. And with the Cryptocurrency devaluation in the market things are not the way they use to be.

      Thanks for reading my Article on Genesis Mining review



  3. I’m currently trading Bitcoin and XRP but that is as far as I have gone with Cryptocurrency so far. My main question is how much of your PC’s resources this type of thing takes up? I remember a few years back people buying machines to link to their computers – do you still need one if you are cloud mining?

    1. Thanks Chris for coming by. 

      Your PC resource have nothing to do with this. This is Bitcoin Cloud mining. The implication is that your surrender your money by subscriptions for the day to day running of the Bitcoin farm. In the process you get pay your portion of the profits monthly according to your contributions. 

      I hope this is clear?



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