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MinerGate Review: Can You Really Make Money with MinerGate?

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 You are welcome to my MinerGate Review. I am sure you are here because you are want to make money with MinerGate. But, is MinerGate legit or a scam? Is Minergate safe for your use?

It is a good thing that you are doing your research about Minergate; this is how to discover the legitimate way to make money online.


By the end of this review, I can assure you that you will know everything about the mining gate and how to make money with it, possibly.

Estimated reading time: 12 minutes

make money with minergate review

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MinerGate at a Glance

Name: MinerGate
Website: Miner Gate
Founder: Claude Lecomte
Founded: 24th of March, 2014.
Industry: Mining Pool
Rating: 34%
Recommended: Yes

Summary of MinerGate Review

MinerGate is another open mining pool where users have the capabilities to use their computers from anywhere in the world to mine cryptocurrencies by adding hashing power to many other miners.

The interface is a downloadable one that can help you start as soon as you sign up. You can, in fact, and in no time start mining Ethereum and the other nine supported cryptocurrencies.

Just download the Minergate, install it, and start mining as soon as you finish download. You don’t need any particular and technical skillset to use the platform.

The problem you have with Minergate is that it can use up your CPU easily.

This is why many term Minergate to be a virus. Minergate is not a Virus, but it can easily and quickly use up your CPU and processing power.

In general, Minergate is very safe for your usage. Is MinerGate legit or a scam? Is MinerGate safe? What do you think of my MinerGate review?

What is MinerGate?

The online cloud mining site entered the industry in the year 2014 in the month of March. The CEO of the site is Claude LeComte.

It was built by knowledgeable crypto enthusiasts and many investors use it.

The services offered by MinerGate are inexpensive. There are few loopholes in the site but mostly, it is a great site for crypto miners.

There are more than 1.7 million miners on this site and they are able to make a lot of money!

MinerGate was privately registered and all you can see on the site is an email address.

The founders are discreet and you will not find much information about them. Well, it is surely working in favor of the traders.

As long as it runs smoothly for the traders, in-depth contact details are not required. Do you accept this? What do you think of my MinerGate review?

Features MinerGate

  1. Miners have access to 14 crypto-currencies.
  2. The miners can mine more than one crypto-currency.
  3. No configures or tutorials required.
  4. It is an effective CPU mining.
  5. It supports all types of processors such as GPU, CPU, ASIC
  6. There is a MinerGate reward program that gives out badges on the completion of tasks. As you complete the tasks, you get a number of badges. This can help you win a free prize!
  7. There is profitability calculates which is a helpful feature. The users on the site can determine the profit at any given time. The miners can calculate their daily, weekly, and monthly profits.
  8. The site offers smart mining. This feature allows you to see as to which crypto-currency will yield the highest profit!

Supported Cryptocurrencies By MinerGate

MinerGate supports 10 crypto-currencies and they are the following –

  • Ethereum (ETH),
  • Litecoin (LTC),
  • Bitcoin Gold (BTG),
  • Ethereum Classic (ETC),
  • Monero (XMR),
  • Monero-Classic (XMC),
  • AEON,
  • Zcash (ZEC),
  • Bytecoin (BCN) and
  • Grin

The process of signing up is easy!

There is a 2 authentication process that is recommended. Even if someone gets your password, your funds will stay in safe hands.

Do you think MinerGate is safe for you? Is MinerGate legit or a scam?

How to Use MinerGate

If you want to mine crypto-currencies then MinerGate is the right place!

  • Step 1

You would need to create an account on MinerGate. Do note that for beginners/novices the site offers a wallet from their side. You can start mining without a wallet address.

  • Step 2

There is a 2-factor authentication which is highly recommended! In case someone gets your password, your funds will still be safe in your account.

  • Step 3

Download the MinerGate software. Once it is done, install it.

  • Step 4

You are ready for mining! MinerGate would recommend the most profitable cryptocurrency for you or you can choose it on your own!

Do I Recommend MinerGate?

Cryptocurrency is trending! There are many traders, who are making money by buying bitcoins at a low cost and selling it for a high price!

The question is – Which is the best place for crypto mining?

Looking for a reliable mining pool? MinerGate is an option! It is a cryptocurrency mining pool that was created by crypto enthusiasts.

Claude Lecomte is the CEO of MinerGate. I used the site and faced a few problems. It does have some pros but it has cons as well!

Would I recommend using MinerGate? It is a great site with some really good features such as a profitability calculator, MinerGate reward program, and varied alt-coin options.

Yes, you can become a crypto miner on this site. It would be a pleasant experience! As for the cons, you will find everything you need to know in this quick review!

MinerGate Payment Methods

MinerGate is a legit site. There is an affiliate program where you can earn some extra money by referring MinerGate to your acquaintances.

You can get 30% of the referral’s taxes. The withdrawals and deposits are fast.

You will never have a problem with withdrawing the funds! You can use the MinerGate wallet to transfer or manage the coins.

Some of the digital crypto-currencies have a minimum limit on withdrawal.

The fee may also vary from one currency to another. Can you make money with MinerGate? What do you think of my MinerGate review? Is MinerGate safe for your CPU resource?

Fees Charge on MinerGate Platform

There is a minimum purchase amount on MinerGate. The minimum purchase is 20 GH/s. In case the amount is lower than this, the contract does not start.

In case there are insufficient funds in the mining account for 3 days then the contract is canceled.

A maintenance fee is also deducted on a daily basis. You start earning 24 hours after the contract has started. Clients have to pay 0.0066 USD as the maintenance fee.

They just have to pay the maintenance fee which includes the electricity and resource costs.

MinerGate Support and Customer Service

There is an FAQ page on MinerGate.

You will find all the answers to your queries on this page. If you still have any doubts, you can send them an email.

The email address is mentioned on the site.

You would need to mention your name, email address, subject, category, and description of the query.

Public Opinion and Online Opinion of MinerGate

MinerGate is one of the most popular cryptocurrency trading sites.

According to the SimilarWeb report, the site has a global rank of 2,345.

On a monthly basis, this site receives 11 million visitors.

This shows that MinerGate is a popular mining site.

It has gained a lot of popularity over the years! Most of the users are from the United States, Ukraine, Brazil, Russia, and Vietnam.

What I Like About MinerGate

  • It supports 14 crypto-currencies.
  • It is affordable and profitable.
  • The purchase of hash power is smooth.
  • The site is easy to navigate

Issues with MinerGate

  • The biggest trouble with MinerGate is that everything is discreet. You cannot find the founders on the social media page. There is an email address mentioned on the site. It is not known as to who runs the site. The location is unknown as well. Customer service needs to improve.
  • The recent skimming hashing power is a concern.
  • Another drawback is that it has a minimum purchase. It is 20GH/s.

Who is MinerGate Platform Good for?

This review is for all those people, who wish to know more about cloud mining.

This is also for people, who want to be cloud miners! Novices have no idea as to which site they should choose!

By reading the reviews of different crypto mining sites, they can make a wise decision.

If you are new to this business, you must always check reviews.

It can save you from taking risks!

How To Make Money With MinerGate?

The good news is that the user can choose their hash rate.

There is a special cloud mining package. You only have to collect the profits and leave the rest to MinerGate.

Cloud mining is basically a way of obtaining fresh bitcoins from the blockchain. This is done by using computing power.

You do not have to purchase mining equipment in order to be a miner on MinerGate.

Cloud mining is useful for those, who do not have enough technical skills.

This is also for those, who do not want to run their own hardware or software.

How do you make a profit with cloud mining?

You have to make sure that you are selling the bitcoin at a higher price.

The price should be greater than the original purchase price.

Alternatives to MinerGate

MinerGate is an open mining pool for miners, where the users can mine the different digital currencies such as bitcoins and Ethereuem.

The amateur miners can use their laptops or PC can gain access to the program.

In case the miners are inclined towards MinerGate then they can install the mobile application as well.

There are other alternatives to MinerGate such as Claymore Miner, Hashing24, EoBot, Pow8, and Hashnest.

Most of the sites are legit and they allow you to make a profit! MinerGate is one of the leading runners in the game!

Is MinerGate Legit or Scam?

MinerGate is not a scam.

MinerGate has a transparent pricing structure that works in favor of the site! It is a popular site for a reason!

There are many crypto-miners, who are earning big bucks through this site.

Most people start with MinerGate as a testing ground because it is affordable as well as profitable.

It shows you which crypto-currency would be profitable. It is easy to navigate!

Yes, you can make money with MinerGate by buying digital currency at a lower price and selling them for a higher price.

People used to find different ways to make money and by investing in bitcoins, one can make money easily! MinerGate seems like a safe bet!

But, you must be careful, otherwise, you can lose all your money with bitcoin.

What is the MinerGate XMR Pool?

The XMR Pool is the Monero mining pool that you can use to mine the CryptoNight algorithm. You can employ CPU or GPU to mine to this pool.

What Is CryptoNight Algorithm in MinerGate?

CryptoNight is a hashing algorithm proof of work developed for a standard computer PC with CPU-based computer technology. It initially originated from a protocol call CryptoNote. But, Is MinerGate legit or a scam with all this?

Is Minergate a Virus?

Minergate works like a virus because it is designed to use your computer resources to mine cryptocurrency.

Its GUI and the mining pool are used to mining bitcoin and other crypto while using your CPU resources.

Many security firms also classified Minergate as risk-aware because they claim to use your computer resource without your permission while using your CPU resources for mining.

So, is Minergate a virus? Maybe Minergate is a virus because some people claimed that the Minergate virus could function as a trojan horse.

So, do you think Minergate is a virus? What do you think of my MinerGate review? Is MinerGate legit or a scam?

Is Minergate Safe?

Minergate is safe for your use. With a quick download and a click to run the program. It is easy and direct and secure to use.

There is no reported coin theft that has to do with the Minergate gate.

The consensus in the online community is that Minergate is safe. Can you make money with MinerGate? Is MinerGate legit or a scam?

How Do I Withdraw with MinerGate Wallet? 

MinerGate has a Freewallet where your cryptocurrency can be store while mining with MinerGate software using your PC resources.

These are steps to withdrawal through the MinerGate Freewallet:

  • Locate the MinerGate dashboard and click on the currency tab
  • Click withdraw tab
  • Complete the option ” You send field.”
  • Enter your email address close to the Freewallet logo
  • Complete the verification logo
  • Click the withdrawal tab.

Why Did Was MinerGate Mining Pool Shut Down?

The MinerGate mining pool was shut down on April 3rd, 2019, because of the low interest and the new trend of reduced earnings.

The company has decided that the MinerGate BTC mining pool will be shut down. They reported that withdrawal will still be available. What do you think of my MinerGate review?

Is MinerGate Worth it?

Thanks for reading my MinerGate Review?  Do you think MinerGate is a scam?

Can you now make money with MinerGate?

Despite all the scams related to MinerGate, it has still maintained its position in the market.

People are using it and they love the cloud mining site.

what are good side hustles

Rather than looking for mining sites, the crypto mining site is a better choice.

Once the miner invests their money, they would get higher returns. A $500 investment can bring you about $229.26 in just a month! If you invest $10000, it would take you two months to earn the same amount.

Cloud mining is trending and everyone is talking about it! There is a lot of risks

related to cloud mining but if you are choosing a good site then you will not have any problems. The good news is that many claimed to be making money with MinerGate.

The good part is that even without owning sophisticated hardware, you can become a miner. The miners on MinerGate get an excellent ROI for their investment.

The security system is good and the features are great. In a nutshell, it is worth it!

Are you making money already with MinerGate?

What is your take on my MinerGate Review? Is MinerGate legit or a scam?

Kindly drop your thought in my comment area below.

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