CloudCoin Review: First e-Currency That Could Replace Bitcoin

cloudcoin review

You are welcome to my CloudCoin Review.

Are you looking for the easiest, safest, and most private digital currency in the world?

You have come to the right place. CloudCoin is an internationally renowned e-Currency that is designed to offer you all the features you have been looking for in Bitcoin.

There are over 900 Cryptocurrency versions in existence, and the popularity is rising daily, with the rate this is going, one can assume that we are close to a general and mass adoption of digital currency.

Technology is taken over, and the traditional currency is getting towards been replaced by crypto coins.

While a lot of people are skeptical of this happening, many have embraced and are making a lot of money leveraging on the daily swing in the price of these crypto coins.

Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency ever that is decentralized and ensures and enforces safe transactions using cryptocurrency procedures and principles.

CloudCoin is not another CryptoCurrency, but it is the world's first-ever Cloud Currency, providing you a perfect alternative to unstable digital currencies being used around the world.

I will be discussing CloudCoin, the first cloud-based e-currency that could replace bitcoin in the nearest future. It is called the future of money.

You will watch the YouTube review of the cloud coin and how you can start acquiring this for wealth so that your money can start working for you right now. That if you decide to join the early adopters of this much-valued currency.


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What is CloudCoin?

The awareness of Bitcoin still has a long way to go.

This is despite a lot of people making money and Bitcoin moving from less than a Dolar in 2011 to over $10,000  recently, and a lot of recommendation from the rich and famous of our time “Mass Adoption of Bitcoin and What the World Leaders Are Saying

CloudCoin is an e-Currency created using a brand new technology, RAIDA (Redundant Array of Independent Detection Agents).

This technology is used to check and detect the authenticity of the world's first cloud-based cryptocurrency known as CloudCoin.

It has recently received a provisional US patent and plans to challenge the Blockchain technology behind Bitcoin.

CloudCoin and RAIDA have collaborated to challenge the cryptocurrency ruling the digital world Bitcoin, as well as, Blockchain technology.

Project RAIDA was earlier launched by Sean H. Worthington. He carefully applied the rules of data integrity that are used in databases for creating a model for this great currency.

What's great about this particular e-currency is that CloudCoin cannot be tracked, stolen, double-spent, controlled, lost, or counterfeited i.e. you don't need to worry yourself about protecting this great asset from hackers.

You do not need any special software to use it or need installations of any sort.

The transactions made using CloudCoin are 100% private. It frees you from the hassle of using the strongest and the best hardware wallet, accounts, public ledgers, and encryption, none of them are required.


How CloudCoins Work?

CloudCoins has its monetary system following fair and ethical standards. It is an entire debt e-Currency that cannot in any way be brought down by hackers, governments, or institutions.

CloudCoins contain secret data of 3,200 bits that are only known to the owner.

Every single one of these bits is written in the form of text files or .jpeg images that can be easily stored on your laptop or computer and can be shared with people via Skype, Email, Facebook, SMS, Facebook, etc.

CloudCoins are composed of codes that are either stored on paper, embedded in files or remembered in your head.

These codes are only for one-time use, and then they are changed immediately, which makes CloudCoin secure.

There is no chance of this currency getting counterfeited, destroyed, stolen, mined or double-spent by anyone, unlike Bitcoins that can be mined.

The amount of CloudCoins present in the cloud hardly ever changes.

CloudCoins cannot be mined because they were minted and the mint was destroyed.

Today there are 16,777,216 units of CloudCoins that exist, and they cannot be either increased or decreased in any way.

As soon as Cloud Coins are used or spent during an exchange they are authenticated by RAIDA technology that immediately changes their authenticity numbers so that the codes are only known to the present owners.

Another great feature of CloudCoin is that it cannot be double-spent which is unlike Bitcoins that have been double-spent.


 cloudcoin value


How to Buy And Sell CloudCoin

Just as every other digital currency people will always be interested in exchanging their CloudCoin for other Crypto/Digital currencies or fiat currency (Government approved money).

The exchange of CloudCoin is still decentralized. This implies that trading and exchange of CloudCoin are between two CloudCoin owners, referred to as private trading.

quit forex and crypto trading

They exchange CloudCoin for fiat or other digital/Crypto Currencies.

Traders are brought together by online exchanges that are the marketplace for the transfer of CloundCoin to other digital currencies or fiat ones.

Some individuals start exchange by setting up a website that is focused on bringing together CloudCoin owners that offer an exchange of Digital Currencies for CloudCoin


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CloudCoin vs. Bitcoin

CloudCoin has so far proved to be a better alternative to Bitcoin, providing all the important features that the latter lacks.

The main features that set apart CloudCoin e-currency from Bitcoin cryptocurrency, as well as, various other e-currencies that are based on blockchain technology is that it does not use cryptography.

CloudCoin is a cloud-based e-currency that promises to provide a 100% secure exchange, protection from counterfeit, and anonymity.

CloudCoin transactions are completely secure and private, unlike Blockchain e-currencies that are Pseudo-Anonymous. With CloudCoin you do not need to have an account or maintain any public ledgers.

With Blockchains currencies, such as Bitcoin, you need to create an account in your name and then download software in addition to a huge public ledger.

What makes it even more insecure is that your account information is visible to the general public and you cannot set it to private, which makes the whole system very insecure and unreliable.

Anyone can have the link to your account number and get to your software.

Also, see 17 reasons why CloudCoin will dominate Bitcoin in the Next Decade; it is illustrated graphically in Infographic.


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CloudCoin is very safe regarding maintaining complete anonymity. Not a single piece of information is linked to users. The only part of the data that RAIDA records are from last month or year.

CloudCoins are very easy to buy, sell, and spend and they do not require any encryption at all.

To make them secure you can encrypt them which makes them impossible to steal.

They can also be recovered in case you ever lose them.

The features mentioned above have brought CloudCoin to the center stage and is being expected to replace Bitcoin in the near future.


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Is CloudCoin Worth It?

Thank you for reading my CloudCoin Review. What is your take on CloudCoin? This was how Bitcoin started in the early stage, and many ignored and refuse to embrace it. Bitcoin now worth over $3,900 per unit.

The price of Cloudcoin today is less than $0.09 per unit. This is the time to jump in to start acquiring wealth for the future.

It has been forecast that CloudCoin will challenge Bitcoin shortly. You can easily buy 1,000 cloud coin for $100 now.

What is your thought on the CloudCoin as the first cloud-based e-currency that could replace bitcoin? Please drop your comment in my comment area.

What do you think of my CloudCoin Review? Are you involved in CloudCoin before now?

Listed below are the references to more material and studies on CloudCoin. These are links that will help you to learn more and become a member of the CloudCoin community.


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Contact Information for CloudCoin Consortium

Get CloudCoin With PayPal, Credit Card, Bank Wire, Western Union: Visit CloudCoin Exchange
Learn More About CloudCoin: Consortium Here
Become CloudCoin: Consortium Member Here 
Buy CloudCoin Exchange: CloudCoin Exchange
Official Website: Buy CloudCoin
Skype Id of Founder: Sean.Worthington
Marketing: CloudCoin.Global
Phone: (530) 591-7028
Official eMail:

Skype Id of Founder: Sean.Worthington
Marketing: CloudCoin.Global
Phone: (530) 591-7028
Official eMail:

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28 thoughts on “CloudCoin Review: First e-Currency That Could Replace Bitcoin”

  1. Cloud coin defiantly sounds like an interesting coin for sure. However I’ve seen so many coins popping into the market now a days, it’s really hard to tell which is the best anymore.

    What do you think the price of this coin will be by the end of the year, and do you think bitcoin will become obsolete if cloud coin takes over?

    • Hi Michael,

      Price of coin are determine by a number of factors. It all depends on awareness and how many people understands the importance. Bitcoin took a very long time before it was accepted and a lot of people are still scare of going into it even now. 

      It will take a while before it hit a dollars. May be early next year. 



  2. 3655 cloudcoins in my bank. I will let them there until they will be bigger than Bitcoin. Beyond Bitcoin as Sam W. is saying.

    Let`s hope for the best!


    • Hi George,
      That is the spirit. Just keep up buying and keep. Bitcoin was less than a dollar in 2011. The same is Cloudcoin now. . . .

      Why won’t I buy for keep?


  3. So, with cloudcoin cloud based e currency you don’t actually have anything? As you can see I trying to catch up here.

    I went to cloudcoin e currency website and read some there, but can’t figure out if it’s good for anything other than investing and waiting for it to go up, or down. I have been trying to figure out bitcoin for the last couple of weeks, also.

    I think I’m going to buy some cloudcoin to say I’ve got some e currency for myself. I can get it for 5 cents per cloud coin with a minimum of 250 coins. You think I could become a millionaire with a $12.50 investment? I won’t buy until you advise.


    • Hi Mike, 

      One of the ways you make money with Bitcoin or CloudCoin is buy while it is low and resell when you can make your margin. It is smart to buy for keep, this is why it is a great way of storing value/asset. All in all ensure you invest only fund you can avoid to loose.  Crypto and digital investment is a volatile business, you must be risk averse to make good money with it. 



  4. Thank you for this post.
    I don’t know much about bitcoin or cloudcoin.
    How do you earn money with them? I am assuming you use them to pay for items online. I tried to watch the video, but I still confused. Can you help me with this? I am really interested and would like more information.
    Thank you

    • CloudCoin is like Bitcoin but it is even better. It is the most perfect digital currency ever produces. It is protected by the RAIDA – Redundant Array of Independent Detection Agents; which is used to detect the authenticity of the new cloud based Cryptocurrency. 

      How do you make money with Cloudcoin? You can make good money with CloudCoin by buying and holding and later resell so that you can make your margin. This is the best time to invest in Cloudcoin because this is claimed to be the future of digital currency. 



  5. I own a small business. I will be adding Cloudcoin to my accepted forms of payment for some products. I hope one day there will be support through payment systems such as Stripe etc…

    Cloudcoin is going to be a safe, anonymous, and instant-use world currency where transactions can happen in real-time instantly, unlike the heavy blockchain currencies.

  6. I don’t actually know about currencies but when I read your post I figured out. I think this is one of the best way to make money online. I absolutely believe that currency is one of the most innovative system worldwide. I like the way you introduce cloudcoin and generally currency. I knew nothing and your post helped me to undestand many things about currencies. If I decide to start currency I will contact you to help me for some issues. By the way, thank you for your amazing post. Continue the great work!

  7. Cloudcoin should do well but that doesn’t mean it will. It has most of the components to replace fiat money and in the coming 18 months, a lot of people are going to be looking for the replacement. If its value could be tied to gold it would be a home run.

    There is a huge need for software to use this currency in order for it to gain acceptance. It is hundreds of times easier to use than any of the crypto’s that I have used and it is scaleable but people are accustomed to a certain look and a certain technology. It is so new and so the cost of the needed infrastructure for the apps needs help.

    But that just tells you how early in this cycle it is.

    • Hi Allender,

      thanks for coming to my website. I agree with you Cloudcoin still has a long way to go. But it good to be an early adopter. You can acquire it now and it may turn to gold in future.

      CloudCoin may rule the world with time.



    • 2000 coins in my bank:) I have some crypto to but these cloudcoins are amazing and so easy.
      If you have doubts buy 100 and wait and see, these work like money shud.
      I think you need to buy now before the bitcoin wolf’s come and spikes the prices.
      We can’t lose much and so much to gain.
      Ps I’m just a user and I don’t understand the technology, but if it is solid this will dominate the future currency marked….
      No codes, no mail, no passport, no utility bills, I luve these if they are for real:)

    • Hi Steffen,

      You are quite right. I advice that people you buy as much as they can now. This is indeed the future of money.



    • Yes, CloudCoin is the future of money. One day the whole world will testify. Thank God you have to take a stake. I am massively building stocks of CloudCoin too.



  8. Half way through reading about CloudCoin I knew it would only be a matter of time before it dominates . Thanks Sean for what you have giving the world. Allen Salmon

  9. $1 invested in Bitcoin at the start would be almost $1 million today, and the CloudCoin technology (RAIDA) looks to have much better potential than blockchain. Everyone should be trying to get the hands on Cloud coins.

    • Hi Red Panda,

      Yes you are right. These was how Bitcoin started then less than a dollar but a lot missed out. these article as written to enlighten the world the the future of money the CloudCoin is here.

    • Hi Sean,

      It is an honor to have you visit my website. Yes CloudCoin is here to stay and will eventually over thrown Bitcoin in no time. CloudCoin is indeed the future of money.


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