17 Reasons Why CloudCoin Will Dominate Bitcoin (Infographic)

Bitcoin Vs CloudCoin

what is cloudcoin for

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What is CloudCoin for

==> See More Proof Why CloudCoin Could Replace Bitcoin 


Compare CloudCoin With Bitcoin | YouTube


2 thoughts on “17 Reasons Why CloudCoin Will Dominate Bitcoin (Infographic)”

  1. Some interesting concept on this new crypto currency I haven’t heard of.

    I had been hesitant to jump in the crypto space for a long time. I have my own personal opinions on crypto, and that is its not a long term thing. Only time will tell if this passes the test and hlods out (pardon the pun).

    That does not mean that people can make money with this – they are.

    The trouble is with crypto is that there are always new currencies on the horizen, and like I said before I hadn’t heard of CloudCoin. The RAIDA is an interesting alternative to the Blockchain system.

    As I have mentioned before I have only just got started and created some wallets but this will heavily interest those that are already gone in to crypto and mining coins etc.

    • Hi Amar,

      CloudCoin is not a Altcoin. CloudCoin is a product of Raida Technology. It is not a formation of concurrency. This is what set CloudCoin apart from Bitcoin family. While Bitcoin is a product of Blockchain Technology Cloudcoin is not. 

      Thanks for visiting our page.



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