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Is The AZ Code a Scam? Can You Really Make $40 Monthly?

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You are welcome to The AZ Code review. Can you still make money with The AZ Code? Is The AZ Codelegit or a scam click bank product?

Can you make $40,000 Monthly from Amazon with the AZ Code?


I am sure you will like to know if this claim is real or false?

Everyone wants to make money from Amazon, and there are lots of products, programs, and services to help you do so.

However, most of these programs are out there to get your money.

Today we will be reviewing the AZ code (Amazon Code) to know if you can make money from it or if it is all a big scam just waiting to take your money?

Please keep reading.

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The AZ Code at a Glance

make money with the AZ Code

Product Name: The AZ Code.
Founder: Unknown
Price: $37 (One-time)
Rating: 3%
Recommended: Not even to a one-eyed sloth.

Summary of The AZ Code Review

The AZ Code is a full-blown scam. Unless you are incredibly gullible and fail the red flags that plague the product, you will hate yourself in the end if you buy into The program.

This review will reveal how the owner has set to manipulate its audience for money and how he has propped fake income proofs and fake testimonials to attempt to scam you of your hard-earned money.

Most importantly, as characteristic of most scams, the creator of this product is hiding behind his/her computer.

What is The AZ Code?

The AZ Code is an acronym for “The Amazon Code.”

The so-called code is just a light-weight e-book which numbers about 80 pages and is supposedly filled with secrets of how to make $199/sale on Amazon by selling products imported from China.

The actual process of selling on Amazon is called Amazon FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon).

Cost of The AZ Code

The cost of AZ Code costs is a one-time fee of $37. However, if you try to exit the sales page, they’ll offer you a down-sell of $27. LMAO.

One can’t get more desperate than that if the product gives value for the investment.

Who is The AZ Code for?

The eBook is meant to teach anyone interested in making some passive income. It is supposedly for anyone looking for financial freedom.

But if you value your dollar, you won’t invest it in this product.

How to Make Money with The AZ Code.

The funny thing – which is another glaring red flag – is that there is no explanation of how this works.

The sale video will do a good job of getting you excited but there was nowhere he explained how you are supposed to make money after reading the book or how the system is going to be of help you.

It tells you that you’ll be earning Amazon commissions in the sales video, but the actual AZ Code ebook is a pdf on how to become a merchant on Amazon – HUGE DIFFERENCE.

Nonetheless, the following is a simplified comparison of how both works.

Support /Customer Service of the AZ Code

You are left hanging high and dry after purchasing the eBook.

There is no support.

What is Good About The AZ Code?

  • 60-Day Refund Policy

As this product is sold through ClickBank, you can bet it is not a “no question asked” kind of refund.

The way ClickBank refund works are that you must state clearly why you are claiming refunds.

It is rigorous to claim your money on Click Bank.

Issues with The AZ Code?

  • Fake Success Stories And Testimonials

The images used in the testimony and success stories displayed are works of Fiverr actors.

This begs the logical questions – why do they need to use false proofs? If the eBook makes you money, then there must be real testimonials and success stories to showcase.

Why did they need to employ the services of Fiverr actors to pitch the product? No honest marketer does this if you ask me.

  • Not By AZ Code e-Book

Amazon FBA and Amazon Affiliate is not as easy as they played it but can be highly lucrative if done right. It is not a walkover and definitely cannot be taught by just reading and following the lessons in an eBook.

  • Lots of Hype And Fake Promises

Nauseating hype and lots of unrealistic promises throughout the sales video, including catchy phrases such as:

“With our “secret website,” you can earn up to $10K per week.”

“You will be making so much money that you don’t have to work ever again.”

  • You Are Buying “Information On The Public Domain”

They are trying to sell you the bull that lays eggs. The product is entirely different from its sales video.

While the sales video is all about making money from Amazon through affiliate marketing, the actual eBook talks about how to make money by selling things on Amazon.

Any seasoned affiliate marketer knows that they are different things.

  • No Video  Tutorial As Promised

You are on your own. After you purchase the oversold eBook about the basics of how to sell on Amazon. You will not be provided with any video tutorials, no membership, no forums, nothing.

Is The AZ Code Legit Or Scam?

The AZ Code is a scam. Please run with your money. 

Objectively, there is no doubt about it. The AZ Code is an over-hyped scam. A shadow of nothing.
The website is not even also secure, and that is the red flag.
Take it from me. The AZ Code is a scam and not legitimate. It is one of those old.

Click bank products that have been used to scam many newbies that knew nothing about making money online.

Please stare clear of such products that promise to help you make money with a done for you website.

It is only lazy people that chase done for you, why don’t you learn the “How To” and learn the art of fishing the money for yourself from the ocean of the internet.

The AZ Code is a scam. Simple!

Is The AZ Code Worth It? 

What do you think of The AZ Code review? Is AZ Code a Scam or do you think you can be making money with The AZ Code? Is The AZ Code a scam?

I think that the creator of AZ Code has no idea of what his product is all about; this explains the different contents of the video content and eBook.

While it is easy to believe that a product of $37 will usher in millions for you, I do not buy into it. A shortcut to making money online might lead you into a pit.

what are good side hustles

However, if you want to make a passive income that is both consistent and real, I would recommend Wealthy Affiliate. I have personally created a four-figure passive income every month from Wealthy Affiliate training.

Wealthy Affiliate is an Internet Marketing Training that will enable you to learn not just how to make money alone but also equip you with the latest techniques of affiliate marketing.

Thanks for reading my The AZ Code review. I don’t think you can ever make money with The AZ Code.

Have you bought AZ Code ebook? Is AZ Code ebook helping you to make money on Amazon? I will love to hear what you think.

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8 thoughts on “Is The AZ Code a Scam? Can You Really Make $40 Monthly?”

  1. Hello John,

    Thanks for providing in details review about AZ code ebook. As I know we can make money from Amazon but AZ code ebook price is very high.  I also see their are many fake testimonials. If we will buy this ebook you will make some money . I don’t believe in these thing who promise to make you rich overnight. I will give a try to wealthy affiliate to setup my own business.

    Thank you


  2. Thanks a lot for this honest review about AZ Code. 

    First time when i find this platform i was thinking is like Amazon Associate Program when i can promote different products on my website earn money with offferd commission. Thanks to you now i know that this is a scam and we must ignore it. We really need such review about these fake platforms that try to trick us with all kinds of bonuses and discourage us to earn money online. 

    The only real platform is Wealthy Affiliate and there we can find different trainings  that can help you reach your goals and earn real money with your online business. All you need is ambition and determination. 

    Wish you all the best! 

  3. This definitely is a detailed and thorough review for AZ Code! If they don’t even offer support after the purchase, what good would it be? Customer support is extremely important and crucial for a long-term customer relationship.

    1. Thanks for reading my AZ Code review.

      AZ Code is definitely a scam. The owner of AZ Code decide to manipulate its audience from day one.

      Can you imagine using a fake testimonial for a program that is promised to make money for people.

      This is a program you are expected to pay for with real money. Some online business owner are just weaked.

      Such online program is ought not to be allow on any platform and the owners are suppose to be derank by Google.

      What do you think?

      Thanks again for visiting my website.



  4. Tiffany Stafford

    I’m so thankful for thorough reviews of scams like this. So many people get duped into buying something that’s completely different than what it’s presented as. Scammers like this can afford to “hire” fake success stories to sell their lies, and that just hurts the people who are simply trying to make ends meet. NO THANK YOU.

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