Changelly Exchange Review: Is It Legit Or Scam?


What is About, Exactly?

You are not sure If Changelly Exchange is a legit cryptocurrency exchange or a scam?  This Changelly Exchange review will inform you all about Changelly.

Founded in 2013 by a team of the Bitcoin mining pool, MinerGate, Changelly has endured several drastic changes that have led to its emergence as one of the most popular and best in offering best rates for Cryptocurrency exchanges on the internet.

The Prague based company, which was able to attract over 100 000 users a year after it was launched, now has over a million users signed up on its platform, one of the most populated currency exchange user-bases you will find on the internet.

The success enjoyed by the company can be ascribed to many factors.

However, the main feature responsible for the high patronage of the platform is the ease with which most common crypto coins or altcoin can easily be changed or converted to Bitcoin and Bitcoin converted to any of these crypto coins or altcoin at best possible rate

The website is optimized to guarantee the completion of digital currency acquisitions and Cryptocurrency swaps within minutes and sometimes even seconds.


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The confirmation, approval, and execution of the transactions are also processes that usually warrant delays on most exchange platforms; that, however, isn't the case with Changelly as the platform ensures that these actions are completed within a few hours.

Its sleek user interface and adequately displayed exchange table make the process of dealing in E-currency very appealing and less tedious.

Enabled for users across the globe, the platform offers a credit and debit card payment option to facilitate swift transactions.

In this Changelly review, I will show you why Changelly is just the best in cryptocurrency and Bitcoin conversion rates and you will watch two YouTube video of how to use Credit, Debit and Prepaid Cards on

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Is Changelly Recommended?

 With more and more cryptocurrency exchange platforms springing up every single day, it has become a bit of a hassle to select an ideal exchange for Cryptocurrencies, Altcoins, and all other types of digital currencies.

One exchange that has, however, remained reliable until this moment is the much-heralded platform, Changelly.

Though not short of its flaws, the company has proven to be a credible dealer in digital currencies that guarantees the completion of any exchange transaction executed by a customer.

Whether you wish to convert that Bitcoins in your possession to other promising currencies or are interested in purchasing a blockchain currency with any of the popular flat currencies, the company’s online platform makes sure that the transaction goes smoothly without any hitch.


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How to use Changelly

The usability of the platform is one of its noticeable perks when compared with other cryptocurrency exchanges that offer similar services.

The user interface is awash with elaborately construed graphs and aptly tabled data that ensure that the user is aware of the current prices and properly equipped with the necessary trading data.

The platform facilitates the acquisition and trading of renowned digital currencies including Bitcoin, Monero, Litecoin, Syscoin, Basic Attention Token, Dogecoin, MaidsafeCoin, Nubits, Ripple, Darcrus, PIVX, Edgeless, Wings, Melon, DIGIX, Tether, Chronobank, Zcash, Swarm City, Dash, Ethereum, Guppy, and Ethereum Classic etc.

It should be noted though that the website is primarily used to convert one cryptocurrency into another, hence, bypassing the challenge of having it first converted to a fiat currency.

By simply entering the amount of the digital currency you want to trade into a conversion bar on your user interface, you can instantly view the currency’s worth in the target cryptocurrency.

This feature makes sure that you’re aware of what you’re getting before executing the currency trade.

Apart from allowing the easy swap of digital currencies, the site also accepts payment with credit and debit cards issued for any of the fiat currencies. Though this should be standard internet practice, many of the other digital currency exchanges do not offer this feature on their platforms.

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Fees Charge on the Changelly

Changelly only charges a 0.5% cut on every cryptocurrency acquisition or trade transaction executed on its platform.

Every other activity carried out on the website, be it analysis or inquiries, is completely free.


Customer Support on Changelly

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One of the significant flaws in the entire blockchain currency exchange sector is the reduced response time to customer complaints and queries.

Changelly, likewise, isn't exempted from this problem as the platform's customer support leaves a lot to be desired.

While a reply from the department is nearly guaranteed, it may take up to a week before it arrives. 

Online Opinion and Public Opinion of Changelly

The consensus on the company is that it is a legitimate cryptocurrency exchange that guarantees the execution of most transactions.

The platform, however, suffers from some inefficiency that is certain to affect performance and influence customer bias.

Can You Make Money With Changelly?

Changelly merely is a digital currency exchange platform and can’t be used to generate revenue directly; however, since the primary purpose of purchasing and trading cryptocurrencies is to earn money, one can label Changelly and other digital exchange platforms as revenue facilitators.

You can use Changelly as a medium to convert from bitcoin to any other Altcoins; you can purchase any crypto and exchange to another and later sell off when appreciates in price.

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What I Like About Changelly

  • It’s a trustworthy platform
  • It guarantees fast conversion of common digital currencies including altcoins.
  • It only charges 0.5% of the funds used in a transaction
  • Its user interface is aesthetically pleasing
  • This site is widely used by cryptocurrency community
  • It allows the use of debit and credit card to purchase any of the Crypto Coins or Altcoin

Issues With Changelly

  • Customer support isn’t adequate
  • Suffer from inefficiencies regularly

Who is for?

Since the platform is effective for executing quick cryptocurrency swaps, it is ideal for blockchain currency traders that always need to get their hands on a trending cryptocurrency either for long-term or short-term investment.

You can purchase most of the Cryptocurrencies and Altcoin with the Credit card, Pre-paid card or Debit card with ease.

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My Alternatives to

Changelly is definitely among the top cryptocurrency exchanges in the market today; other alternatives that can be considered for a digital currency transaction are Coinbase, Bittrex, and CoinmamaMy recommended best alternative is Shapeshift.

You can also take a look at Changelly close rival i.e. Shapeshift in this article comparing which I the best platform between Changelly or Shapeshift.


What do you think of Changelly Exchange? Is Changelly Exchange a legit or scam site? I am sure you can now answer this question. Changelly Exchange is definitely a legit website and NOT a scam.

The bar isn’t set high for the cryptocurrency market, which is one of the reasons why many platforms show lots of inadequacies.

Perhaps with stiffer regulations, the sector will be more organized. But then a lot of people are now investing in Altcoin and the capitalization increase daily.

If you, however, want to carry out a legitimate cryptocurrency transaction and are searching for a trusted platform, Changelly is one of the top solutions for you.

The truth is that has one of the lowest exchange rates so far online.

What is your thought about this platform? Kindly drop your comments or contribution down below. If you have any question, I will definitely respond to you.

Changelly at a Glance

Name: Changelly

Website: changelly

Founders: MinerGatechangelly reddit

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    • Hi Preeti, 

      Thank you for visiting my website. Making profits with cryptocurrency or bitcoin is to buy when the price is low and sell when it is high enough so as to make your margin. You can also invest in bitcoin with this 7 proven ways of making money with bitcoin.



  2. Thanks for your article. I dont have any crypto currency yet but its good to know some of the issues that I should watch out for, such as exchange into other alt currencies. I will definitely be keeping Changelly in mind for future use. Its also interesting to see how quick growth in these currencies is creating certain problems and to see how they solve them.

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