Bitcoin Mining: Genesis Mining Vs Hashing24 – Which Is Profitable?

What Is Bitcoin Mining About, Exactly? 

I know you are here because you want to know the most profitable bitcoin mining, the battle is Genesis vs Hashin24. With the rise of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin in particular people have started looking for ways to mine them.

Armed with the internet half the battle is won, because the internet is everything in this age. There are so many ways to make money with Bitcoin, one of such ways is to start mining Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies.

There is a problem when it comes to mining Bitcoins, for anybody to efficiently mine Bitcoins, you need certain hardware, although these hardware requirements can be met online at shopping websites they can be heavy on one’s pocket.

With the minting process comes the problem of cooling the system as it has to run round the clock and needs to be cooled to work efficiently other problems include setting it up and electricity needs.

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Cloud mining comes to rescue from these problems and saving people the trouble of setting up space and electricity. There are a number of cloud mining site over the internet but many of them discovered recently are found to be fraud.

You would like to give your hard-earned money to industry leaders in cloud mining and the name that comes to mind when it comes to flagships are Genesis mining and Hashing24 because they are my top most bitcoin mining pool so far.

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Genesis Mining: The Veteran Major Player

Genesis Mining has been the oldest cloud mining companies to be around and is one of the companies which have their data center public and in Iceland. They have the latest hardware and thanks to their optimal locations they are cooled efficiently and cheaply.

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Unlike other companies which claim to be cloud mining companies but do not disclose their location or about themselves Genesis mining is a completely transparent company with data center made public.

Currency other than bitcoins can also be mined and specific hash power for each currency can be easily set up by the user.


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Hashing24: Trusted For Great Earning and Fast Payment

One of the other genuine companies is Hashing 24, listed as a partner of Bitfury there is no spot on the credibility of the company.

Trust is ensured by transparency and review of Hashing 24 has shown that its addresses and offices are listed publicly and on its website, one can go down to Scotland and find their office.

They also offer to discuss the plan with clients who don’t have time to go through them on their site itself can discuss them with the representative whose numbers are provided on the site and they can also be contacted by email.

Offering a number of plans and claiming 100% uptime they claim to provide best in class gains for potential investors.

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Hashing24 Follows a Classified Approach

While Hashing 24 claims to be the best for gains the one factor that doesn’t work in their favor is the data centers,

Genesis mining has its data center with all the hardware and stuff in Iceland i.e. it is public on the other hand Hashing 24 hasn’t disclosed the location of their data center.

Review of Genesis mining company disclosed that it charges a maintenance fee which is fixed at 0.00028 per GH/s per day which when compared to maintenance fee charged by

Hashing 24 is lower by 0.00005 per GH/s per day.

This does not mean that Genesis mining is more profitable, Hashing24 offers lifetime plans whereas the plans offered by Genesis mining are open-ended with a term of 2 years.

Both of the cloud crypto mining companies offer daily payouts. Trust in cloud crypto mining currency based companies is established with time and as far as time is concerned the Genesis mining is one of the earliest established companies.

Hasing24 began its operation in 2016, however, the Bitfury mining data center as claimed by the company to put credibility in Hashing24’s name.

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Reinvestment Through Hashing24

One of the features offered by the Hashing24 is reinvestment which allows you to buy extra hashing power with the bitcoins just mined which is more profitable.

The absence of this feature in Genesis mining means that you can reinvest before payout i.e. a person will first receive a payout and then if he has to reinvest it has to be done again through a different channel which leads to the subjection of the client to unnecessary transaction fees.

Genesis mining offers an extreme flexible allocation of hashing power and the client can decide which coins to mine with their hash power this feature proves to be useful for people mining several cryptocurrencies.

My Verdict

What do you think? Which one is more profitable? Is it Genesis or Hashin24?  While Hashing 24 is certainly not the oldest and most reputed company but it does offer a unique and intriguing approach.

Genesis mining offers transparent hash power providers and they do have some shortcomings but it is one of the most trusted hash power providers. The battle is always Genesis Vs Hashing24 until years to come when another company can compete well to beat these two Bitcoin mining pool.

The decision to choose which provider suits your needs is yours so choose wisely. What you should know is that bitcoin mining is a top proven strategy to making your money work for you.

So what is your thought? Do you have a better way of mining bitcoin? I need you to share with my audience so that we can both learn from you. You are also free to drop your idea and comment below.

Won't like to know which one I am going for between Genesis Mining and Hashin24? My choice is always Hashing24, it has been the most profitable bitcoin mining pool for me.

Hashing 24 VS Genesis Mining | YouTube

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4 thoughts on “Bitcoin Mining: Genesis Mining Vs Hashing24 – Which Is Profitable?”

  1. Indeed, is not only about the investment over the hardware, also the amount spent on electricity. This option seems very tempting, definitely considering between Genesis and Hashing. Thank you!

    • Dear Carl,

      You won’t believe that I once invested in Genesis Mining and Hashing24! I made some money. In fact, I still hope to get some of my money back. Because some bitcoin mining contract is a long time and life long.

      But does it worth it in the long run? No!

      But both Genesis Mining and Hashing24 are not a scam and they are legit. it all depends on you and appetite you have for risk.

      Thanks for reading my Bitcoin Mining review and how you can make money with Genesis Mining and Hashing24. I am sure you now know which is more profitable of the two?



  2. Around a month ago, I was telling my cousin that I wanted to get into starting my own Bitcoin mining. I did not know that cooling and electricity would play such a huge role in this regard.

    Looking at the Genesis video, I was blown away to see that they actually had jet fans to cool the place.

    Now, I know that my focus must be on choosing a mining company. You have provided to me some awesome info on both Genesis and Hashing 24 as choices.

    I like the fact that both companies have one time payments and pay out on a daily basis. I am looking to start small and try it out as I am a novice to this.

    Which company would you recommend I try out?

    • Hi Roopesh,

      Thanks for visiting my website, i invested with both Genesis Mining and Hashing 24. They are the two authentic Bitcoin mining company i knew that really pay.

      Hashing 24 pays as soon as your earnings reaches certain threshold and they only pays with Bitcoin. And they do so as at when due. They also have an option for re-investment of your earnings 

      While Genesis Mining pays out with major coins like Bitcoins , Ether, Litecoin etc. It all depends on your choice of payout.  What i dont like about Genesis Mining is that they will only pay you when your earnings reaches a certain threshold and they never state the threshold. 

      I already cash out more than four times from Hasing 24 while Genesis Mining are still keeping my earnings waiting for it to grow to the threshold that i is not stated on the payout page. 

      Why Hashing 24 cash out charges of 0.001 Bitcoin is too high, that is the only negative for me from my experience with Hashing 24.

      I hold you can deduce and decide which to go with. But Genesis Mining and Hashing 24 are the only two legitimate cloud mining company i am dealing with for now. 

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