Troll And Toad Review: Can You Really Make Money?

You are welcome to my Troll and Toad Review. Can you make money with Troll and Toad buylist?  Is Troll and Toad Safe and Legit?  

I am sure you are here to get an answer to many Troll and Toad questions.

It is excellent to research about online companies and programs. This was how I discover how to transform my skills and idea into a full-time income as a blogger.

Please know that I am in no way affiliated with Troll And Toad. This article is to help you know how to make money with Troll And Toad buylist website.

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Troll and Toad at a Glance

make money with troll and toad buylist

Name: Troll and Toad
Price: $ 225642
Owners: Jon and Lana Huston
Overall Rank:  55%

Summary of Troll and Toad Review

So, what is the Troll and Toad buylist website all about?

Troll and Toad is a buylist website that helps collectible card consumers trades their cards for profits.

The working process is such that you submit your cards and ship them to the company from anywhere in the world.

The company will process and grade the cards, then pay you in cash or by credit.

There are different opinions online about Troll and Toad. My issue with anyone trading cards collectible online is that how much will you make selling cards for profits?

Can you make a full-make a full-time income online trading cards with Troll and Toad? The only way to making money trading cards is to transform your love of cards collection into a full-time business with your website.

You can quickly become a card collectible merchant, and you can be selling cards with your websites instead of trading with a mid-man in Troll and Toad.

Learn more about how to start your online business here.

What Is Troll And Toad?

Is Troll And Toad safe and legit? This is a popular question in many forum online.

Troll and Toad is an online company that sells out of print, collectible, single cards, and current games; customers shop online through the giant retailer.

The company latter ships and delivers items bought at a cheaper cost.

The focus and objective of this article are to show you how you can make money with Troll and Toad Buylist and to review whether people are making money on Troll and Toad or not.

This Troll and Toad Review will help you to know everything about Troll and Toad such as the following:

Do I Recommend Troll and Toad Buylist?

With the top-notch services offered by the company, I would recommend it to anyone who would like to buy or trade their cards with the online retailer.

Their deliveries are cheaper with fair and reasonable shipping costs, coupled with the fact that the site is easy to navigate thus resulting in easing in the placement of orders makes it the most pleasant shopping and shipping.

troll and toad coupon

Products Promoted by Troll and Toad Buylist

The company deals with the collection and sale of game cards, Yugioh, Pokémon, HeroClix and dice master, miniatures, specials and lots, video games, and toys.

Costs and Prizes of Goods and Services at Troll and Toad

The price of the products is ridiculously as low as $ 0.99 to $4 for assorted cards making it the cheapest retailers as compared to other competitors.

Unlike other retailers they also offer prices for the single cards, their prices are reasonably added the cheaper shipping provided makes it the ultimate retailer to conduct business with.

How to Sell to Troll and Toad 

Is Troll And Toad safe and legit for you to buy and sell? Yes is the word, ensure you follow these process to sell your magic cards:

  • First, locate the specific card type or item you intend to sell via the product search menu using the key phrases (see this on the buylist page).
  • You can also locate the item you plan to sell using the category name of the item or magic cards you are selling to Troll and Toad. This will take you to the sub-category that will lead you to the exact product you are selling.
  • You will see the current product price by the side of the item you are selling.
  • You are to enter the number of cards you are selling; your cart will be automatically updated. You can do a lot with the cart update online real-time (i.e., add or remove a single product, clear the entire card, and you can also submit the order)

***Shipping Your Item***

  • You follow the above selection process to select the item and cards you are selling and shipping to Troll and Toad, i.e., Go to the category of the item you are selling.
  • Just go to the sub-category page, you can then select the individual item you will be selling and shipping to Troll and Toad.
  • You are to print the invoice for the item you are selling in your package before shipping to Troll and Toad.
  • You are to choose a shipping method that will include tracking of the item and insurance.

***Requirements to Sell on Troll and Toad***

Some policies and procedures requirements must be adhered to before you can successfully be admitted to become a seller on the Troll and Toad platform.

Failure to meet these requirements as a seller on Troll and Toad will cause your account to be suspended.  The condition to sell your item and magic cards on Troll and Toad are:

  • You must have a Troll and Toad account before you can even submit your order
    You have to be 18 years of age, or you have a guardian submit a request if you are below the age threshold.
  • Your order must be of a minimum of $30
  • If the worth of your order is more than $5,000.00, you must contact to arrange a proper payment method for you.
  • Ensure you write the sell order number at the back of your package
  • Ensure you arrange your item in the order of your invoice; otherwise, you will be charged $10.00 per hour taken to sort your order. The charges will be deducted from your payment.

***Common Mistakes to Avoid When Selling and Shipping Your Items***

  • Wrong Item
  • Wrong Conditions
  • Mission Cards/Item
  • Damaged Cards/Item

The penalties include:

  • Troll and Toad will deduct the difference in (price) from the total order.
  • Troll and Toad will only get in touch with you for necessary approval if the difference in price from the items (to be sold) is from 12% and above or if the difference is $100 and above.
  • You will be made to pay for the cost of return shipping of magic cards or items.

***Important Information Before Selling to Troll and Toad***

  • The provided buy list is for your information only but not an offer to buy
  • The price of the Troll and Toad buy list can change at any time without any recourse to any seller
  • By sending the cards and items you plan to sell to Troll and Toad, you are given an authority to sell to the company.
  • Troll and Toad have the right to refuse any offer: to buy items or cards, to limit the number of cards/items submitted, to sale at any time
  • Troll and Toad will not be responsible for any lost or damaged packages while on transits. Any damaged package arrived at Troll and Toad will not be processed. It will also be your duty to contact the shipping company to file for damages.
  • Troll and Toad will not accept C.O.D. (Cash on Delivery)

  • Both the shipping and handling cost of sending your Item to Troll and Toad is to be handle by you. If your order gets to Troll and Toad with due postage, the cost will be deducted from your order total. Then the amount can not be covered, your package may be refused.
  • If your package gets to Troll and Toad with customs due (either with custom taxes, fees, or duties), your order will be refused.
  • The amount you are to be paid is not final until your package gets to Troll and Toad and also verified.
  • You have the option to go for the “Quick Pay Option,” which will help you accept auto deduction on your order without them contacting you so, if any deduction is over 12% or above, the $100.00 threshold will help them process your payment faster.
  • The packaging for your order such as sleeves, binders or deck boxes will not be returned to you
    Item sent for sales to Troll and Toad have up to ten business days (Twenty Business days for international sellers) from the time the sale order is placed and for your order to arrive at Troll and Toad. Any order that did not arrive at Troll and Toad within the stated time frame will be re-price to match the current buylist price list.
  • You can also contact Troll and Toad via this email address (; The Troll and Toad trained buying staff will respond to your inquiries and complaint.
is troll and toad legit

How to Get Paid on Troll and Toad Buylist

After you must have completed your list, you are expected to select the payment method that suits you.

The payment of your item is treated after five business days of processing your order and after Troll and Toad receive your item and verify the content.

Payment will be made according to the method of payment you have selected when placing your order.

Note: The worth of your order may determine your payment methods.

If the summation of your order is over $5,000, Troll and Toad expect you to contact this email address to schedule a proper payment.

You can only change your payment method before your order gets to the company i.e., while your order is still on transits.

Once they took the delivery of your orders, you can no longer change your payment method.

Below are different payment methods that are allowed on the this platform:

  • ***Check Payment***

This is the least of the payment option used. It is for orders of $30 and above. Every payment for a request that is less than $30 will be treated via Website Credit.

The check payment will be made out with the same name you provided while placing your orders. You are to ensure that you use your full official names that can receive payment.

The check will be shipped through USPS Letter Mail. You should get the delivery of your check between one to two weeks of when the shipment was made.

The international checks will be shipped through USPS First Class Mail International. It takes 45 days for you to take delivery.

If your check is not delivered within 45 days and you are in the U.S., you should contact the site for the cheque to be re-issue.

If the request for re-issuance is placed before 45 days, you will be charged a $40 stop payment fee.

  • ***PayPal Payment ***

If you decide to use PayPal for your payment on the platform, you will be asked for your PayPal email address.

PayPal payment is subjected to PayPal fees of 2.9% as at the time of writing this review, plus $0.90 of the amount you will be paid. Know that your payment will be less than the amount of your initial order.

  • ***Website Credit Payment***

This is the best payment method on the platform. If Website credit is used for an order of over $30, you will get an additional 25% bonus (i.e., troll cash bonus ).

This does not apply to a bulk order.

How Much is Troll and Toad Shipping?

You have the following shipping options to ship your items to Troll and Toad location for verification and subsequent payment for your cards. The good news is that Troll And Toad is safe and legit.

You have two primary shipping methods:

  • Domestic Shipping Method, and
  • International Shipping Methods

They are explained below:

***Domestic Shipping Method***

  • Free Shipping

 USPS First-Class Letter

Order must be 30 card singles with a total of over $25 and less than $60. The average delivery time days are between seven to ten days after shipping.

The item usually ships between one to two days. No delivery confirmation is required.

USPS First-Class Mail

Order must be of 30 card singles or more with a total of over $25. The average delivery days are between seven to ten days post shipping.

The cards will ship between one to two days. This includes delivery confirmations.

USPS First-Class Letter – Shipping Cost of $0.99

This order is only for card singles. It must contain 30 cards or less. And the total worth must be less than $24.99. The delivery days are between seven to ten days after shipping.

The shipping usually is between one to two days. Note that this does not include delivery confirmations, and the ship must be within the continental U.S.A.

Standard Shipping

This will take average delivery days between five to nine days. It usually ships between one to two days.

Also, note that delivery confirmation is included.

USPS Priority Mail

This will also take between two to four business days. The shipping will also be taken between one to two days.

It also includes tracking.

Others include:

  • U.P.S. Ground (1-5 Business Days after shipping, it ships in one business day and it contains tracking);
  • U.P.S. 3 Day Select (3 Business Days after shipping, no Saturday delivery and will ship in one business day);
  • U.P.S. 2nd Day Air (2 Business Days after shipping, no Saturday delivery and will ship in one business day, it will ship the same day if place before noon)
  • U.P.S. Next Day Air / Next Day Saver / Next Day Early AM
  • UPS Next Day Air / Next Day Saver / Next Day Early AM (It will take one working day, after shipping, tracking is also included, no Saturday Delivery and it will ship within a day of placing the order.)

***International Shipping Methods***

The time for all international delivery is estimated with the assumption that custom did not delay your order.

You will be responsible for any duties and taxes that are related to your order. You must take into consideration the regulatory implication of your order.

Other Countries

  • The cost of shipping is $4.99 on orders of card singles of over $75 worth.
  • This includes Canadian, New Zealand or Australia, and Shipping.

Note: If you want to track your order, then you should consider the following U.P.S. Worldwide Expedited and U.P.S. Worldwide Saver. You can also read more about Troll and Toad shipping here. 

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What I Like About Troll and Toad Buylist

  • ***Free Shipping***

The company offers free shipping on goods which are over $25, with conditions that the package must contain only single cards, booster packs or sleeves and must not contain bulk oversize lots of cards.

The free shipping is in the USA, considering that other competitors do not offer such free shipping offers gives the company a competitive advantage.

trollandtoad buy list
  • ***Great Customer Service***

The company has quality customer care processes put in place, they value customer feedback and are quick to respond to complaints that might arise during the shopping experience.

The company tries as much as possible to fill the gaps that may arise between them and the customer.

  • ***Customer Friend Website***

The company’s site is well organized and easy to use which offers an opportunity for real search thus saving time allowing its customers to place orders quickly, this is attributed to happy, and loyal customers.

What do you think of my Troll and Toad review. Can you purchase magic cards on Troll and Toad buylist now?

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My Issue With Troll and Toad Buylist

  • ***Shipment Challenge***

There have been reported delays in the delivery of goods especially for international shipments this is a result of complicated transport systems experienced at different destinations due to varying policies in different countries.

  • ***Strict Affiliate Program Rules***

One has to utilize the existing affiliate programs, and this means that the company’s rules and regulations should be adhered to strictly even when they are unfavorable.

  • ***Sluggish System***

For the freelancers who are starting from the background, many have reported that the system is slow, this, however, should be taken as a learning experience rather than a hindrance.

What do you think of my is troll and toad review? Is troll and toad safe?

Yes is my answers to those questions and this is for everyone. You can still make money with Troll And Toad not withstanding.

Who Is Troll and Toad Buylist For?

This company is a one-stop giant online retailing shopping company which offers services such as exchange of cards, the sale of out of print cards as well as many more games and videos.

They have goods competitively at a lower price coupled with ultra-fast delivery service.

How to Make Money With Troll and Toad Buylist

If affiliate marketing is your thing then this site is an excellent opportunity for you.

Affiliate programs are a great way to make extra income, and it should be a goal for every freelancer?

The site offer affiliate programs too with the aiming of improving its marketing strategies in the hope of generating more sales.

This is an open window for freelancers to make an extra income.

You will make money promoting this company as an affiliate. Most especially if you have a website of your own. You can claim a free website here.

What do you think of my Troll And Toad review? Is Troll And Toad safe and legit?

==>How To Make Money With Troll And Toad on Pokemon

Is Troll and Toad Safe and Legit?

Yes, Troll and Toad is safe and legit for your use. You can make money with Troll And Toad.

The company Troll and Toad buylist has been successfully commanding international recognition in the sale of out of print card collection through its platform.

While customers place their orders online and after that; goods are shipped to their destinations. Being an affiliate of the company means making passive income which is the right way of earning extra income to boost one’s revenue.

This is a great opportunity since it doesn’t require capital to start the business but only making some referrals which leads to earning of commission or part of the profit made by the company.

side hustles for single dads2

You can also read what people are saying about Troll and Toad review on Reddit. With that forum review, you can decide for yourself if Troll and Toad is safe or legit.

Is Troll and Toad Worth It?

Thanks for reading my Troll and Toad Review? Do you think you can make money with Troll and Toad Buylist?

Or, Is Troll And Toad safe and legit?

In conclusion, working as a freelancer for the company as well as shopping with the giant online retailer is one of the fruitful experiences on this platform.

The process put in place makes it easier to conduct your transaction either as a buyer or seller on the platform.

Be sure that the advantages of working and conducting business with them overweigh the disadvantages. I can advise affiliates to consider working with the company as they are sure to reap the benefits.

MT: This buylist is among the leading online retailers in cards. If you need items shipped at fair prices to your desired destination, then make this buylist website your choice.

I hope you now know what exactly this site is for?

What do you think of my Troll And Toad Review? Can you really make money with Troll and Toad Buylist?  Is Troll And Toad safe and legit?

How much are you making monthly; how easy is it for anyone to start making money with Troll and Toad. kindly drop your thought in my comment area below. Access the Troll and Toad Frequently Ask Question (FAQS) here.

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    Also, do you have ideas on how to get a Troll and Toad coupon?

    • Hi, 

      You can have access to troll and toad coupons on the troll and toad website. Though they link the transaction to one condition or the other.  Sometimes you can get 25% or 50% off.



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      Yes, you are right. Troll and Toad buylist offer various types of shipping methods.  This is why my friend refers to them as troll and toad pokemon. Because they are just like Pokemon.

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