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Are the OPTAVIA Health Coaches Making Money? Does It Really Worth It?

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You want to know all about OPTAVIA Health Coaches. How much do OPTAVIA health coaches make, and do they get paid? How much money will you make as an OPTAVIA coach per client? Is ordering OPTAVIA health coach kit a pyramid scheme?  

You will get answers to many questions about the responsibilities and benefits of becoming an OPTAVIA Health Coach, the cost of the Certification Exam, and how to eventually cancel your membership with the company. 


As an OPTAVIA Health Coach, you will get compensated if you purchase the business health coach kit for $199. The amount you make is determined by the number of Clients you sponsored that also place orders. Each order place by your clients will make you a 15% commission known as Personal Compensation Volume (PCV).

Read on to know why only 99.7% of people that join MLM lose their money in the first year. 


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How Much do OPTAVIA Coaches Make? 

According to the OPTAVIA 2020 U.S. annual income disclosure statement, 23.86% of the OPTAVIA Health Coaches earned $0 that year. Another 8.44% of the coaches earned nothing more than $100 for the whole of 12 months in 2020. 1.20% earned between $50,000 and $100,000, while only 0.36% and 0.19% of the whole OPTAVIA Coaches in the United States made between $100,000.01 and $200,000.00, and $200,000.01+ respectively. 

Summary of Optavia MLM Jobs Review

This is an MLM company with a focus on weight loss via dietary supplements. Its consultants are called Optavia health coaches, which is quite funny.

While it claims to help you lose weight, it might do the same for your money if you do not have any experience with MLMs, i.e., you may lose your money.

But why?

This is a company that is driven by a multi-level marketing business model.

But is Optavia MLM jobs legit or a scam pyramid scheme? Can you make money with Optavia MLM jobs? What do you think of my Optavia mlm review?

Why OPTAVIA Health Coaches Are Not Making Money 

It is now public knowledge that 99.7% of people in any MLM company will lose their money, i.e., 0.3% of people will make money in any MLM company.

The 0.3% is the MLM companies’ owners, major investors (particular interest), and the MLM scheme’s top ranks.

Mr. Jon Taylor researches hundreds of direct sales companies for years, and he came up with a book called “Multi-level Marketing Unmasked.

The book stated that the only people making money in any MLM company are the companies’ owners, the top rank people in the scheme, and the major investors.

Is this related to this MLM company?

You can validate this from the Income Disclosure Statement of the MLM companies.

Looking at the OPTAVIA Health Coach Income Disclosure Statement for 2019, see below:

==> Download the OPTAVIA Coaches Income Disclosure Statement for 2020 (PDF format)

==> Download the OPTAVIA Coaches Income Disclosure Statement for 2019 (PDF format)

You can see that 21.66% of OPTAVIA Coaches made nothing in 2019, and 7.32% made between $2,500.01 – $5,000.00. The total percentage between these two sets gives a total of over 85% of Optavia Coaches.

While the total number of Coaches made between $2,500.01 – $5,000.00, i.e., 3.11% and those that made over $200,000, i.e., 0.21% of Coaches are less than 15% of the whole OPTAVIA Coaches.

Summary of the OPTAVIA Income Disclosure Statement for 2019 is this, over 85% of OPTAVIA Coaches made less than $5,000 in the whole of that year; why less than 15% of Coaches made well over $5,000.

You can see that only 0.21% of Coaches made over $200,000, while 21.66% made nothing in 2019.

It implies that if you join and become a Coach with this company, you are likely to lose your money as claimed by the Years of study of Mr. Jon Taylor.

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Who Can Become An OPTAVIA Health Coache?

Anyone can join the Diet, especially those who have trouble creating or following a diet plan but desire to lose weight or maintain weight.

How to Join and Become OPTAVIA Coach

No qualification is necessary to become an OPTAVIA health coach, as you do not have to be a health expert. Becoming a coach makes you qualified to earn a commission from this MLM company. Just by purchasing the “Health Coach Business Kit,” which sells for $199, it also covers the necessary training & marketing materials to help you start. 

There is also a yearly renewal fee of $99 to remain an OPTAVIA Coach.

how to become optavia coach

How to Order OPTAVIA Health Coach Kit

Okay, do you want your OPTAVIA health coach kit? The kit keeps OPTAVIA Health Coaches organized and focuses on getting set and getting running on day one. The objective is to get clients ready and place orders to start making money as an OPTAVIA Health Coach.

The Octavia health coach kit will cost you $199, includes Business Tools, Plan Information, Business Accessories, Free Access to (OPTAVIA website for 12 months, Back Office for 12 months, e-Newsletter service subscription for three months, OPTAVIA training videos, etc.,

So, what are the steps to place an order for the OPTAVIA Coach kit? Below are step by step process of purchasing and ordering your OPTAVIA health coach business kit. I also include the video of the steps to buying your business kit.

  • Log in to your OPTAVIA Connect account with your profile details
  • Scroll down to see the OPTAVIA coach business kit.
  • Agree to the term and conditions of joining and become an OPTAVIA Health Coach.
  • Click add to cart
  • Check your billing information 
  • Then order your OPTAVIA health coach kit

See a video of the same process of ordering your OPTAVIA health coach kit below.

How To Order Optavia Health Coach Kit – Video

How to Log into Your OPTAVIA connect “OPTAVIA Coach Log in Account.” 

What is OPTAVIA connect? The backend platform helps you and all the OPTAVIA health coaches manage your business activities and performance as a coach. OPTAVIA connect also the same as OPTAVIA Coach Log in Account.

The address to OPTAVIA coach logs in is “OPTAVIACONNECT dot com” (dot=.”). Just visit that URL address with your username, email address, and password to log into your OPTAVIA connect back end.

OPTAVIA connect helps you access and manage your OPTAVIA coach personalize the website and your OPTAVIA click pay (the payment portal). You can view the list of all your sponsor OPTAVIA referral via your OPTAVIA connect backend portal. 

Note: The email address must be associated with your OPTAVIA Health Coaching account.

How To Find Your OPTAVIA Health Coach Id?

You can access your OPTAVIA health coach id within your OPTAVIA connect portal:

  • Point your mouse on your name inside your OPTAVIA connect account.
  • Click Profile in the drop-down menu.
  • You will see your OPTAVIA health coach contact address and information at the top of the page that includes your OPTAVIA health coach id, email address, phone number, etc., 

Additional Information in Your OPTAVIA Connect Log in Account

As soon as you access your OPTAVIA health coach log in connect profile page account, you will have access to the following features:

  • You can edit your avatar as an OPTAVIA coach. 
  • Your month-to-date business statistics
  • List and contact address details of your support team such as Global, Presidential, and your OPTAVIA health business coach. 
  • Access the real-time feed of your activity’s month to date such as order details
  • Features and volumes of your historical and current activity report 
  • You can view the line of your sponsorship within the OPTAVIA.
  • The OPTAVIA connect also features the historical summary of all personal orders placed by you as a coach.
  • You will be able to see your OPTAVIA Premier membership order.
how much do optavia coaches make

Do OPTAVIA Coaches Make Money? 

With about 20,000 distributors, this company has created a spot for itself in the MLM world. However, are OPTAVIA Coaches making money? 

You can get the answer to the question from the company’s 2020 Income Disclosure Statement. 

You can see above 23.86% of the OPTAVIA Coaches made no money that year. 

From the OPTAVIA Coaches Income Disclosure Statement, you can see that almost over 85% of the OPTAVIA Coaches did not make money that year. Only less than 15% of the OPTAVIA Coaches Made some good money in 2020. 

It reflects the findings of Mr. Jon Taylor that states that only 0.3% of people in MLM companies will make money, i.e., 99.7% of people in MLM companies will lose their money. 

You can read the book written by Mr. Jon Taylor here

It is about how the MLM companies reward the company’s owners, investors, and people at the MLM scheme’s top. 

While they pay pennies to the lower level and the majority of the MLM members.  

 First, the niche is saturated, and getting clients interested in taking meal replacement to lose weight isn’t a lucrative income source. What do you think of the many OPTAVIA reviews complaints?

How Much Does OPTAVIA Health Coach Make?

Below is the company has a recent income disclosure published in 2019. 

It reveals that 21.66% of its independent OPTAVIA coaches had no earnings for the 12 months they spent with the company. 

And in general, over 85% of the OPTAVIA coaches share the crumps why very few people (less than 15%) at the top of the company earn big

If you join and become OPTAVIA Coache, it is highly likely that you will not make money, and you might even lose your money because of other marketing expenses you might incur. 

OPTAVIA Coach Income Disclosure Statement 2019 Vs 2020 (PDF Format)

how to Make Money with Optavia

How Much Does an OPTAVIA Coach Make Per Client?

OPTAVIA Health Coaches are rewarded based on orders and purchases made by personally Sponsored referrals and clients. OPTAVIA health Coach will earn a 15% commission on every PCV (Personal Compensation Volume) of the orders place by their clients, i.e., Frontline (Level 1) Clients. 

How Many OPTAVIA Coaches Are There?

The total active earning of OPTAVIA Health Coaches is 59,200 as of the second quarter of 2021. It is incremental of 62.2%. The revenue average for every active OPTAVIA coach earner with an incremental of 13.9% is $$6,662 compared to the year 2020 1st quarter revenue average of $5,851.

Optavia Executive Directors Payment Chat 

OPTAVIA executive director salary

Responsibility and Benefits of Being an OPTAVIA Health Coach

Below are the perks and OPTAVIA coaching benefits: 

  • All OPTAVIA health coaches must support their clients to achieve the optimal health journeys they desire towards their lifelong recovery. 
  • You must follow the OPTAVIA health coaching guidelines that dictate your interactions with the clients.  
  • Your role as OPTAVIA health coach must be well understood to help your client achieve the desired result successfully.
  • You are expected to update your knowledge and skills with the OPTAVIA Coaching Guidelines and OPTAVIA PROGRAM GUIDES that will help you prepare for the OPTAVIA Knowledge Check quiz.
  • OPTAVIA health coaches must provide guidance, support, encouragement for a lifetime transformation of their clients. 

Note: OPTAVIA coaching benefits do not include offering and providing medical advice and support for their clients. 

What is OPTAVIA Coach Answers

An OPTAVIA Coach Answers is the educational platform built to help and support you as you grow your business as an OPTAVIA Coach. 

OPTAVIA Coach Answers is a platform that helps you find answers to client’s questions. 

The OPTAVIA Answers help clients, and OPTAVIA Coaches have access to information whenever it is needed. 

It is a help center for Independent Certified OPTAVIA Coaches.

The OPTAVIA Coach Answers is available 24/7 to help OPTAVIA Coaches and clients get answers and information to their many questions. 

OPTAVIA Connect Pay Setup

Before you set up your and get paid via the OPTAVIA Connect Pay and start to manage your funds, you must complete the W-9 information and the Disclosure Agreement for eCommunications.

As soon as you earn your first Frontline Compensation Volume (FCV) as an OPTAVIA health Coach, the company will create your OPTAVIA Hyperwallet/pay account with a mail sent to you to inform you officially. 

How to Setup OPTAVIA Connect Pay Transfer Method

The next step in setting up your OPTAVIA Connect Pay and getting your payment to your bank account is to set up your preferred transfer method. You have an option of either transfer payment via PayPal or Direct deposit to your bank account. You decide to either receive your earnings via PayPal or through Bank transfer.  

Follow these steps to set up your OPTAVIA CONNECT pay transfer method:

  • Visit the OPTAVIA CONNECT home page
  • A setup page for OPTAVIA prepaid card will be displayed, then activate the card. (OPTAVIA Prepaid card is optional)
  • You can also select other transfer methods, such as a Bank account, PayPal, and Paper check. 
  • Enter the transfer amount to complete the transfer process. 

Benefits of OPTAVIA Connect Pay

Below are various ways the OPTAVIA Connect Pay will enhance and help grow your OPTAVIA health coaching business:

  • You take delivery of your funds and earnings seamlessly. 
  • The delivery of payment and earnings is fast
  • You can track your payment
  • Fewer transaction fees etc.,

What Does an OPTAVIA Coach do?

The OPTAVIA Coaches will support and provide support to its client on a one-on-one basis as it concerns healthy habits and concerns. 

The coach will encourage and guide in various ways, such as: 

  • Product choices
  • Exercise
  • Program meal plans
  • Direction to clients for needed changes, and help in
  • Product Choices

Can You Cancel OPTAVIA at any Time?

Yes, the enrollment cancellation can happen at any time, but it is still subject to the Premier terms and conditions.

Why is the cancellation? Is OPTAVIA an MLM and a pyramid scheme? What do you think of my OPTAVIA review?

Can a Client Change the OPTAVIA Coach?

Yes, you can change the OPTAVIA coach. 

For a Coach requesting a transfer to a different sponsor, you just need to use the Sponsor Transfer Request Form (i.e., a client-initiated one).

A Coach can also transfer his/her clients to another Coach. Such Coach will need to Client Transfer Request Form, i.e., a Coach-Initiated one. 

Why Is the change Coach? Can you make money with OPTAVIA MLM? Why do you think that there are many OPTAVIA complaints?

How to Start OPTAVIA Health Coach Certification Exam

This section of the article is about how you can become an OPTAVIA certified health coach. But first, what is OPTAVIA health coach certification about? 

OPTAVIA offers all OPTAVIA health coaches examinations to help coaches become more skillful and acquire more knowledge about OPTAVIA health products and programs. 

Below are the steps and procedures to access OPTAVIA Health Coach Certification Exam. 

Please know that you have to purchase the Certification Exam for $200. Follow the steps below to buy the exam:

  • Log into your OPTAVIA connect with your OPTAVIA coach log-in details, i.e., email address or username and password.
  • Click the learn CONNECT navigation bar.
  • Select the top-down menu to choose Certification Exam. You will get redirected to the OPTAVIA health Certification home page. 
  • Click get started to start the exam. 

How Many Questions Are in The OPTAVIA Coach Certification Exam?

The OPTAVIA Certification Exam is made up of 150 questions.

What is a passing score for the OPTAVIA Coach Certification Exam?

You must have a minimum score of 70% for you to pass the OPTAVIA Coach Certification Exam and become certified. 

How to Cancel and Delete Your OPTAVIA Account

You can cancel and get your account deleted as an OPTAVIA health coach in different ways and at other times. Choose any of the two methods to cancel and delete your OPTAVIA health coach account:

  • Submit your request for OPTAVIA health coach account cancellation to
  • You can cancel your OPTAVIA health coach account by not paying your annual renewal fee.

Is OPTAVIA Health Coach a Pyramid Scheme?

OPTAVIA Health Coach is not a pyramid scheme.

But, OPTAVIA Health Coach is a legitimate MLM company. 

The pyramid Scheme system does not involve the sales of products and services, while in this company, a product is concerned; it is a legitimate business model that will improve your health.

As an OPTAVIA Health Coach, you can make money without recruitment and just selling products (but extremely difficult).

The company helps you make money from the commission of sales from weight loss and health-related products and a percentage from salespeople you recruit. It is why it is not a pyramid scheme or a scam. 

However, you should know that many OPTAVIA Coaches are currently not making money from this MLM program. See the evidence here.

It is important to note that this company is not a pyramid scheme and not a scam MLM company. 

Is OPTAVIA Health Coach a pyramid scheme?

Is OPTAVIA Health Coach Pay Worth It

Thanks for reading my review on how OPTAVIA Health Coaches make money. What do you think of the OPTAVIA Health Coach Certification, benefits, and salary commission payment? Is it worth it to become an OPTAVIA Health Coach? Is OPTAVIA Health Coach a pyramid scheme?

How much does an OPTAVIA health coach make? According to the OPTAVIA 2020 U.S. annual income disclosure statement, only 0.55% of the whole OPTAVIA Health Coach in the United States made over $100,000 in 2020. 23.86% of the OPTAVIA Health Coaches did not make any money the same year, while 8.44% of the coaches made nothing more than $100. You can see the reality and OPTAVIA 2020 U.S. annual income disclosure statement here.

Do you still want to become an OPTAVIA Health Coach with that pay? You can make more money as a blogger and writer, helping your audience earn the commission with Amazon, eBay, Walmart products.

It is affiliate marketing, and it is free to learn how it works. If you put in the work, you can be making over $3,000 monthly in the next year. Try out the Wealthy Affiliate FREE training here.

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