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DXN World Review: Can You Really Make Money with DXN MLM?

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You are welcome to my DXN World review. Can you make money with DXN MLM Jobs? Is DXN a pyramid scheme, scam, or legit direct sales company? Is DXN International safe for your use?

Am I sure you are here to know more about DXN USA? It is good you are doing your research about DXN eWorld; this is how to discover legitimate online businesses and avoid scams.


Please know that this is an unbiased review of DXN World; I am not affiliated with this company. 

Please keep reading. 

Estimated reading time: 13 minutes

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DXN World at a Glance

Product Name: DXN International
Founder: Lim Siow
Price: Free
Rating: 30%
Recommended: No

Summary of DXN MLM Business Review

DXN is an MLM company that focuses on the marketing of health and wellness products. 

This MLM company has a wide range of products that distributors and potential members can choose from.

 However, there is no competition in the health and wellness MLM space. 

DXN eWorld employs a direct sales business model.

The company relies strongly on recruitment, and this means that if you don’t recruit or sell products, you cannot make money with DXN MLM.

Please know that DXN International is not a pyramid scheme, scam, but a legit direct sales company.

Why It Is Difficult to Make Money with DXN MLM Business

Because of the direct sales business model of this company.

It gets worst; it has been discovered from years of investigation of Direct sales companies that only 0.3% of MLM members make money in any company. 

The remaining 99.7% of people always lose their money. 

Mr. Jon Taylor carried out 20 years of studies on over 600 direct sales companies worldwide and concluded that; MLM companies would only reward the owners of the companies, the special investors, and the top members of the MLM scheme.

He published his book titled “Multi-level Marketing Unmasked “; to showcase his findings and evidence. Please read this book. 

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The one way to prove this is to look at the income disclosure statement of any MLM companies you intend to work with.

Most direct sales companies will not make it available in a public place to prevent you from knowing if the distributors are making money or not.

DXN MLM Business income disclosure statement is not anywhere to be discovered online.

Note that 99.9% of MLM companies will not make money as a beginner. 

Why is that?

From the review of hundreds of direct sales companies, I discovered that Mr. Jon Taylor’s findings are valid.

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What do you think of my DXN world review? Is DXN legit or a scam?

What is DXN MLM Business?

DXN is a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company that focuses on selling health and wellness products. 

The MLM company is based in Malaysia and was founded in 1993 by Lim Siow. 

The founder, a graduate of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), is also an alternative medicine expert. 

The main ingredient of this company’s products is Ganoderma or Lingzhi, a reishi mushroom, a fungus in most parts of Asia.  

With his over 20-year experience in scientific and research analysis; Lim Siow created supplements based on Ganoderma’s properties.

They soon spread their services to other Asian countries and in 

In 2002 they launched their offices in the USA. 

By 2003, the company had also launched offices in Canada and Mexico. 

Although Daehsan Ltd was initially in charge of producing products, they acquired some shares of Daxen Biotechnology. 

Now, Daxen technology focuses on manufacturing products with different ingredients such as fruit enzymes, vinegar, monascus, etc.

The company that focuses on Chinese medicine and principles is called Ganoderma Farm, an industrial farm, in Bukit Wang, Malaysia. 

DXN International has spread to several countries; the company was certified by the Australian Code of Good Manufacturing Practice for Therapeutic Goods in 1999. 

Australian Code of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certified the company in 1999. 

The certification extends to the International Quality Management System Standards. 

In 2014, they started operating as an MLM company in Sri Lanka.

dxn pyramid scheme

DXN MLM Business Product Line 

The product line contains Ganoderma or Lingzhi as its main ingredients. 

Other ingredients found in its products include coconut oil, honey, oil, berries, vinegar, etc. 

The products include skincare, health supplements, personal care, food and beverage, and household appliances. 

DXN World Food and Beverage

Most of the products here are made from coffee. There are about 13 products under this category.

  • Civattino Coffee
  • Cordyceps Coffee 3 in 1
  • DXN Cream Coffee
  • EuCafé

Under this category, they have several food supplements with different ingredients, including fruits, berries, cinnamon, Ganoderma, honey, etc. 

  • Apple Fermented Jam
  • Cinnamon Herbs Bag
  • Ganoderma Mushroom
  • Cordyceps Cereal

This company has an extensive list of products ranging from food supplements, health supplements, cosmetics, household appliances, and the likes. The company lists all its products here.

DXN MLM Business USA Compensation Plan 

Most MLM offers their participating members compensations in terms of bonuses or points that can be redeemable to products or cash. 

They offer a “retail profit percentage” of up to 15% of your product sales. 

You also get other bonuses. 

The company’s compensation plan is designed so that its affiliate gets commissions based on their personal sales volumes and their downline activities. 

DXN affiliate membership has a 24-member rank system with the distributor being an affiliate who just joined the network and a Crowned ambassador, a fellow with 20 Star Diamond affiliate in his downline

  • Distributor 
  • Star Agent 
  • Ruby 
  • Star Diamond 
  • Executive Star Diamond 
  • Senior Star Diamond 
  • Executive Senior Star Diamond 
  • Double Diamond 
  • Executive Double Diamond 
  • Triple Diamond 
  • Executive Triple Diamond 
  • Gold Diamond 
  • Executive Gold Diamond 
  • Crown Diamond
  • Executive Crown Diamond 
  • Senior Crown Diamond 
  • Executive Senior Crown Diamond 
  • Double Crown Diamond
  • Executive Double Crown Diamond
  • Triple Crown Diamond 
  • Executive Triple Crown Diamond 
  • Gold Crown Diamond 
  • Executive Gold Crown Diamond 
  • Crown Ambassador 

They also offer the following bonus and commissions. 

Retail Commissions

Unlike other MLMs, this company considers retail commissions to be retail sales to nonmembers. 

DNX offers you 5-15% of your product sales. 

This means you get a percent of ‘the difference between distributor price and retail price.’

Group Bonus

Monthly commissions are paid based on the percentage of GV your downlines generate. 

However, the rate paid out is directly tied to the PV of each affiliate. 

  • 100 PV – 6%
  • 300 PV – 9%
  • 1000 PV – 12%
  • 2000 PV – 15%
  • 3250 PV – 18%
  • 4500+ PV – 21%

You can read more about its compensation plan here.

How to Join DXN MLM Business International? 

You can join DXN by registering as a DXN Distributor. 

Also, you have to make a one-time registration fee of $20 and purchase one personal purchase of the DXN product. 

You can register either by visiting eWorld, download the DXN App, or register with a nearby DXN branch or Stockist. 

Also, you are provided with training and materials as soon as you register with DXN. 

You also get support and training to help in your MLM journey. Is DXN legit or a scam? What do you think of my DXN world review?

How Much does it Cost to join DXN MLM?

Like most MLM programs, you have to pay a membership fee to participate. 

The Affiliate membership costs $20, and there seems to be no upsell and renewal fee, making the $20 a one-time payment.

What Is DXN eWorld

DXN eWorld is the web-based software solution that will give you access to all facilities by login from anywhere in the World. 

As a distributor of the DXN World, you can easily:

Check sales, 

  • Register a new downline and distributors, 
  • make an online purchase, 
  • view your bonus report, 
  • View the latest news and events
  • Access new products launch and features
  • and you can also request your bonus withdrawals using the platform. 

You can leverage DXN eWorld tools to make more sales, expand your business as a distributor, and earn more money.

DXN eWorld is the platform that is put in place for distributors to order products from anywhere in the World. 

You can click here to access DXN eWorld now.

You can also join this MLM company via DXN eWORLD; it is an all-in-one solution for all DXN International distributors. 

Who Is DXN USA World For?

Anyone with an interest in being a DXN affiliate must be 18 years and above. 

Also, it is open to individuals with skills in selling. 

The MLM space is a bit saturated, and finding customers to buy coffee or Ganoderma products might be difficult. 

How to Make Money with DXN MLM Business

There are two ways of earning with this company

  • Increasing your downlines through recruitment 
  • Earning commissions from product sales

They offer their affiliates commission from the activities of their downlines.

Profits earned will be based on GV also affiliates need to acquire some PV as well. 

On the other hand, you can earn as much as 15% of product sales to non DXN members. 

How Much Can You Make with DXN MLM?

They have refused to publish their income disclosure. 

However, its sales revenue is estimated to be worth $1.25 billion. The money you earn with them is dependent on your activities as an affiliate. 

The more products you sell, the more recruits you bring into the program, the higher you earn. 

For instance, if you can reach 3,250 members in your group, you make 18% of your GV.

Are DXN USA Distributors Making Money?

No, the distributors are not making money, especially those at the bottom tiers. 

It can take you years to get to the top level.

MLM programs are designed in such a way that the early birds eat the fattest worm. 

So if you join in late, the chances of you making a profit are slim. 

DXN eWorld Support /Customer Service 

Also, the company is available in over 14 countries and has different contact phone numbers in each country. 

DXN International can also be reached via email at and

What is Good About DXN USA? 

Detailed Compensation plan

The company laid out its leadership structure and earning pattern precisely. Members can quickly see how much commissions they can make and the requirement. 

Extensive product line

They have a wide range of ingredients. 

Although its main ingredient is Ganoderma and they have a list of products from food supplements, tea, health supplements, cosmetics, Korean skincare products, water treatment, and other home appliances.

26 Years of DXN MLM Business Experience

DXN was established in 1993, and they are now available in about 14 countries over the World. 

They have also managed to win the trust of their members and avoid scandal.  

DXN USA Complaints

Expensive Products Line

On the website, you will not see the product price listed. 

However, the lowest product cost is as much as $7. You can probably get similar products from other brands for less. 

Not BBB Accredited

DXN is not a BBB (better business bureau) accredited business.

Products do not Carry Price Tag.

On the website, there is no price disclosure on the products. 

New members interested in joining the enterprise might find it confusing; how do you market a product you do not know its price. 

Complaints About DXN MLM Business?

Most of the complaints about this company revolve around the app and web (DXN eWorld).

Most users seem to find it hard to use, complaining about making a product purchase via the app. What do you think of my DXN world review? Is DXN legit or a scam?

DXN USA Lawsuit 

There is no evidence of a Lawsuit against DXN; its black book does not show any.

Is DXN a Pyramid a Scheme?

No, DXN is not a pyramid scheme or scam. 

Those MLM companies that are pyramid schemes do NOT have products or services to sell. 

What do they sell then? They sell nothing. No products.

A pyramid scheme is when a direct sales company is only into the recruitment of members and makes them pay to join the companies via membership fees payment. 

As you recruit a downline, your downline can only make money if they decide to recruit.

Some MLM is an illegal pyramid scheme, while others are legitimate. DXN is the second and is entirely honest.  

So DXN eWorld is not a pyramid scheme, but a legitimate direct sales company based in Malaysia that markets and distributes dietary supplements containing Lingzhi or mushrooms Ganoderma.

What do you think of my DXN world review? Can you make money with DXN MLM? Is DXN legit, a pyramid scheme, or a scam? 

Is DXN Legit Or a Scam? 

DXN is a legit and not a scam company that has managed to survive over 20 years of network marketing. 

Many people will assume DXN eWorld to be a pyramid scheme and scam; just because of its MLM affiliation. 

The company sells legitimate products, and it is recognized and licensed in the various countries it domiciles.  

Therefore know that DXN is legit and not a scam company.

How Many Countries are in DXN International?

DXN International currently has over eight million distributors globally in over 200 countries. 

Who is the owner of DXN?

Lim Siow Jin is the founder, owner, and CEO of DXN International.

What is the Meaning of DNX?

The full meaning of DNX is Diversity Exchange Network.

what are good side hustles

Is DXN USA worth It?

Thanks for reading my DXN World review. Is DXN legit, a scam, or a pyramid scheme?  Can you make money with DXN MLM? 

Do you think that DXN International is safe and approved by FDA? 

If your interest is in using the products, you may find that the product line has an effect that might cater to your need. 

However, if your interest is to earn an income, then you may have to look elsewhere. 

The company is structured so that the only way to earn is either by selling products to none-members or recruiting. 

It might take you a while to move up the hierarchy of leaders so you can earn more. 

However, there are alternatives to earning online and passive income that does not require recruitment and stocking up products you might not need. 

My absolute favorite is affiliate marketing. I have personally earned six figures monthly just from affiliate marketing

Please checkout out how I built a successful affiliate marketing business. 

What do you think of my DXN World review? Is DXN a pyramid scheme? Or, Is DXN legit or a scam?

Can you make money with DXN MLM? Do FDA and safely approve DXN International?

 Have you tried using this company’s products before? 

I will like to hear from you in the Comment section below.

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      It is all about how to make money with DXN MLM jobs

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