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Home » Multi-Level Marketing » Is iCoinPro Legit or a Scam? Can You Really Make Money?

Is iCoinPro Legit or a Scam? Can You Really Make Money?

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Home » Multi-Level Marketing » Is iCoinPro Legit or a Scam? Can You Really Make Money?

You are welcome to my iCoinPro Review. Can you make money with the iCoinPro Compensation Plan? Is IcoinPro legit or a scam?

Cryptocurrencies are the craving of the moment, and a lot of products and systems that revolve around these digital currencies have sprung up.


iCoinPro is MLM Cryptocurrency Education Platform with many claims.

The problem is differentiating between the products that offer real value and the products that are swimming on hype.

I will be reviewing iCoinPro. A platform that promises to give you comprehensive training that will launch you to wealth in the crypto industry.

Join me as you find out if iCoin is a legit system or just another overhyped scam

Estimated reading time: 10 minutes

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iCoinPro at a Glance

what is icoinpro

Product Name: iCoinPro
Founder: Paul De Sousa and Justin Clark.
Price: $39.95/ Monthly/ $229.65 Half a Year/ $449.95 Yearly (+ $39.95 Distributor Fee)
Rating: 25%
Recommend: No
Product Type: MLM Cryptocurrency Training Platform

Best For: Cryptocurrency Education/Training

Summary of iCoinPro Review

iCoinPro is a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) run cryptocurrency trading scheme founded by Paul De Sousa Justin Clark.

The program claims it will provide you with the education necessary to launch you into financial freedom.

The program does not have a product it sells but just claims of providing you with training and knowledge about the crypto industry.

But is iCoinPro legit or a scam? Can you make money with iCoinPro Compensation plan?

iCoinPro is not a scam. These are my two primary reasons why I do not recommend it:

  1. The iCoinPro is run and based on Multi-Level Scheme
  2. The education and training provided can be found on the public domain

Please ask yourself the following questions:

  • Why would you be paying for something you can find everywhere online?
  • Will the knowledge you get from iCoinPro launch you into financial stability?
  • Do the iCoinPro worth the stress of looking for downlines and working for people at the top of the scheme?

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This training has a package that will help you host and secure your website with all the training you need to make a full-time income online.

What do you think of the iCoinPro review? Can you make money with the iCoinPro Compensation Plan? Is iCoinPro legit or a scam?

Continue reading to find out why iCoinPro is NO for me. . .

What is iCoinPro?

icoinpro login

iCoinPro is an MLM coin trading scheme founded by Paul De Sousa Justin Clark in May 2017.

While Paul is a knowledgeable Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trader, his counterpart Justin is well-known in the internet marketing niche.

Justin who has a few years shy of two-decade experience in internet marketing also has an appetite for cryptocurrency trading.

Paul, who is the company’s CEO, was initially affiliated with a similar coin trading platform, Gain Bitcoin, which later went into the waters around the time he began iCoinPro.

iCoinPro has multilevel marketing written all over it. The company offers a distributor membership for people willing to make a passive income from trading bitcoin.

In my own opinion, MLM with cryptocurrency is a scheme to manipulate and playing on people’s ignorance of blockchain technology.

iCoinPro on the one hand skirts being a pyramid scheme except for marketing a real (or should we say virtually) product which is cryptocurrency.

You can also read what people are saying on iCoinPro on Quora.

How Much Does iCoinPro Cost?

The distributors’ program comes at a $39.95 monthly membership fee.

The membership fee makes you eligible to receive bonuses from your downlines (people who registered under you) as well as other perks that come with being a distributor.

The membership will cost the following:

For $39.95, you get PDFs and videos on:

  • Understanding Bitcoin and the Cryptocurrencies world
  • Where and how to buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
  • Learn how to make money from cryptocurrency trading through their proprietary micro-profit system.
  • Access to exclusive trader finder and trading technologies.
  • Access to private members-only forums that give you the inside scoop on everything going on, and complete support from iCoinPro ’s community of crypto-entrepreneurs.
  • Bitcoin and cryptocurrency lending.
  • Understanding buy and sell signals,

Who is iCoinPro Distributorship for?

Anyone can be a distributor with iCoin Pro.

You can be a stay-at-home parent who’s too tired even to understand the intricacies of blockchain trading but eager to support your family with a passive income or you could be a cryptocurrency guru.

The point is iCoinPro is open to anyone. There is no age limit and no country restriction. Thanks to the anonymity blockchain afford everyone.

How to Make Money with iCoinPro as a Distributor.

All for a monthly membership fee of $39.95, you earn bonuses from pitching the awesomeness of iCoinPro to people in your immediate circle, and when you run out of those, you have to take to polishing your boots because you will be talking to strangers.

Alternately, you could brand yourself online as an iCoinPro ambassador by flaunting the loads of cash you have earned with the company (if you have indeed earned loads).

iCoin Pro claims to help you make $30,000 from its 14 downline matrix (2×14 matrix).

There are four ways you can make money with iCoinPro as a distributor.

  • ***Fast Start Bonuses***

icoinpro reviews

This is a weekly bonus. For every new member who joins iCoinPro through you, you will earn a $50 commission on their initial $39.95 membership payment.

Also, you also earn on all the new membership payments of everyone in your downline/enroller tree, up to five levels.

  • ***Fast Start Infinity Overrides***

is icoinpro legit or scam

This is also a weekly bonus.

With the commissions you will be making through Fast Start Bonuses, starting at the rank of 3 Stars.

You will make an additional $3 on all new members who join your enroller tree within that generation of rank.

For example, if you are a 3 Star Elite as long as no one is yet to achieve 3 Star and above yet.

You will be making $6, i.e., $3 for 3 Star plus $3 for 3 Star Elite. This will be applied to every one of your downlines called enroller tree, infinite level deep.

  • ***Binary Commissions***

make money with icoinpro compensation plan

To qualify for monthly binary commissions.

You must enroll and have an active member that is either a customer or a distributor on each leg.

You will be made from 16% of the volume in your binary leg monthly (this is a monthly bonus). (your volume corresponds to the initial order of your enrollees).

To achieve 3 Stars and above. You must minimum of ten active members either customers or distributors on your weaker leg in your enroller tree.

  • ***Matching Bonuses***

 is iCoinPro legit or a scam

Unlike the previous bonuses, binary matching bonuses are not dependent upon rank. They are only reliant on enrollments.

This will help you earn or match a percentage out of all the commissions earned by all your enroller monthly down to the 6th levels. This is also a monthly bonus.

Synonymous with the virtual and ideal nature of cryptocurrency, the above earning is what an ideal distributor will earn.

What About a Real Distributor?

iCoinPro has a disclaimer that protects it from litigations.

Summarily, the disclaimer states that earnings publicized are estimates of what they think you can earn.

They do not guarantee that you will make these levels of income.

They warn that your results may vary, and will be based on your capacity, business experience, expertise, and level of desire.

iCoinPro Customer Service And Support

iCoinPro provides you with an email address ( ) and a physical location for its office (701 South Carson St. Suite 200-4122. Carson City, NV 89701).

The company, however, prides itself on paying attention to its users through its customer care service.


What is Good About iCoinPro

  • ***Refund Policy***

iCoinPro has a 30 day 100% refund policy on all product orders.

However, to qualify, you have to return the unused product within 30 days of purchase.

Wait a sec; I thought refunds are for products used but do not meet the consumer’s expectations!

  • ***Training***

I have to admit that the training provided by iCoin Pro is excellent for anyone who does not know about cryptocurrency trading, but for a $39.99 monthly price tag, it is just highway robbery.

You can get quality training for free or lesser on online courses.

Issues with iCoinPro?

  • ***Price***

Its membership costs $39.99 every month. This is an expensive subscription without which you are ineligible for any bonus.

So you have to keep feeding the Olympians or feel the sting of the Titans.

Ok, I didn’t mean to make sense, but the point is, for the same amount of money, you can independently set up a blockchain wallet and trade cryptocurrency with peace of mind.

At least there’s no monthly tag on that.

  • ***BBB Accreditation***

Last I checked the Better Business Bureau does not approve iCoinPro.

For the uninitiated, BBB is the standard-bearer for marketplace trust, encouraging and supporting best practices. Usually, a company has a BBB rating which is a measure of how trustworthy they are.

iCoinPro does not have BBB accreditation.

Is iCoinPro Legit or a Scam?

iCoinPro is legit and not a scam.

However, you are seriously skirting a volatile and overpriced MLM.

I will not recommend the iCoinPro as the cryptocurrency education program itself does not function on a referral system.

Therefore, making digital currencies the core product of an MLM system doesn’t sit well with me.

I have reviewed over 400 online programs, they all have the same features.

What do you think of my iCoinPro review? Is iCoinPro legit or a scam?

Can you make money with iCoinPro compensation plan?

Is iCoinPro Worth It?

What do you think of my iCoinPro review? Can you make money with iCoinPro compensation plan? Is iCoinPro legit or a scam?

Cryptocurrency is a revolutionary idea that has rocked the financial world for the last ten years.

what are good side hustles

However, the training and knowledge offered by iCoin Pro can be gotten off the net or on Youtube for free.

Traders and miners who have made money off cryptocurrency rarely have made money off cryptocurrency by investing in an MLM system.

However, if you want to make a passive income, I would recommend Wealthy Affiliate.

I have personally created a six-figure income that is both consistent and real every month from Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate has enabled me to harness Internet Marketing Training that will allow you to make money with the latest techniques of affiliate marketing.

Thanks for reading my iCoinPro review. Can you make money with iCoinPro compensation plan? Is iCoinPro legit or a scam?

I will love to know what you think of my iCoinPro Review by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

I will be delighted to read your contributions.

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8 thoughts on “Is iCoinPro Legit or a Scam? Can You Really Make Money?”

  1. The tag lines that these programs use such as “we will launch you into financial freedom”, and “be your own boss and pave the path to financial success” are so misleading and cunningly thought of to trick the end user eventually. These are just packages made with a bit of woo-wah to puzzle the user into buying them, and basically scam them.

    1. Yes, you are right.

      Icoin Pro is meant to mislead its targeted audience and mostly the newbies that knows nothing about online business.

      You are right because you can Not make consistent money online with ICoinPro.

      Thanks for reading my ICoinPro review.

      I really appreciate your visiting my page.

      Thank you.


  2. Dear John,

    If I have to pay this amount of money on a certain course Online, I want to be sure that I can’t find free online, or that at least there something special about the content and the way it’s presented, so far I can’t find any proof of this from reading their content, maybe the only thing is that both founders are well-known & have a great reputation, but that’s not enough, plus I’m not a big fan of MLM scheme alike.

  3. Dear John,

    All of the graphs were really helpful to follow along with your explanations.

    One of the reason why yiu could not recommend this program is because I can learn and find it online.

    Why do you think people will create a training product that has no edge than the free one online?

    I’m going to pass on this program, but you gave a great, thorough review!

    I am Mari


    1. Dear Mari,

      Thanks fir reading my iCoinPro review. I am also glad you like my article.

      To respond to your question straight away.

      People are rushing to come up with an online training program mainly because they just want to make money. A lot of them don’t care to do a thorough research to know the impact of their product.

      When you are setting out with a product that you plan for to sell online, most especially an education product then you should consider to through the top providers of such products and services.

      iCoinPro is an education products that is about Cryptocurrency. This is one of the easiest material you find online is a public domain.

      There are over 70 Cryptocurrency exchange and million of YouTubers talking about crypto coins and various Altcoin.

      Though, I can confirm that will have fewer bloggers but they are still in their thousands online but the YouTube and people training their audience are Maxine online.

      All you just need doing is to Google it and you will see results.

      And I can confirm to you that there is no need paying for something you can get free on the public domain. Crypto currency and bitcoin trading training does not need to be learnt. Just like buying a bitcoin for $1,000 and you can see that it has getting better in values and risen to $1,700.

      Do you need advice from anyone to instruct you to sell. Making a margin of $700 is a great business. Irrespective of how long you have been holding it.

      What do you think? I can assure you that there are enough crypto coin information out their. You don’t need to pay to learn it.



  4. I think the only people who fall for these kind of programs are the people who don’t know how to use Google to learn about subjects.

    Why are people still recommending it when they know it has no value and also why do they still have customers patronizing them online?

    The next generation won’t fall for it.



    1. Dear Josh,

      Thanks for reading my iCoinPro review.

      Just to answer your question straight away. People are still recommending and ready to pay for iCoinPro course because they lack information.

      Multi Level Marketing can make people do a lot of things most especially when money is involve.

      The most important thing for any one is to equip yourself and research your options before making any payment fir any product.

      Many people don’t like to read reading is everything. They prefer to skip stuf and justo text just because they are busy. They say knowledge is power. You can know what you don’t know .

      And you will always pay ignorantly for any information you lack.

      What do you think?

      Thanks for reading my iCoinPro review again. Really appreciate your visit to my website.



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