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Is Airbnb Jobs a Scam? Can You Really Make Money?

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You are welcome to my Airbnb Jobs review? Can you make money with Airbnb Jobs? Is Airbnb legit or a scam?

Airbnb is an online community or marketplace that help people rent out their rooms or properties to guests in an online peer-to-peer arrangement.


It is a homestay network that helps people rent their lodging or residence in a short time while the resident owner determines the cost of such accommodation.

But, Is Airbnb a scam?

This review will inform you about all you need to know about this company.

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Industry: Lodging
Founders: Brian Chesky, Joe Gebbia & Nathan Blecharczyk
Headquarters: 888 Brannan Street, San Francisco, California.
Founded: San Francisco, California In August 2008
Services Render: Hospitality, Property Rental
Area of Coverage: Worldwide
Rating: 40%
Recommended: Yes

What is Airbnb?

Airbnb makes traveling easy for travel-enthusiasts! Hosts can give their apartment, bunk beds, rooms, houses, villas and even a treehouse for rent for a day or even a week!

The duration depends on the traveler.

It makes traveling experiences personally, and the tourists get to explore the city/country like a local. One can prepare their meals in these homes and sit with a family and eat.

It is a private experience in which you feel you have been living in the country for a long time.

Airbnb takes traveling to a whole new level and improves the experience of a tourist! Also, it is an opportunity for people to make money by offering lessons or homes.

You can book a room/apartment/experience through this platform, and the payment has to be done before to confirm the booking.

What do you think of my Airbnb review? Can you make money with Airbnb jobs? Is Airbnb legit or a scam? Please read more about Airbnb on Wikipedia.

Do I Recommend Airbnb Jobs?

As a traveler, I love living in a new destination like a local! Airbnb is a platform which allows you to book a private experience.

It could be a room in someone’s home, or an entire place was given to you. The choice is yours!

The good part is that you either get to live with a family or a local, who knows about the city or the country. They could help you to view the city through a local’s eyes.

Being in a new and strange city could be challenging, especially when you do not know the language and the way to travel to and fro.

Airbnb comes into the picture and gives you the opportunity to book a place. It is nothing like a hotel room! You can eat with a family or cook a meal for yourself in the kitchen!

An Airbnb experience can be unforgettable, and I can vouch for that! If the hosts are warm and the place is just like the way the host described it, then you will have the best time of your life.

If you are a traveler and you are looking for a place to stay, Airbnb is the best option! I would also recommend this site to people, who have extra rooms and apartments.

You can give it to travelers and earn some extra bucks. The scope of earning through Airbnb is high!

Would I recommend it? Absolutely! It is great for both travelers and hosts. Additionally, you can provide experience or purchase experiences in new cities.

For example, one can opt for a wine tasting tour which costs $60 in Tuscany, Italy. As a host of the experience, you can do what you are good at!

Do you think Airbnb Jobs is a scam or legit? Can you make money with Airbnb jobs?

You can give salsa lessons in your home and price the experience at $20 per hour. In a nutshell, it is an excellent experience for both travelers and hosts.

What Does Airbnb Sell or Promote?

Airbnb promotes and sells personal experiences and hosts can give their homes and apartments for rent to a traveler.

It allows the tourist to live like a local and the host makes the experience pleasurable. You can either live with a family or a single person.

If you book an entire home/apartment, you will be all alone or with a group of friends. The host will be available through phone calls, or they might be living in the home next to you.

The home/apartments usually have a care-taker as well.

The Costs/Price of Airbnb

The travelers do not have to pay an additional cost to join the platform. You can make a free profile! Similarly, the hosts do not have to pay money to join.

However, once you become a host, whenever a traveler books your room/flat, a fee would be charged and it gets deducted from the amount.

Airbnb charges a 3 percent fee from hosts. Whenever the booking is complete, the 3 percent is billed as a service fee.

There is a twist here! In case there is a strict cancellation policy in a particular region, the fee would be higher.

If you are a host, who is offering experience, the site takes a service fee of 20%. The service fee will be deducted from the payout that the host receives for the experience.

Dou you think that Airbnb is legit or scam?

Is Airbnb Jobs A Good Money Making Venture?

I believe that Airbnb is an excellent money-making venture because there is a dearth of jobs out there. If you are a stay-at-home-mother or you have retired, you can put up a room or a flat on rent.

You will earn money by becoming a host, and you would also get to meet people from across the globe.

However, you need to present the home to the guest just like the way they pictured it. The host has to make sure that the house is sparkling clean and all the amenities are provided.

One bad review can be fatal, and it is best to be an excellent host! That’s what a host means, right?

What do you think of my review of Airbnb? Is Airbnb legit or a scam? Can you make money with Airbnb in your country?

What I Like About Airbnb Jobs

Travelers can book home and excellent accommodations at a reasonable price.

There are many different options to exploits when looking for an apartment to rent.

There are single and double rooms, a Castle, a Suite of rooms, Houseboats, Yachts. Your selection depends on your pocket and the price you are ready to pay for it.

Travelers have the opportunity to live like a local.

The host provides a personal experience for the travelers, and it becomes easy to navigate and explore the new destination.

Comparing the cost of lodging in the hotel to lodge as a guest with an Airbnb host as always been a debate and Airbnb has ever won this debate.

You will save more with Airbnb than staying in any hotel.

The good thing is that you will always get more with plus the funds you have saved.

Things such as rooms, spaces, quietness, and many other qualities that made Airbnb special.

If and whenever you are taken a trip abroad, and you must take your kid and most especially your pet, then you must go with the Airbnb option.

Many hotels will not allow you with your pet.

But with Airbnb, you will have enough a choice of going with the option of accommodation with enough space for your pet and kids at the point of choosing your location.

There is a reward you get for referring friends and family to Airbnb.

For every new person that you refer the person gets between $20 to $40 while you will be rewarded with $20 for any of your future trips.

As the owner of residence or property, you don’t need to pay before displaying your listings. You can easily view the pictures stating the decryptions of the apartment with proper cations.

Also, you will also need to state your profile where potential guests or visitors can get to know more about the property(s) and you as the host.

As the owner of the property, you can set your term and condition of how much you are willing to let your apartment for the visitors.

It is a great business opportunity for those, who have an extra room in their home or a flat which is vacant.

One can make money by giving their flat/room/apartment/home for rent daily.

The Airbnb database is well customized for a different type of search as you desire.

You can easily search for the location, type of property, amenities, pricing and most important the make-up and language of the owner who is the host.

Airbnb has improved on the services they provided.

They are no more limited to the provision of great locations, but they offer additional valued services to the travelers and guest.

Such additional services include Various sightseeing experience in the location you are visiting.

So, if you are searching for the location and apartments, you will also be able to see various events and side attraction and landmark location you can visit in that location.

This includes various other services and offering by Airbnb hosts such as restaurant listings.

Airbnb has a host guarantee program that provides appropriate protection for damages that may be caused by the visitor.

They protected up to $1m in damages to protect the owner ( Note that some country are not eligible for these provisions)

While the fund of the guests is protecting such that the payment to the host will be held by

Airbnb for 24 hours after confirmation and check-in by the visitors before the funds will be released.

Issues With Airbnb Jobs?

Host Are Allow to Cancel

Airbnb allows the host to cancel already scheduled accommodation at any time. The only repercussion is that such action will impact on their ratings and review.

Therefore, the host rarely cancels because they knew the outcome and implication of such action.

Visitors and guest usually avoid host that have made cancellation before or that have a history of cancelation in their reviews.

Renting out properties is not legal in some location around the world.

In such cases, the owners must get the needed legal permit that authorized them to rent out their properties from the local authority.

This clearance is always sort before the listing is allowed on Airbnb website/App

Late Booking Is More Costly

If you booked your location and apartment late on the Airbnb website; you may incur more cost and may not get a great apartment to stay.

More cost in the sense that you may end up booking a location that is more costly compared to its regular price. The reason is that the Airbnb may get the book up in no time.

Airbnb has over three million listings across the world, but this may get the book up faster than you think, especially in a peak travel period.

Booking early will help you get your interested apartment and location at the best possible lowest price.

What do you think of my Airbnb review? Is Airbnb legit or scam?

No Many Side Attractions or Extra Features

Usually, the option of the hotel gives you more side attraction that any guest can features into after lodgment.

Features such as assistance by receptionist, daily care of the apartment by cleaners, Going for swimming, the option of the gym, spa, food services, and even mini-hotel party and events.

All the above features and happening may not be feasible when you use Airbnb host for your traveling’s and events.

Note: Some Airbnb host does offer some of these extra services.

Many Airbnb Host with the condition that Impact on Cost

In many cases, the services provided by the Airbnb host are avoidable and very flexible in term of fess and the cost of staying in the apartment.

Sometime the host may set some condition such as a minimum stay in the apartment. Some guest may need to stay for a day; while the host is asking for a minimum stay of two days.

The host may then decide to book for two days while he or she will be staying for just a day mainly because the location is the closest to the purpose of the trip.

Limitation in Privacy

Sometime when a guest must stay in in the same apartment with the host.

Sometimes the host can easily intrude the privacy of the visitors.

This can also occur while you stay in the hotel sometimes.

There Is No Royalty Point

Airbnb does not give loyalty points to its customers, unlike hotels that have various reward programs. Such a reward program is interrelated.

Some hotel has a business relationship with banks and credit card companies.

The more you use your cards in those specify hotels the more you have access to free stuff that you can qualify for in time of accruing points.

As your points grow your rewards increase with it.

Airbnb only has a referral program that can earn you just $20; while the hotel can get you more accommodation staying, free upgrades; first-class space in a flight, and various reduction in prices of what you can buy as a result of your loyalty reward.

What the Host Display May Not Be What You Get

Booking on Airbnb site or Apps is not like the bookings you do for a hotel that you assume that the apartment of accommodation will be just like what the picture is.

Most of the time the property is not as advertised. Each of Airbnb host creates their listings and sometimes it is decorated to lure you in.

This is why you should depend on the previous guest review and experience; they often post comments on their knowledge of the host and the accommodations.

Such a review will give you an unbiased view of what to experience.

Host Are Not Completely Cover for Damages

Most Airbnb hosts dread their apartment will get damaged by the guest. Some guest may turn the condo into party and event center.

There are stories of the apartment getting scattered properties damaged and thrashed.

Airbnb host Guarantee program does not cover most locations, and when it does, it is not complete coverage while Airbnb host is left to bear the loss.

Who is Airbnb Jobs For?

Airbnb is meant for travelers and hosts. If you are a travel enthusiast, who has a budget and wants to live like a local, you can book a home or a room in someone’s house.

When a city or new country is unfamiliar to you, reserving through Airbnb makes your experience better because the host can guide you and take care of all your needs.

As for the hosts, you can make money by giving your room or flat for rent. You do not have to give it for rent on a yearly basis.

There are many businessmen, travelers, and families, who wish to book a home or an apartment to live in.

You can stock up the kitchen and give the travelers a pure experience. The length of stay depends on the traveler.

They can book the home for two days or even a week.

Is Airbnb Jobs Restricted to Any Country?

Yes! Airbnb complies with international regulations, and the services are not available in the following countries:

  • Iran
  • Syria
  • Sudan
  • Crimea, and
  • North Korea.

How to Make Money With Airbnb Jobs?

Majority of the travelers are looking for a personal experience, and they would opt for a home/flat to themselves rather than staying in a hotel room.

Airbnb gives people the opportunity to become a host and the scope of earning is high! If you have some properties and you cannot find a tenant, you can put the apartment/flat on Airbnb.

You have the power to set the rates! Since the market is competitive, you need to do the homework and set an unbeatable cost for the room/apartment/house.

The guests pay the price of the room/house at the time of booking, and so, there is no problem of haggling over the payments.

It is an excellent opportunity for making money and putting your home into good use!

Is There a Better Alternative to Airbnb Jobs?

Yes, there are fierce competitors to Airbnb. These include, FlipKey, VRBO, HomeAway, etc.

On HomeAway, there are listings of more than 2 million homes. You could have any budget or liking, finding a home on HomeAway is easy.

Creating a profile is free, and you do not have to pay any sign-up fee. However, I would still recommend Airbnb just because it is tried and tested by me.

I wouldn’t say that it is the best, but if the company resolves issues related to sudden cancellation and communication, Airbnb can be the best personal travel booking site.

Is Airbnb Jobs Legit or a Scam?

Airbnb Jobs is legit and not a scam.

Airbnb has received a mixed opinion from travelers. I have tried Airbnb thrice, and it has never been a disappointing experience.

However, there are travelers, who did not find what they expected.

Some hosts may do big talks about their home, but once the guests reach, it may not be as sparkling clean or beautiful as expected.

The travelers, who used Airbnb had a lovely experience, and some of them had a terrible experience. It is best to read the reviews of other travelers before making a decision.

Additionally, Airbnb has a significant problem, and it needs to be addressed. There are hosts, who cancel the booking at the last minute.

This does not happen with hotel bookings. When travelers book an experience, they want to travel hassle-free and reach a comfortable home.

When the host cancels the reservation, the refund takes a lot of time to get transferred to the bank account. If these issues are addressed, Airbnb can change the way people travel!

what are good side hustles

Is Airbnb Jobs Worth It?

What do you think of my Airbnb review? With what you have read, Is Airbnb legit or a Scam?

Can you now make money with Airbnb jobs?

As for me, Airbnb jobs is a superb opportunity for people to make money. Though a lot of risks is involved.

When you are good at making tapas or sangria, you can give lessons to travelers, who wish to learn the art of making Spanish snacks and delicious sangria.

This can be added as an experience in a new country!

If you are retired and have a vacant room or a home, you can give it to travelers and meet new people from different parts of the world. With this, you can start making money with Airbnb jobs.

This way you would never get bored, and you would have a regular income as well. The travel industry is getting better each day, and Airbnb can be viewed as an excellent prospect.

Plus, I don’t like staying in hotels and being a stranger to the new country or city.

When living with a family or a local, you can get reviews regarding a tourist spot or explore the best bars and restaurants in the town.

There are times when the host would be happy to join you!

Airbnb has issues as well, but I am sure that it will get resolved.

Every company does their homework, and they know what the public is saying about them! Airbnb will resolve these issues in the future.

So what do you think about Airbnb? Are you making money with Airbnb jobs already?

Please drop your comment below. I will revert to you in good time.

How toMake with Airbnb Jobs – Video

4 thoughts on “Is Airbnb Jobs a Scam? Can You Really Make Money?”

  1. Hallo there,

    I have been trying to get a program that allows me to make money though hosting travelers in my home amd showing them around but after reading the cons, I have started doubting this opportunity.

    What if the traveler becomes a nuisance in my home and even threatens me and my girlfriend?

    Are there safer program that reduce the possibilities of regretting providing the services of a host? I would be happy to get your input on these. Thanks.

    1. Hi Dave, 

      Thanks for visiting my webpage. 

      Before any prospect is admitted to access any home in any countries; they are vetted as much as possible. The good news is that you get access to AirBnB customer service at any time you wish. And any clinent can easily change their location of visit as they want. 



  2. Great review on airbnb, i always wanted to use it especially when am going to a city where i just want to feel like a local but i always get scared of some deals that look too good to be true, what if the photos of the place were taken years ago and now the place is old and worn out? Is there an option of getting a refund if the place does not meet your expectation or it is not as per the photos after arrival and you decide not to stay there but opt for another place.

    1. Dear Anita,

      I can feel your concern. All your concerns are taken care of. You can contact the central market place immediately for alternative location with the use of the Airbnb Apps. All possible occurrence has been take care of by Airbnb. 

      But there are conditions for cancellations. You can cancel if your experience in not start at least for the next 30 days or if you just made the reservation in the past 24 hours. 

      Please don’t forget that you can only manipulate this changes through your Airbnb Mobile Apps. 



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