Is Zaful ( A Legit Clothing And Fashion Store Or A Scam?



Summary Review Zaful ( 

You are welcome to my Zaful Review

You want to be sure if  Zaful is Legit Clothing And Fashion Store Or A Scam.

You are in the right place. This is a complete review of Zaful (; you will be able to make the right decision to decide for yourself after this review.

With a large number of Asian retail businesses on the internet, it can be difficult to tell the difference between genuine retailers and scam sites.

Fortunately, the online clothing retail shop, Zaful (  falls under the former.

Zaful offers some of the best prices in the e-commerce market for female clothing and attires, with some products going for nearly 50% of their actual value.

The quality of the products and at times the company’s services make such a bargain in pricing a complete waste.

Regarding the company’s legitimacy, there is no evidence to suggest that the online clothing store isn’t legit as many who have consistently purchased clothing products on the platform have not reported any issue that involved Zaful failing to deliver the purchased items.



Zaful At A Glance

Name: Zaful

Ratings: Legit


What is Zaful About, Exactly?

Zaful is a Chinese based women clothing store that offers the cheap sale of women’s wears, dresses, bikinis, and shoes.

While the retail store does have branded products it deals with, it also engages in the sale of clothing belonging to favorite and generic brands.

Started by the Hong Kong firm, Bi'an Information Technology Co. Limited, in 2013, Zaful initially delivered its products to customers via 3rd party e-commerce sites as well as drop shipping platforms.

The company would go on to set up its e-commerce website in 2014, though still retaining other marketing channels like

Apart from the first sale of dresses and different female attires, Zaful also engages in the sale of feminine jewelry and other accessories, which are often available at a cheaper rate compared to the ones sold by competing for online stores.

The primary benefit of purchasing Zaful is the bargain you stand to get as the online store offers incredible prices that can only be matched by a few competitors on the internet.

The retail store is also a hit with lots of fashion bloggers who work actively as influencers by promoting clothing products that are on sale on the company’s e-commerce platform.

Zaful’s wears and accessories can be purchased online from anywhere in the world, and it will be promptly delivered without any hiccup.


is zaful legit


Zaful Prices

Zaful offers some of the lowest prices in female clothing with its most expensive products usually between $23.99 to $24.99.

Its wide-collections of bikini sets, which are pretty much sought after by numerous buyers, are mostly sold between $10.99 and $15.99.

The retail store also sells visually spectacular bodysuits and swimsuits at the rate of $16.49-$17.49.

Dresses and female tops aren’t excluded from the insanely low prices with none of the products exceeding the $19 ceiling.

Though Zaful principally caters to the clothing needs of female buyers, it does market quite some male attires as well including sweatshirts, beach shorts, swim trunks, and hoodies, which vary in prices but ranges between $20.99 to $32.99.

No matter how pretty or exotic the clothing on the Zaful platform is, you can rest assured that it is affordable as well.


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What are Zaful Payments & Methods?

Zaful accepts most of the conventional payment methods including those used in popular e-commerce platforms, e.g., PayPal, credit cards and debit cards, Western Union, and even wire transfer.


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Zaful Return & Refund Policy

While Zaful has a 30-day “unconditional” refund policy, there are some conditions attached to the policy that makes it quite restrictive.

First and foremost, before opting to seek refunds on a purchased product, you must contact Zaful’s customer service and inform them of the issues you have with the product.

You must be able to substantiate your claims with pictures and videos of the product. Only after the careful study of the evidence and the confirmation of your applications will the RMA form be sent to you so that the refund can be processed.

There is also a list of items Zaful will never accept returns regardless of the complaints that may accompany their purchase.

The list includes discounted items, clearance items, swimwear, underwear and other intimate clothing, a beauty item, and accessories like hairpins and earrings.



Zaful FREE Shiping

Zaful offers free shipping for purchases that are over $30, and the duration is usually between 8-15 days.

If you want the products to arrive sooner, you can pay a fee of $9.99 to speed up the processing and reduce the shipping duration to about 6-10 days.


Zaful Customer Service

Zaful’s customer service is quite responsive though there may be a little communication gap between staffs and customers located in the west.

The customer service personnel of the online retail store aren’t always willing to respond to refund messages and will most often time try to find other solutions to avoid processing refunds.


zaful clothing scam


What are Zaful’s Rewards & Credit Program

Apart from its jaw-dropping prices, Zaful does, in fact, have an impressive rewards program with a variety of promo codes and cashback incentives available for buyers who use any of the store’s affiliates like ZoBucks.

What is Good About Zaful?

  1. It offers clothing and accessories for mostly female but also male at very affordable prices
  2. It is a legit retail store, and you’re guaranteed to the receive purchased items
  3. It provides buyers with promo codes and cashback codes to further reduce the costs of offered products.

What Are The Issues With Zaful?

  1. The company’s return policy is deceitful, and most purchases won’t be refunded
  2. There have been reports of buyers receiving products that are of lower quality when compared to the pictures on Zaful’s site.


zaful shipping reviews


Are There Alternatives to Zaful

Amazon is perhaps the most notable alternative to Zaful, though the Chinese e-commerce giant, Alibaba, is also reliable.

Below are other online stores I have also reviewed:


Is it Safe to Purchase on Zaful?

So far, there hasn’t been any incident of fraudulent activities on the Zaful platform, so it’s safe to say that the e-commerce site is reliable and secure.

How to Make Money with Zaful

What do you think about my Is Zaful ( review? Do you think Zaful ( is Legit or Scam? Have you encountered any problem with Zaful before?

I am making money online through Wealthy Affiliate. The primary way you can make money with Zaful is by drop shipping for the e-commerce site.

Many merchants who run stores on Amazon and eBay use the platforms to market Zaful products to a readily available customer base and earn lots of money doing so.

The e-commerce platform also has an affiliate programme, but this is mostly to give customers promo codes and cashback codes that will reduce the costs of the products it offers.

So what Is your take? You should know that is a very legitimate website and it is NOT a Scam website. Please drop your thought and contribution in my comments area below.

I will love to read from you and I will definitely get back to you.

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10 thoughts on “Is Zaful ( A Legit Clothing And Fashion Store Or A Scam?”

  1. Dear John,

    In as much as I see that Zaful offer low-priced products which are quite enticing, their refund policy is something else.

    Seeking refund shouldn’t entail contacting customer support team to prove one or more things.

    Meanwhile, can you suggest another Hong Kong-owned firm that sells similar products?



    • Dear Lois,

      Thanks for reading my article on if Zaful ( is a legit clothing and fashion store Or a scam? What do you think?

      I quite disagree with you. The customer service should be contacted to verufy the uthenticity of your order and to confirm the mis up and the raeson for the return of goods.

      Is it that another order was shipped or you dont like what you order again?

      Other online stores that you can patrnice includes:
      1. Mini In The Box
      2. Ali Express
      3. Gamiss Fashion Store

      Do you agree with me?

      Kindly revert.


  2. Glad to hear they are not a scam, I really don’t like thieves and scammers since I have been a victim to that in the past.

    From what I gather from your review is that you get what you pay for, so if it is cheap in price it is likely not the best of quality. I guess that is ok as long as you expect it.

    Their return policy is a bit shady so I probably wouldn’t buy something from them unless I knew I wouldn’t even attempt to return it

    Thanks for the good info and I’m sure you will save a lot of headaches for the people that find your review before buying from Zaful.


    • Dear Shaun, 

      Thanks for visiting my website. Zaful  return policy is fear enough. As long as you follow the guiding procedure before you initiate the returns of goods bought, you will definitely get your goods back. Such that you need to contact the customer service before you return any goods. 

      Zaful does also not entertain returns of some specific goods such as clearance item, discounted goods swimwear, underwear, earrings etc. Only buy those Item when you are sure you like what you are seen and also target items outside such list so that they can be returned and you get your claim back in good time  



  3. Well it appears hear that everyone will have their preferences. You cannot say it is a scam but however, they are definitely disadvantages or pros and cons. So the best suggestion is to try a sample of the shipping and how everything looks in terms of quality and go from there.

    • Dear Andrew, 

      You are right Zaful is NOT a scam website but very legitimate; this is because i later did a purchase after this review. And everything went well. 



  4. Hi, John!

    There are, indeed many clothing e-shops worldwide, especially from China and it is true that making sure this is a legit e-shop is not always easy. Of course, there is always AliExpress and the merchants it works with.

    I never thought of dropshipping between a Chinese store and Amazon/eBay. Great idea!

    Thanks for the review 🙂


  5. John,

    Thanks for the honest and complete review about Zaful. These Chinese clothing stores are so tempting, but I honestly have an issue with fast fashion and the waste that it produces. I was impressed by the relatively fast and inexpensive shipping times.

    It is a shame that they have so many issues when it comes to issuing refunds. Thankfully it has extremely low prices, so it won’t be too much of a waste.

  6. Hallo there,

    My wife mentioned to me about the Zaful and told me she wanted to buy some of the clothes and was not sure whether it was worth using the site, so I had to do the due diligence for her.

    If they give refunds and also sell lower quality products, I don’t think I will recommend it to my wife. I would hate to see her money run the drain. Thanks for honest review here.

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