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The Truth About RSW Systems Skyway Capital – Is It Legit or a Scam?

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Do you like to know the truth about RSW Systems Skyway Capital? Is Skyway Capital legal, safe, legit, or a pyramid scheme scam? 

It is good you are here to know some fundamental truth about Skyway Capital. Investigating online programs is the best way to discover legitimate ones and also avoid many scams. 


I have no relationship with Skyway Capital; therefore, I expect an unbiased review of this program. 

the truth about skyway investment group

Skyway Capital Investment Group is a group of companies that markets, finance, and construct an elevated rail transport system (RSW). The date of establishment of SkyWay Group of Companies is 2014, and it controls the SkyWay Capital. They are using a direct sales business model to sell the future share of the company. 

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The Danger of Investing in a Pre-IPO Opportunity (US-SEC Warnings)

Investment in SkyWay is an investment in a pre-IPO of SkyWay. SkyWay Capital is not quoted in any country as of today.

You must know that you are taken a lot of risk in investing in any company doing the pre-IPO offering.

These are signals and pointers to a fraudulent pre-IPO offering and an important truth about RSW Systems Skyway Capital that you need to know:

Great Websites and Social Media Outreach

The company and people promoting fraudulent Pre-IPO usually use very impressive great looking websites.

You can be spam with emails to exploit investors to search online for online business opportunities.

They Compare the Offer with Established Companies

You are often comparing the share offering with an established organization to lure you into their scam Pre-IPO.

The claim will sound so believable and real that it will be difficult to reject, but those claim often result in falsehood and deception.

You should always be suspicious of such an offering you get to know online.

They Hide the Identity and History of Promoter

Do you find out about the Pre-IPO online? If you get to know through a stranger or via an advert, you need to do your research to be sure the company is real.

Always search out for the discipline and history of the promoters of such companies. And look out for countries they have ventured into before now.

What Is the Value of The Company?

You will need to look out for more information about the company and what they do and how they did it.

You should ask the following question about the SkyWay Capital:

  • What are the product and services of the company?
  • Who are the targeted customers?
  • Does the company have a physical plant, resources they claimed to possess?
  • Do they have audited financial reports? If so ask for copies to review them.
  • It is essential to always verify every claim before parting away with your money.

Such Company Will Never Go Public

From the history of scammers and fraudsters; they always use the predicted value of the future pricing of the offering to lure, bait, and pressure you to part with your money.

Don’t allow those false promises to make you go for such offerings.

It is important you know that such a company may never go public and you may never recoup your initial investment cost.

Source: The US Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) Rolled out This Alert on The Risk of “Pre-IPO” Investment.

Pre IPO Issuance of skyway capital

What do you think about this truth about RSW Systems Skyway Capital pre IPO? Is SkyWay Capital legit, safe, legal, or another pyramid scheme scam?

SkyWay Capital Complaints

The project of SkyWay looks great. And I believe that it is a  wonderful innovation that will work in the future. Maybe the future is now!

The founder “Anatoly Yunitskiy” is a real person and we know who we are dealing with; unlike many Internet businesses with a fake identity.

The problem for me is the investment aspect of SkyWay Capital and many of SkyWay Partner companies in many countries and Pre-IPO sales.

You can not make money now with Skyway Capital because of the future investment in the share of the company. These are the many complaints and truths about RSW Systems Skyway Capital:

SkyWay Capital Is Not Qualified as An Investment Company

SkyWay has never qualified to be an investment company in any country in the world.

Every investment company in any country must always subject itself to the rule and regulations of such a country.

This company likes cutting corners and invade registration to get certifications as an investment company in any country of entry.

They have no qualifications to sell or buy shares in any EU country.

There are evidence of various countries that have slammed SkyWay Capital for not passing through the regulatory screening before starting their Pre-IPO (evidence below)

An instance is the Czech National Bank alerting the resident that the investment in securities and shares of Eurasian Rail SkyWay System Holding is not according to regulation and not lawful.

Source: Czech National Bank

The state of Greece also stopped and banned every advert of SkyWay Capital in Greece stating that the regulators do not approve their ads.

The Greece Securities and Exchange Commission revoked all advertisements of EUROSYAN RAIL SKYWAY SYSTEMS HOLDING II LTD with the website (HTTPS: //

The regulator is standing on the “provisions of article 24 of Law 3401/2005 as in force.

Slovak National Bank known as Národná Banka Slovenska – NBS issued the latest warning to the resident of Slovakia against the investment in Skyway.

The warning was issued on the 16th of January 2019. This is the latest of all the warnings so far.

The Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) is the financial regulatory authority for the state of Germany.

They also published a statement sighting evidence of missing prospectus for the sales of a share of SkyWay Capital. What do you think of this truth about RSW Systems Skyway Capital?

Source: BaFin Website

Warnings by Foreign Competent Authority About SkyWay Capital

A lot of countries (some evidence sighted above) have alerted their resident about the activities of SkyWay Capital in their countries.

The most apparent warning came from FMA – Financial Markets Authority for the New Zealand Government Agency.

They are responsible for the regulation of financial activities in New Zealand.

is skyway legit or scam
Source: Finance Magnates

They alerted the general public on the financial services offering of SkyWay Capital and its associates.  Their various activities on social media are also noticed and through some residents.

They caution that Skyway Group and Skyway Capital are not a registered financial service provider in New Zealand.

You are warned that SkyWay Capital is not permitted to provide such financial services to New Zealand residents.

FMA also refers to similar warnings from the regulator of other countries such as Belgium, and Lithuania.

The Financial Services and Market Authority (FSMA) warns the Belgian residents and investors about SkyWay Capital (a company registered in Belarus) not to patronize the Pre-IPO share offerings.

They claimed that SkyWay Capital is running its financial activities without a published prospectus approved by FSMA.

They insisted that SkyWay Capital is not allowed to offer its Pre-IPO sales in Belgium as per regulators.

Source: FSMA

They sighted that Skyway Capital and its agents are suspected of being involved in the scam and that they are not authorized and unlicensed to operate in those jurisdictions.

The Bank of Lithuania also issues a public warning to the resident of Lithuania of the activities of SkyWay Group of luring the populate to invest in the group projects.

They claimed that the general public might lose their money because the scheme adopted by SkyWay Capital shows and reflects the features of a pyramid scheme.

Source: Bank of Lithuania

Lithuania Authority Cancelled Their Project With SkyWay Capital

When several countries ban a company and warn their citizens against conducting transactions with it, it certainly begs the question of legitimacy.

Also, none of its planned projects with some countries have come to fruition.

Belarus-based SkyWay Capital started a project with Lithuania in 2014, but the plan was not executed because the project was canceled due to what is referred to as suspected financial fraud.

People criticize and slam the government and the legislators for their decision to sign an MoU with such a company with no physical operational project anywhere in the world.

SkyWay Capital claimed to be in talks with countries such as India, Australia; Turkey, and recently in Nigeria.

The string technology smuggled itself to some countries in recent years, but there is no evidence yet of any successful project with SkyWay.

Many of the SkyWay company that was registered in different countries were dissolved in the recent years; company such as American Rail Skyway System, Euroasian Rail Skyway System, Australian, and Oceanic Rail Skyway System, etc.

RSW Systems Skyway Capital

Screenshot of The Truth About RSW Systems Skyway Capital on Economic Times Source: Economic Times

SkyWay Capital Is Not Listed in Any Public Exchange

Advertising daily ROIs of up to 22%, which is another red flag. This is an attempt at a bull market that is set to strip you clean of every penny.

If you invest you are only buying fabricated shares (Read My warning above on Danger of Pre-IPO sales).

Yes, they may give you a paper (Certificate) that they are reserving your holdings; it is merely unreal and worthless.

SkyWay Capital ads claimed that if you invest $4,000, you will have a holding of 1m shares.

When the company enters the stock market, you have one share for $1. i.e., a Million share will be exchanged for $1m for you.

When they go public if at all they do, the demand and supply will kick in and one share cannot equate to $1 as they insist.

Redemption of your certificate was guaranteed for $1 for one share if they go public and the stock nosedive; they promised to buy one share for $1.

Do you think they can buy all the shares at that rate? If it happens, the company will go down.

In 2016, SkyWay Capital promised to go public in 2018; this is 2019 they have yet to do that. Do you think they will ever go public?

What do you think of this truth about RSW Systems Skyway Capital?

No Specific Contract Signed with Any Government/Country

The company claimed that billions of dollars’ worth contracts had been signed with several world governments around the world.

There is a specific claim of a signed contract with the Indian and Australian governments worth over $900m.

No evidence points to that fact, and no one either investor or any government agency is ready to provide any evidence to such a claim

The company itself is yet to supply any document of such signed documents to its partner nor investors.

No Visible Source of Income for SkyWay Capital

Its affiliate Partnership compensation rides mainly on member’s referrals using newly invested funds to pay off existing investors.

This is a case of collecting money from Peter to pay Paul and using Jane’s money to compensate Peter.

Also, there is no public registration of SkyWay Capital with any securities regulator, which is a piece of evidence if a company about to go public.

The only income or source of funds SkyWay is leveraging on is the investor funds from the people that purchase its worthless shares.

If indeed the company is wholly dependent on the funds from investments of partners and registration fees from new members.

Then the company is practicing redistribution of funds via pyramid and Ponzi schemes.

Assessment of SkyWay “String Technology” Is Dangerous

The Moscow State University of Railway Engineering concluded that the SkyWay Capital string technology project is unsafe and not viable.

The technology was labeled as having several system defects, unsafe for public use, and impractical.

The university also observed “a large number of system defects.” They concluded that technology could lead to an accident and a lot of human death.

is Skyway Capital safe, legit, legal, or a scam and pyramid scheme

Screenshot of The Truth About RSW Systems Skyway Capital on Wikipedia Source: Wikipedia

The Past of Evgeny Kudryashov (Director SkyWay) Is Scamming

The past always hunts people. The history of the founder and director is not that great.

He has a history of involving himself in many scamming products.

He is associated with MMM-2011  Source:

See the list of many other scamming products of Mr. Evgeny Kudryashov:

  • Mill Trade
  • Macros Capital
  • Forex
  • Forex-trend
  • CenterReklama
  • Betting-Invest

Source: Evgeny Kudryashov Personal Website

Do you think that SkyWay Capital is safe, legal, legit, and not a pyramid scheme scam?

What is Good About Skyway Capital.

You will ask me what is good about this Company? They have good intentions that can not help you make money with skyway capital.

The following are my findings:

  • Anybody from any country can join and invest as long as it does not break the law of the country that you live in.
  • You can invest as a company or as an individual
  • As an investor, you become a shareholder of SkyWay group of companies within one month of investing.
  • The Share Can be issued to minors, i.e. Children can key into the share against the future

Is Skyway a Pyramid Scheme?

Skyway Capital is legit and not a scam, but it seems like another pyramid scheme to me. I can not claim that Skyway Capital is safe or legal, the future will tell.

Why is Skyway Capital look like a scheme to scam you?

There is no physical product or services the company is selling? The company is banking your money based on the promise of an investment that is to come.

What is a pyramid scheme?

A pyramid scheme is a crime in many regions and countries; therefore, Skyway Capital has issues with its regulators.

There is no product or service in any pyramid scheme investment opportunity.

A pyramid scheme is when you get recruitment into a business opportunity, and your referral earns a commission on the amount you pay to become a member.

You can also only make money from membership fees paid by people you refer to as the so-called investment.

Recruitment is unending in any pyramid scheme business.

Skyway Capital looks like a pyramid scheme scam because the company has no products or current active services.

You are only investing in what they promise you it will come to pass.

Please know that the company has been promising us all forever that the train will fly in the air one day. With all the Truth About RSW Systems Skyway Capital that you now know.

Is Skyway Capital safe, legit, legal, or another scam pyramid scheme?

Is it Safe and Legal to Invest in Skyway Capital?

Skyway Capital is legit and not a scam. But is Skyway Capital a pyramid scheme? I can not tell you emphatically that it is not safe or legal to invest in Skyway Capital.

But know that I will not invest in the future of any companies. Can you invest in any entity based on promises? It is extremely dangerous to put your seed in the soil, hoping for rain to fall some days.

I will instead see the raining falling. First, I will then cultivate my soil for my seed to grow. 

Have read the portion of this article about the danger of investing in any Pre-IPO Opportunity by US-SEC. It is in the first set of paragraphs. 

That is to tell you that it is easy to lose your money investing in a Pre-IPO Opportunity.

What do you think of my article on the truth about RSW Systems Skyway Capital? Is Skyway Capital legit, safe, legal, or a scam and pyramid scheme? 

Is SkyWay Capital Leit or a Scam?

Will SkyWay Capital ever make you money? This company may not be a direct scam, but I can assure you that the company does not have a good reputation online.

SkyWay Capital is legit, and not a scam because they let you know you are investing in the future of their company.

But is SkyWay Capital really legit, safe, legal, and not a scam and pyramid scheme? Is investment in a service that is yet to be launched not a Pyramid scheme?

The company portrays itself as the next best thing to the transport systems and calls for investors. These investors are promised a high ROI, but there is no visible product or means of getting funds.

So, what Skyway will do is sell shares to investors and promise to repurchase them at $1. If you want to make money with SkyWay Capital, you must invest money in a non-existent business?

Technically, there is no value for the shares until they list. There is also no guarantee that the shares will ever be in the market.

With warnings raining from the different regulatory agency; and government of nations sensitizing their resident not to invest in a Pre-IPO that is termed very dangerous by US Security and Exchange Commission.

what are good side hustles

Why will you sink your hard earn money or funds or an entire capital of your state or nations into this?

The Truth About RSW Systems Skyway Capital

Screenshot of The Truth About RSW Systems Skyway Capital and Complaint on Quora

What do you think of The Truth About RSW Systems Skyway Capital? Is SkyWay Capital safe, legit, legal, and not a scam pyramid scheme?

The Truth About RSW Systems Skyway Capital

Thanks for reading the truth about RSW Systems Skyway Capital. Is Skyway Capital legit, safe, legal, or a pyramid scheme scam?

My take.

Though, the RSW Systems Skyway Capital is venturing into different other businesses like cryptocurrencies. But this particular investment into RSW Systems Skyway Capital’s future is a scary one. 

I will not put my money into this. The essence of this article is to let you know the truth about RSW Systems Skyway Capital so that you will not lose your money. 

But many people still believe that they can wait for the future of RSW Systems Skyway Capital.

What about you? What do you think of my article on the truth about RSW Systems Skyway Capital?

Is RSW Systems Skyway Capital legit, safe, legal, or a scam and pyramid scheme? 

Please let me have your take in my comment area.