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Can You Make Money With Niche Profit Classroom?

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You are welcome to my Niche Profit Classroom review. Is Niche Profit Classroom legit, or a scam? Can you make money with Niche Profit Classroom?

The one million dollar question in many people’s minds is that will identification of a niche audience is enough to help you make money online?


Also, will Niche Profit Classroom help you make good money online? I would recommend Niche Profit Classroom straight away and especially for beginners.

Niche Profit Classroom might not be a good deal for you if you have a lot of experience in online marketing.

However, it is the right training platform, and I would recommend it.

This is because it is the right course and they offer helpful training while delivering on everything they promise to provide.

Niche Profit Classroom at a Glance

Name: Niche Profit Classroom
Owners: Adam Short
Price: $1
Rating: 15%
Recommended: No

What is Niche Profit Classroom?

Before embarking on any detail about Niche Profit Review, it is crucial first to give a precise definition of what it is.

NPC (Niche Profit Classroom) is a membership program involved in offering video training tools, courses, and many other resources on a monthly basis.

NPC covers different topics like how to write content, how to find money-making niches, how to create products, ways of setting up fast websites, how to create email campaigns, and many other tips and tricks.

The Origin of Niche Profit Classroom

An entrepreneur known as Adam Short founded Niche Profit Classroom. NPC was initially established and launched in 2003 and has since then gone under various upgrading.

The newest version is Niche Profit Classroom 5.0 that was released in 2015.

Features of Niche Profit Classroom Review

The main feature of this program is online video training.

However, this program comes with some tools one can apply to do keyword research, build sites, and create sales pages and emails among many others.

In addition to the above, Niche Profit Classroom also gives the user ‘3 ready-made businesses’ that come in the form of niche packs that contain everything you would need when creating a niche site.

The Niche Profit Classroom has four different modules that comprise multiple video tutorials. These modules are;

  1. Niche Profit shortcut
  2. And, Niche profit Affiliate Mastery
  3. Niche Profit Vendor Mastery

Benefits Of Using Niche Profit Classroom

There are many benefits of using Niche Profit Classroom, but most of them are affiliated with newcomers in the field of online marketing.

Enjoyed is mostly because it offers them all the information they need for niche marketing in a single place. The video training and tools also simplify your marketing efforts.

The niche packs have also been correctly done which gives insights into other new niches you would never think about. Also, they provide you with content that can be used to get started.

Products Sold And Promoted By Niche Profit Classroom

Although many people refer to Niche Profit Classroom is a program for beginners, Adam Short is confident that it is helpful even to experts.

NPC helps its users to find not only new products but also create their products. It also trains them to do SEO for their sites and techniques of driving traffic and earning money from it.

Readymade Niche Packs

Once you subscribe to the Niche Profit Classroom, you receive two eBooks that you are expected to sell and make 100% profit.

Writing these books by yourself takes a lot of effort and outsourcing their creation will, on the other hand, cost you hundreds of dollars.

The two eBooks are written in a niche with low competition and after a lot of research but have high-profit potential.

The eBook also comes with all the needed supporting materials which make launching your niche business easy. These supporting materials include;

  • Optimized articles with Meta tags and titles.
  • Graphics for your site with the eBook.
  • List of the most beautiful keywords to target together with their money-word rating.
  • 21 Day Traffic with a step-by-step guide to assist you in three consecutive weeks.

What do you think of my Niche Profit Classroom review? Can you make money with Niche Profit Classroom?

Is Niche Profit Classroom legit or another scam?

The Cost of Niche Profit Classroom

  1. The initial amount paid is $1 which gives you a 14-day trial.
  2. There is a monthly fee of $67 per month.
  3. There are also three upsells which are:
  4. $247 one-time fee (10PLR Niche Packs)
  5. $67 one-time fee (Link Tracks Package)
  6. $67 one-time fee (Outsourcing training)

Niche packs are merely PLR products that are files sold to everyone.

These products can be used by the buyer whichever way they please. PLR products include articles, eBooks, templates, themes, and many more.

Advantages of Niche Profit Classroom.

  • You only pay $1 for a 7-day trial.
  • Knowing about niche marketing is easy. The course is step-by-step.
  • It offers you a good number of tools that helps you boost your business.
  • There is an excellent interactive community available.
  • Niche Profit Classroom offers free hosting to its premium members.

Disadvantages of Niche Profit Classroom

  • A lot of outdated information.
  • There are limited niche packs (only 3 per month).
  • Very high monthly fee.

The Main Target Audience of Niche Profit Classroom

Niche Profit Classroom mostly targets those people who are brand new in online marketing. It gives you reliable information on the training offered on how to build and establish your profitable sites.

Many newbies have used NPC training videos and have built profitable businesses.

Is The Product Restricted To Any Country?

To the best of my knowledge, Niche Profit Classroom is not restricted to any country or region.

However, the agreement signed is governed by the law and regulations of the State of Nevada.

Niche Profit Classroom Training

The main aim of Niche Profit Classroom is to train members on techniques of creating their own websites, attracting traffic, and many more.

There are several things included in the member’s area of the training and tools form. These are:

#Niche Profit Shortcut

This section trains you on making money from Google AdSense.

#Niche Profit Affiliate Digital

This section trains you on techniques of making money by selling digital products.

#Media Center

NPC provides you with more than five hundred videos on SEO, keyword research, website creation, email marketing, social media, video, and Facebook marketing.

This enables you to find a list of highly-ranked sites where one can create backlinks.

Other than the above training provided, Niche Profit Classrooms also offers different marketing tools as listed below:

#Market Profiler

still is a useful market research tool that has been designed to weigh whether the current market worth pursuing or not. Market Profiler comprises three components, which are:

  1. Main factors
  2. Supporting elements and
  3. Final scorecard.

#Keyword Tool

Keyword tool shows the keywords list, average page rank, search volume, the average cost per click, final rating, and traffic.

#Niche Profit Press Ultimate

This is a fast/quick niche website builder.

#Sales Letter Wizard

This is an outline of a sales letter that one can easily edit and use to suit you.

#Opt-in Page Wizard

This is created in a matter of minutes by editing a template.

How to Make Money with Niche Profit Classroom 

How to Make Money With Niche Profit Classroom

Niche Profit Classroom will help you make money by teaching you the following:

***Choose an Interest***

The first thing you will be thought to make money online is to choose a profitable niche that can earn you good money online.

Niche choice is a huge business; choosing the wrong niche can destroy everything. Mostly, you will be advised to consider your passion or hobbies in the process of making a profitable niche choice.

Identification of what you love is a pointer to your niche. My friend Mark is enjoyed playing video games; he is currently making over $25,000 monthly blogging on how to make money playing a video game online.

Though he learned from the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

***Build a Website***

You need a platform of your own to make good money online, of course, you can always make money without a website.

It is proven possible to achieve that 100%; but it is hazardous because you will always need a platform to make sales. If that platform is not yours, if rented or otherwise it is a risky business.

You will be thought of how to build your make website so as to run your own business. You can create a website very fast and easy this day, even under 30 seconds.

***Attract Visitors***

The next significant thing you will be thought is how to attract visitors to your website. This is all about providing help to your audience.

People will only seek to come to your platform if only you can meet their needs.

You can attract visitors from my windows such as organic, referral, and social media.

***Earn Revenue***

With all the above you will be thought how to use all to make money online. You can earn a lot of money in so many ways online via your websites.

Also, you can be a digital marketer, an affiliate marketer; you can sell your products as a trainer.

You can do so many things with your own business online.

Alternatives to Niche Profit Classroom

Although it is not easy to find any other program that offers as much as Niche Profit Classroom provides, two major sites are giving it tough competition. These are:

#Wealthy Affiliate

Many people better prefer this because it is helpful not only for beginners but also for successful online marketers.


Though not much different from Niche Profit Classroom, Affiliorama is more updated and offers more information to the user compared to the Niche Profit Classroom.

Public Opinion of Niche Profit Classroom

Niche Profit Classroom has proved to be one of the best online marketing site that has assisted many young people to make money.

Although there are a few challenges, the overall rating of Niche Profit Classroom is good.

Is Niche Profit Classroom worth Your Money?

In my own opinion, Niche Profit Classroom is not a scam. This is a good program that has helped many people get plenty of training on excellent ways of creating their own products.

The question is what will help you make money in this age of sophistication in online business?

What is your thought? Kindly drop your comment and question in my comment area. You can also check out my most recommendation below and how I am making money online.

Is Niche Profit Classroom Worth It?

what are good side hustles

Thanks for reading my Niche Profit Classroom review. Can you make money with Niche Profit Classroom? Is Niche Profit Classroom legit or a scam?

This is my take.

Niche Profit Classroom is legit and not a scam. The problem with the Niche Profit Classroom program is that it is not worth your money.

Why will you pay form something you can get on YouTube? This is 21st century, you can get most of the resource in the free domain.

What do you think of my Niche Profit Classroom review? Is Niche Profit Classroom legit or a scam? Can you make money with Niche Profit Classroom?

Please let me have your comment below.

2 thoughts on “Can You Make Money With Niche Profit Classroom?”

  1. Dear John,

    First off, I loved your suggestion of alternatives because it helps me to know what similar options are out there so I can compare them.

    Second, I’m wondering, with programs like this with a monthly fee, what is your experience if you decide to opt out?

    Are there any fees associated with this?


    1. Dear Lauren,

      Thanks for reading my article and review of Niche Profit classroom. Niche profits classroom is nit a scam. The only reason why I am not recommending it is such that there is a better and even far better alternative.

      I am recommending Wealthy Affiliate instead. WA is a complete system that will teach you all you need to build your online business. You can decide to go for anything you have a passion for.

      An instance is my sister that love beading making and design. She now have a website where she promotes and write about bead making online. She also do YouTube with over 3,500 audience within five months.

      She currently earn over $400 monthly in both her site and YouTube channels.

      Therefore Wealthy Affiliate will helps you turn any passion or Idea into a business online.

      What do you think. Kindly check out the link to Wealthy Affiliate Training Page.



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