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You are welcome to my TAXI Music ( review. Can you make money with Taxi Music? Is Taxi Music real, legit, or another scam Independent A&R?

Taxi A&R is also called Taxi Music.

It is essential to research any online businesses and programs before going into it entirely.

It is how I discovered how to transform my skills and ideas into a full-time income online.

Is TAXI Music Worth It?

Will TAXI Music helps you get a placement for your music?

You can refer to a Taxi Independent A&R company as an Independent A&R Company Vehicle that joins or connect yet to be signed music artists and bands to captains of industry for record labels.

Please know that I am not related to Taxi Independent A&R in any way, therefore expect an unbiased review of this Music A&R company from me.

It is a thorough taxi music review, and this article will prove and show if the company is ripping off its members or not.

Please read on.

Estimated reading time: 24 minutes

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Taxi.Com Reviews at a Glance

TAXI Music review

Product Name: Taxi (
Founder: Michael Laskow
Year Established: 1992
Price: Membership Fee $299.95. (Renewal Yearly $$199.95) + Upsells
Rating: 27%
Recommended: No

Summary of TAXI Music Review

Taxi ( claimed to have been assisting musicians all over the world to get access to music industry influencers and decision-makers and provide a proper professional guide, criticism, and feedback.

They also claimed to help musicians come up with the right music for the right people by connecting musicians with publishers, labels, and supervisors.

With a Membership Fee of $299.95 yearly and annual renewal fees of $199.95. Does it worth it or is it a waste of money and resources?

Registered and paid Members are made to submit songs every 1st & 15th of every month in respect of the provided list of industry opportunities.

In turn, the screeners select the appropriate songs for every individual that requested them.

But, how many of these thousands of forwarded music submissions is converted into deals?

I can assure you that after reading this article, you will be able to decide if actually, Taxi Independent A&R Company is for you or not.

But, can you make money with taxi music? Is Taxi Music real, legit, or a scam?

All About is all about music? It is a U.S. based Independent A&R Company which was founded in 1992 by music veteran Michael Laskow.

This is the company that kept all music professionals together while making money. Music Artists that can deal with include:

  • Music Publishers,
  • Composers,
  • Video Game Companies,
  • Songwriters,
  • Music Licensing Companies,
  • Ad Agencies,
  • Record labels,
  • Publishers, and
  • Film & TV Music Supervisors

This music placement company acts as a middleman so first, the artist has to submit their work to, and then the members of the Taxi Independent A&R Company will listen to your submission to check the quality of the work and screening will be done.

If the judges are satisfied then only they will forward your work to record labels or music producers. Otherwise, they will provide feedback and explain the reasons for rejecting the work.

The artists get genuine feedback so that they can improve their work.

After forwarding your work to record labels or music publishers if anybody is interested in working with you then the provides your contact details to the interested party and they will directly get in touch with you.

So at the final stage, will not speak on behalf of you, you will get the chance to interact with the interested company directly. Learn more about Taxi Music on Wikipedia. 

Note: The focus of this Taxi Music review is to let every artist know that they can do their outreach themself.

How Much Does it Cost to Join Taxi Music

So, how much to join Taxi Music? TaxiMusic will cost you $299.95 for a full year of taxi membership and your membership only going to last for a year from the day you join.

Your yearly Taxi Music cost is $199.95 plus a submission fee of $5 for every song you are submitting to Independent A&R Company executives across the country.

TAXI claimed that the $5 payment of song submission would ensure that the artist is only submitting songs that worth the quality required by the Independent A&R Company executives.

And lastly, you will be made to pay $2 for every song you want to get uploaded to the TAXI website and $5 for scanning of photos album.

This is the fee for not being able to submit your songs by yourself, and you need to mail it for submission by the company.

The company Taxi (i.e., tried to justify its full-year membership TaxiMusic Cost fee of $299.95. They stated that it would cost any music artist over $300 to engage a top music attorney for just one hour.

But is this true in the 21st century where you have everything at your fingertips?

In Summary, the TaxiMusic cost includes:

  • Membership fee: $299.95
  • Yearly Renewal fee: $199.95
  • Fee for song Submission: $5 / Song
  • Uploading of Songs: $2
  • Scanning of Album: $5

Is this cost worth the opportunity to work with TAXI? TAXI came out to declare that they have a success rate of 6%! Below is a screenshot of this statement on their website.

Taxi A&R

Can you imagine 6% of over 10,000 members across the world?

The implication is that only 600 out of 10,000 will likely secure and get their songs placed.

This is not good enough considering the membership Taxi Music cost fee and several upsells and this is why my TaxiMusic review is not recommending this company.

Do you think Taxi Music is real, legit or another scam A&R scam company?

Do I Recommend

what are good side hustles is a music placement agency that provides the service that connects artists and industry?

It facilitates musicians across the world to get their music to the right platforms like Record Labels, Music Publishers, Ad agencies, etc. sitting anywhere in the world.

Along with being an access gateway to music industry decision-makers. It provides professional feedback and guidance to musicians who need it.

According to my analysis, can save lots of your time and money so if you are an artist and want to take an entry in the entertainment industry then you should probably try out.

The only problem is the membership cost and the many upsell you will need to pay to maintain your membership.

But I believe going it alone will be better for you in terms of cost. I will also not use my TAXI Music review for this recommendation.

Do you think you can make money with Taxi music?

What Is Independent A&R Company

The A&R in Independent A&R Company stands for artists and repertoire. 

The Independent Artists and Repertoire Company is that division of the record label and music publishing company that manages the talent scouting and artistic development.

The role of the Independent A&R Company is as listed below:

  • Scouting, 
  • Content and Stylistic Consulting, 
  • Song consulting about the album, 
  • What is released as a single, and? 
  • How everything is translated to dollars

The function of Independent A&R Company is more of an artist development and managing the relationship between the marketing, album development, songwriters/song selection, producers, studios, and everything as relating to the artist as a complete brand. 

Independent A&R Company finds and negotiates the signing of the contract between the label and the artists.

Independent A&R Company function can complete their works remotely without moving around.

These days, many kinds of music believe that music artists can avoid the Independent A&R Company, and such bands can still break without any record deals via Independent A&R Company.  

Can You Make Money With TAXI Music?

Nowadays the music creation has become easy and less expensive so there are more artists, composers, songwriters are available who are desperate to get their work heard by record labels and music publishers? helps these artists to access the pool of opportunities in the form of newsletters which is released twice a month.

These opportunities can be from record labels who are looking for a new artist or music publishers who want to add more music to their catalog.

The members of can submit their work to any opportunity and if they are selected they can get a chance to earn a lot from their music.

You will read how you can make money with this company before the end of this TaxiMusic review.

Is Taxi Music legit, real, or a scam? What do you think?

What Products Does TAXI A&R Music Promote or Sell? is a music placement agency which promotes artists, songwriters, musicians, singer, and composers.

If you are an artist and registered with, then you can get about 100 different opportunities every month from different genera like Rock, Modern Rock, Jazz, Pop, Country, Adult Contemporary, Film/TV, Instrumental and more.

On artists even get the chance to listen, learn, and mingle with many of the top decision-makers in the industry.

Do you think that Taxi artists and members are making money with Taxi A&R Music? Is Taxi Music legit, real, or a scam company?

Who Is TAXI Music Independent Company For?

Taxi ( is definitely for you if you are independent Songwriters, composers, and artists.

The objective is to promote the music to Record Labels, Video games companies, Ads Agencies, Music Licensing Companies, Music Publishers, Music Libraries, and TV & Film Music Supervisors.

Taxi  Independent A&R Company is for you if you desire to achieve the following as a musician and music artist:

If you are aggressive and passionate about music, you are currently making a valid sale, you are good and have a great radio-friendly sound, you have a tour experience.

But if you are doing so great as a music artist what in the world will you need Taxi Independent A&R Company for?

***You Desire to Pitch to Other Artists as a Writer***

If you are a songwriter, Taxi Independent A&R Company will provide you an opportunity and hints you need to succeed in the music world.

The company is hugely connected with those that matter in the music industry that will help you succeed professionally.

***You Are Good at Writing Cues For TV & Film Production***

If you are ambitious, discipline, and good at writing cues daily. Most especially if you are ready to take your cues corresponding to another level, i.e. if you are prepared to make it a job!

Then you can earn good money doing that after a few years. It will be good for you to subscribe and sign up for the Dispatch service of Taxi.

This will give you an opportunity to be receiving a daily request from music supervisors.

Note: If you are great at writing.

You can as well start your own blog and start making money writing about music.

You can even write about TaxiMusic Review.

If you can join a Taxi, you can take the high cost of the membership fee as the price for education and what you will stand to gain in the long run.

Most especially the Taxi conventions usually referred to a rally.

You will meet people that are relevant to your jobs and people that can influence you positively in the music industry.

Is Taxi Music Legit, real or a scam A&R company?

Requirements to Join Taxi Music

The following are the three qualifications you must adhere to before you can join TAXI Music.

They are:

***Confidentiality of Your Contacts at TAXI***

You must be ready to maintain and agree to keep relationships and contact you acquired through TAXI confidential. TAXI does not want you to share your contacts and those relationships you acquired with anyone.

You can only use those relationships and contact to your advantage only but cannot be shared or exchange with any other person. This must be adhered to so as to maintain your membership strictly.

***You Must Agree to Invest in Yourself***

You are encouraged to be ready to invest in yourself financially.

Therefore, you must be produced to always take advantage of what you gain, learn, or taught as a TAXI member regularly.

The above are various requirements to make money with Taxi music.

***Be Ready to Pitch to Match a Great Opportunity***

TAXI encourages its members to always go after prospects with likely yield for the match.

The implication of that is that TAXI will provide an opportunity to meet people for pitching your music at a major league.

You must choose those that match your music that is likely to get a result; you are to ensure that all your pitch is great to be able to compete for more significant results.

What is TAXI.Com Dispatch?

TAXI Dispatch is an upsell or call it an upgrade of the TAXI membership program.

In the early years of TAXI, they created this Dispatch services to make room for short time notice of request for music and songs from Music Executives, Supervisors, and much other A&R personnel around the country.

However, TAXI started to focus its regular listings on music for TVs and film in the mid-2000s.

This is because the request for this music and songs are now required within a short period.

The management of TAXI discovered that it is only the experienced members with good knowledge of Instrumental composers for film and TV that are making deals.

Therefore, instead of shutting down the Dispatch service as a whole; TAXI re-focus its Dispatch service to handle instrumental requests from various music libraries that are coming with short notices.

The Film and TV placement opportunities are made available to only experienced members of TAXI that can respond faster and quick enough to the short deadline requests from music supervisor and producer executives.

Cost of Upgrade to TAXI Music Dispatch

The Additional Dispatch service will cost you $0.4108 daily, and it runs along with your TACI yearly subscriptions.

Don’t forget that the $5 song submission will still be taken into considerations.

To upgrade to Taxi Dispatch, you must be an existing TAXI, full member. You will place your call request to +1818-222-2464.

The cost will be calculated entirely with your remaining tenor as a member of TAXI.

TAXI Dispatch is only good for a robust instrumental composer that is already getting good forward deals with TAXI; otherwise, you will be wasting your money and resource if you join.

How Does TAXI Music Works?

The objectives and wishes of every music artist are to get their music across to TV Music Supervisors, Publishers, and Film and Record labels executives.

In the real-world and under normal circumstances you can try to reach out to these people by yourself to license or sell your song/music by sending your stuff these Independent A&R Company executives around the world.

The bad news is this, many of them will not receive unwanted music that is not recommended by people they trust or know.

This is the gap TAXI  Music is trying to fill.

TAXI claimed that they would deliver these Independent A&R Company executives with their various opportunities to you at the cost of $299.95 membership fees with (Renewal Yearly $199.95) + Upsells.

TAXI always get feedback from these independent A&R Company executives on the type of music/songs, Instrumental tracks, and kind of artist they need.

Can You Make Money with Taxi A&R Company

When there is such a match for your songs, then the TAXI Independent A&R Company team will do the screening of those works that qualify and forward to them.

That is when they say that your songs or music are solicited because it is coming from TAXI to the Independent A&R Company executives.

TAXI will ensure you get many of such opportunities monthly, ranging from a different genre of music such as POP, Country, Film/TV, Adult Contemporary, Rock, JAZ, Instrumental, and Video games, etc.

And lastly, if you strike a good deal.

No matter how much the deals are. All the money goes to you, and no percentage of this money will go to TAXI. That is what the management of TAXI claimed.

However, will various opportunities provide by TAXI worth your money as a musical artist in the long run?

What is the impact of TAXI on its current members today?

There are so many complaints online and out there of TAXI not meeting the needs of their members. Is Taxi Music legit or a real scam?

===>See How Musicians Are Making Money With Spotify 

TAXI.Com Customer Service And BBB Ratings

Taxi a&r is not too bad in terms of customer service support and its BBB ratings.

The company closed one complaint in the last three years and also one complaint was closed in the previous 12 months.

TAXI ( has a BBB rating of A+

taxi independent a&r (

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating was accredited on the 3rd of January 1993 and TAXI has been in business for over 26 years.

This is a signal that the company has been supporting its members; but are the members making money with Taxi Music?

The only complaint only that has to do with support and customer service is shown below, and the management of TAXI claimed to have resolved this issue.

Is Taxi Music real, legit, or a scam

What I Like In TAXI Music

  • Guarantee to get heard by Experts in no time
  • TAXI has full-year Money Back Guarantee i.e. You can claim your money back at any time
  • offers an opportunity to attend an annual conference with its members in free where the artists get the chance to build the network and see panels with record labels Independent A&R Company and music supervisors.
  • After the screening, Taxi a&r provides constructive and targeted feedback from top industry professionals which helps the artists to improve themselves.
  • After the submission, the work is thoroughly screened that is why only the highest caliber material is passed.

Issue With TAXI Music (Many RED Flags)

***The Rate of Getting Placement for Artist/Music Is Very Low***

The rate at which TAXI members get their works and music forwarded and successfully placed is very poor. Considering the vast amount of money paid for the initial membership entrance and subsequent yearly renewal fee.

Many members are very dissatisfied, they may not say it on the TAXI forum, but we have many TAXI members that have gone online to speak many bad things about TAXI (

That is why my TaxiMusic review is not recommending this company to you and why people are not making money.

***Paying for FEEDBACK/CRITIQUE Is Wrong***

TAXI services make you submit a piece of music for a cost and then they will later send you feedback on what is wrong with your song and why you cannot get forwarded.

And by chance, your music gets forwarded but could not get placement the Independent A&R Company External Executives will send you critiques and feed to explain why.

My personal opinion is this if you are an independent artist you ought to be getting feedback primarily from your audience and fan base and not these people that cannot be relevant without your existence.

Do you think Taxi Music is a real scam or legit a&r company

***TAXI Can Not Get Your Music Placed (Directly)***

Why would you be paying over $300 yearly to a company that does not have the power to get you a deal? (i.e., get your music placement).

TAXI can only forward your songs to the Executive Independent A&R Company within the country. It is not up to TAXI to make that decision.

The final decision to get placement for your music is left to the music Independent A&R Company executive that your work is forwarded.

TaxiMusic can only forward your music to the external  Independent A&R Company Music Executives.

***TAXI Music is Too Expensive***

The cost of joining this program weighs to costly. You can use the over $300 to start an online business that is related to music.

You can quickly turn your music passion into a thriving online business. There are so many ways to make money as a musician online.

TAXI has a meager converting rate; it is not advisable to subscribe to TAXI because you may never get your music placed.

This is how the Taxi Music owners are making money (charging members).

***TAXI Music with Many Upsells***

The initial subscription fee to become a member of TAXI is $299.95 Yearly.

But the bad news is that TAXI has many other upsells that you may hate to associate with they are as follows:

  1. Yearly Renewal fee = $199.95
  2. Cost for Submission of Songs= $5
  3. Cost for Uploading a Song = $2
  4. Scanning of Song Album = $5

***Your Contact Is Better Than TAXI Connections***

If you have the right tools and resources, you can pitch your song to the Independent A&R Company Executive around the world instead of paying the massive cost with many upsells.

If you are right and sound as an artist with excellent quality music, you will get good labels that will chase after you. In my opinion, you may not need a TAXI to excel as a music artist.

***Why You Don't Need  TAXI***

The best way to grab Independent A&R Company Music Executives that make a decision is to come up with your legitimate organic driven online music business through digital marketing.

You can make a lot of money online as a musician. Just be specific and start a music-related website. Decide on an exciting aspect of music you can focus on.  You can create a music niche for yourself and even do a TAXI Music review.

It will also depend on your area of specialization and the aspect of music you have a passion for. You can be a music marketer, Teaching Music, Teaching Music instruments, or writing about DJ online.

Learn to generate substantial content as relate to your choosing niche and supporting it with a great marketing plan

You can make huge money doing any of the above. You need to decide your niche in the music world. For instance, you can be teaching your audience on how to play Guitar online; you can start Sax Lessons online.

You must start by helping your audience first. Many bloggers are making over $10,000 monthly transforming what they love into money online.

Does TAXI Music Accept Members Outside The US?

Yes, TAXI accepts members all over the world. They claim to have members from over 100 countries and regions. You can submit your music and song via the online submission platform and receive critiques through the same medium.

Therefore, it is straightforward and simple to submit your music notwithstanding which countries you are operating from.

How To Make Money With TAXI Music

If you are a music artist and want a break in the industry, you can register yourself on the

After registration, you can submit your work on the website which will be thoroughly screened by the industry experts.

If they liked your job then you can have a direct meeting with the record labels or the company who likes your work.

And if everything goes right then you can work with the top labels of the industry and can earn a lot.

You can also make a lot of money blogging about music and i.e. you can do a TAXI Music review; you can create a blog easily these days.

And the good news is that anyone can make money blogging about anything these days. A friend of mine ” mark” is making over $5,000 playing video games online.

Different Ways to Submit Your Music to TAXI Music

Getting your song listing can be done in two significant ways.

But listing required only one song for pitches and a maximum of three songs with your photo and biodata for listings for artists and bands.

A form called Material Submission Form is always included in your starter pack (as a new member of TAXI). It is made especially for you with your name and TAXI Member ID printed on the form.

Use this form for every of your music submission by filling the form and wrapping each around each submission before mailing it to the TAXI office

You will be required to pay $5 for each song submissions, e.g. three songs from a single CD will cost you $15.

Please submit your songs in two ways:

***Songs Submission Via TAXIMusic Hosting Website***

You can now submit by uploading songs through TAXI music hosting a website from the comfort of your homes at any time.

A new TAXI member must first sign up via this link:

If you are a member of TAXI already, you will use the button name “Current TAXI Member” to set up your hosting accounts. All members can post 50 songs with lyrics, three photos, and two bios.

If you cannot convert your songs to MP3 for the upload on the hosting site by yourself, you will need to dispatch your material (CDs) and photo album to TAXI so that the upload can be done for you.

The done for you upload will cost you $2 for every song converted to MP3 and uploaded and $5 for every photo scanned.

You will receive an email alert confirmation for the confirmation of your submission and also about the status of your presentation.

If you request for a critique, such will also be available online indicating why your song is not successful and how you can get better

***How to Make Song Submission Via Mail***

This process swill required you to use padded envelopes, blank materials, and postage stamps. If you are targeting more than one listings, you can use the same package to mail your CD(s) to TAXI.

Each song (can be on the same CD or different) will need to be submitted with different forms wrapped separately with your name and listing numbers written clearly on it.

You may need to enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope (with appropriate postage affixed) for every of your submission to get feedback and critique from the TAXI Independent A&R Company team most especially if your songs are not forwarded.

You can get your CDs and music return back to you if it is not forwarded to the Music Independent A&R Company Executives.

Is TAXI Music Legit or Scam?

Yes, Taxi music is legit snd not scam.

TAXI is a good business opportunity for artists who want to start their career in the entertainment industry.

Top record labels, film, and TV music supervisor, and music libraries use to find music, songs, and instrumental for their shows. provides the best and on target music to these companies. has over 10,000 registered members from over 90 countries.

TAXI Music is not a scam because of the following:

  1. This company has been around for over 26 years
  2. BBB ratings of A+.
  3. Michael Laskow (the owner) is well known to the top music executives in the world

The company has a valid office address and Company Information are real:

  • TaxiMusic Year Business Established: 12/31/1991
  • Year TAXI Incorporated: 5/3/1992
  • The Year Business Accredited: 3/1/1993
  • TAXI Facebook Page:
  • Office Address: 5010 Parkway Calabasas #200; Calabasas, CA 91302-2556
  • TaxiMusic Alternate Business Name: Taxi Computer Services, Inc
  • Categories of Business: Music Publishing Companies
  • Phone Contact Within USA: +1800-458-2111
  • Contact Phone Outside USA: +1818-222-2464

However, it appears that the membership fees and the yearly subscription with the upgrades do not make sense compare to the result they produce for members.

There are many complaints online about the impact on the members. The cost of joining this company is not proportionate to the result but that is legit.

Reason Not to Join Taxi A & R

If you join TAXIMusic, you may never get any of your works forwarded or placed.

The only good thing about Taxi A&R is the road rally. The TAXI road rally is a convention that will help you connect and mingle with the music industry’s decision-makers.

The question is this, how will you convert your meeting and connection of the top music executives to helping you making money as a music artist?

Below are screenshots of the extract of complaints against TAXI. You can really see the TAXI Music review that calls it a scam.

Is Taxi Music legit, real, or a scam? What do you think of my Taxi Music A&R review?

How to Start a Music Business Online (Blogging About Music)

You can become a blogger and start blogging about music right now. Are you a music artist? A singer? Are you a music writer?

You have a huge audience that you can focus on and make money quickly online if you become a music blogger today and you can even make money with a TAXI Music review.

Affiliate Marketing Training 2

Focusing on the following will be great:

  • Target an upcoming event
  • Write about music that inspires your audience
  • Start a narrative that focuses on an issue you care about
  • Blog about your songwriting and recording
  • Advice on tips about the music industry
  • Tell the story from the road to your audience
  • You can start writing about the local artist in your region
  • Can you take up the global independent artists?
  • Write about your primary genre of interest?
  • You can take on music history

 Is TAXI Music Worth It?

Thanks for reading my TAXI Music review? Is TAXI worth it? Do you think you can make money with TAXI Music? Or, Is TAXI Music legit, real, or a scam? is a legitimate website that provides ample opportunities for the artist. It is a wonderful way for amateurs to get started.

But are the many costs of membership and many upsells worth the sacrifice to pay to get any music placed?

You can also learn how to start a successful online business from one of the best Affiliate University in the world. They will help you turn your music passion into a thriving business online.

You will thank me later if you check it out. This institution changed my life for good.

Are you making money with

What do you think of my TAXI Music review? Is Taxi Music legit, real, or a scam

Kindly drop your thought in my comment area below.

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26 thoughts on “Is TAXI Music Legit or a Scam? Can You Make Money with Taxi A&R?”

  1. I just wanted to add my 2 cents.

    As an artist and studio owner who was a member for three years, I urge other artists to PLEASE try different music placement avenues.

    I finally placed the same songs I had posted on Taxi to films, but I did it through my legwork.

    Taxi returned pieces with critiques that made absolutely no sense (like my actual acoustic cello was too midi), so I did my networking and found some interesting tidbits through industry pros.

    Many of the publishers and production companies Taxi claims are “looking for songs” or “looking to place artists” are NOT. Getting a song passed a Taxi screener only means it’s getting cold submitted along with a ton of others to a publisher or music supervisor who didn’t necessarily ask for it! Is there a slight chance that a person will look at the songs?

    Sure, and that’s why Taxi isn’t breaking the law. Is it probable that they won’t ever look at your music, and it’ll go directly into a slush pile? Absolutely.

    There is a 99% chance that after you’ve paid your Taxi membership fee and $5 for every single song you send, waiting to get that one song forwarded by a Taxi “professional,” your music will be chucked in the trash.

    Cue sheets that Taxi uses to pitch opportunities to you are available without going through Taxi.

    My suggestion, if you need a critique, is to make a friend in music production. Local engineers, university professors, ensemble conductors, and members, and even music students are usually happy to help.
    Please don’t waste your money on It’s not illegal enough to be a scam, but it’s unethical sufficient to be a waste of your time, money, hopes, and dreams.

    • Hi Ren,

      I am happy about your success. You did the right thing.

      Thanks for reading my TAXI Music Review. It is all about how to Make Money with Taxi

      I hope you will visit again?



  2. I am super happy they refunded my money for a year membership. That is the only kudos I can give them. It was my big mistake to register with this web without extended research. I usually do that first. I don’t call such places “a business”, because owners just harvest bucks from hopeful and inexperienced musicians. Taxi and others are not places to grow as a musician and be recognized. Only self works.

    • Thanks for reading my review. the focus of the article was on how to make money with Taxi Music. I later discovered that Taxi Music is not that great as they proclaimed; many music artist are not just happy.

      You are right. It is always good to do your research about online programs. That was how I discovered many benefits of Wealthy Affiliate certification training that later changed my life. Today I am now making money FULL-TIme online.

      this is why we have to shoutout so that they can start doing great things and helping artists.

      Thanks again for reading my Taxi Music review.



  3. In all honesty Taxi is a joke. They are ridiculously expensive with absolutely no follow through. You are better off just doing the leg work on your own and saving thousands of dollars. I was a taxi member for 15 years. Had countless forwards and great critiques, yet not one email or phone call leading to any kind of licensing deals. I literally spent thousands on them and they never once even gave me the time of day or made me feel like I was actually part of the team. As soon as I starting seeking out libraries on my own and doing all the emailing and grunt work myself I started getting deal after deal and then the money followed. I can’t believe these guys are still in business.

    • Thanks for reading my Taxi Music Review 2020.
      Thanks for taken your time to drop your.

      Yes, you are right about In my personal opinion, it does not worth the time and the money.

      Just like you confirmed, it is better you drive your own outreach on getting your leads in terms of music.

      If you rely on taxi. Com leads you won’t get any break through in your music adventures.

      Thanks for visiting my page really appreciate.



  4. This program seems like a complicated program with a lot of expense upfront–at least for a beginning musician.

    Glad you took the time to investigate and share the pros and cons so people can be informed consumers and wisely use their marketing dollars to best effect.

    Personally, I think I would spend the money on music equipment so as to avoid this taxi music scam. But a wise musician willing to read all the fine print could possibly benefit.


    • Dear Kimberly,

      Thank you for reading my TAXI.COM review. I decided to reviews taxi music service because of many complaints online about TAXI.COM.

      There are many fora online where many people are discussing taxi music service scam complaint raging from music refund to customer service problem.

      The truth is that there are many Music Industry scam Schemes online these days. But you can avoid it because you have the internet. You can now promote your own music with your own blog or website.

      You just need to know how to do it. You can learn HOW. It will only cost you your time. Start here at no cost for the first ten lessons that will earn you a full-time income online.

      You don’t even need to be a music artist to make money with music online. You can make huge money blogging about music and you have different options and niche to explore.

      What do you think about my TAXI music scam review? You should know that is NOT a scam but TAXI.COM A&R look daily like a scam.

      In fact, people are coming up with TAXI Music reviews in 2020. You won’t believe that!

      Thanks for reading my TAXI A&R Reviews. I really appreciate your visit.



  5. They have a success rate of just 6% and they ask for so many ridiculous amounts of money?

    So many fees! Who is paying this?

    And why aren’t people asking themselves the right questions and stop being fooled by this so-called company?

    • Thanks Denise,

      The main question is this. Can anyone really make money with Will you part with almost $300 as a musician or a music artist?

      Can TAXI A&R earn you money by listing your songs or work? Is there a better alternative to listing your songs than TAXI.COM?

      Yes, you can even list your own songs and promote your own work online. You don’t need TAXI A&R to get out to your world.

      Just ensure that your work is a good one, you can host your songs and work on Youtube and on your own website and promote it to the targeted audience.

      The cost of the subscription on TAXI will earn you a platform on Wealthy Affiliate to learn how to make money for almost a year.

      Thanks again for reading my taxi music listings review.



  6. I followed your blog for a bit now because I enjoy long reviews on these kinds of websites. It is good to learn what is out there when it comes to online mishaps. Anyways, this is one company I have actually never heard of. They sound like horrible people if they just rob customers and their own workers. I am going to spread the word on it because these kinds of scams that slip under people’s radar need to be recognized before they get any bigger.

    • Thanks for reading my review on taxi music I. E. Taxi. Com. It is an Artists and Repertoire I.e. Taxi A & R website.

      In my opening any music artist does not need to pay anyone to learn about their songs or written songs. In this age, thre Re better ways to achieve that.

      What musicians are doing now is to get known or get famous via social media. Various social media is where to start but it shouldn’t be your business stop as a usic artist.

      Social media also have its limitations, if in any way you have issue with any statement or public outcry that may be as a result of your statement misconduckt publicly.

      The social media can revoke your access. Facebook can ban you from assessing your decade of works and followers. Twitter and Instagram can also do the same.

      The best thing to do to take complete ownership of your followers is to have your own website qnd your own brand.

      Check out my #1 recommendation menu to see how you can get 2 free websites. You will learn everything an the building your own brand.

      Thanks for reading my review about Taxi a & R review.
      I hope you will visit again?



  7. It seems you’re better off without TAXI.

    I mean, why not try and find deals on your own instead of paying them all that money and get small potatoes for it?

    I would rather keep the money, get better at my craft and pitch my work directly to people interested.

    Thanks, John for great work about music listing reviews.


    • Thanks for reading my article on how to make money with The question that leads me to write this music listing services review asked in quora about

      The question was “can I find ways to list my music myself” I then Google that and find some site trying to list music for music artist and making money from them while you can do it yourself.

      How do you list your own music? or songs? Are you a songwriter? You can market yourself in the 21st century. You have many media to achieve that and make money for yourself with what you have passion for.

      You can learn to earn online with what you have passion for.

      Try out that link and you will thank me later.



  8. Very interesting platform. I don’t think it’s wrong to discover talents through it. First of all: I have nothing to do with music myself.
    But as a studying lawyer I wonder if the rights of the songs, lyrics etc. are assigned to taxi? That would be totally horrible. Imagine you get to know that your own song was used somewhere without having seen money for it, because the platform got ALL the rights and you agree with your registration. Similar to Instagram and Facebook for example.

    Do you know how this works, John?

    • Thanks for reading my Taxi review.

      I am sure that before you get engage and release your songs to Taxi. Necessary document that will commit them from trading your work would have been signed.

      That is necceaary agreement will be in place that will assure you that your work is safe with Taxi.

      I can also tell you that Taxi is not a scam, the problem they have now is that there are better ways of launching out as music or song artist than going through artist.

      Thanks again for reading about Taxi. Com.



    • Social media and You Tube may attract followers but no real money will come from social media. Your music must be heard by people who are willing to pay to play such as film and tv producers whose job is to find music. They have an actual budget to pay for music. 6% success rate sounds legit being that many songwriters are novices and lack the experience to produce top notch radio ready songs. Most likely the 6% is referring to highly skilled songwriters with experience recording and mixing a top notch final product. And if you aren’t there yet I don’t think you should sign up for this highly competitive, not for rookies music promotion site.

  9. So, basically, Taxi is a middle man, a bit like the online equivalent of the shady talent-scout/music manager of old days?

    It seems a bit expensive to me, and I don’t really see the added value of using Taxi, instead of just approaching labels directly.

    Not to mention most starting musicians don’t HAVE that kind of money, lol! I agree with Mari: Youtube is the way to go!

    • Dear Jeroenla,

      thanks for reading m TaxI ( Review.

      I agree with you that does not worth my money as a musician. There are better ways to going about these things in the music industry.

      I hope you will check on my website again?



  10. I think everyone would do better using free sites like YouTube to see if their music can find an audience! Paying through the nose like this is crazy.

    • Dear Mari,

      Thanks for reading my Is TAXI ( A&R review. has been around for a long while. But personally speaking, it doesn’t worth your time and money.

      I agree with you that you can get most of the leads and knowledge to take your music to exploit forward by engaging Google, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube, etc.



  11. Even though it’s ludicrously expensive, the idea behind the site sounds really neat. I think there should be other people looking into providing the same service for less, or a free network that musicians can join to show and create industry connections.

    • Dear Josh,

      Thanks for visiting my site and for reading my review of Is TAXI ( A&R .

      I am glad you also like the idea that Taxi brought to the table. We have many other resources and sites that provide such services online. Just search it out.



    • Labels are willing to accept music from taxi because of their established relationships. How many random people try to get their music heard by contacting publishers directly. Oh a million per day?? They don’t have time for that. Taxi seems to lessen this load on the people searching for good quality music. Makes sense to me. Im not a member, just my opinion after reading this review.

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