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Home » HOW TO MAKE MONEY » How TAXI Music Works: Can You Still Make Money with TAXI Music?

How TAXI Music Works: Can You Still Make Money with TAXI Music?

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Home » HOW TO MAKE MONEY » How TAXI Music Works: Can You Still Make Money with TAXI Music?

So, you want to make money with TAXI Music?

It is good you are making your findings of how to make money with TAXI A&R. Doing that is the best way to discover legitimate online business and avoid many scams.


Please expect a detailed and unbiased write-up about TAXI Music from me. I am not affiliated with this A&R company in any way.

Please read on.

Estimated reading time: 11 minutes

Who Is TAXI Music Independent Company For?

TAXI A&R Music make money

Taxi ( is definitely for you if you are independent Songwriters, composers, and artists.

The objective is to promote the music to Record Labels, Video games companies, Ads Agencies, Music Licensing Companies, Music Publishers, Music Libraries, and TV & Film Music Supervisors.

Taxi  Independent A&R Company is for you if you desire to achieve the following as a musician and music artist:

If you are aggressive and passionate about music, you are currently making a valid sale, you are good and have a great radio-friendly sound, you have a tour experience.

But if you are doing so great as a music artist what in the world will you need Taxi Independent A&R Company for?

***You Desire to Pitch to Other Artists as a Writer***

If you are a songwriter, Taxi Independent A&R Company will provide you an opportunity and hints you need to succeed in the music world.

The company is hugely connected with those that matter in the music industry that will help you succeed professionally.

***You Are Good at Writing Cues For TV & Film Production***

If you are ambitious, discipline, and good at writing cues daily. Most especially if you are ready to take your cues corresponding to another level, i.e. if you are prepared to make it a job!

Then you can earn good money doing that after a few years. It will be good for you to subscribe and sign up for the Dispatch service of Taxi.

This will give you an opportunity to be receiving a daily request from music supervisors.

Note: If you are great at writing.

You can as well start your own blog and start making money writing about music.

If you can join a Taxi, you can take the high cost of the membership fee as the price for education and what you will stand to gain in the long run.

Most especially the Taxi conventions usually referred to a rally.

You will meet people that are relevant to your jobs and people that can influence you positively in the music industry.

Requirements to Join Taxi Music

The following are the three qualifications you must adhere to before you can join TAXI Music.

They are:

***Confidentiality of Your Contacts at TAXI***

You must be ready to maintain and agree to keep relationships and contact you acquired through TAXI confidential. TAXI does not want you to share your contacts and those relationships you acquired with anyone.

You can only use those relationships and contact to your advantage only but cannot be shared or exchange with any other person. This must be adhered to so as to maintain your membership strictly.

***You Must Agree to Invest in Yourself***

You are be set and ready to invest in yourself financially.

Therefore, you must be produced to always take advantage of what you gain, learn, or taught as a TAXI member regularly.

The above are various requirements to make money with Taxi music.

***Be Ready to Pitch to Match a Great Opportunity***

TAXI encourages its members to always go after prospects with likely yield for the match.

The implication of that is that TAXI will provide an opportunity to meet people for pitching your music at a major league.

You must choose those that match your music that is likely to get a result; you are to ensure that all your pitch is great to be able to compete for more significant results.

How Much Does it Cost to Join Taxi Music?

So, how much to join Taxi Music? TaxiMusic will cost you $299.95 for a full year of taxi membership and your membership only going to last for a year from the day you join.

Your yearly Taxi Music cost is $199.95 plus a submission fee of $5 for every song you are submitting to Independent A&R Company executives across the country.

TAXI claimed that the $5 payment of song submission would ensure that the artist is only submitting songs that worth the quality required by the Independent A&R Company executives.

And lastly, you will be made to pay $2 for every song you want to get uploaded to the TAXI website and $5 for scanning of photos album.

This is the fee for not being able to submit your songs by yourself, and you need to mail it for submission by the company.

The company Taxi (i.e., tried to justify its full-year membership TaxiMusic Cost fee of $299.95. They stated that it would cost any music artist over $300 to engage a top music attorney for just one hour.

But is this true in the 21st century where you have everything at your fingertips?

In Summary, the TaxiMusic cost includes:

  • Membership fee: $299.95
  • Yearly Renewal fee: $199.95
  • Fee for song Submission: $5 / Song
  • Uploading of Songs: $2
  • Scanning of Album: $5

Is this cost worth the opportunity to work with TAXI? TAXI came out to declare that they have a success rate of 6%! Below is a screenshot of this statement on their website.

Taxi A&R

Can you imagine 6% of over 10,000 members across the world?

The implication is that only 600 out of 10,000 will likely secure and get their songs placed.

This is not good enough considering the membership Taxi Music cost fee and several upsells and this is why I am not recommending this company.

Do I Recommend is a music placement agency that provides the service that connects artists and industry?

It facilitates musicians across the world to get their music to the right platforms like Record Labels, Music Publishers, Ad agencies, etc. sitting anywhere in the world.

Along with being an access gateway to music industry decision-makers. It provides professional feedback and guidance to musicians who need it.

According to my analysis, can save lots of your time and money so if you are an artist and want to take an entry in the entertainment industry then you should probably try out.

The only problem is the membership cost and the many upsell you will need to pay to maintain your membership.

But I believe going it alone will be better for you in terms of cost.

Do you think you can make money with Taxi music?

Can You Make Money With TAXI Music?

Nowadays the music creation has become easy and less expensive so there are more artists, composers, songwriters are available. These are people who are desperate to get their work seen by record labels and music publishers? helps these artists to access the pool of opportunities in the form of newsletters; which is released twice a month.

These opportunities can be from record labels who are looking for a new artist or music publishers who want to add more music to their catalog.

The members of can submit their work to any opportunity, and if they are selected they can get a chance to earn a lot from their music.

What Products Does TAXI A&R Music Promote or Sell? is a music placement agency which promotes artists, songwriters, musicians, singer, and composers.

If you are an artist with, then you can get about 100 different opportunities every month from different genera like Rock, Modern Rock, Jazz, Pop, Country, Adult Contemporary, Film/TV, Instrumental and more.

On artists even get the chance to listen, learn, and mingle with many of the top decision-makers in the industry.

Do you think that Taxi artists and members are making money with Taxi A&R Music?

How Does TAXI Music Works?

The objectives and wishes of every music artist are to get their music across to TV Music Supervisors, Publishers, and Film and Record labels executives.

In the real-world and under normal circumstances you can try to reach out to these people by yourself to license or sell your song/music by sending your stuff these Independent A&R Company executives around the world.

The bad news is this, many of them will not receive unwanted music that is not recommended by people they trust or know.

This is the gap TAXI  Music is trying to fill.

TAXI claimed that they would deliver these Independent A&R Company executives with their various opportunities to you at the cost of $299.95 membership fees with (Renewal Yearly $199.95) + Upsells.

TAXI always get feedback from these independent A&R Company executives on the type of music/songs, Instrumental tracks, and kind of artist they need.

Can You Make Money with Taxi A&R Company

When there is such a match for your songs, then the TAXI Independent A&R Company team will do the screening of those works that qualify and forward to them.

That is when they say that your songs or music are solicited because; it is coming from TAXI to the Independent A&R Company executives.

TAXI will ensure you get many of such opportunities monthly, ranging from a different genre of music such as POP, Country, Film/TV, Adult Contemporary, Rock, JAZ, Instrumental, and Video games, etc.

And lastly, if you strike a good deal.

No matter how much the deals are. All the money goes to you, and no percentage of this money will go to TAXI. That is what the management of TAXI claimed.

However, will various opportunities provide by TAXI worth your money as a musical artist in the long run?

What is the impact of TAXI on its current members today?

There are so many complaints online and out there of TAXI not meeting the needs of their members.

How To Make Money With TAXI Music

If you are a music artist and want a break in the industry, you can register yourself on the

After registration, you can submit your work on the website which will be thoroughly screened by the industry experts.

If they liked your job then you can have a direct meeting with the record labels or the company who likes your work.

And if everything goes right then you can work with the top labels of the industry and can earn a lot.

You can also make a lot of money blogging about music and ; you can create a blog easily these days.

And the good news is that anyone can make money blogging about anything these days. A friend of mine ” mark” is making over $5,000 playing video games online.

Different Ways to Submit Your Music to TAXI Music

Getting your song listing can be done in two significant ways.

But listing required only one song for pitches and a maximum of three songs with your photo and biodata for listings for artists and bands.

A form called Material Submission Form is always in your starter pack (as a new member of TAXI). It is especially for you with your name and TAXI Member ID on the form.

Use this form for every of your music submission by filling the form and wrapping each around each submission before mailing it to the TAXI office

You pay $5 for each song submission, e.g. three songs from a single CD will cost you $15.

Please submit your songs in two ways:

***Songs Submission Via TAXIMusic Hosting Website***

You can now submit by uploading songs through TAXI music hosting a website from the comfort of your homes at any time.

A new TAXI member must first sign up via this link:

If you are a member of TAXI already, you will use the button name “Current TAXI Member” to set up your hosting accounts. All members can post 50 songs with lyrics, three photos, and two bios.

what are good side hustles

If you cannot convert your songs to MP3 for the upload on the hosting site by yourself, you will need to dispatch your material (CDs) and photo album to TAXI so that the upload can be done for you.

The done for you upload will cost you $2 for every song converted to MP3 and uploaded and $5 for every photo scanned.

You will receive an email alert confirmation for the confirmation of your submission and also about the status of your presentation.

If you request for a critique, such will also be available online indicating why your song is not successful and how you can get better

***How to Make Song Submission Via Mail***

This process swill required you to use padded envelopes, blank materials, and postage stamps. If you are targeting more than one listings, you can use the same package to mail your CD(s) to TAXI.

Each song will need to be submitted with different forms wrapped separately with your name and listing numbers written clearly on it.

You may need to enclose an envelope to send back your work (with appropriate postage affixed); for every of your submission to get feedback and critique from the TAXI Independent A&R Company team. most especially if your songs are not forwarded.

You can get your CDs and music return back to you if it is still with the Taxi Music a&r at the end of the review of your work.

How to Make Money with Taxi Music – Video